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The need for regional boards in Bunkerchan for the world communist movement. Comrade 06/06/2020 (Sat) 22:41:41 No. 4932
(Translated from a post by another anon in /ref/) Right now, as the boards are organized in Bunkerchan, there is: >>>/Leftypol/, where people go to talk about leftist topics in general. That is, they go there to discuss theory and praxis in general terms, to discuss the socialist and anarchist experiments of the past (The USSR, the Iron Curtain countries, the Spanish civil war, Chile) and today (The Confederalists of Rojava, the dengists in China, Bolivarian Venezuela, Cuba, etc). >>>/GET/ is basically its own thing, it is not to discuss socialist theory, it is basically the resting room, the cafe or the Bunkerchan bar, you go there to shitpost or post things that do not concern the socialist movement. You go there to have fun, not to cultivate yourself. >>>/hobby/ >>>/games/ >>>/roulette/ And the rest are just boards for, well, hobbies and whatever comes out in Roulette that day. Here I also add >>>/gulag/ because it does not serve for Marxism, but serves to meta discussion about the site. >>> /REF/, belonging to the GETchan branch within Bunkerchan. In theory, it serves so that there can be respective threads for each nationality, well, better said for each language, taking into account that the /hispa/ thread corresponds to all the Spanish-speaking countries, all of which have different problems and different conditions , which makes the thread quite difficult to follow. At the same time, being inside the /GET/ field makes your threads become difficult terrain to walk on because there really is no serious discussion. /REF/ is organized to fool around with a little flag when you post, things like the thread of the local cuisine or the thread to learn languages ​​go as a custom suit for /REF/, but a speaking thread Hispanic, or a German-speaking thread, apart from shitposting, really do not have any use apart of that. And that's where we get at the topic at hand, why it is necessary to make regional boards for each region, or at least, for each anguage. tell from this very thread (/hispa/), how many communist parties have you joined, what is the situation in your own country, and so on. At most you will have the knowledge of an average, normal and ordinary communist, of your nation, or even less, because we focus on /leftypol/, we focus on communist theory, instead of focusing on the situation in our own countries and the events that occur in them. We can see such a thing, as a communist movement develops, within it /leftypol/ for the Yankees. The gringos, being so many on the Internet, almost make the American question central and /leftypol/ becomes /burger/ without we realizing it, since with so many Americans, the US becomes, by default, the navel of the world, both Americans and those who are not, are inadvertently participating in /burger/, not / leftypol/. Because of this, there needs to be boards that serve as local meeting places, for communists belonging to a region or a language. Spanish Communists should focus on Spanish problems, not post in English on how Americans should solve their own problems. Well, you can do both, and in fact you must, the problem is that you are not doing the first, while you are only doing the second. Another problem with the current organization of the boards is their language. Here everyone speaks in the lingua franca, this being English, but as we can corroborate, not everyone knows English. While learning English, at least in bunkerchan, is fundamental, the English barrier is a filter through which only those who know not only how to read, but also write English without making a fool of themselves can pass. I have often had to write posts in / leftypol / with the post window on one side and the google translator on the other because I don't have as much English vocabulary as I would like. That is why it is necessary for Bunkerchan to start developing boards for, at least, different languages. Of course, not all languages ​​will be there, but those that are more active, such as a board for the Spanish community, the German community or the British community. I know that there are at least 3 guys who are French, so there would also be an excuse to make a /baguette/ for the gabachos. If we want to grow as a network and as a communist movement on the web, we need to develop regional boards, language boards, for socialism and for Marxism. Thanks for coming to my Ted-Talk.
We have been discussing this topic in the internal mod chats and have chosen to move discussion to this thread instead to allow all mods to participate at their own time, and to facilitate higher quality non-linear discussion easier than in a chat format. I ask all mods to use a tripcode and their mod name, or their modname and a role signature if they happen to have been added to the volunteer list of gulag. Please @ me if you do not have vol powers here. Regular users are permitted to post here as well. However, spam and other non constructive posts will be removed without warning. (ie ajab, fuck mods, etc)
Edited last time by comraderat on 06/07/2020 (Sun) 11:36:18.
I agree with most of the aspects. All the mods have had some disagreement over this though. This is how I envision it: >Create at least 2 new boards, anglophone local and other local. >Anglo local will serve as a board where americans, canadians, australians, englishmen and any other english speaking country can make as many threads as they please on their internal, local politics. Examples would be "is the SRA based or not", "bernie simp thread number 59", "why corbyn is a succdem" and other topics which are primarily of concern to people living in the countries they live in. The primary language on this board would be english. >Other local will serve as a board for any non-english speaking community to make as many threads as they wish in their own language on their local internal politics. Dutch, german, japanese, zwahili, arabic, etc. It will function in the same manner as the anglo local board, except that local politics from any languages that have their own local board will not be allowed/will be moved to their respective boards. >Leftypol would remain functional as a place for discussion of global politics and lefitst theory. Things that are particularly noteworthy such as "the entire USA is one giant riot" will remain permitted. Other news such as global geopolitics, discussions on a country in the abstract by an international userbase (china general thread) will be permitted. >If a specific language community on other grows considerably large, they will be given their own board. Spanish would be the most likely first case of this, but multiple spanish language threads would be allowed to be made on /other/ or whatever the name will be. This would mean an end to the /americapol/, /britishpol/ and german, spanish, italy, arabic, etc containment threads, and allow the users to diversify the threads into the different subjectmatters that they truly deserve, in their own languages if applicable. I would like to stress that i find the following important. If we go ahead and make regional boards, we have to do the same to anglophonic countries. If not, we would permanently cement /leftypol/ as /americapol/. American and to an extend UK discussion make up slightly more than half the entire userbase. If we move other language discussion to a different board(s), anglophonic internal politics discussion would dominate/fill the space meant to be a place for international discussion. We have to separate local anglophonic politics into its own board if we are going to do the same to spanish language or whatever language discussion. I do not want an international board to end up with 6 sakai race thread, 4 bernie simp threads, 3 drumpf bad threads etc. Creating these spaces allows the userbase to grow from the billions of people worldwide who do not speak english competently enough to participate comfortable in the existing discussions, as outlines in the top post here written by a spanish user. The number of native spanish speakers outnumber the amount of people who can speak english on a level high enough to discuss complex political theory and politics, after all. By giving non english speakers a place to discuss their politics here, in their native language, we will offer them a place for free, non sectarian, national and even international leftist discussion not previously available to them. Furthermore, congregating such a high variety of users in one place, even if not all of them comfortably share a language, will increase the likelihood of international cooperation, creation of contacts, etc etc. I disagree with the notion of creating a board for a community of just a few, such as the 3 french users. I think letting all remaining linguistic groups fall under a remainder board would provide enough breathing room and slow down the board enough to facilitate their discussion among their smaller group. If such a community grows later on to be substantially large, it might be given its own board as outlined above. Therefore I support what I outlined here, with strong emphasis on the condition that we either split english language local politics into its own board just like any other language, or not at all. There is the issue of staffing and moderation, which i will outline in my next post.
Edited last time by comraderat on 06/07/2020 (Sun) 12:12:31.
>>4936 One problematic area we might hypothetically run into is staffing. There may come a point where more moderation that speaks a specific language may be necessary. It may also be the case that the people willing to moderate do not have the english language skills to participate in the moddemocracy. A few possible solutions to this, with problems may be: >only recruit bilinguals who speak good enough english <we may not be able to recruit enough mods this way and we may not utilize the best people for the job due to this restriction >we have one or more "full" mods who will manage a team of "lesser" janitor helpers who will assist in cleaning up spam <this would create unwanted hierarchy, and as another mod put it, "be racist towards non anglos", by giving automatic full rights to english speaking mods but not to non english speakers >We have any non-english speaking mods designate another member as their representative, not neccecarily as a collective, but that is also possible. This representative would be responsible to keeping the mods he represents in the moddemocracy informed. A mod is not obligated to choose a representative, and is allowed to participate in their own capacity if they wish to do so. A mod will always be allowed to vote in the votes. <This might become unwieldy and complex to keep track of. The largely informal nature of internal discussion would have to be further formalized, especially if the number of mods grows, to move discussion to threads such as these. That way mods can use translators and keep track of discussions at their own pace. However, this may lead to slower decision making. >This, in turn, can be alleviated to formally splitting up the boards into its own teams who can make their own local decisions so long as they do not go against the site wide constitution/manifesto. It would require all local teams to follow the same formal system of a rule list, overview of mods + votes as exists now for the leftypol team. <We would have to discuss this with the /GET/ team, as their team now largely operates as a separate entity and they would have to agree to such a substantial restructuring of the political structure of the site, and figure out where and how they and their mod team would fit in. As you can see, staffing isnt an easy problem and might require some serious restructuring.
Edited last time by comraderat on 06/07/2020 (Sun) 13:26:06.
>>4937 Most bilinguals on here are obviously quite good at speaking english. If we were to recruit mods from other boards then we'd also have to account for political affiliation. I think that mods should be voted for by both speakers of their language exclusively as well as the whole board it self in two separate 'elections'
I am somewhat in favour of a /hispa/ board for example, if they can demonstrate that they have the users to make such a board viable, but I strongly disagree with any idea of making 'regional boards' that are segregated by location, as some other people have suggested. The /leftybritpol/ and American general threads are some of the worst threads on this board and relegating them to their own boards would just enable their cliquish and unpoliced trolling nature even more.. t. Caballo
Why does Bunkerchan pretend to be a non-sectarian imageboard when it is painfully obvious that the people running the site only care about Marxist-Leninists? "World communist movement", "it does not serve for Marxism", etc. You are discussing creating boards that nobody ever asked for. General threads for regions work perfectly well in /leftypol/, nobody ever complained about it. But people have been asking you non-stop to restore /dead/, but you don't even want to hear about it. Maybe because it does not fit into your tankie LARP?
>>4940 >Muh MLs fuck off.
>>4940 >Muh tankies >Nobody ever asked for hispa (except the Spanish users and then some more) >If you don't create my pet depression board it's proof you're a tankie
>>4940 yeah like, with all these anons asking for it, they should at least consider it
>>4940 >>4943 Bro, /dead/ literally had under 10 posts per month IIRC. There is no way that numerous anons are clamouring for it back now.
>>4944 there are at least two cause i didnt post that initial post
>>4944 Oh shit sorry I forgot that nothing ever changes.
>>4947 doesnt work. no black and white aesthetic, and thats half the beauty.
(315.67 KB 2450x1138 proof.PNG)
(70.53 KB 1200x642 114.jpg)
>>4940 >Why does Bunkerchan pretend to be a non-sectarian imageboard when it is painfully obvious that the people running the site only care about Marxist-Leninists? "World communist movement", "it does not serve for Marxism", etc. <Implying it was wrote by mods. I was the one who wrote it, in spanish nonetheless, you can check it in here >>>/ref/3583 . So it wasn't made by a mod. Hell, I don't wanna be a mod, it looks like a fucking shitty job. >You are discussing creating boards that nobody ever asked for. I did, and by the looks of it, it's being supported by at least some people. I mean, i wasn't the one who translated it, it was a mexican anon. And because he didn't understand an important part of the text I wrote, I mean, i don't blame him, but you're talking about something that I adressed on the original post: >General threads for regions work perfectly well in /leftypol/, nobody ever complained about it. I did. Generals are fucking shit, and don't serve anyone. The important bits that there are on the generals are dilapidated by 3 more topics discussing stuff and under that are buried by 500+ posts thanks to cyclical shit which deletes parts of the discussion as the threads continues. You're asking me to see through 500+ posts to inform myself, some of which are shitposts that lead nowhere? It's not just me, it's a lot of people. Generals breed trash. Generals turn into echo chambers of 5 or 6 people that talk to each other, look at /leftytrash/. The only generals that actually work for their purpose are: >Happening generals. Looking at the american riots thread, you can look the chronology of what's happening, and if a matter in hand needs to split itself, it can, demonstrated by the demands thread and the propaganda thread. The Stock Market one is also a good example, as it is following the trends of the market. To follow something that's happening as of now, a general is great. >/Leftythrash/ that is literally what it says, you shitpost in there and talk to people that namefag and flagfag. You pretty much know them and you're talking to friends in there. Also, following your own logic, there's a general for /dead/ in /GET/ as this guy >>4947 points out. But you won't go there because >>4948 . >doesnt work. no black and white aesthetic, and thats half the beauty. The fuck is wrong with you. There can't be a regional board for an specific language which is spoken by like 1/7 of the world so more people can discuss not only tanky business but other ideologies as well, but you need your /dead/ because pretty colors? And even then, you could point out what's the function of /dead/. I would love to know. Sorry for being a /leftypol/ baka gaijin but I wasn't here before the /leftypol/ era, and the times I visited it it was. >dead, ironic. >nothing interesting >But people have been asking you non-stop to restore /dead/, but you don't even want to hear about it. They haven't. I can count with the fingers of my hand the people who have asked for /dead/ to return since /dead/ was out, and like 3 of them are from now. >Maybe because it does not fit into your tankie LARP? I might be a tankie but I'm not a mod. Stop talking like a fucking fed trying to stir shit up.
>>4947 >>4949 /dead/ was not about depression and suicide. Go check the board you imbeciles.
>>4950 If /dead/ was unlocked and just left as a secret board like it is now, would that satisfy you? (not promising anything)
(57.12 KB 226x270 1.PNG)
(38.04 KB 229x266 2.PNG)
>>4949 Explain to me what is /dead/'s purpose aside from taking hard disk space on bunkerchan's server. By the way, most of the posts there are from fucking 2016, 4 years ago.
>>4952 To this >>4950
>>4951 I wouldn't even care if this was the solution, tbh. The more boards the better. If it makes him happy, be it, but you can't criticize the creation of actual useful boards because muh nostalgia by not my special board.
>>4949 Based
>>4950 >check the board What board?
>>4960 It not there, you need to go writing it: Here, I've done that myself: https://bunkerchan.xyz/dead/
(54.58 KB 902x659 C25r1RAVIAA0SiP.jpg)
>>4952 8chan's /grim/ was about grim and morbid subjects (e.g. horror, gore, skeletons, etc.) for depressed people, hateful people, misanthropes, and nihilists, but wasn't as serious as 7chan's /grim/. On Bunkerchan, /dead/ was a chill, anarcho-nihilist board with skeletons. Then, they tried moving to "0ch" which died twice and "n1x" just disappeared after the first "0ch" died. Anyways, I don't speak for the /dead/ or have a stance on this issue, but they've always struggled to have an audience on 8chan and Bunkerchan, which does make its closing a bit tragic. I believe that the main issue with /dead/ is that the sticky was too casual and vague that nobody really knew what it was for, so it's hard to get the idea that "it's like an anarcho-nihilist /GET/ with skeletons."
>>4961 does nobody on this website know they can do: >>>/dead/
Fuck off attahere with /dead/ shit. Make another thread, don't derail this one. As for OP, the ref thread is very slow. I understand the complaints about generals, and I understand the need for more broad topics, but /lat/ threads in /leftypol/ always die and are resuscitated almost artificially. I don't think we have enough spanish speaking users, which as some have said, might a chicken-egg problem.
>>4964 There is definetly an audience. Imo the generals don't work because while spanish is a largely spoken language the counrtyes where it's spoken are generally small, and a general thread for all of them is bound to fail
What is the general consensus among the staff on the idea?
>>4992 I'm not sure that we're convinced of the fact that these hypothetical boards would get enough activity to justify their existence. The closest one to reality is I suppose /hispa/.
regional boards are probably going to end up divinding, we allready have >>>/ref/ for "the world communist movement"
>>5018 I agree with this. I could understand if, like, there was this massive Hispanic presence that can't be ignored, but, there itsn't.


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