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Creation of new boards Comrade 08/05/2019 (Mon) 21:18:49 No. 913
Post your suggestions and reason why they should be created.
>>>/miku/ serves the purpose of /leftyweebpol/ /d/ /fur/ /mlp/ /h/ irl porn, etc.
ran'sche gopniki stroili rakety teper' gopniki stroyat chramy
A /leftypedo/ board discusion, not for share child porn, but for debate.
I wouldn't expand on the current boards, but rather wait and see if they are really needed, msot content can and should be discussed on /leftypol/ and if the board is being overflowed with generals we can think about expanding with boards.
Зачем ты писаешь русский язык латинском алфабетом?
Before gopnicks had a job, now they have to gop
And that's stupid. furry and mlp can go on a trash board of some kind. anime and hentai on another. Anime and furry? Don't fucking mesh. Besides Miku is a dumpster fire.
>/fur/ /mlp/
Fucking kill yourself
(84.58 KB 600x605 furries anime niggas.jpg)
I suggest recreating leftyweebpol. /leftypol/ isn't much for anything except OCs and animegrill pics (little good discussion allowed) /hobby/ is more of a board for, well, hobbies and esoteric things that don't have lots of subdivisions (tg, furries, musix, cooking etc.) /GET/ is the bastard child of /leftyb/ and 8ch/leftytrash/ /gulag/ is well... a gulag.
>>918 > писаешь русский язык пишешь а не 'писаешь' здолбан
>>914 Miku is dead, now what fag?
>>3995 Call it /anime/, though it would fit on /hobby/ but the /777/ might give it a shit. But i doubt it's getting enough traffic. /GET/ is older then /leftypol/ and it's children, if you want to be a hostile cunt at least bitch about what's really hurting you.
>>913 >pic a church won't take you to god, but a rocket neither.
>>4008 >/GET/ is older then /leftypol/ and it's children Doesn't make it any less trash than it is now. We don't even have an archive for the older threads. Being older tha /leftypol/ is not an achievment. >anime doesn't fit on hobby because hobby is more widespread random stuff while anime often needs several dedicated threads (as leftyweebpol showed). >777 who gives a fuck? >hostile cunt speaking the truth ain't hostile m8.
>>4008 >/GET/ is older I know that it's older but the content in it is essentially /b/ +/trash/
(146.63 KB 1100x900 leftypol getchan.png)
>>4065 fuck off nigger get is our sister board
>>4065 >"GET is the child of leftypol offsprings" >it's older so it's not >"i'm just speaking truth!" you're just shittalking, retarded newfag, jump off a cliff if you want to do something useful
>>4065 >anime doesn't fit on hobby because hobby is more widespread random stuff while anime often needs several dedicated threads (as leftyweebpol showed). learn to quote you illiterate dipshit
(51.11 KB 501x585 1521123518475.jpg)
>>4065 >abandon your allies! https://youtu.be/V0WqoPJkZEI
Dunno if this needs it own board, but I think this requires something more than a thread. Somewhere to catalog archive links to old /leftypol/ threads. >>916 I hope this is a joke. Please no pedos in the bunker.
>>4079 >learn to quote <M-muh greentext nitpicking a small slip-up is not an argument >>4078 >it's older so it's not Never said it was older or younger >GET is the child of leftypol offsprings <not understanding fucking metaphors, still. >newfag >kys How mature LARPer. I'm a leftypol oldfag I was around since before it moved to 8chan, not that it matters really. >i'm just speaking truth LOL why are you so ass-mad? I literally just said /GET/ is a literal /trash/ board for the shittiest of shitposts, as a reason for not posting animu there. You're the people who got so offended by a casual remark. You snowflakes can't handle a tiny insult? What is this, r/socialism? >>4077 >actually liking /GET/ you people are up to your ears in LARP
I think the next contender for the trial board should be /his/, /lit/, /v/ or /a/.
>>4100 >/his/ and /lit/ Just remake /marx/ and elect Ismail to be BO. >/v/ covered by >>/hobby/ >/a/ Better call it /weeb/ but yeah we need a separate anime board.
This is less a creation of a new board and more on extending thread sizes. Since we have drastically reduced numbers of boards it would be paramount to have threads bumplock at 750 posts like 8chan leftypol did. This is especially useful since neither waybackmachine nor archive.is function for bunkerchan and we have no equivalent for desuarchive.
Create a /his/ board and remerge /hobby/ and /tech/ as it's pretty much dead.
>>5702 /edu/ is /his/
>>5702 /hobby/ isn't dead and /tech/ is sporadically active. Merging them together won't increase PPH it will just make it a clusterfuck
>>4127 While archive.is now works for the site, I still suggest we implement this extension of thread limit.
>>>/feet/ for us footfags


no cookies?