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(60.38 KB 474x683 849874.jpg)
Deprecated Comrade 08/05/2019 (Mon) 03:15:07 No. 920
Please refer to >>757 for bunkerchan related development
Please refer to >>1649 for anything /leftypol/ related
Edited last time by comraderat on 08/09/2019 (Fri) 18:12:36.
bump against raid
Faggots, faggots everywhere
just have the same posting moderation 8/leftypol/ had, with captchas and all that jazz. Also do we even have mods here, because this shit doesn't look moderated in the slightest.
This is what I think:
1. Former mod-team takes over to restore order to this board.
2. Anons think about what rules, old or new to create for leftypol 2.0
3. mod-team and users brainstorm perhaps a new system for selecting mods (democratic model like GETchan?)
4. New system over time is created.

It's a fresh start! I think experimenting will be worth it.
Also we have to keep in mind that 8chan might only be down temporarily. So discussion should be had about how much we want to be established here before all of the sudden getting 8chan back with the question of should we stay or not.
(850.80 KB 1084x723 big hands.png)
For this chan, we develop a five year plan!
HTTPS, when?
You just gotta type it manually, we will fix it some time soon hopefully.
So, how about this ones:
>A way to see bunkerchan on smartphones.
Meanwhile I don't condone phoneposting, I don't think there's anything wrong with lurking in a smartphone.
>An r9k type system.
An r9k to try to stop /pol/ spammers. Thing is, you think that because you're not anymore on 8chan, they can't find you, but this is absolute bullshit.
We haven't thought about the worst of the worst, and that isn't 8chan /pol/, but the cesspool of retardation that it halfchan /pol/, now that they can post our website with relative ease in halfchan, as if they tried to post a link to 8chan they would be banned and erased.
Now this isn't a problem for them, in fact, they can find us using google alone, so we will need to find a new method of moderating this chan, as there will be turbulent times.
(7.95 KB 255x160 1.png)
Boards page:
Looks clumsy.

- links should direct to each board's catalog.html
- SFW/NSFW should be indicated in the column next to users, PPH
- PPH should be defined, after hovering over it with cursor
- pic related happens after zoom
How about we just move to an actual 8ch alternative, like endchan or NNTPchan? If you want to improve bunkerchan, give it the ability to make your own boards. Otherwise, this site sucks balls.
the catalog mode doesn't have any auto-refresh, adding that would be nice.
But Bunkerchan DOES have its own boards.
How about adding more flags that the ones we currently have?
Flags that I would add are:
>Selling China (Deng)
>Based frogs (a yellow vest, in honour of the gilets jaunes)
>A rojava and a syrian one.
>Anarcho-Maoist one.
>NAZBOL GODS (just the nazbol flag but deepfried).
>A pre-hammer and sickle Soviet union flag, the one with the letters.
>La resistance (The flag of the french resistance).
>Jacobin (The face of Robespierre).
Also, would be nice if you could see the flags outright in the selection menu.
>A rojava and a syrian one.
Got that covered tbh.
Heh Rojava isnt censored on bunkerchan. That will reopen the PKK and Syrian conversations again. I like this place.
as of the new BO, it isn't censored on /leftypol/ either.
(113.34 KB 486x368 15511617.jpg)
Really? Didn't know that. I assumed it stayed that way because of the lack of threads about it.
There was one Rojava thread, but activity on it was somewhat low.
(116.20 KB 1155x1155 665577_ts.jpg)
requesting this hat as a flag
Tbh, bringing some quality of life UI improves would be nice, for starters a "return" button at the bottom of threads would be nice.
(1021.00 B 20x14 newflagjacobin.png)
(662.00 B 20x18 newflagbudyonovka.png)
Red army Budyonovka and Jacobin phrygian cap flags?
How about being able to post .mp4?
Also another types of files.
>system for selecting mods
How would this work on an anonymous board?
(1020.00 B 20x14 newflagjacobin.png)
brightened the centre of the rosette a little
alternatively move the header to the bottom
what about the cnt hat?
Tbh the UI 8chan has/had was pretty damn good. Copying that would be worth it.
Oh also a preview for flags would be bretty dank too.
And another thing, maybe allow "geolocation" flags as an option.
(909.00 B 20x14 newflaganarchist cap.png)
How's this?
(375.00 B 20x11 Burgerbux_plus.png)
Touched up the burgerbux flag, only the 4th int remains as a big aesthetic offender now
(360.00 B 20x15 buddhacom.png)
(69.48 KB 1500x750 buddhacom.jpg)
Tuvan People's Republic
(100.62 KB 300x100 leftypol_banner_1.jpg)
Made a new banner to freshen things up, dunno why no one had this idea before.
very cute
What is the largest allowed size for a banner btw?
nice OC
Really nice, comrade.
nice and cute
(80.65 KB 300x100 voet smosh.png)
would like a frankfurt school flag, like a hot dog or a NO JAZZ icon that's the ban symbol on top of a saxophone
Love that one
(986.00 B 20x17 newflagadornogang.png)
make the sax a bit bigger and you have a winner
that's what she said
p. good
add it as "Durruti hat" a la Lenin hat
We also need a ghost flag for our based spookman who haunts europe.
(1.05 KB 21x17 newflagadornogang2.png)
(13.11 KB 320x240 buenaventura.jpg)
There was an attempt, there's only so many pixels to work with mind you
I mean durruti had his own special hat
would love a Xi or Deng flag
WE NEED a Maoist flag which is not just a PRC flag. Maybe just have Mao's face in miniature. Mao != PRC.
(192.46 KB 988x720 christcomism.jpg)
Doesn't the satan flag fit that role? We need a flag for each major religion though, buddhism, judaism, christianity, hinduism and islam tbh
(1.06 KB 15x20 maoflag.png)
Like this
(993.00 B 15x20 maoflag.png)
slight modification of>>9485
We've got Christcom and Islamsoc already. Maybe we should have the bundist circle? (to stop it being abused by falseflagging polyps).
pagan flag?
I really like about 8chan that you could copy pictures instead of saving them everytime, is it implementable here? Also why do you always need to reselect your flag?
Can we have more threads to a page please?
(498.00 B 16x12 newflagbundist.png)
How's this?
Maybe make the red a bit darker?
I think there should be a proper IRA flag. I could make one, but what do you think it should be like? Starry Plough doesn't scale down too well, so an Irish flag with celtic cross / black power style fist?

Also this >>9705
An Ireland flag with an AK would be cool
(24.25 KB 1280x672 1280px-StarryPlough.svg.png)
(96.93 KB 800x734 Starry Plough (original).png)
What about a starry plough? Thats the symbol of irish socialism after all.
>Also why do you always need to reselect your flag?
old software, updating it is being worked on
Doubt it would look too good, might need to much pixels to be readable.
What is the max flag size though? 16*11 is the traditional one, but there are bigger ones like Cuba, so is there a limit?
Please fix CSS to look like /leftypol. Bunkerchan looks kinda uncomfortarable and ugly. Make second /marx/ board. Maybe make few new boards like /his/ *culture*, /tv/ and /v/

Thats just my few ideas, keep up the good work!
The Cuba one looks shit, the large ones don't really work imo, they look out of place
seconding this
An Armalite rifle
>8 people
That can't be right
(476.00 B 16x12 newflagbundist.png)
How about now?
(417.00 B 16x10 Erie.png)
Starry plough flag.
Bretty gud. IMO the name should be "JewBund" or something.
(617.00 B 16x15 plough.png)
I prefer the green one
The format of the blue one looks better
I phonepost even when I'm sitting at my pc just because I find the interface more usable
If we could get bunkerchan support on one of the main apps it'd be a so much better
(514.00 B 14x13 plough_lite.png)
Well it is the traditional and more recognizable one
Smaller version
Interesting new design. I can get used to it.

I have an idea though, can we have a format so that we can see the flags in the menu?
(590.00 B 16x12 newflagira.png)
put the AK on the Irish flag
looks good
(6.34 KB 186x272 index.jpeg)
Hello, all, Greetings and welcome to the bunker.

I've been around here for a while, but, given the recent circumstances I think it's fair to say we are going to be experiencing an uptick in activity.

I fully agree with the OP, personally. I think anything that happens here should be as transparent as possible and be democratically decided upon by the users.

I'm going to watch this thread and bring what needs to be brought to the owners attention.

If you have any ideas feel free to (you) me or you can also get ahold of me on the irc: irc.rizon.net port 6667 or ssl 6697

>>8275 (you)
The (you) should be necessary, IMO, it's a quality of life improvement, that's for sure.
(14.59 KB 360x344 c52e3b1e.jpg)
Can we get some hobbyist boards set up at some point? Some suggestions have already been posted in the /leftytrash/ thread but I personally wanted some place that I can post anything /tg/ or /v/ related. Perhaps we could revive /leftyb/ for that sort of fun stuff?
How do you make a account and make a board.
I want to make >>>/miku/

Sure. that wouldn't even be that big a deal, I can probably do that right now. I'm used to kusaba, so, I have to get used to lynxchan's lay out, but, it shouldn't be an issue at all.

What hobbies do you all enjoy comrades?
Does this mean I can post my T-34 tank models now?
I think kino and literature might be the most immediately interesting hobbies lefties share, so /tv/ and /lit/ respectively.
(39.93 KB 212x292 158041.PNG)
anime, games and porn
how to spot a retard
/tv/, lots of potential for marxist analysis of peppa pig
sometimes /v/ideogames
on 4chan podcasts usually fit into /tv/ for whatever reason
Nice one retard
/tech/ and /tg/ would be nice /quest/ to keep the cancer out of /tg/
I'm a film student so I'd love a leftypol /tv/
ok, let's say manga as well
no need to be rude

Done, tv and lit are both boards now.

You can get to them through he url, but, I think the owner actually has to put them up at the top. I can't find a way to do it, but, enjoy.
Geolocated flags as an option would be bretty dank thanks. Also porting over a few UI features from 8chan: for example a "return" button at the bottom of a thread.
A nice thing 8chan had was
It was used in three ways:
1. to imply a distance to / disrespect for the person quoted
2. to highlight one was making a hyperbolic parody quote of another person
3. to distinguish between quoting posters on the board and an outside source like a book
Done, anon, I put tg up and I will get to v.

Leftyb is something I think everyone should really decide on, tbh.
(56.42 KB 1024x683 8749879.jpg)
How about we make those flags, but instead of being the actual flags of today, the communist version of them?
Something like pic related, but for every flag of the world
That'd take fucking time anon. Like a lot of fucking time. But I guess we are all autistic enough for it.
I like this idea, except that it shouldn't be flags but rather movements symbols and or people that can easily be recognised with that country.

For example, a German would be the DDR, or the Rot Front. A Spaniard would be the Second Spanish Republic etc. etc.
how about something like /mu/? except maybe call it /audio/ so it can include audiobooks, podcasts, music, and youtube content or something like that. should there also be a pdf/library board or is that too niche?
Seriously /tech/ will be looking for a new home because /g/ is lame we can finally have a proper gnussr as /tech/ here
leftypol is already leftyb imo
not sure what the differences between those two would be
/b/ would be the logical next step tbh, I support
I still don't think geoflags is a great idea. I find it nicer to have no flags automatically with a choice to pick some specific one you like, instead of having most people get geoflagged with a few picking what would be over time considered as "meme flags".
Though making some socialist nation flags might be nice, making 16 Soviet Republic flags might be nice
Dear god, why?
Honest question
that'd be cool as shit. I wanna say the kaiserriech mod for hearts of iron game might have most of those done already
Well it has a few, but you'd want to change it for various places: the flags of the Soviet Union for former soviet states for example.
/b/ would give us animeand porn all in one, yes please
Thats a good idea, would make things much easier and quicker.
It'd just be /leftytrash/ with porn, don't worry
isn't leftytrash redundant if we add a /b/? /leftyb/ was pretty much only necessary because people got mad at the ERP in there, but now that everyone's back idk if it's really necessary
i do want my /leftyweebpol/ back tho
(71.11 KB 1200x720 8979.png)
For Ukraine you could give them the flag of the Revolutionary Insurrectionary Army of Ukraine.
The only leftist thing they got actually going aside from the soviet union, really.


right now I think I am going to use my power to get the most logical boards off the ground, g, tv, etc etc etc.

Then we can worry about the less urgent boards.

I think we need to get a constitution drafted, but, I wouldn't know where to start. I'm also fucking hung over as shit.

I had the idea of creating threads to hold votes and then after a certain period of time closing them and the result being decided from posts for or against.

What do you guys think of this idea?
Not a bad idea, perhaps also having a mechanism for submitting ideas for it (google doc, google form, smtng like that).
Hahaha like a peoples soviet in image board form. I can get onboard with that.
(207.99 KB 305x323 1563005069121.gif)
I would appreciate it if there was a board for anime and manga.
Kaiserreich's flag for Socialist Ukraine is just a canton with the ukrainian flag on a red field
Constitutions are liberal and bourgeois, revolutionary spontaneity is superior
This. I ran /leftyweebpol/ and it would be nice to carry over some of those discussions to a new board.
Yea, but you need to convert that into a flag, and it will kinda luuk like a red flag with come colors you can't distinguish.
Also, If we add national leftist symbols in the countries of eastern europe, which only argument against communism is "those damned russians", and then discover that they were initially revolutionary as well, you might gain the heart of eastern european righties and shit.
To put an example, the balts right now is pushing really hard on how the "USSR occupation" was a russian thing only, when most of the party was actually composed of balts at the start of the revolution till the 1950's.
I think, tho, i could be totally wrong about this.

hmm, I just wonder how to get them to actually be brought to a vote. Like how to get ideas brought up; What do you all think about creating a board for anons to go repose ideas?

How about we do that? I would personally moderate the board to the best of my ability.

I'd watch threads, etc etc, lock them.

What would we call it?


I'm not against this either, tbh.
Call it /soviet/ and pin on all boards when a decision is about to be made
(1.61 MB 3000x3750 new motherland.png)
since Admin asked for this to be reposted here I will with modification:

I think that since we're moving all lefty operations to bunkerchan we should create the following boards
1) /marx/ - For pure information and information posting, Ismail style
2) /LeftyCO&A/ - Leftist board for cartoon and anime discussion.
3) /leftyk/ - leftist wepon/tool discussion
4) /leftyb/ for all /b/eatniks who hate /pol/ but are too degenerate and random for /leftypol/
5) /leftygamer/ For all TG, CYOA and other gaming needs of the left.

/tech/ fulfills the role of /GNUSSR/ and /dead/ is the local /doomer/, leaving /leftypol/ to be the central board.
For... reasons.
quads of great truth dictate it
What about /leftyweebpol/??
Nice quads
Oh, nevermind. I see the cartoon and anime board.
>>>/miku/ for porn, weebshit, and furry.
What would happen to /e/?
Having it's redundant.
>Inb4 /GET/ for anime
/GET/ can only be used for anime if we outright delete all the threads there and start again because it has too much random shit in it and its going to be a mess. We need organization and clarity in these chaotic times.
Wait, /e/ is for that?
shit, I was posting all this crap I have.
Will we be allowed to discuss the sorry state of leftist antiimperialism again or will bans rain for criticising Assad, China, Iran, Russia, Venezuela? Will it be ok to not think that everything "bad" that an "antiimperialist" state does is a false flag?
(337.73 KB 1920x1080 1563967877007.jpg)
>merging /co/ with /a/
You can talk about Rojava and argue with people if thats what you're asking.

But sectarian big no no bro bro.
Well, we did have a couple cartoon threads on /leftyweebpol/, but I share your disgust.
(407.00 B 16x11 newflagukraine.png)
You can talk about pretty much anything as long as you don't mindlessly repeat NATO talking points.
e.g. "Venezuela should be invaded because Maduro is evil and Guaido should replace him"
Edited last time by krates on 08/05/2019 (Mon) 20:21:33.
(46.40 KB 500x500 listen here.jpg)
Let it sink along with the other dead and unused boards here.

Lumping furries and weebs is a bad idea. Porn can be put on /leftyb/ or spoilered relative to board.

Just put furshit in /leftyb/ like we had in 8ch

Keep it objective and don't do shit like "Muh Assad imperialist Russia barrel bombs!" and other dumb memes. And no pro-US-backed groups which is leftypol 101.

Anime is japanese cartoons. We had several CO threads on /leftyweebpol/. It's very easy to just not enter threads with content you're not interested in otherwise we get dumb niche boards that never get used because of too few users
(3.22 KB 400x200 ukssr.png)
got a better.
I guess thats most likely a no then, every contrarian position to the underinformed state of online leftism when it comes to international politics is constantly labled as "NATO talking points" regardless of the actual specific claims.

I dont want to effort post about the middle east to just get banned.
>Unironic use of 'Yikes'
Radlibs get out.
The Soviet ukrainian flag was already mentioned
perhaps I'm getting ahead of myself, but it may also be a good time to restart the /Lefty Journal/. It would be a more effective way of attempting to consolidate general talking points / strategies on here, as well as a way of pursuing long-form critique. Put the /reading/ general to some use
I gave you an example, if you think "Venezuela should be invaded because Maduro is evil and Guaido should replace him" is a informed opinion, you're not posting in good faith.
>the underinformed state of online leftism
Shilling Rojava and trying to ignore its US backing is not informing the online left of anything.
(569.57 KB 1915x949 20190805_162418.jpg)
Manga, unironically.
this is why i think we should get one sectarian board. /leftpol/ type but here
That just encourages sectarianism.
/pol/tard has /mlp/pol we deserve an own version, many bronys leave /mlp/ because /pol/tards and /v/teen ruined that board, create a safe and not toxic place for bronys in the left help will be nice.
Unironically thinking that Turkey and Assad should destroy Rojava and all its gains because the USA is bad is just as absurd. I remember people getting banned for accurately pointing out that barrel bombs are unaimed, that chemical attacks happened and that maybe the Syrian gov is committing warcrimes is bad. Similar idiotic bans happened when you tried to have honest debates about the situations where US intervention is OK, specifically Sinjar comes to mind or using them to ward of the Turks.
sectarianism already exists, it's how you deal with it
this is basically telling that guy to fuck off or stfu if we're honest here
The is an issue with viewing images. If the image is rather large, when you click it open, it blows up to full size but no scroll bar appears at the bottom, resulting in a cut-off image. Try clicking open >>10000
In Hispachan, the hispanic cesspool of retardation, there are specific boards for specific nations.
How about we do that?
Make a board for every important country out there, like:
>United States of America: /Burger/
>Canada: /leaft/
>Mexico: /Taco/
>Turkey: /kebab/
>Russians: /SSFR/
>France: /Frog/
>Germany: /Panzer/
>Britain: /Beans/
>Spain: /Siesta/
This would allow us to organize the bunkerchan people's in their respective countries, and informing them of movements in their respective countries, left-youtubers from germany, parties from France, ans shit like that.
meant for >>10059
We shouldn't split the userbase too much comrades. What can just be a general in /leftypol/ shouldnt have its board. It'll make engagement on the main board lower, and the sub-boards will get more engagement if they're just generals anyway.
You won't get banned for saying Assad is bad. We have had a policy change in the past few weeks and news mods. Calm down.
As of today, old B.O. is no longer a mod and has nothing to do with /leftypol/ anymore.
Edited last time by krates on 08/05/2019 (Mon) 20:31:58.
I don't think we should create sectarian boards. At most I think there should be a couple hobby boards.
Thats good to hear. I am just considering posting activly again in the case of Turkey starting another invasion. The old drama on /leftypol/ that lead to the split made quit back then.
I agree, I'm against sectarian board too. If we ever made one, we should all agree upon it.
Can we not?

We don't have nearly the amount of users or variety in content that would require or allow for that.

Except that's a fucking strawman of what I said about Rojava. This is why Old BO banned Rojava support, because Rojava supporters would always make strawmen arguments about those who pointed out the problems with it.
Fuck, I stopped browsing /leftypol/ because of all the Nazi shit. I'm back home again now, and I like the energy that 8chan dying has produced tho. I hope most people make the migration ok.
Is that why Bat'ko left the scene or am I stupid.
Personally I support the PKK and the International Freedom Battalion a lot more than Rojava itself.

Its not that I hate Rojava as a project, its just that not eliminating private property entirely is a problem.
Holy fuck guys, I can't believe it actually happened, 8chan is kill.

I think going to reddit is a better idea (let's flood r/stupidpol)
>We don't have nearly the amount of users or variety in content that would require or allow for that.
Would still be helpful tho, they could talk their own language in there, and would help them organize in their respective countries, and I hope that the trend of users on bunkerchan will only grow, more so as they can target the non-speaking english populations.
Let's try it at least, and since these boards will be regional, it shouldn't hurt the other boards.
Fuck off.
>Can we not?
Why not?

G-good taste
It's been brought to my attention that we already have tv/lit over at /e/ and we also have a tech board up top. FYI.

I'm talking to the owner right now about /soviet/
General threads for discussion of specific ideologies is the way to go. Also, I'd like to see hobby discussion consolidated as much as possible.

On a separate we should think of how to avoid stagnation in the long term as much as possible.
Screeching muh US in every situation is also extremely anoying. I am just going off what i experienced last time i was active on /leftypol/. I genuinly dont know if people actually came around to seeing the BOs actions as unreasonable or if only the people stayed around that think he did no wrong.

/k/ has been created
>my name idea got through
We probably shouldn't make too many different boards when there's still so few of us
This is my thinking too. Let's not get ahead of ourselves. It makes more sense to begin with just generals on here, and then to expand when threads get too big.
Stating my really staunch opposition to the creation of a whole host of boards, a few hobbyist, no-political discussion ones is okay, but absolutely no separate tendency political boards or regional/national boards, splitting the userbase like that will kill us in the cradle and yields zero benefits to anyone, its basically wrecking.
I'm convinced we're all actually able to have pluralism here and not get triggered into incandescent rage by the presence of tendencies we disagree with.
Old BO being gone is making me hopeful there will be space for a diversity of opinions again. /leftypol/ was at its best when we could discuss things without a banhammer looming over every post that could be perceived as "minimising" imperialism.
At the moment the int, k, tv and soviet boards are the ones I think we need for starters atm.

People will come in more over the next few months, when we have enough only then can we start thinking about... what ever the hell you people want.
(208.29 KB 1280x994 1563306096406.jpg)
I've got the image for you comrade.

That makes sense. We're still too small.
I agree, having one active mainboard is more important right now. We can split off boards when the need arises.
/sectarianism/ general
for ML and its various subgroups vs Anarchism and its various subgroups
What the hell is /soviet/ supposed to be for?
that's why we had /leftybritpol/ and /leftydeutschpol/ threads. they're too limited for a board but they're good for large dedicated threads in /leftypol/

Because MLP is cancer and even the most mild of bronies will bring in the garbage.

If we're going to use /e/ can we purge the current content there so we can start fresh?

We're making progress, it;s better to have clean ready boards than those made ad hoc as the userbase increases as suggested in >>10000
is it for Warsaw Pact general conversation? I loved that thread
The problem is when NATO talking points overlap with actual valid critiques from a leftist perspective. For example, it's a valid criticism to say that China is undemocratic, but it's also a popular point to justify imperialist intervention. As Zizek said, one of the most insidious things about imperialist war justifications is that they are sometimes based in truth, just truth that is used cynically and instrumentally for imperialist ends. Imo there's a difference between making criticisms that resemble those of liberals/imperialists and advocating imperialist intervention. Conflating the two is what led to the Rojava shitfest on /leftypol/.
Oh, I thought it was supposed to be a sectarian board. I like this idea now.
(840.00 B 20x14 newflagsocred.png)
(88.50 KB 720x1104 greenshirts.jpg)
(230.14 KB 1248x1616 evangel.jpg)

OK I get it now missed that off
still want something like Warsaw pact general
Good fucking meme.
what do you thing of
all of you really
surely when the time comes and more leftypol refugees and new folks come you can make it on /int/
Also: if anyone is actually interested, I think a good first issue would be about the ABSOLUTE STATE of online politics: 8, 4chan, Twitter, FB, YouTube, etc. Analyses, critiques, and programs re: its function, efficacy, its future
Tbh just do it here, we already have a /voros/ aka Magyaristani thread.
(82.96 KB 851x411 the wolff is socred.JPG)
(66.76 KB 436x600 kibbokift.jpg)
Power to the Greenshirts my d00d
he added anti-idpol to his list of reasons so he won't be coming back.
(137.43 KB 659x576 OroQuLU.gif)

Purging all the existing content is out of my control. Have to talk to the owner, space, for that one. I personally don't see a reason too.

Personally, I also disagree about the /pony/ board. To me that is uncessarily exclusionary.
That being said, that board I would exactly consider as high priorities as the other boards.

I would say that would be a board thats creation should be decided upon democratically when the time comes.
Better said than I could have. Liberal research and analysis of the situation on the ground can be super useful and the left just doesnt have the amount of people and expertise that the western thinktanks have. So we need to be careful to not fall victim to their ideological assumptions and recommendations, but using their research is not necessarily a sign of supporting intervention, NATO or imperialism.

Some of the best work on the crimes in Afrin comes from thinktanks that otherwise are unmentionable in leftist circles because their work on Assad is also used to justify invasion and intervention.
(305.03 KB 640x466 338.png)
But he hated Anarcho Feminism and the like. What the fuck?
I support it being a general on the main page but old /marx/ had similar conversations, in the USSR questions threads. what you think anons?
Apparently, we can't see both icons from the catalog view when a thread is both pined and cyclic.
I'm pretty sure that he thought that /leftypol/ went too far in the other direction from liberal Idpol, a take that I think I agree with.
My bad I forgot to refresh.
Also, we need a [Back to Board] button from the view of threads and it would be great id the page would scroll down to your post after you hit reply. I wish it would save my selected flag too.
I created k, our shitposting /b/ board is /dprk/. (I'm trying to get space to put it up with the rest of the boards rn)

I think CO and A are fine in /e/ personally. Unless it gets too shitted up. and a gamerboard probably isn't a bad idea either.

I'll work on all of these things.
Not anymore, I think.
Also, the reason I'm pushing for the creation of /miku/ is that I'm still butmad that it got taken over by /pol/ and I feel this will be a perfect place to ressurect it now that 8chan is gone.
>Because MLP is cancer and even the most mild of bronies will bring in the garbage.
Ponies are cutes.

Bronies won't bring us in the garbage, I'm brony since 9 years ago, and I just stoped reciently of posting in /mlp/ beacuse this was overtaked by /pol/ and /v/, and the few racional people left in the board, are tired to deal with those retard, many friends are in the same.

A new board here will be amazing for people like me, that are mostly than you think, /mlp/ fandom spread the messange of love and tolerance, a kind of anarchy utopia against/pol/tard value. Why we should not took that messange?.

if you don't like mlp is ok, I don't give a fuck, that's not the point of my argue.
Don't be to hasty with creating new boards. There's many things that are happening at the same time and I think we should be a little bit patient to see how things play out.
not sure if it will have much of a userbase if porn, weebstuff and furry stuff has thier own boards.
/k/ was made like an hour ago, if you want you can help and post what you have.
/int/ internationalist? this dumbass new-fag needs help
There is newfag converts from /pol/ and those deliberately distorting anti idpol into meaning anti identities, really just becoming another variant of idpol
I know, I deff agree.
I'm just trying to get what actuallty needs to be a board out of the way, tbh.
It worked perfectly fine before, the problem was because on 8ch we had regular /fur/ and /a/ and /d/ so posting on the lefty versions was limited.
/leftyweebpol/ only really discussed anime, manga, and Japanese politics. I don't think it would cut into /leftypol/ at all.
Yeah we've always had retards and reactionaries trying to use our opposition to liberal idpol to insert, objectively even worse, reactionary idpol, and sometimes there have been useful idiots and newfags who fell for and enabled that, but batko was familiar with this, his departure was purely opportunistic, social climbing and 'outgrowing' this place
plus its general insightful info on the lifes and... of then
thanks really
Just fukin make it my dude
Dude, relax and wait for things to settle.
But there is schism between intersectionalists and materialists against the concept of idenity and the importance of class.
alright, I made http://bunkerchan.xyz/gamer/ just for you loosers.

and I made http://bunkerchan.xyz/soviet/ - Bring ideas to /soviet/ discuss them and we can maybe try and figure out how to get a voting system working of some sort. We'll smooth it over in time.

For the very topic of this thread.

Now leave me alone, fuckers.
anons sperging, apologies, want a general board for it. does that need mods or am i retard?
hit i am please still help me out
I'm not familiar with anti-identitarianism ever becoming another form of identitarianism on /leftypol/ outside of a few cases; even if it were true, /leftypol/'s anti-identitarianism had softened over time, much to my own chagrin. The objection by Batko is just a political cliché to disguise an opportunistic movement to more mainstream venues and audiences.

This thread should be keep on topic and any shit posting should be taken to /dprk/
i want my music board you hack
all I want to know is how these "general" threads are made. I'm not shitposting I just need some guidance please be patient, I'm sorry for being annoying I just loved that thread!!! sincerely if there's info out there I'm missing it thanks.
Posted the first general on /k/. Feel free to make your own generals, if there is a time to start making generals on fresh boards, its now.
I am an oldfag from 4chan. I miss the diverse /pol/ which used to have a sizeable lefty-pol population & threads. I left that shithole years ago. I remember 8chan, but never cared too much for it.
Got impressed by the leftypol hidden next to the 8ch aut-right as 8ch & 4ch pols got my attention again. 4ch pol is just satire at this point.

I want to add a few analyses of my own concerning the current material conditions, economics relations, social dynamics, and new internal contradictions of our current 21st century capitalistic machine.

One major concern from me with current leftism is their inability to understand that every era has its own specific socio-historic dynamics at play, and that leftists of the 21st cry need to get rid of larping in 20th century discourse. It needs a fucking update, and autist right has been executing their own cancer better.

In the next days & weeks you can expect four "Theses on the 21st century."
The first one will be financial & economic of nature. It will go in-depth about how and why liquidity is the oil that keeps the capitalist machine running, and its current systemic problems, such as volatility, political risk, systemic deflation on liquidity, and much more.

The second one will be about the digital evolution, it's power-structure, the data-maffia that reduced all "users" into a product to stand-in-reserve at all times and get manipulated into profit.

The third one will be about the 21st century in particular. Looking ahead. Social geography, demographics, geopolitics, bio politics, virtual politics, climate. All the historical gears are shifting and have already shifted from our previous "steady-state". The age of American Dominance and their global economical system is over and detoriating. What are the risks & opportunities? What can we anticipate for?

The last one will be a secret.

Call me "Frantz Anon"
You just call it a general and put it back up whenever it expires, or wait until a mod makes it cyclical.

A nice post with all relevant information, archive of past threads ect. is usual.
good job anon!
good idea
Videogames, Anime, Party stuff (I guess it counts as a hobby because it is not a job but I perceive it as a commitment to the cause)
Isn't /leftypol/ /b/ in a way? Don't see a need for /leftyb/
Would support!

Also I wonder with the questions of other boards, if those really ALL are necessary, on /leftypol/ and /leftytrash/ everything goes, we can talk about most stuff be it media, guns, politics on /leftypol/ right? Wouldn't we split userbase on those boards and make every board slower?
this basically
I look forward to it. When did you start going to 4chan?
Here you go anon, I made it >>10284
so I just make an average thread and its up to mods from there. Well I'm making a Warsaw pact general...
>mid typing bless you
Sounds pretty interesting. I hope you touch more into 21st century historical theory. Few have yet to really take a Benjamin take on how modern conditions have affected our historical consciousness. It sounds like you might touch on that, and I look forward to the posts comrade.

I myself was thinking about posting part of the opening chapter of my undergrad thesis, which covers American mass shootings, white nationalist ideology, and Mark Fisher, but I didn't think anyone would care to read it.
Shit a real oldfag. I only started going in October of 2008
I think works by makoto itoh may be of interest.
damn yeah and me only in november 2009.
Must be especially depressing seeing how all of this shit turned out from the beginning. Must feel even worse for Moot.
Many forget that Marx was a scientist, journalist & empiricist of his own era using the standards of the 19th cty to produce his historically grounded analysis. The irony lies in the fact that no one is telling you that we have to keep doing this constantly. Sharpening our tools. Not get stuck in historical dogma's and outdated discourse. Because all that is solid will melt into air, again & again.
that face when you were a ted Cruz, glen beck... retard indoctrinated in Mormonism in the 2000s to early 10's
Same here, started browsing 4chan in 2009. I do miss when shitposting was funny, and not so obviously expressions of actually upset retards.
At least you weren't a Monarchist like I was.
Shit, I've been some kind of socialist since 2006, although then I thought socialism was just social democracy with Bolshevik characteristics.
09' fag here too. I don't think anyone could have predicted the chans ending up as they are now. Those were different days where common terminology like "cuck" wasn't even a thing.
(35.87 KB 580x599 4chandemotivational7.jpeg)
I started browsing 4chan in 2008 before chanology and anomalous posting. Chan culture really has changed. Still, i don't reminisce about it too often. I shitpost a lot to keep the spirit alive. I only became a leftist recently though, but i was always left-minded.
oops meant for >>10312
I remember when /b/ wasn't porn
I remember when there was no politics on the chans
I remember the innocence
I'm a 1999 zoomer so.
(60.45 KB 750x714 cheese.jpg)
One of the big problems with the internet today is judging a meme by its ethnicity though. Sure, most memes coming from facebook are shit, but if you add a filter to it and throw in some post-irony it can be very good. Imageboards aren't really meme machines anymore because people are scared of helping memes evolve from their original state on other websites
There was always politics, even when it wasn't overt. You can never escape from ideology *sniff*. I hear you on the innocence tho.
'98 zoomer gang
Similar to how computer code develops, and interacts, and synthesises and give birth to glitches & bugs due to mere entropy & complexity. I deem the chans, and even wider humanity similar. We keep glitching forward and the bugs keep growing into unforeseeable consequences.
'91 millennial gang
Absolutely. I mean this is exactly what Benjamin argues in his theses and Arcades. The analysis itself is subject to radical change.

>no longer feel like the youngest person on the board
That's correct. But we can assume that there is a difference between a-political ideology drenching the discourse, and fully politicised ideology.
cross generation commie gang assemble
>tfw 2000 younghit

H-hi, c-comrades..
There is something to that. The difference between an ideology that's aware of it's political implications and one that isn't.
The best tool that illiterate aut-rightists have used is creating the myth of "FrankFurt Schule is SJW DEGENERACY", while our leftist ancestors from that school predicted our current social issues. Aut-right actually shares analysis with visionary marxists, and blames them for it, because they are literal brainlets.
And now we're getting Hegelian.
2002 son.
(8.67 KB 638x636 5f6.jpg)
>bro Mormonism and glen beck
this is peak reactionary
Mormonism has its own strand of fascism call dez-nat
2006 reporting in.
fuck out of here I lied its 2011 mom typing for me now
I'm trying to be edgy I think this is a success in that
weak I was on Chan's from birth
>oldest fag
>and youngest
Oh wait a minute, I thought this was /leftytrash/ please stay on topic, thanks.
You're as old as my dipshit cousin, heh.

How did you into communism?
My keen interest in history got me reading about the Soviet Union, which lead me to reading Stalin, which lead me to reading Lenin which got me to reading Marx.

I technically learned Marxism in reverse but I'm glad I did.
feels weird to know there's people here the age of my little brother lol
I blame leftists for allowing the autist right to take over the current historical momentum. Ressentiment is rising globally. And the left was stuck looking backwards, not forward.
I'm also guilt and will stop
this kinda shit I apologize I forgot board to!!!
Agreed. It's always worth repeating that the auts are unintentional followers of Gramsci.

On an adjacent note, I think someone ought to attempt updating Situationalist thought (derivee in particular, detournment doesn't work) for the internet. There's a lot of potential for it. I'd see if anyone tried it already, but my JSTOR access doesn't work and I don't speak french. The very act of browsing /pol/ makes you primed for it, even if you don't take it seriously/disagree with it entirely. There must be something about the very form of the imageboard, or even the internet at large (except for twitter, perhaps) that necessarily makes it fit for reactionaries. In other words, it's high time that we start taking the material basis of the internet seriously.

All of this, again, I think means we should try to get a /leftyjournal/ going. Though how you can democratically edit it, and allow for submissions in a way that allows for total anonymity on all sides, is a question.
I'm going to be moving this thread to /soviet/ in the next 30 minutes. FYI
Imagine the digital & technological possibilities of handing out budget-smart phones in the third world to revitalize the unification of the Neo-proletariat. Imagine if leftists actually got creative again. We need a new language, new concepts, new strategies, new goals, new aims. Because we are in a new century.
good, good
most importantly: A NEW AESTHETIC
Leftists created a new aesthetic for their age, to cheaply, efficiently, productively use their means to spread a message. There is 0 reason except for being backwards, to stick to 20th century leftist aesthetics.
I can't remember what got me into Marxism, but I never got into chan stuff. Only started hanging around leftypol a little over a year ago. Turned me into a hardcore tankie.
I'm thinking of starting a /motivation/ general to motivate people getting fit for the future civil wars brigades or learning creative arts to make cool propaganda would this be ok or is it too social club-ish not enough left related?
just use the self improvement general
It always warms my heart to see young people doing their own research about the shit their schools lie to them about.
(25.85 KB 399x400 Pepe sweat 2.jpg)

should I worry, anons
(38.81 KB 605x403 star blac hole.jpg)
Can I give the suggestion to not use that lame star, but instead make a new icon based upon: a star getting sucked in by a black hole.
This could be read as: Humanity constantly getting sucked into new historical & material conditions.
Or: for our current moment. Where we want to get emancipated, but we have been getting tapped into the capitalist system. There's quite a lot ways in which this metaphor would get used, and its cooler.
In his last message to me on 8chan's /leftypol/, old BO told me it'd be better to stay here instead of moving back to 8chan when it's up. What do you all think?
>The very act of browsing /pol/ makes you primed for it, even if you don't take it seriously/disagree with it entirely. There must be something about the very form of the imageboard, or even the internet at large (except for twitter, perhaps) that necessarily makes it fit for reactionaries.
Imo the appeal and success of imageboard culture is something that's very difficult to replicate. It seems to me that a large part of it is based in some magic cocktail of spontaneity, vulgarity, chaos, and wit. /pol/'s memes can be clever, even if their message is retarded. I also think that some level of subtlety and esotericism is important. Part of /pol/'s appeal is the feeling that one is part of some special club, one which holds secret knowledge not held by normies and NPCs. In that sense the appeal is similar to that offered by any subculture. Another important ingredient is the sense of satisfaction derived from owning the libs. In other words its a sense of belonging combined with a sense of superiority. As much as some people complained about him, I think Gritty as an anti-fascist symbol was actually closer to the kind of shit we need to replicate the internet success of the far right.
It depends where the majority of users go in the end.
Wait and see
This board's going to stay active now anyway since we've had a full migration
Absolutely. Utopianism deserves a comeback, which is why I'm glad that Commune mag is starting to pick up.
I'm gonna go full Benjamin again because he's the only leftist I've really, fully studied, but part of the reason he and Adorno got into that big fight over media is because Benjamin saw something objectively Utopian about commodities and commodified life; part of his whole project was figure out a way to, in his words, "liberate" the utopian visions of commodities.

But it's worth noting, as >>10488 brings up, that Utopianism and Nihilism go hand in hand, which is what /pol/ excels at. Look at how they're able to relish in the destruction of society writ large, whether in their reposing of the war-town urbanity of the Balkans or death camps, that these things are simultaneously presented as Utopian and completely meaningless. Benjamin, here, is especially relevant:

" All efforts to render politics aesthetic culminate in one thing: war. War and war only can set a goal for mass movements on the largest scale while respecting the traditional property system. This is the political formula for the situation. The technological formula may be stated as follows: Only war makes it possible to mobilize all of today’s technical resources while maintaining the property system. It goes without saying that the Fascist apotheosis of war does not employ such arguments. Still, Marinetti says in his manifesto on the Ethiopian colonial war:

“For twenty-seven years we Futurists have rebelled against the branding of war as anti-aesthetic ... Accordingly we state:... War is beautiful because it establishes man’s dominion over the subjugated machinery by means of gas masks, terrifying megaphones, flame throwers, and small tanks. War is beautiful because it initiates the dreamt-of metalization of the human body. War is beautiful because it enriches a flowering meadow with the fiery orchids of machine guns. War is beautiful because it combines the gunfire, the cannonades, the cease-fire, the scents, and the stench of putrefaction into a symphony. War is beautiful because it creates new architecture, like that of the big tanks, the geometrical formation flights, the smoke spirals from burning villages, and many others ... Poets and artists of Futurism! ... remember these principles of an aesthetics of war so that your struggle for a new literature and a new graphic art ... may be illumined by them!”

. . . . Mankind, which in Homer’s time was an object of contemplation for the Olympian gods, now is one for itself. Its self-alienation has reached such a degree that it can experience its own destruction as an aesthetic pleasure of the first order. This is the situation of politics which Fascism is rendering aesthetic. Communism responds by politicizing art."

It's far more important that as /lefty/ recollects itself over the next couple months we become very explicit about what it is the purpose of the forum ought to be, and what it is in particular we think we can accomplish on here.
this place is too visible right now imo
I don't see why we should return. We are doing alright so far and we also don't have the burden of being on "that childporn and school (Walmart?) shooter site".

Anyways, which jannie fell for my cat bait?
didn't notice it thanks
>commune mag

And this is why we can't have good things. Step the fuck out of the false ideologies which keep us from fighting the system of capital accumulation holding us all in choke.
Last thing I know is that it's only capitalists that profit from trans-surgeries. We're hopeless.
Is there any argument in favor of returning? The 8chan board should be locked with all 25 pages filled with a redirect to Stormfront or IronMarch.
It's just one article mate. They also have a great left takedown of the Green New Deal and an analysis of the Black Panther Party's takeover of a hospital.

It's a start, and already a much better alternative than Jacobin. You gotta have a newspaper.
Let 8chan burn, we're better off on a website that we actually control.
Have we? Did traffic to leftypol really slow down this much?
>25 pages filled with a redirect to Stormfront or IronMarch.
Are you an idiot, if not here should point to https://www.marxists.org/ at least
(47.57 KB 1322x412 bunker.PNG)
Right now this site pops up very easily when googling leftypol this is going to bring a lot of spammers and boomers from /pol/ that weren't savvy enough to find leftypol before
>Is there any argument in favor of returning?
Well it's likely that a lot of Anons who didn't get the message that we were retreating here will try to come back to 8ch leftypol if it comes back online. So if we insist on staying here it may cause a split between those who want to do so and those who want to return to 8ch.
plain and simple, bunkerchan needs to be advertised on twitter and even reddit
I'm a '98 zoomer here.
I barely remember pre-9/11.
>You gotta have a newspaper.
If you're going to be a trot about it wsws already exists

Individual blogs forming a blogosphere is probably better, bunkermundo is a good blog for example
Nobody visiting a leftist board on 8chan is unaware of Marxists.org

Redirects to Stormfront / IronMarch would bring however dimly into visible light the fact that 8chan is a front for these communities, and that anyone seriously interested in leftist discussion should go elsewhere.
The point is to use the board to highlight what the site has become, not to deflect; if some retard is hellbent on finding this place for an epic troll moment then no amount of super secret deflection will work.

Allowing the 8chan board to continue would be a mistake
Can we even really close it anyway? If it's deleted someone will make a new one and if it's locked won't people be able to ask the admin to give them the unused board?
Why wouldn't we return? 8chan is well known and is more mature. This site is honestly pretty weak on features, I can't see myself staying here forever just because it's not easy to keep up with. No thread watcher, no mobile app, etc etc
I'm guessing the possibility to upload images with ctrl+v can only be implemented by the admin?
This place is pretty nieche, I don't see why we shouldn't move back to a place where we have more reach
8chan isn't coming back anytime soon so it's either here or nowhere.
As I see it, the most important question right now is the direction we want to go with this board.
Permanent home of /leftypol/ OR backup for now and we'll move when things clear up with 8chn

Let's go through the possible scenarios:
1. 8Chan actually stays down for good.
In this case I suppose we work on transforming bunkerchan into a left alternative to most chans inwich /pol/ has infested all types of boards and topics, many people are annoyed by /pol/ but there isn't any alternative they see, at the moment

2.8chan comes back up and situation will return to normal
best decision then would be to just switch back imo, we have a greater reach over on 8chan, no one knows bunkerchan and it would still be irrelevant, if people knew. /leftypol/ would die if we stayed on here in that case imo

what do you think comrades?
>New: Tucows, 8chan’s domain name registrar, which said last night that it had “no immediate plans” to boot the site, tells me it is no longer providing services to 8chan.

8ch is dead so I vote Scenario 1, make a chan that is for leftists and intends to keep them with things not entirely left as well.
I heard rumors of a direct democratic soviet system wtf?
why not strengthen here and keep new 8ch ties?
Yeah this. Bunker should basically be leftychan, but we shouldn't rush to make unnecessary interest boards. We start with generals and play it by ear as the population grows.

It's also far more important to, collectively, I think, to reexamine the last couple years of Internet politics. What's happened? Where are we now? Where should we be going? Bunker has a potential, as its own standalone site, to be an alternative leftist hub to Twitter.
(34.70 KB 1893x66 shorten.png)
>It's also far more important to, collectively, I think, to reexamine the last couple years of Internet politics. What's happened? Where are we now? Where should we be going? Bunker has a potential, as its own standalone site, to be an alternative leftist hub to Twitter.
This needs it's own thread, it's a good topic for discussion.
Why is this board called /gulag/?
for the lulz
the compromise we retain 8Chan with 1 generalmaybe more I still want this to be our main blowing the horns on how pol ruined 8Chan and how were now here!!!
Oh god, all this long march thing is triggering my autism.
Let's at least agree on non-proliferation of lefty boards. /leftyk/ used to be a general. Only the following boards are historically necessary, my comrades:
1. /leftypol/ itself
2. Something for weebs. Can /GET/ function as one?
3. Shitposting/random board which is /dprk/
4. Meta board, /gulag/
Those who want /mu/, /tv/ and so on can get general threads on /leftypol/. Or they can use /e/ (maybe rename it to just "entertainment" board then?)
If Ismail shows up then he may want to get his own board, /marx/ or /lit/ or whatever.
thought for?
Using GitHub is not the best idea since it belongs to Microsoft.
(308.36 KB 1800x1800 1488022561453.png)
I can't see >>4205, it's just "loading"
Also can the pic related be a spoiler image instead of that lame question mark?
(46.03 KB 198x250 genericThumb.png)
seconding. same for the tribal snake thing on files pic related
(128.76 KB 330x488 meatball sub.png)
took the words from my mouth lads
(187.77 KB 1058x330 1.png)
1. see >>>/leftypol/11231
2. see pic: scrollies should be hidden upon viewing the catalog
Make it so gigantous images get into some comfortable size for seeing it, please.
Make >>11757 cycled like it was on old leftypol.
I'm ok with this as long as we get our board
(117.08 KB 859x960 chadoid.jpeg)
It's a good idea but it's better not to split boards too much. I say it should start off being two board, one for the eastern hemisphere and one for the western hemisphere, and then once the website gains traction we can have a board for each continent.
Yes, /Toalla/
You will compart it with portuguese peoples.
If we were as big as /pol/ I would be for this, but, as it sits right now there's no reason to split things up so drastically.
Thank god there's some reason about
No tyet, but if there were gonna be separate boards it would be for linguistic communities as opposed to specific countries. /русь/ for example.
Don't know if this was asked, but what happened to /gamer/ and /k/, they were up in the morning, but are now gone. Were they deleted?
I'm assuming that the moderators came to the correct conclusion that this is the time for consolidating /leftypol/ and not for the creation of various separate boards with 2-3 users that would only diminish our attempt to rebuild /leftypol/ in these new virgin lands.
>not /Wurst/ or /Kraut/
what about this one?
so basically /nofunallowed/ until leftypol is rebuilt whatever the criteria for rebuilt is?
Could max text be extended?
No seperate boards for something that can just as well be done in its own thread.
Just because 8chan allowed you to make a new board for every fucking little thing doesnt mean we should split up the communities in 100 tiny boards that function as nothing more than glorified archives of dead threads.
I have advice for the porn board of >>>/miku/ in order for people to avoid what they don't want to see. Spoiler all the nsfw posts OP and leave a hint of its contents on the title. This way if someone doesn't want to see furry they don't have to and same applies to everything else (global rules still apply).
The rest of the thread can be unspoiled.
Anyone knows how to set it as a default or check mark to help with the usability of the board?
Has anyone seen this?


It's a mobile lynxchan client that got dropped some time ago, but maybe we could salvage it and use it for a bunkerchan mobile app?
lynxchan has a json api so in principle anyone can make an app for it
not bad
porn is bourgeois, besides we have /leftytrash/for that

First we rebuild productive force. Full functioning board with a board for every tiny autistic hobby by 2050 comrade!
Not looking to argue. Just to direct users who may be interested in that stuff over.
just make a thread for games general on leftypol, the /e/ board sucks i agree
not games, porn, weeb, furry, and other degenerate stuff. But also degenerate flash games I guess.
Fix the flags!
Has its own thread:
(75.43 KB 991x189 1.png)
Pic related is one of the reasons, but A LOT of us here ARE NOT comrades. A socdem is not a comrade for a Marxist or an ancom. An anarcho-primiticist is not a comrade of an ancom. A democrat is not a comrade of a socdem. A democrat is not a comrade of a republican. This faked solidarity by lumping everyone into the "comrade" category is ridiculous. There was nothing wrong with "anonymous" as before, and it is preferable.
it has always been comrade on this site.
I think you leftypol refuge fags forget this isn't your website. Bunkerchan is allowing you a space here.

That being said, I do agree with you.
the agreement was always that /leftypol/ is managed separately by the /leftypol/ BO. therefore, if the site owner is a comrade, he'll defer this to the BO and users.

can we also remind the Americans that they're not the only people in the world? In most other places, "democrat" means being in favor of democracy (and is unfortunately also used by many other center-right parties) and "republican" means in favor of establishing or maintaining a republican system (ex: an Aussie republican is against the country being a "commonwealth")
How do you sign in on a account for this website? can one be a bo but not the website owner?
>I think you leftypol refuge fags
aka 99% of the posters on the site
>forget this isn't your website.
aka an otherwise dead site. Are you trying to say that we aren't welcome here?
>Bunkerchan is allowing you a space here.
I don't know what to do with your petty attitude and I'm not the spokeperson for the "refuge fags." Obviously the owner of this site made some kind of deal with the previous BO and that is the reason we are here. That you imply that we should be appreciative of you and we should behave in a respectful manner towards you is just... petty-minded, or insecure, even, considering we are on an autistic claymation posting site.

Here's a big THANK YOU to you and an ETERNAL GRATITUDE as well. Now fix our YOUR god damn site.
Who made this agreement? I sure as hell didn't.
Believe it or not we do have regulars here at this leftypol, It's really annoying to have a bunch of faggots come in here and start demanding changes.
I guess this happens when a bunch of people move in and want to make the place livable. God damn immigrants!
I checked in on this board before the /pol/ raid and the migration, and the last post was like 5 months old.
It's an imageboard. You post anonymously.
Lurk more, newfriend.
Fucking this. The guy is delusional.
Literally what. There was an anarcho bitching about tankies ithe first day this place was active.
Okay? Not sure what that has to do with my observation.
after the migration. And that still doesn't matter because just because you all brought traffic to the site doesn't change the fact that you don't really have a right to just start demanding changes.

At least don't be a dick about it. We all are sharing this space. Make a suggestion don't fucking demand shit.
Repeat, the guy is D E L U S I O N A L.
Are you talking about the fifth of this month, because I sure didn't remember it before then.
The last post I made before the collapse of 8chan was on /tech/.
It means you're full of shit, lel.
I mean the day of the collapse
So like, two days ago, that thread was hilarious.
>just because you all brought traffic to the site
aka 290 posters (out of 295)

Yeah it was, but that was obviously some one from here. If you have been lurking here like me you know the place is mostly anarchist, at least it was.
>you don't really have a right to just start demanding changes.
I agree and apologize for comrades being bitchy about the site.
>It means you're full of shit, lel.
This board was definitely dead before leftypol migrated. Don't lie. There was ZERO traffic on this board. I didn't check the other boards.
(38.60 KB 540x540 1459520373175-0.jpg)
Thread theme

The site was completely dead before, but keep up the charade if you want, just don't expect us to play along.
uhm, not sure about that. probably a mix of both, heck I was a ancom for the majority of this sites history.
>Quantity over quality
Not being a living image board doesn't mean no users.

And thanks for the apology. Sorry I got bent out of shape too.
I always encountered stinerites and ancoms. Tankies always got btfo'd into oblivion.
>Not being a living image board doesn't mean no users.
So... dead users?

Mighty fine elitism.
I fail to see how "elitism" in this context is even an applicable word. Just say "badbad" or "asshole" and it would make some kind of sense.

>Your opinion is irrelevant because you don't have a site with 300+ Users

That sounds pretty elitist to me.
Except that was not was said. What was said that the last post was from 5 months ago and that 5 people (tops) were posting here (rarely). It's not about you being insignificant. It's about you not being able to embrace this (quite positive, honestly) change and you make it into an us vs. you, and mostly about (you).

And sorry if I come off as being an asshole, but dude, you've got to learn embracing the 300 users this site has received. If I were you I'd be thrilled and see it as a challenge. Don't think for a second that we won't be appreciative of your work.
>Don't think for a second that we won't be appreciative of your work.
This. Thanks a lot for the hard work you guys put in on such a short notice to accommodate the migration.
I said I support it though.
It just seems like y'all are coming in here and acting like you are entitled to start telling people how a site (that you don't even own) should be ran.

The last I checked, before 8ch got yanked, leftpol had 6 active ips.

So anecdotes are worthless and irrelevant to the fact this isn't your site stop acting like you own the place.

This is everyones bunker.
As a white supremacist aryan of the highest caliber I never thought for a second that I'll every in my life find myself in the position of the... immigrant. Really messes with my head... not being welcome, being in an unfamiliar place, not even speaking the native language of autism.

I guess... I guess I learned a valuable lesson here today.
(913.40 KB 894x710 proxy.duckduckgo.com.png)
And sorry, I didn't finish the rest of your reply, but, yeah, I mean I am embracing it, lol. Just let's all be respectful and be cool.
(65.82 KB 970x545 345634656356.jpeg)
>The native language of autism.
This is going to be brutally honest, but you need to hear this, okay? You come off as a spoiled brat that got forced out of his comfort zone and can't deal with the situation and rationalizes the sudden and unfamiliar happenings around him as being "against" him. There, now that that's done, to move onto the bulk of my reply.

>acting like you are entitled to start telling people
The changes people demanded expressed that they really want to see are overwhelmingly constructive and positive. We are not bossing anyone around. The fact is that a lot of things here are pretty broken. It is in everyone's interest that these things get fixed. There's zero reasons for you to take this as people bossing you around, it's simply not rational. Yeah, it's expressed in chan lingo, you stupid nigger, but that's a fact of chans. Don't mistake the appearance with the content.

>that you don't even own
>this isn't your site
You SIMULTANEOUSLY give conflicting messages. You are all welcome, you embrace the change, this site should be for everyone and... This site is yours and the 300 new posters should respect the 6 posters that last poster 5 months ago... Dude, in the first message you just play the compulsory rounds in sociability, and in the second it's all about you, you, you, behind the ghosts of those 6 posters. And this is only going to work if that changes.

>This is everyones bunker.
Okay, now let's cut the crap with these slogans. Here's how it really is. The site is owned by someone, the site is programmed by someone (maybe the same person), there's a previous modding team, there's the migrant modding team, there's your ghostly 6 posters, and there's 300 new leftypol migrants here. It's never going to be "everyone's" bunker. It wasn't everyone's bunker even before we, smelly immigrants, arrived, because those 6 ghostly users didn't program or own the site. The thing you can do is work out your differences with the migrant modding team (our representatives for this purpose) and leave the 300 new users out of this sad_violin.mp3 and victimhood.jpeg posting of yours because it's doing more harm than good.

And btw, I used to post here in 2016.
>let's all be respectful and be cool
(135.47 KB 378x396 a82.png)
(381.29 KB 540x733 salaff.png)
Hey oh comrades 0/

My thoughts on what speech should and shouldn't be allowed for whatever they're worth.

I don't think discussing rojava or saying mean things about Iran should be bannable offenses. Especially when we consider that all people and countries make mistakes (even the USSR) if we can't openly discuss them we can't reconcile them. People who engage in good faith should be allowed to speak to maintain the intellectual honesty of the board. With that said reactionaries of the most extreme variety like an actual fascist should be on their best behavior and asking questions relevant to the board.

I agree with the anon who responded to that "strasserist" over in /gulag/ with,

"You can be a reactionary and post. That is one of the rules. Just be respectful and know your place.

You're on a leftist imageboard. This is for discussion of politics of a leftist nature."
The only person who supported the "ban everyone and everything because I'm an autistic faggot" style of moderation was the old board owner. He was kicked out early this year and the policies were reversed.
Seconding this
Up to BO of /Leftypol/
On the rest of the site it's staying Comrade
why are the threads so "small" now? Pictures seem weird after the maintenance.

>saving flags
it's annoying to reselect every thread
>being able to Crtl+v images
always loved that about 8chan
>pink texting
makes for better highlightment of arguments and memes
Ungrateful 8ch trash. Feel free to fuck off and take a seat next to your brothers-in-arms over at endchan

Chill, tbh I haven't frequented leftypol for a while or kept up.
I've seen several requested features added. Very nice. Keep up the good work, comrades!

grow the fuck up
(62.05 KB 600x720 jmgfO.jpg)
I love the thread sidebar. It's a great addition.
>He was kicked out early this year and the policies were reversed.
Kicked out is a bit of an overstatement. He got tired of moderating leftypol and handed it over to another mod.
I just closed it immediately seeing it took up monitor space. What's its function?
(23.20 KB 320x405 Spetsnazthonk.jpg)
Now that /leftypol/ exists isn't /left/ kind of redundant?
I see that phoneposting has been fixed. Very nice. Keep it up, guys! Sidebar by default should be off in phone version.

Sidebar should be able to be on/offed by clicking on the sidebar icon only and when "on" it should glow.
The redundant boards should probably be merged
I agree.
I'll bring it up to space next time I chat with him


no cookies?