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Extraordinary Commission For Bunker Affaires Comrade 08/05/2019 (Mon) 13:05:01 No. 768


Owing to the extremely unfavorable conditions of our home board, our bunker home is temporarily designated as the general centre for the public discussion of any and all affaires pertaining to the state and future of /leftypol/. This thread will serve as thread plenipotentiary for all debates and discussions on potentially returning to our home board or whether to begin re-congealing to remain here permanently.

Please speak your mind openly on the matter of the concerns you have for the board. We are at a critical juncture in our history, where we may affect a great good and benefit the stature and health of online leftist discussion.

This will also serve as a sign of redoubled commitment on the part of the present moderation team as to our goals of moderation reform and development. Any ideas on the policies, involvement of the public, or any generalities concerning the nature of our present state of emergency moderation, and future moderation, should be posted here!

As a reminder:

(Tentative, subject to further codification)

-post cuckshit, "commies BTFO," or any of that kind of shit
-post any porn depicting underage (including drawings)
-attempt to cloak reactionary politics in left-wing rhetoric (Strasserism, "Nazbol" Strasserism, National "Socialism," Zionism, "Die cis scum"/"Kill all white men" SJW shit)
-incite specific acts of terrorism or similar acts (use your head, don't act like a fed)

-be respectful, ask questions, and know your place if you're a reactionary
-feel free to flame, shitpost, and be sectarian if you are a leftist (just keep it somewhat within reason)

We have decided to embark on a policy of more transparency over rules and our decisions about moderation. Our decisions will be posted here and below.

29/07/19: More glasnost can be expected (don't worry, no perestroika on the horizon). We have decided that we will ease up a bit on bans and moderation for the foreseeable future as /pol/ intrusion is not really a problem at this moment.
We will even allow reactionary posters who are not causing too much trouble to possibly attract converts and boost our numbers. Spamming or super disingenuous arguing is still liable to be punished.
In addition, we have decided to police opinions less in general - have agreed that the recent bans over China and anti-immigration were unfair (whether we agree with those opinions or not) and will endeavour to allow open dialog to flourish. Thank you for your patience.
Edited last time by d011ars on 08/05/2019 (Mon) 22:26:41.
I'm staying here until leftypol is safe.
Please note
that ideas, suggestions, etc. for the development of bunkerchan should go in >>8275
(123.94 KB 532x800 marx in field.jpg)
I don't care much for whether we go back or stay here, its fine either way, as long as this place is spruced up and maintained in good condition its nice. If things return to normal with regards to 8ch and we can go back, good, if they don't and we have to stay here, that too is good. What's important is we consistently moved towards renewal in the quality and quantity of diverse, productive leftist discourse in the interest of further advancing working class based politics in internet spaces and ideally beyond.
I think being on a separate domain gives us more legitimacy
Can you make a Synchronisation bot, so people can use either board
(414.46 KB 1000x1333 lenin in forest.jpg)
If 8chan had any basic api support, perhaps. But 8chan has absolutely no api support, so the only way we could do this is by downloading and manually html parsing the entire board every few minutes, etc etc. Its a huge clusterfuck to do something like that honestly, especially when you also have moderation to put up with.
What are you doing in OUR forest, Reactionary?
(121.96 KB 640x1268 5n19toigo6431.jpg)
thank you
Tbh I like it better here.
Why is it every time 8ch goes down (this is like the 5th time), /leftypol/ loses so many members; why are there so many users who never come here or never return to the 8ch board because the it doesn't exist for just a few days? It just strikes me as odd behavior how quickly anons give up.
8Chan is down again. I think this is the end. Turn around and count to ten.
This is gonna annoy some people, but it might be worth telling some youtubers (not breadtubers though) Like Bat'ko, Socialism or Barbarism, FinBol, Pierre Tru-Dank and them trying to help us rebuild.
Honestly lads, I think we can pull this off. We can rebuild leftypol, have it rise from ruins, so the sun may shine over this great chan.
How about that unofficial leftypol discord that they use? Don't know much about it apart from that it exists and Bat'ko mentioned it a few times and apparently FinBol is on there too
It's run by the same people that run the FinBol's server. Can't say much besides that because they despise me.
you overestimate the popularity
a crashing like that is just a good point to drop out and leave it behind
the chance to get off the ride when it comes to a stop is very alluring
i thought batko apologized for his idpol video and people got mad at him and that relationships with him would be soured now
so why try?
Posters are encouraged to solicit users from trusted sources for their aid in supporting the board at this time.
(99.96 KB 350x485 FaceApp_1564840696842.jpg)
What was that about?
The ban list says, 'just a prank, comrade'. 1 second ban
>i thought batko apologized for his idpol video and people got mad at him and that relationships with him would be soured now
>so why try?
Because this is a fresh start. Leftypol is dead, long live leftypol.
Can we implement a "post slowdown" or whatever you want to call it? /pol/yps can spam easily.
i don't see what you think will change about the boards character which would lead to reconciliation with people that have an image on the internet to maintain
Do not recommend, that would be surrendering stalingrad and kursk
Not one step back
Less character, more about bring back elements of leftypol that was lost in 2018.
>inb4 >>>/e/
>>>entertainment and education
Fuck off, this is grown up shit.
There is no sense in continual back and forth on a targeted and compromised forum that only serves to unify rightists. We have a workable alternative here that doesn't overly place us at risk of constant subversion by reactionary elements
The right-wingers on 8ch were almost never able to master even the terminology, let alone to such an extent that they could "subvert" from within.
I'm agreeing with this position more and more. This reboot feels comfy and back to roots. Imagine the butthurt and the joy 8/pol/ will fake if we close down leftypol.
Allow .mp4 uploads. (Yeah, I know webum is open source and all but a lot of saved content is in .mp4 format and downloading from youtube directly often uses mp4 format.)

Raise max uploadable files to 5.
I agree with a permanent move to bunkerchan.
Don't know if it's possible to have general lefty subforums like hobbies and shit.
And yet they were ever-present. It was a constant stream of rightist autism. They never managed to get a leg up on us, but there was a critical problem to deal with : attracting new users to a board that is, like most imageboards, known only for facilitating rightist terrorism. I think that the best thing to do is see what comes of what is going on and whether return is a viable option first. This isn't a question of looking whipped by /pol/, it's a question of what's best for growing and thriving as our own community - with our own unique goals that aren't always "let's debate the same tired dreck with another overzealous nazi pt. 1917".
Why don't selected flags carry on across threads? I don't like having to manually choose my flag every time I post somewhere else.
If we could vote on and finalize our decision to leave 8chan for good and soon we'd get media attention as well. We could delete threads on old board and BO could post a press statement. Criplewheel would probably tweet in favor of us, etc.
Oh please let them come, why are you so scared of them?
>lefty subforums like hobbies and shit.
Bad idea. U18 chan tried something like that and it limited everything and ended up with people putting Beretta's into horse cock dildo's
Bunkerchan's server would probably fall over from traffic if that happened
Do not recommend
Suggest making this comfy board and other board the debate reactionaries board, no other 'leftists' seem to be able to do that effectively and just have emotional meltdowns
>Bunkerchan's server would probably fall over from traffic if that happened
Reminder that in such a case 80% of the traffic would be just from lurkers.
Couldn't we just set up a patreon for this site? I have no idea what magic this runs on.
No one is scared. At the same time, sometimes reactionaries are perhaps not the most amenable to permitting meaningful discussion of topics and not trying to derail or constantly propagandize. They can come if they want, we'll deal with them all the same. But if it's a choice between a place where meaningful development can happen and going back to a place where those efforts towards development might be compromised by having to deal with a greater volume of nazis, I choose the former tenfold
This. I'd pay ten bucks for our own site easily. Shit, call it a party fee.
>But if it's a choice between a place where meaningful development can happen and going back to a place where those efforts towards development might be compromised by having to deal with a greater volume of nazis
It isn't a zero sum game as you are making it out to be.
Tbh the issue isn't even that "Do we choose a more secluded board ot one with fascists all about", 8chan is gonna get shut down and is not monitored tae fuck. We should build this place up not just as a refugee camp but a legitimate and thriving board. We should be cross posting into existing leftist spaces to bring people here.
Why was the poster in /marx/ thread banned?
- Overboard should have a catalog of its own.
- Make these (pic) icons uniform, no bigger then the font.
It was my own post. I've no clue how I slapped the public ban message on. ffs
(68.25 KB 614x593 bunkersforyou.png)
We really need to add webm and mp4 functionality on the booru
figgs, plz
(12.92 KB 862x40 1.png)
4got pic
Probably phone accessibility should be priority no.1. Lot of people use chans while at work.
Yeah this. Though that might be easily done by just contacting whoever does Clover. IIRC they're attempting to make it usable with every and any chan site
If it an work with lynxchan it can work with bunkerchan
You mean the tranny discord?
It'd probably be good to combine that with .wav functionality, to allow for lossless audio.
this, tbh.
I'd cancel my adobe creative cloud subscription to pay the party fee
Welp looks like it's going to take longer.
(15.54 KB 562x130 1.png)
(17.03 KB 565x106 2.png)
(19.92 KB 566x182 3.png)
An excellent addition to my collection.
(19.56 KB 567x178 4.png)
(20.61 KB 564x165 5.png)
should we revive cockshott general here or under >>>/tech/ ?
Would probably be best to have it on here.
I'd say here, because he is a must read contemporary socialist theorist, and also I think it is unvise to start specialising boards here while we still haven't fully recovered from our "long march"
I want a /miku/ board with me as the BO. Can also serve as lefty weeb and furry and hentai stuff.
I can wait, but I'm not sure how to make a mod account here.
Miku is cool
>notice this all has picked up with the increased pressure on china...
the right-wing conspiratorial mindset is fascinating.
do you real8ize yo'd go to gulag for posting this in a leftist country?
Lmao, they took down 8ch and marxists are guilty. The right wing shooters are definitely innocent here. It was the Frankfurt school, guys.
(68.26 KB 1000x667 345435.jpg)
>y-you took away my online fwends ;_;
Mass shooter candidate no. 2342.
Which reminds me: Cockshott used to complain that his ISP blocks 8ch. He could finally visit the CK general.
We deffo need a porn board. At least one dedicate porn board. How else are we going to attract people to the site?
I think we should have a separate porn board for fetishes that will hurt peoples' feelings though.
We are anarchists here. Stalinists can go back to 4chan /pol/ to their comrades if they want to whine about degener-- I mean, "bourgeois decadence", as they call it.
(277.69 KB 557x605 dr8maEM.png)
narcho stay mad
i agree degeneracy is good not
Just make a Alyuna lewd board called /commiecat/ and we'll get plenty /b2/ loves our boardtan, maybe a little too much
Have a Stalin tops Hitler one for the queers
(206.65 KB 1000x1504 manlet2.jpg)
>called /commiecat/
No, we'll use their real names. Why not call it /leftwaifu/?
How's /b2/ supposed to find it then?
Just post that shit on my board >>>/miku/
Just have one thread for alunya for order.
then again, I'm not sure where would 2b go? I don't deal with them all that much.
(250.11 KB 526x514 5'7 bodybuilder.png)
/b2/ must learn their names if they want to find the porn. Besides, they already use leftybooru to find pics of our waifus. I'm not sure i want them coming here and ruining our faps by editing rape and torture into our pictures.
this site need anchors and cyclicals like 8chan used to have.
Those exist already
Is there no catalogue here? It's cancer trying to find threads without a catalogue.
top right
god I feel like such a retard by letting my friends know I lean left and then my supposed comrades are these people

(183.47 KB 1175x850 Capture.JPG)
brain damage
this is not about being scared. It's about stuff like pic related. 8chan has an extremely shit reputation, thanks in part to the reactionary elements present there. Us being being on a completely separate site could let us gather a larger userbase. I personally remember being really afraid to use 8chan back in the day when I first learned of /leftypol/, exactly becuase of shit you constantly hear about the site.
We need a function that allows your flag to remain after each post. I'm having to choose my flag multiple times because it disappears after making a post.
>people putting Beretta's into horse cock dildo's
sounds rad
Yeah I'm aware. We really need to upgrade to the latest Lynxchan version because that has it fixed.
can anybody remind why we didn't have youtube embeds on 8chan, but we have them here? I remember somebody said something about some security shit once, but I don't undertsand this code monkey mumbo jumbo
Having no embed helps webm OC generation because embedding makes people lazy. If you find some good shit you on yt you want to download it, cut it, and upload it properly.
BO disabled them because the thumbnail images are downloaded from Youtube and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTTP_referer
Space, are we still using qTox?
The image server is down, however the site is still accessible at:
Edited last time by Nox on 08/05/2019 (Mon) 18:52:13.
Can a mod fix this post? The spoiler formatting didn't work.
Can't upload pdfs, gifs, mp4s, epubs...
the forces of production are still being developed
(163.24 KB 1280x640 xi.jpg)
Functional board by 2050 comrades!
(619.60 KB 993x706 gustavus_guest.png)
So big question, there must have been at least a couple of people that browsed bunkerchan's /leftypol/ before we migrated today instead of 8chan one.
So what are you comrades thinking about the current development? Must be weird having so (relatively) many new content here now, eh?
bunkerchan, more like comfychan, amirite?

this is better tbh.
(106.44 KB 500x978 diamat1.jpg)
It certainly is better,. And /pol/ can no longer use us as the website boogeyman to scare their own in line either.
Climate change isn't real
ur mum isn't real
I wish

>Last week came news that BHP was going to spend US$400m over five years on a “climate investment program to develop technologies to reduce emissions from its own operations as well as those generated from the use of its resources”.

>Its CEO, Andrew Mackenzie, stated in a speech in London, “Society’s combustion of fossil fuels and industrial processes like steelmaking and agriculture have released greenhouse gases at rates much faster than at any other time in the geological past.”

>To ram the message home he concluded: “The evidence is abundant: global warming is indisputable. The planet will survive. Many species may not.”
>a wild martyr appears
So is this place independently modded, or are /leftypol/'s BO and mods running this one too?

When can we expect permabans for criticizing Maduro or saying Rojava is good
No, old BO isn't involved. As I understand it tho, there is a little overlap in moderation.
>permabans for criticizing Maduro or saying Rojava is good
literally never happened
The mods of Bunkerchan's /leftypol/ are the same mods from 8chan's /leftypol/ right before the shut down and B.O. who is not old "anti-imperialism" B.O.
A good chunk of the mods are new, recruited one month ago, 7 I think, including me.
Edited last time by krates on 08/05/2019 (Mon) 21:36:39.
>When can we expect permabans for criticizing Maduro or saying Rojava is good
I assure you, you won't be banned for that anymore.
bunker/Leftypol/ should only be modded by the current 8/Leftypol/ moderation team. The rest of the site should be moderated by Bunkerchans moderation team. With the overlap being removing obviously illegal stuff that can get this site shut down.

Leftypol's BO should 8's New BO that took over from the old.
any idea how we are looking userbase wise right now? like half of 8chan less more?
>We really need to add webm and mp4 functionality on the booru

This leads to less conversation and engagement with the ideas presented in the text.
revisionists OUT
We should ask space the admin for that.
>How else are we going to attract people to the site?
idk perhaps good leftist discussion
Let people go to other chans for porn/hobbies, don't make more boards than we have the community to support (one, at most).
I think I might be able to help out too.

But Patreon has issues with worrying about fundees getting pulled due to political shit.
Slow boards can be ok, it's nice to be able to spend a week thinking then come back and reply sometimes
I am going to be moving this thread to the newly created site discussion board /soviet/ in about 30 minutes. Heads up.
Can we get the new boards like /soviet/ in the top bar or is there not enough space for all of them?
(187.05 KB 500x375 melapromuovi.jpg)
unironcially this, maybe try to pull like minded individuals from breadtube in the comments

going a bit hard on the new boards don't you think? even with the exodus we don't have the users to justify it, /leftyk/ and /gamer/ can just be generals here
I agree, don't go overboard with spamming new boards. There is no way we have the community for a bunch of OT boards.
How about something like /leftypol/ /leftymeta/ and /leftyhobbies/ ?
then have a discussion only board
let this place be leftyb
we havent even filled the thread cap on leftypol
We can just make a thread for board games on here or whatever.

Also comatoast please merge the two meta boards somehow.
please kys you retarded wrecker
unironically post on left subreddits, so many redditors also use chans you know it's true. So what if they're libs to you? They're the exact kinds of minds you need to be convincing. The Nazis have done such a good job of infecting mainstream media through slow dog whistles shifting the overton window. If you wanna grow the board people should go to breadtube and attract attention, and just ban all the bad faith posters.
(154.25 KB 500x522 this-guy-gets-it-16147922.png)
For a site that only has a small handful of them? No, not really.

We need a weapons board. /soviet/ was supposed to be the meta board, but, I guess we already have that one with /gulag/ I haven't used bunker in a while, but, space is my friend, so.

/soviet is probs gonna be the board where votes are cast and decided, tbh.

This isn't my first rodeo with image-boards, friend.
Agreed. We shouldn't just replicate other chans. Trying to make bunker "just another chan" is exactly the same way that lainchan eventually became deserted and overrun with reactionaries despite having, initially, a pretty damn left userbase.
Why even make /soviet/? /gulag/ is the meta board with a thread for site suggestions isn't it?
uh isn't there a /k/ right now?

I just posted to it.
then i'll just move it to /gulag/
We still do not have the userbase to justify /k/ being a board instead of a thread. I don't know how familiar you are with 8ch /leftypol/ but it's not huge and the /k/ threads were rather slow.
It wasn't my idea. It was a user base idea and I think we have the necessary userbase to call for it and space agreed.
Thank you based Admin. Also, nice digits.
great now none of the links work
you getting loading... too?
I said that in
So hard agree
request to get my advertising tread for a propagation HQ cyclical.
check it out tell me the next move you can edit my original or make a new!
the compromise we retain 8Chan with 1 generalmaybe more I still want this to be our main blowing the horns on how pol ruined 8Chan and how were now here!!!
mods I'm not these ideas


Ive asked for it here
mods I'm at your whims please I come in honest desire!
disclaimer this is just to be here no hurry... not trying to be a dick
Still looking for a reply.
Hey comrade's
Glad to see bunkerchan is as shitty on the phone as i remembered
If we are to move here we need to mske sure everyone even remotely familiar with leftypol knows it
We cant bare more splits
Hello comrades. I was a moderator at /leftypol/ before the exodus. Where do I sign up now?
Greetings comrades. There are pros on and cons to staying here or returning to 8chan. Here are some that come to mind if we decide to stay on Bunkerchan:

Pros, full independence, less spam because of less visibility, feeling more legitimized that leftists can populate a board that isn't on another large platform.

Cons, less visibility which means less converts, relying on a potentially unstable platform we don't have control over, more spam because of more visibility.
shit, wrong thread
We need a catalogue mode. Plz.
the grid button on the top right


no cookies?