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Why don't the users elect and recall mods? Comrade 02/03/2020 (Mon) 11:07:55 No. 4133
Those who are applying for the position can have their post history displayed publicly and then users can decide. And the decision would be in the form of "If no one has anything against _". We have mod logs, those mods that do stupid shit can be recalled after enough complaints; wouldn't even need a "majority", but if they get a dozen complaints they're out. Why pretend like there isn't a reserve army of bullied kids ready to grab onto and wield some internet power? For every bad mod, there are half a dozen less bad ones waiting to take his spot, probably. Then maybe Admins wouldn't need to prostrate themselves and beg for forgiveness after a rogue mod does something stupid.
(22.22 KB 533x295 66d6t5rd9.jpeg)
The way I see it is that voting on topics becomes increasingly more difficult the lower down the chain you go. If you will recall the discussion revolving around the creation of an idpol board we held votes on that that were clearly tampered with. As far as being in the form of "If no one has anything against" I am not necessarily against this, but, you and us would all have to be willing to have extended periods of debate as there is rarely going to be conclusion and mostly going to be abjection. I do not dislike the idea though. I wanted to create /soviet/ where the issues by the user base could be brought to the table and voted by the user base directly, but, at the time it was not applicable according to the rest of the staff. I could probably bring it back up though. I think it's a good idea. Thank you.
>>4135 >we held votes on that that were clearly tampered with. so you can just include votes from those with a vetted posting history, they post their vote in the thread, and if you want to disqualify a vote based on posting history, you have to show us the posting history
>>4136 Indeed, I am willing to concede this is a valid point.
>>4135 or you could specifically select those with a long term posting history and invite them into an off board communication place with one vote each
>>4139 I think more people need to enter into the irc, too, personally.
>>4138 not sure which is the best option, there are probably others also. It would be good to have a conversation about how it might be possible to implement some kind of a democracy however
Mod Moderator A person who moderates A person who makes discussion more moderate. The opposite of a revolutionary. This is my song to you mods. Contemplate it well. Meditate upon’t
Votes suck, arguments exist.


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