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clojure Comrade 08/06/2019 (Tue) 04:54:14 No. 731 [Reply] [Last]
what does bunkerchan think of clojure?

its a lisp that actually works for web dev and other SW dev in the modern day.

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I actually know a bit of Clojure, and the backstory. I agree with what you mention about the persistent data-structures and concurrency being built-in rather than in libraries is a advantage, all be it a rather minor one to me. I disagree with the idea that Common Lisp having Lists makes it slow, in practice Common Lisp programmers use whatever data-structures are most performant for their applications, including using mutability to increase performance when applicable. Also it's possible that Clojure is simpler than Common Lisp, but it's not simpler than Scheme. You can (and I have) literally read the Scheme specification in a few hours, and understand the guarantees and primitives of the whole language across implementations. Trading the Common Lisp ecosystem for Java's might be advantageous depending on the application though.
>You can (and I have) literally read the Scheme specification in a few hours

including all the SRFI? If your argument is that you can write a basic lisp interpreter as a side project or for a class then yes scheme is simpler but in addition to the SRFI to make scheme usable you have things like for example in Racket Scheme which have to implement lots of additional stuff to make scheme into a practically usable language (for web dev).

Scheme is like the C of lisps
Common Lisp is like the C++ of lisps
Clojure is like the Java of lisps

If you had to choose for example an embedded language for scripting a video game, scheme or lua might be good.

I probably wouldn't use scheme for doing modern web dev, because there are myriad of toy implementations. When you try to sell jim the JS developer on lisp, hes gonna flip his shit when he can't find the GraphQL library

>in practice Common Lisp programmers use whatever data-structures are most performant for their applications

sure but all good programmers choose whatever data structures are the most performant for their task. Its not just about what a language allows but what it steers average coders into in. rockstars can write good code in any language

>using mutability to increase performance when applicable.

theres a lot of strategies that let you rewrite functional code into mutable efficient code under the hood and most functional languages use these

Common lisp is a more complete overall language (other than concurrency) and Scheme is easier to understand, but as far as tooling, practicality, ease of use, and popularity Clojure definitely wins hands down. Other than emacs lisp Clojure probably has the most lines of code written of any of the lisps today.
>The SRFI to make scheme usable you have things like for example in Racket Scheme which have to implement lots of additional stuff to make scheme into a practically usable language (for web dev).
The SRFI's are just libraries, Racket isn't a Scheme anymore, and really the only extensions you need to RnRS to have a language quite capable of web development is POSIX support, threads, and probably a FFI. Many Scheme implementations have these things. Regarding Libraries you should look at Chicken Scheme: http://eggs.call-cc.org/5/#lang-exts https://github.com/lassik/graphql-chicken Not that this isn't all besides the point because your claim was that Scheme was more complex than Clojure which is simply not true.

>Its not just about what a language allows but what it steers average coders into in. rockstars can write good code in any language
I don't think as a programmer you should care about how a language steers average developers. Ease of doing something does matter, and you're going to have a slight cost by going into quicklisp and installing a library for some of the things Clojure has built in but it's not significant. Regardless the average Common Lisp programmer cares a great deal about performance, and they tend to write very fast applications.

>theres a lot of strategies that let you rewrite functional code into mutable efficient code under the hood and most functional languages use these
I don't think this is true, you can do this if you have Linear/Quantitative types but otherwise you're going to be giving up any concurrency guarantees you have, if you do this behind the back of the programmer (which is sort of the main point of writing in a functional style at this point).

>Common lisp is a more complete overall language (other than concurrency) and Scheme is easier to understand, but as far as tooling, practicality, ease of use, and popularity Clojure definitely wins hands down.
I think this is probably a fair assessment so long as you recognize that Clojure has these advantages only for a single problem domain. It has better tooling, practicality, and ease of use for web development and nothing else. Additionally I don't think the advantages it has in this department are that significant.
(82.73 KB 1280x719 rh.jpg)

RH'S epic talk on clojure vs common lisp (2 parts)

>Common Lisp btfo
Not really, it was mostly just a overview, and as I said I already knew a good bit of Clojure. Pretty much all his arguments are rendered null by (ql:quickload "fset") or are insignificant to the point of not mattering. Porky likes JVM is another part of his reasoning. Some of the abstractions mentioned are cool, but don't really matter, it's basically just sugar. Not particularly interesting to me. I can't be bothered to watch the second video provided. Anyway I'm getting pretty bored talking about this, I feel I've made a quite solid case, so I'll probably stop now.

(17.64 KB 284x351 Freespace1box.jpg)
freespace Anonymous Comrade 11/19/2019 (Tue) 09:19:07 No. 2819 [Reply] [Last]
what does bunkerchan think of the Freespace series, meaning descent freespace 1 & 2 plus the expansion silent threat for the original.

Freespace 2, and its open source version remains to this day the crowning achievement of the "Space Sim" genre which it has never really topped, despite having come out over 20 years ago

the storyline is essentially a less personalized version of mass effect, or more accurately mass effect is ripping off descent freespace since it came out like 10 years later. Dead space also has similar lovecraftian themes
(40.47 KB 320x454 freelancer.jpg)
Never played it, but I loved Freelancer when I was a kid, any relation?
Used to have a demo CD with a demo of Freespace 1 when I was 8. Really loved the game, but as an adult I never bothered getting it again. I've only heard good things about Freespace 2, so I might download both games one of these days.
be sure to check out the freespace 2 open source version as well (requires a copy of the original to play though). After FS2 the genre basically died and the studio went backrupt so they released the source code for free.

The fan community ended up updating the game engine with modern graphics and their own custom campaigns.

Both are space games but freespace is much more story/capmaign oriented. It had a very extensive single player campaign as well as multi player (one of the first modern games in that it had voice chat and a map/scenario editor that came with the game).

I never played freelancer but I think its like another 'Elite' clone?, you can wander around the galaxy like han solo?

Freespace OTOH is definitively in the 'military science fiction' genre

the soundtrack is part ambient part electronic in the style of 80s/90s scifi-techno.

The music, the combat system, the storyline all really add to the atmosphere.

You can get the original game and the sequel for $10 on GOG, sometimes they go on sale for $5

(2.89 MB lubeman.webm)
Anonymous Comrade 11/15/2019 (Fri) 20:31:44 No. 2744 [Reply] [Last]
anyone want to talk about the new Watchmen? I've been pleasantly surprised so far by lindelof. The recurring motifs are translated well into a series, its already a better adaptation of the original work than snyders.
No, it's radical-liberal idpol garbage of the worst kind.
I'm super triggered about what these butchers are gonna do to sandman

/gradschool/ Anonymous Comrade 11/10/2019 (Sun) 01:58:20 No. 2606 [Reply] [Last]
Are there any grad student anons? If so, are you currently working on research? Do you enjoy grad school?
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I don't live in Burgerstan, didn't pay for college. Afaik grad students there are also underpaid though so idk
become a youtuber that debunks alt right bio theories, and ask the breadtube crowd for patreon bux
Shaun already does that I think. I'm also paranoid about my privacy and the last thing I want is the scrutiny of a thousand incel chuds with too much time on their hands trying to dox me/smear me. No, I'm perfectly content being depressed and terrified about the future while doing nothing.
What did you study?
Isn't it obvious? He studied genetics.

(138.06 KB 748x582 onizukaaa.jpg)
Anonymous Comrade 11/15/2019 (Fri) 18:12:38 No. 2734 [Reply] [Last]
Does anyone have any e-reader recommendations? I don't want my eyes to blow up while reading.
Kobo Aura H20 hands down. Easy to hack, lasts years, feature complete, supports all common formats.
(4.87 MB 2160x2700 4ta7em2glnw31.png)
Thanks comrade!

(195.15 KB 1440x500 leftytg.png)
/leftytg/ Anonymous Comrade 10/23/2019 (Wed) 17:49:51 No. 720 [Reply] [Last]
Tabletop Games / Traditional Games
Wargames, Roleplaying Games, Board Games, Card Games, Drinking Games, and so on and so on.

What are you playing/running/home-brewing?
What do you have to recommend or criticize?
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Thank you anon. Would be good to bounce some ideas around. I'll have to put a bit more thought into the setting.
(778.75 KB 1447353770099.pdf)
I found this simple generic system called FU which seems great for my purpose.
>AlfaBusa literally beat us to the Dark Heresy game
>who takes 2 years to make vidyas
(236.39 KB 560x560 1557153876776.jpg)
Watching it rn and I'm fucking dying from laughter.
>railroading GM gets screwed by mythical 12 critical rolls in a row
stuff of legends tbh

(44.75 KB 345x500 1572497306104.jpg)
Spooky movies for Samhain! Satan-kun 10/31/2019 (Thu) 16:21:57 No. 2330 [Reply] [Last]
Happy halloween fellas (not for me because i'm not doing anything particularly fun or exciting today). I came up with a list of movies you might wanna watch today. Suggested by other people of course.
I haven't seen most of these movies in this list, but these are supposed to be good spooky movies/documentaries.
Wild wild country
Going Clear
Jesus Camp (i saw this one, it's pretty good)
Holy Hell
Kentucky Teenage Vampires https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aWclRSulGFQ[Embed]
The Keepers
We Need To Talk About Kevin

The Hostel - I saw it, it didn't scare me much. It might appeal to other people though. It's more of a "getting kidnapped and raped a brutally murdered" kind of thing.
Angel Heart
The Fourth Kind - Only saw it partially, i think it maybe had some spooky scenes but it was years ago and i need to rewatch.
Noroi The Curse - I actually saw the full thing. I highly recommend it, subbed of course because dubbed japanese entertainment loses the emotion in the voice.
La Voyage Dans La Lun
The Demonic Tapes (british horror film)
Ju-on the grudge (the japanese version) - I saw this one too, but don't remember enough to tell you how good it was.
Antichrist (the film)
Annihilation ( was interested in it a few months ago, it had some legit unsettling shit in it, but i can't see how it'd be a full on horror thing since some of it seems too artsy)
A Tale of Two Sisters
The Thing (the original not the prequel)
The Exorcist (maybe that's a normie movie, i don't know, i haven't seen it but it's gotten a lot of praise over the years)

Aside from that list you should watch the poughkeepsie tapes. It's pretty good. Also give REC a try. Not Quarantine though, REC. Also the original blair witch project.
That's all i got.
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I'm proud of you.
I'm going to see The Lighthouse next week. I really liked The Witch, so I've been looking forward to it for quite a while.
wtf is the bear suit costume in the shining and why do I know Epstein has something to do with it?
Be proud of her, she deedthroated with her finger in my ass and extracted a pint of semen.
Whelp I know what I'm doing next weekend.
The Green Room is a good movie that focuses on an anarkiddie band that decides to play a concert for neonazis in order to get some money. When trying to leave they accidentally witness a murder and they end up being forced to fight for their lives since the fashies don't want them reporting shit to the police.

This is probably the one movie you want your fellow anti-gun comrades to see.

(484.37 KB 1000x1449 WPGF Bulgaria.png)
(783.42 KB 539x807 Thousand-yard-stare-dirty.png)
(3.74 MB 5687x3096 Portrait of a man.png)
/drawing/ general Gomrad Spurdo#HTmBuh 11/01/2019 (Fri) 18:46:34 No. 2386 [Reply] [Last]
Post your scribbles, doodles, chicken scratches, sketches etc. here. Let's make some art. I'll start with some things that I made quite a while back but never really got around to finishing.
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Every time I see 'loomis' I just think of Harvester
Recently I've seen a backlash against recommending Loomis to beginners. I reckon at least half of it is contrarianism, but I also find that manikin methods need a strong backing in fast/intuitive perspective, or else progress will be slow. I don't mean VP's and grids so much as the general behaviour of 3D solids as they rotate.

The free tutorials on Drawabox.com are largely dedicated to that.
For the human figure Glenn Vilppu has helped me improved a lot. He focuses particularly hard on gesture.Good luck drawing comrades.
(13.42 KB 685x739 luca.png)
(110.20 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
mspaint of Leaky-eye Luca
if you want to easily start doodling, start with flowers
2D, most simple forms
flowers have curves, long lines, details you can add
no need to read books on how to draw, you can just do it
and remember, the rubber is your friend

(133.44 KB 738x1000 54y64r5retyr.jpeg)
Magic the gathering General. Anonymous Comrade 10/24/2019 (Thu) 20:58:55 No. 1405 [Reply] [Last]
Well, throne of eldraine dropped and, I have to say, this is probably one of the most impressive sets i've seen come from wizards in a while.

Other than the push on all the whales and timmies there's some good things in this; genuinely unique stuff.

The alternative art/border cards really do look amazing.

But let's get down to business:

Right now, with the current format and meta change I would say that blue red and green on really on top right now. Blue has some great control and red/green has just been astoundingly fast. I have been hitting for almost ten by turn 3-4. Red was also blessed with some control in the form of Opportunistic dragon.

You throw some pelt collectors in and some Bonecrusher Giants and you are looking at some serious threats being placed on the field.

Right now I am running a Red/Green beat down deck. It's not optimized, but, it is running smoothly.

Anyone else getting into standard right now? What are some of your thoughts and opinions?/Strategies?
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Well that is really up to you to decide. Unlike yugio magic actually has a mana system for resources. Sometimes things tend to get out of control with the meta, but, nothing that cannot ever really be reigned back in. (We just banned a serious problem in the standard format.)

But ultimately that is something only you can answer; probably through game play.
The mana system can be incredibly annoying if you dont draw the optimal amount of land. For that reason alone you should probably avoid magic. Gwent was a pretty good card game a few seasons ago, but they radically changed the game several times and im not up to date anymore. Its free to play, cards are easy to grind, art is amazing and the gameplay is (probably) alright.
Imagine being such a brainlet you can't adequately produce a consistent ammount of Mana.

Brains play magic.
Brainlets play other shit.
Pretty sure you're just terrible at deck building.
Won $125 on saturday in a modern tournament, makes my earnings from magic a couple hundred this month. Green is wildly op right now, oko is the best walker in the game.
They just banned veil of summer in pioneer, and hopefully it follows that they will ban it in other formats soon. Card is way to good.

I kind of hate how much time and money I put into something so bougie as playing magic, but I fucking love the gameplay.

(94.89 KB 500x645 cockshottvulture3.jpg)
Relational/SQL vs NoSQL Comrade 08/13/2019 (Tue) 03:02:44 No. 387 [Reply] [Last]
what is the advantages of nosql over traditional dbs?

why did programmers from 2006->2015ish all start writing and useing their own databases. whats the point?

people say oh its faster for the programmer because they dont have to write a schema but literally the only thing to change a schema is an alter table statement anyway which takes 30 seconds
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(131.70 KB 1280x720 topology.jpg)
mongoError: Topology was destroyed
there's no need to ACID, transactions, or rollbacks, i said, laughing.


databases like postgres have literal decades of engineering behind them making them rock solid. it even have json store if you want
(537.89 KB 708x708 abadi.png)
Any thoughts on Daniel Abadi and his DB work?
>Daniel Abadi
never heard of him
GAVIN-MENDEL GLEASON is a tech guy and marxist affiliated with Cockshott whos making a graph database


no cookies?