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bear's solution to serve space bear 03/30/2020 (Mon) 02:54:57 No. 4519
Bunkerchan was down for a while on 3/29/20, and while it was down, I was talking to a fellow fa/GET/ on how to fix the situation. I came up with this solution. Much like Margret Thatcher, we're going to need to do some austerity. Move any threads like people like, but are kinda slow burner (EX: /dprk/ , /prc/) and put them into a less active board, /ref/ being a perfect example, so that they don't die as easily. Then cut leftypol's page count by half to have more space in the servers. While you're at it, also move all country specific thread to /ref/ as it seems more appropriate the it would be there, as /ref/ is kinda like Bunkerchan's /int/ anyway **and would boost activity in that board, which may lead to more activity, see this thread >>321740** This is what i believe y'all should consider for this to not happen again, cause I don't want to see anything about topology anymore
>Move any threads like people like, but are kinda slow burner (EX: /dprk/ , /prc/) and put them into a less active board, /ref/ being a perfect example, so that they don't die as easily. good idea >Then cut leftypol's page count by half to have more space in the servers. I don't want that to happen, but if it needs to happen then it needs to happen >While you're at it, also move all country specific thread to /ref/ as it seems more appropriate the it would be there, as /ref/ is kinda like Bunkerchan's /int/ anyway yes.
(219.10 KB 1280x720 judsxfecdas.jpg)
>>4520 It's either that or upgrading the servers big time. Also, moving slow burner threads to /ref/ only work if you cut the pages in /leftypol/. Because if you don't you're still wasting the same amount of space. But by moving them, you can cut the pages without the threads dying fast
(150.09 KB 1200x1200 khruschev.jpg)
>>4519 Correct me if i'm wrong, but IIRC the file cache on bunkerchan lasts longer than the actual threads/posts. If that's the case, then probably a huge part of the problem is that there aren't regular enough spring cleanings. That being said, another option is to just reduce file size maximum to 4MiB like in 4chan. This would probably only hit PDF and MP4 posting the hardest, but the former is usually shit from libgen anyways and MP4s can be compressed. Reducing /leftypol/ page count is not a bad move considering how many threads are left to rot unattended for weeks, but since most of the file density comes from cyclicals and generals the maximum post count could be reduced.
>>4522 Compressing under 4MB and still having decent video quality takes ages and requires a little bit of technical knowledge. People would just not post their videos or compress them quickly to peanut butter levels of clarity. Limiting the total number of concurrent files is a better move here. Caches have an important reason to exist... them existing longer than an arbitrary thread is not only expected but by design.
Something that I forgot to mention but was discussed while it was down was limiting the number of posts in a cyclical threads and limiting the number of images concurrently in a cyclical threads. Now I would say that former would be a lot easier to implement. Instead of 500, it could be 200/300. But the images one could be harder to convince people of. However, I would say it could work for cyclical threads that don't really rely on images and mainly use text.
(175.61 KB 253x523 140422603447.png)
Has it been verified that this is actually an issue with limited disk space? Looking around, it looks like the error is caused by a lost connection, not necessarily limited space, although it could be limited space indirectly causing the failed connections.
moving region threads to /ref/ bad without the generals, it will cause /leftypol/ to be filled with a bunch of threads specifically from the USA. that's why the country threads were made in the first place. We will have too many threads about DSA and bernie on /leftypol/. Will be a disaster. >>4524 this is a much better idea. That and reducing page numbers down from 35 to something like 20. There would be much moaning from people complaining about the lack of archive, but we should tell them to use archive.org or take a screenshot themselves instead of relying on the servers to keep threads that aren't being engaged anymore. And this is all If the issue is even disk space as >>4525 brings up.
>>4526 Also share the burden. There's no reason for hobby to have 20 pages when page 5 threads have last been replied to over a week ago. Shrink hobby to 5 pages like /tech/ is. /gulag/ is an administrative board only half used, it can stand to only be 5 pages as well.
>>4526 Isn't most talk about Bernie and US politics inside of /USAPol/. From what I can remember, there was at most 2 other threads just talking about Bernie (Bernie cult and something else). Also your way over simplifying leftypol, to these radlibs idea. Not only that I wouldn't want all Non US events to not be on leftypol. Threads talking about the effects of AMLO, the Bolivian Coup, all that can stay on leftypol. But why have country specific threads in leftypol? Why not have them in /ref/, where its basically /int/ already. Hell they have their own country specific boards as well. Instead of having a deutschpol on both leftypol and ref, why not move them all in one central area.
>>4519 >bear's solution fuck off this is a human only board.
If we move all those threads to /ref/ can we fix the typos on the /hisp/ thread? t.OP of that thread and I want to kill myself every time I read it
(480.94 KB 1200x1200 rs=w-1200,h-1200.png)
>>4529 This is bear territory now
(304.46 KB 770x775 1585579913506.png)
>>4529 bears are a natural ally
Both me and leftypol BO oppose moving country-threads to /ref/. Leftypol is not exclusively for english speakers, and moving politics away from it would be a bad idea. There isnt many of them anyway. King, who runs /ref/, says ref is not for politics but for offtopic country stuff like "My big ass church is better than your big ass church". Diskspace is not the largest issue the database is the unstable part (lynxchan uses mongo). The dev team is currently working on developing gochan (a chan backend written from scratch in go) to be on par with features as the current site, to then make the switch. This project will be easier to maintain and run more efficiently than the lynxchan software. We will update you on this as soon as we have finished the initial roadmap for said software. >>4530 Please post the updated text in the mod feedback thread and a mod will fix it for you.
>>4533 >inb4 go is a meme language It has decent webdev support for a statically typed compiled language, even if it doesnt have generics. The basic infrastructure is also a good way done, which we would otherwise have to implement in some other language. Existing frameworks like lynxchan are an undocumented mess written in javascript, or even worse, 8chans software is written in php. Using go will allow us to have better maintainability and better correctness guarantees, and the very restricted nature of the language does not hinder us too much since we dont need to do much more complex things than handle requests and mutate the datbase, as well as some caching. The restrictive nature might even contribute to better readabiliy of the code as it prevent "smart" (convoluted) solutions that will be hard to understand, though this is a side effect and not neccecarily a sellingpoint of the language.
(17.59 KB 500x500 bear.png)
compress images harder for example >>4531 i just got this pic down from half a megabyte to 18kb -upload videos to a video hosting platform -wait for the video platform back-end to re-encode the video in various qualities -download the smallest file size from the video-platform and discard the original if it's got a bigger file size than what you got from the video platform if the bunckerchan server is stressed too much redirect users to the video platform you can do the same with images, compress pics that are larger than 150kb, down to 150kb pipe the full size image to an image hosting platform and put a link to it. don't kill the thread count, most of it is just text
>>4533 The problem that I see is that you have two hypothetical threads. One in /leftypol/ and one in /ref/. Essentially de centralizing . And that would be fine if there was a fair balance and it truly was 'this is where you talk politics' and this is where you shitpost about your country. But this isn't really happening. I would say this is because of activity. If you have one thread that is active and another that isn't you'll probably gravitate to the more active one. And because that one is already more active, your more inclined o shitpost within it. Whether you want that to happen or not doesn't matter, it will most likely happen. Take for instance USApol (yes I know their english based but bare with me) The thread is a country specific thread, the USA, and its about their politics. And they do discuss these things. However, their is undoubtaley a whole lot of shitposting. So then, when do you draw the line between these things. When do you decide that 'ok this is politics and should stay politics and this is shitposting/funposting and should stay like that'. I get you don't want leftypol to devolve into just for english speakers but it just makes sense to me that /ref/ be Bunkerchan's /int/. And sure King says that /ref/ is not political but more off topic things and yet it still has those discussions, to a lesser degree. Why not move them over to /ref/ so that they can talk about their country both seriously and unseriously. In the end, its your call and you guys are the one in the top pulling the strings, Bunkerchan's Cabal. And I'm just a bear giving suggestions on what to do.
>>4526 I think Space needs to seriously look into this before we jump to conclusions and make unnecessary restrictions.
1. Ban PDFs uploads This would save a shitload of disk space. PDFs don't belong on an imageboard. Why the fuck would you upload PDFs on here when you could easily link to libgen or any other external site? I am not going to open user-uploaded PDFs when it's easy to stuff viruses/malware in PDFs. User-uploaded PDFs should've been banned from the very beginning as a security precaution. 2. Board banners and image thumbnails should be compressed to lossy WebP, NOT PNG, JPG or god forbid animated GIFs First of all it's retarded that the thumbnails of animated GIFs barely compress to a slightly smaller animated GIF. The thumbnail of an animated GIF should've always been a static image like any other imageboard handles it, it is retarded how lynxchan handles animated GIFs in general. WOW you compressed a 500kb GIF down to a 433kb GIF "thumbnail", great job you fucking faggot. Total waste of disk space and server bandwidth, every fucking user that sees that thumbnail needlessly wastes 433kb of bandwidth. What is your major malfunction, Richard? Second, it's 2020, not 2018. Firefox 65+ and Chrome 32+ have full support for animated, lossy, alpha-transparency WebPs (thumbnails/banners should never be animated anyway btw). As a fallback for niggers still using Safari on their iPhones, you should serve them JPG thumbnails/banners that have been compressed with the quality setting of ZERO!!!!!!, NOT a quality setting of 60 as it currently is, needlessly wasting dozens of kilobytes for every single fucking user that sees it.
(4.56 KB 200x200 0.jpg)
Here is a thumbnail with JPG quality setting of ZERO. It is still legible for retarded monkey iPhone Safari browser users. Notice how it is only roughly ONE-QUARTER the size of the OP's thumbnail >>4519 which has been compressed to quality setting of 60 which is lynxchan's default apparently. This should be served to non-WebP-supporting browsers. Otherwise, serve heavily compressed lossy WebPs to everyone else, it is objectively better than both JPG and PNG in every possible way. We're not in the 20th century anymore, learn to use libwebp you niggermonkey.
(44.78 KB 300x100 randomBanner.png)
Why the FUCK is this banner a PNG? Hey RETARD, you use JPG (or even better a WebP) to serve photographic images, NOT PNG. 44.7 KB of morbid obesity just sitting there in disk space, and 44.7KB x N (where N is the number of users) of bandwidth completely wasted because some retard thought it would be a good idea to save and upload a photographic image as a PNG instead of a JPG (or even better a WebP, with a Q0 JPEG fallback for iphone users).
Also I agree with that other guy, reduce max filesize to 8MB. Force these tech-illterate niggermonkeys if they want good quality to learn how to compress with WebM/VP9 instead of their ancient horribly inefficient MP4/H264 and WebM/VP8 formats. It's time to use VP9, every browser that matters supports it. Fuck iPhone users.
1. The space taken up by html text is not the issue. 2. Given that saving text of posts is not the issue, any comment about reducing the number of threads or the number of posts in cyclical threads misses the point. 3. The solution is to let big chunks of data expire. Instead of throwing out the baby with the bathwater, the text of old posts with compressed thumbnail pics (not animated) should remain for some time, the big pictures and movies deleted earlier. I somewhat disagree with the comment that says to ban PDFs altogether. PDF stuff is fundamentally part of what the /leftypol/ experience is (for me at least). Time and again, people upload drafts of articles and manifestos. That said, it is true that it's often just a reupload of something still easily accessible online elsewhere. The size of the self-made stuff is usually below one megabyte, so a lower limit wouldn't be a problem here. OTOH I agree there's the malware issue, so maybe .epub would be better?
>>4538 >banning pdfs Oh boy looks like a reddit rapefugee is mad cuz he doesn't want to read anything longer than a single paragraph Kys fam if you think someone is dumb enough to open a pdf without testing it first you don't even belong on this board
>>4542 >OTOH I agree there's the malware issue, so maybe .epub would be better? Agree with this. We should be promoting free alternatives to proprietary shit. Much like the riot room. I will look into converting TANS to epub
>>4544 oh its already been done, also has an interesting alternative cover
oh god of fuck the bears have taken over the thread
>>4542 >any comment about reducing the number of threads or the number of posts in cyclical threads misses the point. Must insist that you are the person who is missing the point. A lower cap on threads and/or posts means less posts overall, which translates to less images. This is if we assume a static average of images per post (there's no reason to assume this would change). It's a statistical argument. Not that /leftypol/ needs 35 pages in any case. That said, I agree with the suggestion to more aggressively prune user uploads. That way posts can still be looked at after expiring for whatever reason (e.g. post history). >>4538 While there are good suggestions in here, you shouldn't underestimate how many users use older, niche, or just not updated clients. >>4535 The biggest win there is from scaling, not compression.
(2.02 MB 2100x1170 bears_ussr.png)
(314.27 KB 1280x853 kuma_chilling.jpg)
Why was Bunkerchan down this time?
>>4741 502 Error. Basically, bunkerchan fucked up talking to cloud-flair.
>>4554 Based and Honey-pilled, comrade bear-kun


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