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Collecting data on site features Anonymous Board volunteer 03/22/2020 (Sun) 00:08:30 No. 4426
Hello friends. I am collecting some data on what of the more obscure features on the site you use. Please vote in the strawpoll below. Thank you. https://www.strawpoll.me/19588069 Also feel free to suggest/comment on features.
Add the thingy from 8chan where you could copy paste images I'm tired of having to save images on my Pc
Reminder that all anonymous online polls can be gamed with Tor or a VPN.
(2.19 MB 480x270 647348.gif)
>People not using the overboard. Cringe.
>>4429 What's the point? You have only one good alternative board (/tech/).
unironically please fix the threadwatcher, it is a good way to minimize tabs and easily switch between threads
there's an rss feed???
(83.16 KB 1269x245 Screenshot_20200321_180328.png)
>>4432 Yeah, each board has one in the non-catalog view. Also, it would be great if the thread watcher got fixed.
>>4426 It's impossible to post images on a phone fix this shit pls
>>4428 That's why we only have a modocracy instead of direct democracy, but I don't think that someone is gonna rig a poll about 'do you use the RSS reader function'.
>>4435 >Implying
>>4434 THIS
gibe .onion pls especially if the DoJ is going to start going full Orwell soon
Yes, please an onion service
More server space so that we wont crash from a single dudes LOIC whenever a big news! event is happening (like it did during some DNC primary). A donation page?
>i'm the only one who uses the rss feed
>>4441 it doesn't work btw, not sure if it ever did. updates old threads as if they were new and weirdness like that. I would like to use it if it ever gets fixed though.
>>4440 check space_'s bandcamp thing
>>4429 >no catalog what's the point
>>4434 Works on my phone
>>4438 This. Not scared of gubmint, they already know I'm a dirty commie anyways, but of mini-reactionaries especially if they manage to infiltrate the mod circlejerk-
(481.05 KB 1440x2960 Screenshot_20200322-143106.png)
>>4434 Dashchan.
>tor posting Unless you're coordinating something I don't know why you'd want something that lets retards spam
>>4448 There might be ways to force tor posters to use captchas for every post. Hopefully that helps in mitigating spam
>>4448 ok fed
>>4449 >>4451 t. posters of CP
>>4452 Communism-Posadism is based. Go back to Langley.
>doesn't add (you)s >doesn't fix the thread watcher >doesn't add a catalog button to the bottom of the screen >adds fucking IDs genius!
>>4454 thread IDs are already in lynxchan so they just needed us to flip a switch unlike other stuff
(21.21 KB 1024x1024 it-hurts.png)
>>4455 They could just also 'flip a switch' and turn the background color from dark grey to neon lime green, but that doesn't mean that they should do it.
>>4456 No we can't that is a code/html change which needs to be pushed by the admins that have access to it. Its not a setting. >>4454 See >>4455 I today have just finished my schoolwork, so from the comming week on i will be able to implement some of the changes people had been suggesting. Other than that, I was just interested in collecting data on these specific features so we can make an adequate decision on whether or not do put effort into fixing/continuing developing them in the future.
>>4457 (and also get suggestions for features since nobody checks out /gulag/ anyway)
>>4429 it doesn't have a catalog
why the FUCK are people using gallery mode? its a politics boards, THERES NOTHING TO MASTURBATE TO
>>4460 I just realized that there isn't really a NSFW board in bunkerchan
>>4461 /GET/ tried and failed at being a NSFW board, maybe we can try again it this chan gets bigger
>>4460 >Implying
>>4460 no really answer this cause otherwise i think there are people who think 'gallery mode' means the catalog or mistaking it for something else. Doesn't strike anyone else as odd that 26 people are using it?
>>4464 No idea what the gallery mode is or how to use it, but I would suspect most of those users thought it was the catalog view.
(2.09 KB 325x167 gallery.png)
>>4465 its this thing. like i said, no reason to use it except masturbation. which isn't allowed here.
>>4462 I feel the problem is that GET feels like it’s own distinct board, not one that you would really just use for NSFW stuff. Sure there is elements of it certainly, I’ve seen that shit while scrounging the board but overall doesn’t have that feeling
(52.75 KB 540x540 1574815711369.jpg)
Has the site changed moderation staff yet
>>4468 yes, its entirely new people now, rest easy
(30.13 KB 647x623 cc3y2.jpg)
>>4469 Don't give me hope is it true?
>>4450 captchas are unsolvable over Tor, so you'd be just banning Tor users from posting
>>4468 >>4469 >>4470 Since when? No not really
>>4468 yes anon, the keys to the site are in the mail to you, you did it!
(14.76 KB 480x315 7987f.jpg)
>>4473 But I don't like moderating
>>4474 but you have to serve your anons and help them
I just want to note that the sidebar is the most irritating garbage "innovation" that I have ever had the misfortune to encounter on an imageboard and I wish you guys deleted it. If I want to look at another thread I'll go into the catalog and click around stop shoving your dick in my screen and taking up space with a massive list on the right.
>>4476 I know, I hate it too. It seems to go away after one click on the X though. At least until I have to reopen my browser; personally. I want to get it removed too, but, I am not sure if that is part of lynx chan itself or the various forks we have rolling under the hood.
>>4476 >>4477 Just hide it with your adblocker
>>4477 its a lynxchan thing.
>>4476 >>4477 >>4478 >>4479 contact this guy https://gitgud.io/stephenlynx to make it disableable
>>4476 you can make it go away by clicking on the X Button in the top right also you are wrong the Side bar is convenient
>>4476 >>4477 not sure why this happens to some people and not others. I just clicked out of it once and it never came back. Are you using cookies?
>>4481 It doesn't even work half the time, only the OP post appears and the rest of the posts do not.
>>4482 Of course not.
>>4517 you should, would fix all your problems.
>>4426 Please can we have: >*yous* to help replies and follow threads >URL image hotlinking: SO we can add an image directly from a url address Please. Pretty please. Pretty please with cold milk and canned honey on top. Thanks
>>4457 based


no cookies?