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(500.05 KB 800x400 pod.png)
Banned for transgressions against the pod Comrade 02/05/2020 (Wed) 01:48:10 No. 4158
I was just temp banned for using the term "whiny jew voice" in reference to the hosts of chapo. This is what happens when you let podcast listeners run your board /leftypol/! Take those goofy earbuds out and read a goddamn book like a proper communist! CHAPOFAGS BEGONE
Looks like my ban got appealed. Feel free to either delete this thread, or use it to discuss standards for what is/isn't banable.
>>4159 >ban got appealed *appeal got approved
You were banned for reactionary cloaking. Calling them jews like that is clearly a violation of rule 3.
>>4163 That is retarded. Reactionary cloaking means trying to hide reactionary beliefs in left wing rhetoric ei. strasserism, nazbol bullshit, etc. Calling the voices of the hosts of chapo "whiny jew voices" is not reactionary cloaking! It is simply using "jew" in a way that is derogatory. You don't have to like it, but if you're gonna allow racial slurs on your board I don't see how you can reasonably draw the line at "jew".
>>4189 Jews are white and blacks aren’t, therefore saying niggers is okay but not any Jew jokes. Just don’t say anything that would upset a little pussy on /pol/ and you’ll be fine.
>>4189 Calling them jews has nothing to do with it, rather, it is calling them jews in a way that implies that jews are some kind of structural issue. If you don't think that comes off as pol level nonsense than need to reevaluate. >>4190 Trying to lie will help nothing.


no cookies?