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(269.78 KB 1984x1116 juice.jpg)
Cooking thread! Satan-kun 10/23/2019 (Wed) 17:17:43 No. 88 [Reply] [Last]
Just post pictures of delicious food and we'll all try to figure out how to cook it later!
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>>1295 PSA never tell an Italian that that is a risotto.
https://veganlovlie.com/vegan-tikka-masala-curry-sauce/ Yo this curry is fucking dope. I'll post pics of the completed product later
>>1295 That's definitely not a risotto
>>5296 Look, man, i'm just going off what the recipie said.
Just made some "homemade traveller's bread". Just a sample ammount. Recipe: 50 gramms of different flour (i used an even mix of rye, corn, rice, wheat and barley) 5 gramms of yiest 4 gramms of salt around 50 gramms of water (i didn't measure the water. i mixed everything together untill the mix felt like ACTUAL bread material stuff) Mixed them, didn't let the yiest to make it's magic (because i wanted to test the flavour... the resting only improves the texture afaik). Put it in the oven on low setting (since the original recipe was used to make bread on the fireside... so it wasn't hotter than 150 deg celsius), waited 2 and a half hours (i checked it multiple times during its making... after 2 hours it did not seem to improve). The resault is... very corny, a bit salty, a bit "yiesty", kinda dense and the inside was a bit dough-like (obviously), the crust was super crunchy tho. Next time i will take a pic of it and document everything properly. In case somebody want to replicate it.

(12.42 KB 730x389 Kubernetes_New.png)
kubernetes Comrade 08/11/2019 (Sun) 05:35:58 No. 1117 [Reply] [Last]
can someone for the love of god explain to me what this thing actually does?
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>make every program live in its own folder, store all data and configs there <nah that's boring let's rather mix all programs' file together in a single hierarchy, first it'll require package managers to manage this mess, there will be hundreds of those, and most of them won't be compatible, and later we'll move on to distributing whole package-manager-produced "mixtures" of program files, and we'll call these mixtures "containers" and we'll also create container managers and yes we fucking will overcomplicate them too, and there will literally be jobs devoted entirely to configuring this garbage
>>5732 Containers also enforce process isolation. Yes, this is only necessary because the unix security model is shit and if there was a God GNU/HURD would have killed it in the 90s.
>>5732 fuuuuck. that, plus this insanity >>1123 Docker should've just been a way to configure linux builds, plus a way to vm it locally. What's the point of spinning up a machine only to spin a new machine inside it. Makes no sense. Kubernetes might be useful, but it seems like container software's fetish is BDSM, it likes to torture users with shit documentation, so I wouldn't fucking know. Talking about shit documentation, FUCK aws, especially all that terraforming bullshit. Mix it all together and you get a bullet to your brain. untyped dynamic made-in-two-weeks javascript using 3 libraries which somehow made your node_modules folder be 1.6GB non-deterministic npm builds because fuck you. good luck trying to debug why docker isn't caching your npm build and having to rebuild a huge dependency you don't even use (why does this accent parser library depend on ChartJS???). oof, then find through the billion articles how to deploy a container on aws. There must be a pre built solution or at least a good tutotial, right? no, fuck you. oh but now you need a worker (or you bought into the microservices bullshit). motherfucking good luck making your containers talk. how sure are you about your topology now? are they in the same server or are they in a LAN? how many servers are deployed at the moment? can you ssh in or retrieve logs somehow? fuck kubernetes, don't even want to know what it does.
>aws Don't use proprietary shit.

FLOSS imageboard software Anonymous Comrade 01/24/2020 (Fri) 06:02:22 No. 5649 [Reply] [Last]
https://github.com/8b2eef7c901269e8e9a6ec532d57b6b1/supremereality What do people think of this IB software? it looks like a higher version of whats running on leftypol.org
It looks wrong, I don't like it
>>5787 theres a demo app linked in the readme https://www.supremereality.us/

(137.53 KB 700x500 Youtube.jpg)
Anonymous Comrade 01/06/2020 (Mon) 03:24:31 No. 5025 [Reply] [Last]
What youtubers does leftypol watch? I personally like codys lab and penguinz0.
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Oneyplays, YMS, SuperMega
>>5259 >without eceleb cringe humour >literally called 'cuck philosophy'
>Strange brain parts For a small channel he has really high quality. He covers obscure comics, old indie comics, and the history of some mainstream characters too. If you hate 'capeshit' you still might like his channel because he goes into a lot of hidden 'not traditional super heroes' gems >Comic tropes The same as the previous, but more mainstream. It's still into the obscure, forgeten heroes and bad comics. >Renegade cut The only out right political one. He his media analysis always come out with interesting leftists takes.
>>5353 I think they made the tits of Hotaru too big.

Anonymous Comrade 01/25/2020 (Sat) 01:02:46 No. 5664 [Reply] [Last]
What do you think about learning the North Korean dialect of Korean?
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>>5707 I just think it's an awful language, that's it.
>>5710 Fair enough.
>>5709 You proof is a bunch of drawings in a pro-NATO anti-communist museum which just repeat standard anti-communist propaganda?
>>5723 There were drawings but I’m talking about the photographs. You chagrin my sources yet you spout your regimes rhetoric. Do you think I don’t know that NATO is a failure? I’m not there to masturbate, I’m there to pay respect.
>>5731 Anti-communists routinely use photos of famines in British India to depict Soviet famines. They have even less credibility when it comes to the DPRK.

(8.55 KB 290x200 C9ZZ7B5XoAAqvLI.jpg)
Anyone play nation sims rEdArMy 08/08/2017 (Tue) 16:12:58 No. 146 [Reply] [Last]
Anyone play nations likes Cybernations or Politics and way
I used to, might get back into it
i've played democracy 3 a long time ago, but i found it overly simplistic and heavily biased towards neo-liberalism and a certain threshold of social programs. the only real fun i got out of it was setting up police state or legalizing everything and seeing how long it could last. it has been a while, so i can't be sure how accurate my impressions are.
Cybernations is still around, but it is small compared to what it once was.

(28.99 KB 264x378 Collision_in_Korea.jpg)
/wooo/ - Professional Wrestling Anonymous Comrade 01/26/2020 (Sun) 22:38:49 No. 5713 [Reply] [Last]
Royal Rumble Edition, I guess. Even though we won't get enough activity to have multiple editions. I haven't watched any wrestling in at least half a year, but the Rumble is tonight and that's always my favorite PPV. I normally at least watch the last RAW and Smackdown before a PPV, but I'm so out of it that I didn't even bother to do that, so I have no clue what the current angles are. I watched NWA for a while but haven't liked what I've seen from AEW. Any other white trash comrades who like fake fights?

Comrade 10/11/2019 (Fri) 22:59:54 No. 884 [Reply] [Last]
why arent you using Linux dumbass? You have zero excuses
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Purely vidya, but every year fewer and fewer games compel me to stay I use linux on my laptop and like it, although I've fucked something up and it eventually crashes out and has to be rebooted every 12 days I tried to go full linux on desktop but a combination of somehow struggling to set up MySQL and there being no good N64 and PS2 emulators on Linux killed it for me
(644.72 KB 1000x1000 157860174975.png)
>>5401 What could you have possibly done to do something that pedantic?
>>5401 PCSX2 works flawlessly on linux, played and beat all shin megami tensei and super robot wars games last year. Mint cinnamon with nvidia drivers btw.
>>890 Please don't tell me you actually use this autistic child porn trash wallpaper for real.

(694.17 KB 960x540 patchouli_capital.png)
cgdct Anonymous Comrade 01/24/2020 (Fri) 07:05:14 No. 5651 [Reply] [Last]
post cute girls holding or reading leftie books
>>5651 >>>/GET/ out moe-fag
(181.01 KB 1200x938 D-blywiW4AED5-K.jfif)
>>5655 t. shonenfag

Essay writing / academic skills Comrade 10/15/2019 (Tue) 14:32:20 No. 24 [Reply] [Last]
Hey /e/

Im a brainlet prole that recently got a scholarships to university, and Im wondering if there are any resources that you could recommend to improve general academic skills with an emphasis on essay writing. I've done a general scan for books and courses on libgen and TPB. But I wanted to get some advise with a left perspective. When I say brainlet I mean dyslexic and when I say prole I mean any unskilled job I can land (bar work, kitchen work, construction, etc.) My degree is in healthcare and administration.
5 posts and 2 images omitted.
I'll give these both a sus.
Sorry but not everyone agrees with your first pick, English As She Is Spoke.
(19.76 KB 250x400 how to write a lot.jpeg)
Part of good writing is simply writing a lot. The more you write, the more mistakes you will catch, and the more you will learn to recognize those mistakes before they happen. Writing a lot is all about developing good approaches and habits towards writing. I work in a science and I have atrociously unproductive habits towards writing and I found this short, easy-to-read book helpful.


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