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Apparently I'm a spammer Comrade 02/16/2020 (Sun) 06:26:36 No. 4208
I haven't posted on leftypol in years - I pretty much just lurk most the time. Yesterday I was replying to a thread on reparations when it was deleted, so I made my own to keep the conversation going (and to put up my reply, how vain). Anyways, after replying a few more times to various anons, I got a message stating "Your IP was recognized as a know spammer." Idk what this is supposed to mean, like if I'm now banned or something, but all I was doing was talking to people about a topic that may be seen as idpol related. To be clear, I never supported reparations in any of my posts, and pretty much just talked about the conditions of black Americans and the difficulties that might arise concerning a broader revolutionary strategy. At any rate, it seemed to be a productive conversation, but now I can't post in my own thread cus Im apparently a spammer. To be clear, I wasn't supporting idpol, but asking how class solidarity could be formed. What do?
Sometimes spam filters catch IPs that people are actually using. Our hosting ssrvice is cloudflair and they are well known with their levels of suckage. I'll talk to space about your situation and see what we can do. Sorry about this.
>>4208 Using a VPN?
>>4208 The original thread about reparations was full of white-knight sectarian radlibs, thus your continuation of the thread may have been seen as spam or shilling.
>>4219 Not as far as I'm aware of. My apartment might have one in place to bypass this countries internet censorship. I can check if I still have problems once I'm back home in the next few weeks. Btw, I'm posting from my phone cus I'm now getting the message "your ip was recognized as a known spammer" on this board too >4220 Point taken


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