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Remove the bans Comrade 01/31/2020 (Fri) 22:23:56 No. 4105
FUCKING FURFAG MODS >>>/leftypol/240636 >>>/leftypol/241319 these posters did noting wrong!
>>4105 seconded.
I've lifted the bans. I apologize.
>>4107 thank you based admin
Personally I want answers as to why the fucker became a mod in the first place. What is this a fucking discord server inviting furfags and shit?
Yiff in hell!
>>4109 sneaky fuck probably sneaked in under the radar
>>4109 The mod in question is from the old leftypol staff. I was an admin of bunkerchan before I came on the leftypol team. I did not have a say in the mod in questions appointment to the staff; That was before I was on the team.
>>4112 interesting I never noticed a problem albeit I'm a newfag from 2017
>>4113 We run things more like a council now rather than like a typical top down hierarchy like most imageboards because of the nature of three separate entities existing under the banner of bunkerchan, I guess this flattenng of power has given some people has given people a little more leeway in their actions. I'm doing what I can. The issue has been raised.
>>4107 Anon who got banned here. Thanks alot buddy.
bring back old BO
>>4112 >the old leftypol staff probably one of those cringe /trash/ posting newfags that was accepted prior to 8chan going down.
>>4114 >this flattenng of power has given some people has given people a little more leeway in their actions <ML theory being proven IRL on an imageboard lel
>>4125 Lol, I was waiting for some one to say this.
>>4126 Its true innit?
>>4123 yes
Seems like whole of Tor network was permanently banned on leftypol as a "/pol/ proxy". I keep getting this alert: >Your ASN 23664 has been banned from /leftypol/. >Reason: "/pol/ proxy". >This ban will not expire. >Your ban id: 5e372da2342eb133900d2012.
>>4134 Can someone look into this? /leftypol/ is unusable via Tor. I'm not willing give myself away to the glowies in my country.
>>4134 I am not on the tech team so I don't know the specifics of this, but when VPNs are constantly used to shit up the board what can you expect?
>>4165 Tor is not a VPN, it's de facto public service that's used by a mass of people around the world. But anyway, if it's really necessary to block the whole Tor network then ban it for a few hours or a day, not permanently. This is enough to make the spammers give up because bunkerchan is not a target of organized and determined cyber armies, the trolls are poltard coomers seeking immediate satisfaction. Tor users are used to being 2nd class netizens, so a temporary ban is not that bad. Bunkerchan is the only platform for surveillance-conscious/paranoid leftists. Other social media is completely blocking participation via Tor.
How is Tor still blocked while "neoliberal centrist tranny" is allowed to shit up /usapol/. WTF?
>>4169 Use the fucking report function. He's been banned many times.
>>4170 I just don't get how you can't handle that guy, block his whole VPN or ISP range for like a week or a month if it's necessary, yet you're fine with permanently blocking all of Tor, which is a much much larger user base than some single VPN or ISP, it's probably just one user.
>>4171 I'm sorry I can't help you with the Tor issue, I'm not one of the few tech guys we have. I only know the situation is being looked into (for me posting with Tor browser works fine). Maybe I should try out range bans, that's an idea.
>>4172 >for me posting with Tor browser works fine Tor is permanently banned only on /leftypol/, it works fine on other boards. To be specific the ban does not explicitly refer to Tor but to "ASN 23664" (ban id "5e372da2342eb133900d2012") which seems to cover almost all of Tor exit nodes for some reason. Might be related to CloudFlare? Anyway, hopefully someone from tech team can fix this.
>>4174 I loaded up a vm and was able to post through the onion browser, but, last time I tried to post through privoxy I was unsuccessful. Maybe it doesn't work correctly unless you are using the browser? I mean, cloud-flair is pretty fucky.


no cookies?