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(133.52 KB 640x880 jMdSAVS_d.jpg)
Roadmap Comrade Board volunteer 01/16/2020 (Thu) 23:35:45 No. 3941
Please post features for the roadmap here. Off topic and completed features will be deleted. Duplicate posts will be removed. Volunteer demands get priority and order of execution depends on the usefulness the time cost and my personal motivation. Please be as complete as possibly in a feature request. Even shitty ms Paint illustrations of how you imagine it are greatly appreciated and usefull. Currently the dev team is focussing on gochan development. Your feature request will be implemented there if they are chosen. I only respond to reject or ask for clarifications on posts. If I do not respond consider your report accepted and on the to do list. This keeps the thread short and concise. Please note: New wordfilters/flags are not site features. Whining about your ban is not a site feature. If you ask about this your post will be remove. If you spam you will get a short ban from the gulag board. .t codemonkey admin
Edited last time by comraderat on 07/05/2020 (Sun) 13:33:01.
yeah can i get uhhhh reply box on the footer/bottom of threads, not just on the top
wot i want: I forgot the most important one: GET RID OF THE MOD CAPTCHA!!! show what post someone was banned for in the appeals section (plus a link to their history) some way to undelete threads/posts being able to move a thread into another thread, or being able to move threads at all for non admins increase the images per post to 5 like on 8chan a different spoiler image for pdfs, mp4, webm, etc so you know which is which at a glance before you click on it a comprehensive archive of all posts and threads in easy searchable form, preferably with all images working let people hide the name and flag fields if they want custom CSS or more CSS options thanks!
Edited last time by caballo on 01/21/2020 (Tue) 01:43:18.
>>3943 >custom CSS or more CSS options Explain
>>3944 Some people want to make their own board themes so I hear.
(184.47 KB 760x685 Screenshot_20200117-111042.png)
Fix this
When is watching threads going to be implemented?
(216.14 KB 823x1003 witch hat 5 edit.jpg)
>>3943 >custom CSS or more CSS options Only reason I came here and you have already denied me.
>>3943 >show what post someone was banned for in the appeals section (plus a link to their history) There should also be a public ban log like on 8chan that shows the posts that were banned but without images for obvious reasons.
Reposting from leftypol: 1. Change the booru font to white so that it'll be more readable 2. Fix the proxy ban 3. Fix the bug where threads stop refreshing after a while and you have to manually do it
>>3955 >Change the booru font to white so that it'll be more readable Booru font? I'm afraid I dont have access to lefty.booru.whateveritis
Edited last time by comraderat on 01/17/2020 (Fri) 22:23:42.
>>3956 Who does? If nobody answers for it can't someone contact booru.org or whoever is responsible for this and reclaim it?
>>3950 Hello? There's a watched threads tab at the top, and there used to be an eye next to OPs that is now gone. Clearly the implementation of this started but then stopped. Did it not work, what was the issue?
(207.00 B 23x19 side catalog logo.png)
(85.25 KB 1368x286 eye symbol.png)
>>3958 You should be able to see the eye, if you use the side catalog to go to a thread.
>>3959 It would also be nice if we could Ctrl + click a thread from that, so that we won't have to leave current thread to go to another one using that.
>>3958 The tracker got fucked during a rework of the frontend. It will be fixed some time soon. If I don't respond to your bug report it means I accepted it(for now), don't be so impatient. This thread serves as a backlog for features and bugs, it's not a place for me to personally provide you with ETAs for everything.
Edited last time by comraderat on 01/17/2020 (Fri) 22:25:33.
>>3943 >being able to move a thread into another thread, or being able to move threads at all for non admins Did you mean move a post to another thread? Or threads to another board? Or a thread wholesale appended to another thread?
(265.31 KB 925x825 threadwatcher.png)
>>3958 I made this image when i figured out how to get thread watcher semi-working. It will notify of new threads, but doesn't seem to dismiss the new notification unless you remove and readd the thread. So its most useful for slower threads.
>>3968 It will notify of new posts in threads*
>>3967 Well, I want to be able to do all of those if I feel the need to ideally, but yes I meant the ability to basically mash two threads together (whether on different boards or no) with all the posts from the first thread going into the target thread. IE. merging together some of the ever-present 'lefty gun threads' etc.
>>3965 Well, I didn't know that. Thanks.
Per-thread user IDs. What's the thinking about those?
>>3980 Not a feature that needs to be implemented as it already exists. It is not enabled on any of the boards right now. Please suggest it on the boards you want it, but I will bring it up to the vols.
Fix quoting not working auromaticaloy on subsequent paragraphs
>>3941 Can you make it so that if you ban someone for 5D or 5H, you don't accidentally ban them permanently?
>>3954 this, and do the same for deleted posts
remove mod captcha
Edited last time by comraderat on 01/23/2020 (Thu) 00:22:14.
Can we have a light mode, bitte
(8.81 KB 431x274 firefox_G5vUFSSHXC.png)
>>4019 Should be the default color scheme.
(44.48 KB 458x487 alunya-x-girunya.jpg)
Suggestions for two flags: · A red star ★ for a more general communist symbol to use for some, instead of the hammer & sickle (heavy ML connotations) or the red flag (socdem "socialist" connotations). The red star indeed had its origins in early civil war with the Bolsheviks, but as the decades went - the red star became more generally interpreted outside the USSR for the far-left, being used first by more generally left-wing anti-fascist orgs, then later an assortment of generally left-wing independence movements and eventually libertarian communists like the Zapatistas and Rojavan Communalists. The hammer & sickle by contrast always stayed very close in use to the USSR and its ideological allies; by ML one-party republics. · A red circle of a larger circumference as a symbol for council communism ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KAPD ). The current umbrella usage of 'leftcom' and its flag/symbol is actually rather etymologically specific to Bordigism, as council communists had quite distinct theory, symbology and also even self-described as 'council communist' instead of 'left-communist' mostly as time went on. 'Leftcom', by contrast, was commonly used in self-description by Bordigists, on the other hand. Best regards comrades (I would use the red star as I pull from Communalism, left-communism and Cockshott in my theory and practice).
>>4037 Please repost this in the board you want them on. Flags are board specific and not codemonkey work (admins can just upload flags) Also pngs of flags are appreciated
>>4037 Made a thread on /GET/ for help to "flagify" the black flag in the style adopted to the flags selected on this site generally. If >>4044 knows how feel free to help out: >>>/GET/49603
>>3941 Change functionality of navbar to allow us to change it via settings rather than having to make an html change Also fix the links being broken in js view
Add functionality to change the board URI
Experimental feature to test on a seperate board: Write a crude plugin to allow users to be mini-moderators of their own threads, allowing them to publicly ban users from their own threads. Might help with moderation and keeping threads on topic Might lead to micro orwellian regime threads and duplicate threads "other OP is a faggot and this is why he is wrong".
Allow pinning of replies within a thread (for generals). Would keep pinned replies from being pushed off when a cyclical general reaches maximum size.
Fix watcher
Extract default theme CSS out of global and move it to a seperate css file, to allow us to choose a different default theme if wanted Make a build tool to centralize css includes rather than having to individually change all of them, or integrate it directly into the backend software somehow
Make announcement/highlight ares on frontend
>>4080 Mod trips bump bumplocked threads
Removing a post might bump a bumplocked thread Increase or remive banner limit Increase or remove max banner size Make banner max size embedded in frontend Increase or remove vol limit
Ratto can you make it so it takes longer for you to get automatically signed out as a mod? Like, a lot longer, sometimes I get signed out after like ten minutes. I think it might have some relationship to pressing the 'manage thread' button? I don't know.
Change HTML <title/> from "/board/ - thread" to "thread - /board/". This makes it easier to navigate between tabs.
Can you make it so that threads on the overboard have some sort of indicator from what board they're from?
Lemme hide and filter certain terms or individual threads/posts like you can do on 4chan pls Would allow people to hide/ignore spam before a mod can delete it
>>4193 You can already do that. Click the circle with a stripe through it
Request: Overboard catalog Like the default catalog, but for the overboard
Just started using /overboard/ and noticed that there are a lot more beautiful banners through there than, say /leftypol/. How come?
Can you make it so that if you delete your own post while logged into your account, it doesn't show up in the logs.
expand the filter feature to filter out the email field as well as filenames, please
>Please feel free to contribute on the githubs. >but no link to githubs REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!
>>4338 REEEEEEEEEEE! >>>/tech/333
For threads that have 500 posts (ie. cyclicals), some way to tell when the last post was made so I don't have to keep checking for new posts - either idk, a date stamp in the catalog, or some kind of cookies that give a little 'notificaton' blip when there's new posts.
Make an official matrix room.
Is there any way to disable the right sidebar in threads? How many people do even use that feature? It's kinda buggy - I only know that because I often accidentally pick a different thread instead of clicking the close (X) button. Can this feature be turned into an opt-in setting?
>>4364 Doesn't show up if you disable javascript. Doing that also seems to break the ability to upload more than one pic in one post, so pick your poison.
>>4365 JS is also needed for reply links and floating replies when hovering over these links. Without that it's much harder to follow the discussions. So I'd prefer if the sidebar was optional without hindering the rest of the functionality.
>>4366 Hmm. I usually have javascript off and copypaste the post number and put >> in front of that. Anyway, you aren't the first (or second or third) to complain about the sidebar. I think the only reason it still exists is because it's made by somebody who is involved in running this site and people tend to value their own creations.
>>4364 turn on cookies for the site and x out once
>>4368 You have to do that for each thread instead of only once globally. If you clear cookies on browser exit then it gets annoying pretty quickly. It's annoying even without that.
>>4364 Honestly I don't think there's really anyone that uses it, maybe just get rid of it. Though I guess having it as an option is okay too. Anyway, I would like some way for us mods to edit the images/files attached to posts without deleting the posts.
>>4061 This actually looks like a great idea. I mean, it could lead to what you said, but aside from that, and knowing we live at the mercy of /pol/ raids (8ch.pl/leftypol doesn't protect us anymore) it would be really useful. For every thread ban there is a notification pops up for the board volunteers to take a look at the ban. Then there would be 3 possibilities: >The ban was because the poster was just fucking up the thread because he was making it difficult to actually have a conversation in the thread because he was being a fucking faggot. With it, that thread ban would be implemented only in that thread specifically. Every thread ban would be implemented temporarily, it would be a time out, from 30 minutes to 1 hour? If it reaches some bizarre proportions, like that poster being autistically dedicated to fuck up that topic, a more severe ban could be implemented. >The poster was just a /pol/ raider with no actual intention for discussion. In which case, the ban would be implemented into a permanent thread ban until a volunteer reviewed it, and then he would decide. If the ban was unjustified, then the OP would be given a time out of like 6 hours or something like that. >The OP is a fucking faggot that continues to ban people who actually wants to discuss with him. this can be the case with idpol thread or threads with a /pol/ack OP. With this, the board volunteer would look at it and then would give the respective ban to the retarded OP. This would be easy to see, as these posters would usually just dakka out the reports. You could notice this to the OP with a grey text at the bottom of his post that says: By being the OP, you're able to ban people temporarily from your thread if any of these conditions happen. -The poster is being obnoxious and making discussing a topic difficult -The poster is a /pol/ack with the objective to make discussion impossible and is chimping out in the thread. Use your OP powers with responsability, or else... At the same time, we could gamefy this mechanic of the board. If you're responsible with your thread, and keep it clean of shit lifting, you could get some benefits, be it, I don't know, special flags, special text, maybe a mark that you're a thread moderator (also remarking that you're an oldfag( and stuff like this. Also, you would be put into a list of waiting for being a board volunteer, so, with it, we would get a pool of people who actively look to keep discussion clean, aren't people which abuse their power, and stuff like that.
Transform youtube domains into invidio.us: - cleaner, leaner and faster interface - no data exploitation/surveillance/etc. - no IP blocks
Anon sez: "Could you make it so the right barupdates every 10 seconds of something? Also make it so it doesn't follow a singular thread, it's kinda annoying."
Is it possible to use a URL that you want to upload, instead of downloading and uploading the file? I recall doing this once successfully but I can't remember what I did. Dragging the URL or image to the upload button ("Drag files to upload or click here to select them") doesn't work.
Anon sez: "mods please add the ability to see how long ago a post was made i don't think the post time is in my timezone so i can't tell if these anons are saying it happened hours ago or seconds ago" Seems like a decent idea though I'm sure it will lead to people screaming 'omg reddit' and so on
I made a script to show the watch button without having to use the sidebar: >>>/tech/805
If I am on the catalog and click the top bar link to another board, it should ideally take me to that board's catalog rather than its first page. 8chan did this IIRC.
Pls keep top of thread/bottom of thread arrows
After movable threads are implemented this >>>/leftypol/8537 classic reading list thread should probably go to the new /edu/ now, right?
Whenever you get around to making the new software, please rename email field to options like on 4chan and put it bellow message or something. New people take the email field literally and also think its required. Maybe even move every field except image and message under the 'more options'. communicate better how the culture expectations are
>>4663 Please do this. I want to rid myself of the malignant braintumor that has become of /leftypol/, brimming with ironic detatchment, zoom-zoom half-baked takes, doomerism, reddit liberal cross-pollution. And don't even get me started on /GET/.
>>4670 we should have a customizable overboard, pick and choose which boards to see. Although if its possible a better RSS feed would also do this
>>4715 t. newfag reddit rapefugee buttmad that he fell for the email field
>>3954 >>3999 These, and urgently. Don't forget to attach the handle of the staff member who banned or deleted the post to the table. Faggot m*ds and trannie jannies should be held accountable at all times.
Why have an .xyz domain when .su is available?
>>4723 >>4743 No. go eat shit faggots
What is the point of overboard SFW if /GET/ is still listen on it? We already enforce spoilering NSFW images on every board? ???
Technical ways to facilitate --> >>>/leftypol/474770 ?
can the boards get shorter folder names when we move to gochan
>>4811 What do you mean?
Show ban length and staff name under ban message
(46.56 KB 800x484 tor.png)
I am a torposter who is a consistent effort-poster as well and bunkerchan's half-formulated position on moderating tor abuse is making it very hard to contribute meaningfully in this anonymous community with the appropriate anonymizing tech. Here's a present example that got me to make this post: I'm in >>>/leftypol/574642 trying to contribute with uploading #Floyd footage that I've archived, so naturally I've saved quite a collection and am attempting to upload 3 at a time. Now, what happens is that it first takes ~30sec to for the 'Reply' to reach '100%', then I get a variety of error messages, ~8/10 times attempting to post, telling me I can't upload because 'my IP is banned', either because "TOR posters are banned" (they're not, according to staff) or "IP has been permabanned for [x]". I'm asking you to change policy on handling this, as I've used chans that haven't had this problem before without them becoming unusable or anything. Guidance for recognizing tor exists and moderating them alternatively should be outlined, preferably by Space_, as I've come to understand by some of the mods responses to the voicing of this grievance previously. Right now there doesn't seem to be a system for this at all and I really wish there were. Right now it has taken me over an hour to make 4-6 posts back-to-back in that thread. Space_ please respond directly.
Request: thread specific rss feed or /news/ board The thread specific rss feed can just be on threads that are cycled or are important threads (i.e. the welcome thread on /leftypol/). The /news/ board can also be just like towards the end of the /fash/ april fools board, where it's was locked and only mods were able to post on there. Since news threads don't have much discussion other than: "Thank you based news anon". I doubt any users will get annoyed that they aren't able to conversation over a news topic. As a bonus you can trade the /roulette/ board for it
Request: Catalog Button on the bottom of threads as well as the top
>>4967 There is a catalog button in the right of the navbar that is always visible.
>>4926 Can staff answer me here?
>>4971 One one hand, there is is some cloudflare fuckery going on. On the other it is not like we can see if someone is using Tor, we can only guess. We have reduced banning people with no history. If we wipe all the bans, the spam will get worse and it is already pretty bad.
>>4978 But at times message literally reads something like "TOR is blocked", and that's bunkerchan.xyz saying that, not some cloudflare portal. That's mainly what I'm referring to as that seems the most at odds with the statements I get from staff about the issue. That a vol occasionally permab& some tor exit for "reason: spam" from time to time is to be expected. I'm saying it seems like some server has x variations of tor exits blacklisted or something simply for being "TOR" (not a vol/mod ban of a user).
Btw I'm not this tor-newbie anon: >>4972
this is a feature that should take only a few seconds to implement >>92611
Any response to this? >>4979
btw, how many crashes did you guys had after the cloudflare issue was fixed?
small priority feature request: allow posts to be "pinned" inside a thread, for use in cyclical threads
Hello. I'm a catalogue user most of the time and well done, I have only few issues with it as it is currently implemented. First: so much this! >>4623 Second: it is nice that the threads scroll rather than crop, but there's inconvenient priority dispute between thread scroll and page scroll, ideally the default should be page scroll. On desktop it's tolerable but it swiping to scroll on mobile pain. A general observation: (otherwise) the site is usable on mobile browser, the buttons are a bit small but I can live with it. Consider if archiving some boards would be justifiable, like /edu/ and /hobby/.
When you hover over reply links the hovering posts should also include their own reply links. This is how it works on 4chan and how it worked on 8ch. It's much easier to read discussions that way since you instantly see if the discussion continues further or not, or how many replies a post got.
Add y(ou)
>>5069 this also, allow to open a reply/replied post inline
>>4224 THIS
>>4981 >>4982 Please copy things like this into this thread, the post you linked to has been deleted. I have no idea what you could have linked now
Re-make boards like this: /leftypol/ (unbrella for): /lenin/, /libcom/, /syndie/ and /demsoc/, as well as splitting /edu/ up into /his/, /econ/ and /phi/ boards. Add a /news/ board. /ref/, /GET/, /tech/, /games/ and /a/ would still be outside, arguably with renaming /hobby/ to /mu/ and making a /fit/ board. This would be efficient, organized and easy to find what one's looking for (right now there's always duplicates of practically the same thread across several boards arbitrarily).
>>5166 All of those ideas only seem to server that specific user more than the userbase as a whole. If you want to make a general about your own autistospecific subsection of leftism as a whole, the thread creation option will always remain open. Leftism is more than just those four, and even then it's splitting up groups that aren't even opposed to eachother or else giving ground for uncritical foolishness that would no-doubt devolve into the worst of circlejerks. /edu/ is more than just history, economy and philosophy. Just take one look at the catalog and see how disastrous that board composition would be for it. Only /news/ as a separate board could be seen as interesting, since newsanon's posts would look great as a continuous catalog. But since we should see how the average optimal mode of browsing would start at the frontpage and generally ends up at /leftypol/'s catalog, it would also reduce practical visibility which would be VERY bad for the people that still try to look at real life. Similarly, /hobby/ is also much more than /mu/ and /fit/. All that you've basically done in your entire post is just list off your own personal interests and that which you want to keep away from it.
>>5166 > Add a /news/ board. no
>>5177 >All of those ideas only seem to server that specific user more than the userbase as a whole. Are you dumb? >If you want to make a general about your own autistospecific subsection of leftism as a whole >The biggest umbrellas of the left of which 99.5% of leftists position themselves within are "autistospecific" OKAY. >Leftism is more than just those four Oh yeah sorry for leaving out mutualism and Ricardian socialism. I forgot about those very relevant tendencies of the day. >it's splitting up groups that aren't even opposed to eachother Outed for being ignorant but loud. If you'd organized a month of your life or read 15 minutes of socialist text you'd know how fucking stupid that statement is. 1. Syndicalism (both ansynd and De Leonism) is anti-reformist and libertarian socialist, most of the movement today is anti-electoralist and exist within the social anarchist milleu. 2. Libertarian communism critiques Marxist communism and syndicalism from the left and advocates organizing the risen people of the community to revolt against all forms of capital and communize immediately. 3. Demsoc came out of revisionist Marxism and advocates reform over revolution within the confines of bourgeois electoralism, later virulently critiqued by Lenin and by the time of Stalin they are referred to as 'social fascists'. 4. Leninism is characterized by centralized authority via a vanguard party set to destroy the bourgeois state and its appendages and establish a dictatorship of the proletariat to eliminate all bourgeois forces in society and transition to socialism and then communism. >would no-doubt devolve into the worst of circlejerks AKA educating people properly and minimizing mutual sabotage of threads over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. OH NO, COULD YOU IMAGINE HAVING THREE HOSTILE SHITPOSTS IN A 150+ POST THREAD INSTEAD OF 112!? WHAT WOULD COME OF US NOOOO >/edu/ is more than just history, economy and philosophy. You're right, it covers science too. So pretend I said "and /sci/". >But since we should see how the average optimal mode of browsing would start at the frontpage and generally ends up at /leftypol/'s catalog, You seem to have forgotten my opening: </leftypol/ (umbrella* for): /leftypol/ would in this case also catalog what its umbrella covers (thought this was obvious). 'Overboard' should be catalog-able too honestly. >Similarly, /hobby/ is also much more than /mu/ and /fit/. I strongly disagree, half of the board is threads that could be on boards made later now (/games/, /a/, /edu/) and the rest that don't could be organized into additional actual boards. Nobody fucking likes /hobby/ because of how unfocused it is. There's an active drawing thread on there, cool. Then also make an /arts/ board and include /music/ in there too. /k/ could either have its own board or combined with /fit/ into a /defense/ board. The difficult ones are Rails Appreciation Thread and Furry General, but after giving it some thought obviously the first goes under /econ/ and the second gets deleted. All your "arguments" have been destroyed, now step aside, pal.
>>5178 yes
Incredibly annoying if this is going to be the only way on the site to communicate with mods if they never fucking respond.
Consider this: >>>/leftypol/675654
HELLO MODS Since apparently you moved to /gulag/ I wish to call to your attention several posts directed to you as well as a request to check report logs and if they are functioning since people are reporting, spam, /pol/shit and other rubbish and the lack of reaction indicates an error of somekind... or laziness. >>>/leftypol/675654 >>>/leftypol/671743 >>>/leftypol/675661 >>>/leftypol/675658
So mods, when is /anime/ going to be put on the top bar, it gets as much activity as hobby, tech or edu.
>>5315 Soon™. I'll try to push for the change this week.
>>5322 Thanks m8
What is the development status of the Bunkerchan onion server?
>>5334 Waiting on the server owner to complete the setup
>>5335 Will it become onion v3 so we can have the new, badass, super-duper secure, long URL? The ones that look like: [lsaoijsdfoiJASFjsoifSAIjfojfsapspOAFJSoijgaoisd].onion Here's Tor Project's writing on the topic: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/doc/NextGenOnions https://blog.torproject.org/v2-deprecation-timeline
>>5336 Yes.
Some suggestions: 1st: Remove: Name and trip for users Reason: See Sage, Socdem poster and now Anti-dengoid gang and how they push substandard narratives through the exploitation of brand value, often with the an air of an unwarranted sense of self-importance and excess. 2nd: Make mandatory: staff name & role in /gulag/ and when exercising authority Reason: user-staff animosity would lessen considerably if the two-faced nature of some mod activity were addressed; example being when mods exercise their privileges over community-created content quasi-anonymously - this in turn generalizes the angry response (whether justified or not) across the whole of the staff and emboldens this us vs them animosity. It gets even worse when staff then answers to this Bunkerchan-meta drama completely anonymously. Whenever staff and the user-base communicate it should be without false pretenses - you have a certain role here and we are usually at your mercy, as long as that's underhandedly obfuscated (just causing furious confusion, which doesn't help anybody) I think a lot of issues would ease up quicker than they usually do, as it would instead be done with mutual confidence and respect. If I want to address a specific action undertaken by x mod and not y, z, a, or b then I would like to easily be able to address them specifically, sounds obvious when stated concretely, really. If mod z, a, and b had nothing to do with [topic x] becoming 'a thing' then why should a 'staff hate campaign' go over them as well? It really doesn't make sense.
>>3941 Can you let us post images on mobile? It doesn’t work, so I can’t post anything
>>5363 You can filter names and trips, don't expect an imageboard to stop being an imageboard for your convenience.
>>5369 Does it give you an error dialog when uploading? Do your images simply not appear? Or do you not see the option to upload files?
>>5371 The page resets with no file
>>5372 When I upload a file
>>5373 >>5372 if you're on TOR you need to toggle the option that says block bypass
>>5370 >You can filter names and trips No I can't, as I don't enable JS >don't expect an imageboard to stop being an imageboard for your convenience. What the fuck is this even supposed to mean? Are you implying name- and tripfagging is an essential core of imageboard culture that cannot and should not be remedied when repeatedly exploited by actors with ulterior motives to the discourse on this site (either outright spreading imperial propaganda or 'merely' starting personality cults)?
>>5376 try using css filters. get something like stylish to always load your custom css.
>>5384 nvm, you can't select on content
'Flood detected' gets triggered more easily than usual these last couple of days. Anything changed on the backend?
>>3536 Please remove this thread and remove the posts when the script is used in threads to discourage widespread spam / board pollution. If your response is "that's not a rule" then make a rule. Up quality control; Bunkerchan shouldn't be a garbage dump.
Ban the wojak script
>>5512 Don't or I'll be very very mad
>>5391 Not that I know.
>>5519 Please do this: >>5512 >>5517 Fuck you.
>>3980 >>3981 I suggest this at least on "serious boards", perhaps /leftypol/, /edu/, /tech/. It is only a tiny speed bump for someone who wants to impersonate multiple people. It wouldn't be any sort of mitigation against trolls or other bad faith actors or people who want to create illusion of participation in their thread or forge some epic creencaps via samefagging. They could just request new IP or do something almost equally trivial but if say 80% of the people wouldn't bother it would still be a huge positive. All it really would do would be to reduce the need for name-, avatar-, and flag-posting in long back and forths where in practice people already know pretty well who's who. In that way, it would increasingly approach the platonic ideal of imageboards in a sense that identities would follow people much less between threads unless they explicitly want to by doing the trips / avatar / flag thing. When pondering this one could also reach an argument that this sort of thing could be net negative for the community because they way chans maintain internal cohesion is through in-jokes - memeing, if you will. If this was discouraged, perhaps it would stagnate and turn the community into decline or even allow easier entry for the unwanted kind of outsiders. For that reason I personally am little wary to introduce them to all boards at once. Like everything else, the feature could be trialed on roulette though I doubt it would receive any serious resistance. I've seen it being implemented on ylilauta with little resistance tough it was trialed as a gold pass feature for years. On the other hand ylilauta is hardly an average imageboard, they have completely abandoned trips for example and the options now are one's username or anonymous (yes they have accounts for regular users). I bring this username stuff up because I'm already rambling so let me ramble a little bit more. My issue with the current system of tripcodes is basically that they are an obsolete hack from the very early days when imageboard softwares did not have hidden concept of user session under the hood and their intended usage was essentially the same as the newer innovation of per thread IDs. Hopefully when the board software is changed to the one under development by the local staff there would be some fresh development in this department in particular. I don't want this place to be ylilauta, don't get me wrong. In fact I'm deeply unhappy with the system of accounts they currently have. Firstly because it exposes the fact that we haven't truly been "anonymous" for over a decade on any modern chan, but more importantly it enables pretty egregious paywalling first and then promoting gold passes with special tags. That is definitely against the mythical chan culture, not changing things or introducing new features in itself.
>>5708 Nope, no IDs.
Automatically watch threads that you post in, and highlight your posts and replies to your post
>>5708 No IDs, this shit will turn into /pol/ 2.0 faster than you than one can blink
>>5717 How would that happen? In case of ylilauta the feature was released from the paywalling for everyone specially to combat constant far-right brigading and general intra-board shitposting. It wasn't a magic bullet but they also merged some boards and tweaked rules; after some months the place is almost healing now. By the way, the IDs are rolling alpha-numeric, so in vast majority of threads it will be only 2 digits. Y Board is a solid board system. The feature has also arrived fairly recently to 4/pol, definitely long after it was overrun by fashs.
Ban wojack script posters. >>5517 Kil lyerself.
>>5823 your mother should take away your iphone.
>>5827 >>5828 Fuck you.
Don't ban the wojak posters. If someone's spamming it's one thing. If someone uses it once a thread it's not a big deal and adds to activity imo
>>5836 This tbh, the only time it gets abused is when someone discovers it and goes silly with it, which is against the spam rules anyway.
>>5836 BANNED >>5828
>>5836 >if someone uses it once a thread show me where this ever happens? the script lends itself to spam, it's what it's designed for. this very thread shows so.
where's gochan, dude? I had even forgotten about it.
Can we support .webp images? They're getting more common, and it's a bit of a hassle to convert them
A warrant canary of some kind would be nice.
How's the onion service progressing? I tried to ask Space_ directly a couple of days ago when he made a short appearance >>>/GET/107081 , but he vanished quickly again with the speed of his arrival.
>>6186 lol, if you think Space will do anything other than cooperate fully with any law enforcement request you haven't been paying attention. Why do you think legal things like doxing are not allowed on bunkerchan? Because they don't want to piss off cloudflare. So if they already bend over backwards for cloudflare, a cop/agent/whatever would probably get admin login credentials by just asking.
(11.77 KB 16x12 pancake-flag.png)
<( Crosspost from >>>/leftypol/769912 ) >therealmovement [Jehu] is left-com. Jehu is a libertarian Marxist, not a left-communist. He appears to draw from PoMo sources too, saying shit like the following (and I quote): >Communism is free time and nothing else. [ https://ask.fm/Damn_Jehu ] This, and the fact that he LARPs as Morpheus from The Matrix, tells me that he's into the overall post-situationist/autonomist/Invisible Committee anarcho-communization milieu; which is not only categorically libertarian Marxist, but also draws from post-modernism in a way unlike earlier forms of even libertarian Marxism (think Mattick/Pannekoek/Rühle's councilism). This all quite strongly distinguishes people like him from left-communism (KAPD, ICP, PCInt, ICT, ICC), which is pretty much neatly tucked in between orthodox Marxism and Leninism. To make it crystal clear: Left-communism is centralist, while libertarian Marxism is decentralist. Unfortunately, on /leftypol/, """leftcom""" is fallaciously used in the vague umbrella-term fashion as it is on the subreddit, which is partially controlled by this Jehu clown (would you expect anything less from reddit-moderation of leftist subs?): https://old.reddit.com/r/leftcommunism/ (ctrl+f: therealmovement) https://en.internationalism.org/forum/1056/jamal/10096/ive-been-unilaterally-banned-rleftcommunism (ctrl+f: therealmovement) We only have one flag (that of the leftcom, centralist party PCInt) that gets conflated for everything, which continues this confusion. I've suggested, created, and shared for upload a Pancake icon (pic related) multiple times, for councilists/Situs/autonomists/communizers to use, which would work to clear up a lot of this for new people on the left online that seem to get zero clue for what Marxists like Luxemburg, Pannekoek, Gorter, Bordiga, Mattick, Damen, Debord, Dauvé, Negri and TIC have, or do not have, to do with each other. Here is a typical example of how a left-communist org describes itself (in this case the PCInt, the party of which the /leftypol/ symbol is cropped from): http://www.leftcom.org/en/about-us >This is [...] a party of agitation and political leadership on the basis of that programme. Only if the most advanced sectors of the proletariat recognise themselves in the political leadership of the party will we be on the road to the revolutionary socialist transformation. And this isn't even the Leninist party (like the ICP) -- these guys just consider themselves regular leftcoms. This is how Marxist (classical/orthodox/Leninist) left-communist orgs really are. You would never see a similar description to this from a libertarian Marxist org/student union/book club. Thereby: they are not left-communist, but a distinguished category (and in fact, that distinction took place already in the late 60s when the councilist-based Situationist International arose to some prominence. Wide use of the term 'libertarian Marxism' started here, over 50 years ago, with texts on the subject written by the French libertarian communist Daniel Guerin).
>>6340 Add this flag
(1.66 MB 1053x1070 something to say to you.png)
REQUEST: VIDEO THUMBNAIL PICS and maybe for PDFs too When will this be enabled? It was one of the first things complained about during the exodus from h8chan. It makes it hard for videos to stand out, especially if there are several. There aren't even separate proxy pics for videos vs. PDF embeds.
>>6351 Not possible with current software(lynxchan). Nonetheless alternate solutions are being worked on. Soon.
(261.48 KB 555x399 open for rape criminal.png)
>>6351 Nice file LOL
>>6299 Remember to post via tor or other anonymity networks, it might not be enough to stop the glowies from seeing you post on bunkerchan but at least it will make it significantly more difficult for them to actually trace things back to you.
>>6352 Then at least give different proxy pics to PDFs vs. videos, like there already are for music and spoilers.
(2.33 KB 200x250 Das pdf.gif)
>>6371 LOL maybe I'll throw together something more stylish in GIMP later
(13.93 KB 256x307 Bunkerchan PDF icon.png)
(12.94 KB 256x307 Bunkerchan MP4 icon.png)
(13.08 KB 256x307 Bunkerchan WebM icon.png)
>>6371 >>6372 Awrighty, 'forgot about that for a bit, but here. I don't know whether or not Lynxchan shitware supports this or not, but if it does, hopefully some of these will be useful, if you think the design is okay.
(13.00 KB 256x307 Bunkerchan Ogg icon.png)
(13.08 KB 256x307 Bunkerchan MP3 icon.png)
>>6431 >>6432 Good work!
>>6431 >>6432 these are wonderful.
>>6431 >>6432 very nice Ogg isn't centered though
(108.91 KB 1007x1007 download.jpg)
>>6431 >>6432 These are great. Maybe something like this for the webm and MP4 ones?
>>6520 Instead of the film, that is. Just to make it more visually interesting like the pdf one, which is my favorite.
Okay guys real constructive criticism time here: Seriously decide to centralize the topic of language-learning to a specific board, most preferrably and intuitively >>>/ref/ (as that's our /int/), instead of the situation now; lang-threads divided among four (4) boards (/leftypol/, /hobby/, /edu/ & /ref/). It would help a lot.
>>6619 <Cont. And if not /ref/ then at least pick a board; that's the larger point. So that it will be easier to grow and develop the topic (knowing where to find the threads easily, where the threads can mutually reinforce each other) but also for better moderation of the topic by the staff. I realized after posting that one could probably make a good argument for why it should be on /edu/ instead, but I think it's fairly clear for example that both /ref/ and /edu/ are obviously better places for the threads than both /hobby and /leftypol/. My argument for as to why they should go to /ref/ is that the nature of the discussion in these threads are much more banter-ish and quick, rather than, say a historical, biological or cosmological discussion with need for citations and references on a board like /edu/. Learning languages is way more flowing and easy-going in that sense and I think GET's /ref/ would be perfect for this.
>>6619 >>6620 /ref/ is under the jurisdiction of the /GET/ team so us /leftypol/ mods can't unilaterally decide to send any threads there (in fact beside admins no /leftypol/ mod have the ability to transfer a thread to /ref/ nor /GET/). Thus if you wish for /ref/ to become the place for language learning, you should propose the idea directly to the /GET/ team.
>>6641 I see. Could you guys at least move this >>>/hobby/13493 and this (if starts bumping again) >>>/leftypol/784622 to >>>/edu/, so that it will become the 'leftypol' language-learning center at least, in the meanwhile? Will drop by /ref/ with some questions tomorrow.
>>6641 I asked in >>>/ref/ and they seem to be up for it! >>>/ref/4510 Let's make /ref/ the official language-learning board!
gochan last commit was jul 27. Was it abandoned?
>>6835 The two lead programmers are having health issues is what I heard
(60.52 KB 760x650 1.png)
>>3955 >>3957 >Change the booru font to white so that it'll be more readable I have changed the booru css to one based on the Yotsuba theme.
>>6835 Why did you think it was a good idea for mods to have to fill out a captcha?
>>6997 So they couldn't spam the logs. But there's a recent setting that disables that, in case the site trusts all mods.
>>7000 They can still spam them by deleting posts
>>7019 They can't because they can only delete a post once. So you need to make more posts and stumble into anti-flood measures.
1. Are you guys (mods) even here anymore? You're so silent now-a-days. Weren't you in the making of upgrading the servers or something several months ago by now? You were both talking about the server code and the tor onion service. 2. Why is IG still as shit as ever even after the supposed 'upped moderation'? Still just 3 ecelebs getting shilled constantly (Vaush, Maupin, Ashleigh), while everyone on /leftypol/ broadly seems to have much better taste / subscriptions on average. At some point why one has to admit that the general is way to broad in scope and thus too hard to moderate effectively and do something about it. Since the 3 characters getting advertised are very easily definable by their content (in order: radlib grifter, USano wannabe politician, radlewd grifter) they obviously could get divided into one new and two already existing generals: /radlib watch/, /USApol/ and 'simp' on /GET/. /radlib watch/ would both be a much better containment method than /IG/, because sometimes (I know it's rare) there's actually some interesting stuff being posed in /IG/. This way you could, in other words, finally solve the glowing eyesore 80% of the board probably already has hidden.
>>6431 >>6432 A month later and still supporting this.
>>7160 The onion service is delayed until Space_ decides to do it. Same with other server configurations, as vols we're limited in what we can do. I'll bring up your concerns with /ig/ to the team. Although one problem I foresee already is that trying to make a radlib containment is going to lead into fighting over what does and doesn't belong. I would suggest users rather violate the containment for actually interesting things instead of posting them in there, leaving it for gossip. Perhaps this could be made explicit in the OP
>>7162 >[x] is delayed until Space_ [never] decides to do it. This isn't sustainable. It's time vols, mods, the other admins and the userbase decide to chart an alternative; out of this rut. It's not my intention to be dramatic, but it's been like this since I returned around winter and it's been a fucking quarantine season where basically an unprecedented amount of energy is redirected to personal computers and hobbies. Space_ has everything but explicitly abandoned this site and community and that is holding it back from flourishing / getting anywhere / not dying (which static ~500 users for about a year conveys -- down from volatile potentials of thousands). Not having a sysadmin is pretty detrimental for any website, but especially an anonymous social media community / cyberculture with actual aspirations for influence. It cannot go on like this without a planned or unplanned split happening and I would prefer it to be the former, to avoid multiple splinters which often comes with the latter. 1. Set up a donation page for servers. 2. When the cost of a year is covered launch it with: a. the same code and staff (minus the vacant) b. onion server c. improved thumbnails d. bugfixed report function and ban logs f. improved relations with /GET/ in reference to the server issue drama... g. maybe even a Peertube instance for archiving clips Opportunities just keep passing us by simply by being stuck here. There obviously are technical people among us just by taking a look at /tech/. A single, normally competent sysadmin could do the above a-to-g in an afternoon (IIRC d is no longer an issue, the codebase just hasn't been updated or some shit?). Either a root sysadmin pertains to their social media cyberculture community at least a couple of hours a week, or they get couped. It really doesn't need to be more complicated than that.
>>7173 I reckon that if the vol team had plans to "split" from Space, they would keep it secret from us until the last moment. Would they publicly come forth with one Space could simply pull the rug from under their feet and install his nazbol friends in their place. Or maybe I'm just coping and they aren't preparing anything, which considering the history /leftypol/ has had with its modteam is quite possible, unfortunately. Anyways, I certainly hope the mods explicitly complained about those issues with Space and don't simply accept the status quo after having succumbed for TINA.
>>7173 Sure, let's go all SAO on them
can we have big text feature like this integrated like the Linux terminal program figlet ░█▀▄░█░█░█▀█░█░█░█▀▀░█▀▄░█▀▀░█░█░█▀█░█▀█ ░█▀▄░█░█░█░█░█▀▄░█▀▀░█▀▄░█░░░█▀█░█▀█░█░█ ░▀▀░░▀▀▀░▀░▀░▀░▀░▀▀▀░▀░▀░▀▀▀░▀░▀░▀░▀░▀░▀ ┏┓ ╻ ╻┏┓╻╻┏ ┏━╸┏━┓┏━╸╻ ╻┏━┓┏┓╻ ┣┻┓┃ ┃┃┗┫┣┻┓┣╸ ┣┳┛┃ ┣━┫┣━┫┃┗┫ ┗━┛┗━┛╹ ╹╹ ╹┗━╸╹┗╸┗━╸╹ ╹╹ ╹╹ ╹ ____ _ _ | ) _ _ _ | | _ _ _| | _ _ __ | _ \| | | | '_ \| |/ / _ \ '/ | '_ \ / _` | '_ \ | |_) | |_| | | | | < / | | (| | | | (_| | | | | |__/ \,_|_| |_|_|\_\_|_| \_|_| |_|\__,_|_| |_| __ __ / ) __ / /_ __/ /_ __ ___ / / / / / \/ //_/ _ \/ _/ _/ \/ `/ __ \ / /_/ / /_/ / / / / ,< / / / / // / / / /_/ / / / / /_/\,_/_/ /_/_/|_|\_/_/ \_/_/ /_/\,_/_/ /_/ ____ _ _ | _ \ | | | | | |_) |_ _ _ | | _ _ _| | _ _ | _ <| | | | '_ \| |/ / _ \ '/ | '_ \ / _` | '_ \ | |_) | |_| | | | | < / | | (| | | | (_| | | | | |__/ \,_|_| |_|_|\_\_|_| \_|_| |_|\__,_|_| |_| ┏━ ┃ ┃┏━ ┃ ┃┏━┛┏━┃┏━┛┃ ┃┏━┃┏━ ┏━┃┃ ┃┃ ┃┏┛ ┏━┛┏┏┛┃ ┏━┃┏━┃┃ ┃ ━━ ━━┛┛ ┛┛ ┛━━┛┛ ┛━━┛┛ ┛┛ ┛┛ ┛ , _ /|/_) |) _ ,_ _ |) _, | \| | /|/| |/) |/ / | / |/\ / | /|/| |(_/ \/|_/ | |_/| \/|_/ |/\__/| |/\/|_/ | |_/ , __ _ _ /|/ \ | | | | | / _ _ | | _ ,_ | | __, _ _ | \| | / |/ | |/_) |/ / | / |/ \ / | / |/ | |(/ \_/|_/ | |_/| \_/|/ |_/\___/| |_/\_/|_/ | |_/ ⣏⡱ ⡀⢀ ⣀⡀ ⡇⡠ ⢀⡀ ⡀⣀ ⢀⣀ ⣇⡀ ⢀⣀ ⣀⡀ ⠧⠜ ⠣⠼ ⠇⠸ ⠏⠢ ⠣⠭ ⠏ ⠣⠤ ⠇⠸ ⠣⠼ ⠇⠸ ▛▀▖ ▌ ▌ ▙▄▘▌ ▌▛▀▖▌▗▘▞▀▖▙▀▖▞▀▖▛▀▖▝▀▖▛▀▖ ▌ ▌▌ ▌▌ ▌▛▚ ▛▀ ▌ ▌ ▖▌ ▌▞▀▌▌ ▌ ▀▀ ▝▀▘▘ ▘▘ ▘▝▀▘▘ ▝▀ ▘ ▘▝▀▘▘ ▘ or maybe image to ascii like the Linux terminal program jp2a .. ... . .... ........... .... ............. ..... ............. ..... ............ ...... ............... ...... .................. ...... ....... ........ ...... ... ....... ...... ....... ...... ....... ....... ......... ....... ......... ...... ........ ...... ........ ....... ........ ....... ...... ............... ............ ........... ....... .......... ............. ...... ............................... ....... .................... ......... ........ ........... ........ ...... ...... .... ..
>>7524 (me) oh it got jumbled up :( never mind then.
Oh cool, I can visit the site again. Cloudflare blocked my proxy for the past few days.
>>7545 We were being raided by /pol/
Anyway to hide comments or use a MD5 Image hash to get rid of certain same image posters like Wojack?
>>7620 >hide comments Yes, the very large crossed out circle.
Suggestion: Ban comments that copy and paste someone else's comment and post a picture of a wojack
>feature request can we have a narrator button https://www.hongkiat.com/blog/text-to-speech/ It might give effort theory posts greater reach if all the people with capitalist attention span could just listen to it.
One thing I miss from 8/leftypol/ is that their was a sticky thread where people posted about books they were reading, and suggested books to people, and posted .pdfs files. Is their any plan to revive such a sticky thread? Quality has gone down sense fleeing 8chan and I think that is partially why?
>>7703 You can post books here >>>/leftypol/668788, the archived one is here >>>/leftypol/8537, or do you mean something else?
>>7785 do you remember the thread where pic related were from
>>7802 If you're talking about the /read/ing group thread, it's been bumped off /leftypol/. The successor of this thread is found on /edu/ here >>>/edu/4956 . A similar general discussion thread >>>/edu/3434
Space_ since you're online now please heed our call for the implementation of a Bunkerchan onion server
I thank the staff for the introduction of the /b/ containment board, resulting in a ten-fold increase in quality on all other boards on Bunkerchan. What do you think of introducing umbrella-boards >>>/sanity/ (/leftypol/, /hobby/, /tech/ & /edu/) >>>/decadence/ (/games/, /anime/ & /b/) to further contain the knuckle-dragging lumpens on the second while solidifying a resilient culture of disciplined competence on the first?
>>7973 >Lumping /anime/ with /b/ >reconsolidating /hobby/ with /tech/ and /edu/ >Putting /hobby/, /tech/ and /edu/ in with /leftypol Fuck off cunt, are you trying to get 90% of the actual decent threads deleted? Sounds like borderline glownigger shit, trying to wreck the site. 1) Stop trying to dissolve our current boards this has been discussed and nobody wants it. 2) Slower boards are better for slower topics and don't require gatekeepers be up 24/7 so that some retard doesn't push threads off the board with spam or shitty bait threads like /leftypol/ is wont to be. /edu/ is for purely educational discussion and serves as a slower board for educational topics, without politsrach /tech/ is one of the oldest boards and was reseparated from /hobby/ because computer science and other discussions are far drier and slower topics than even /hobby/ can allow for without them getting thrown to the bottom of Catalog /games/ and /anime/ are active enough and were seperated after trial periods on the now defunct >>>/roulette/ board, they were successful despite being isolated and have a lot of content /b/ shouldn't have been made in the first place, but since we're here, keep the garbage out of our games, hobby and anime, we don't need literal spam-fags and shitposters flooding threads with a hundred retarded takes and duplicate OPs and killing threads
(563.22 KB 801x837 rulez.png)
>We STILL lack Global Rules Not sure if this is the right thread but fuck it, here's a basic skeleton of Global Rules for the site I suggest we implement since the current Rules are nonexistent https://bunkerchan.xyz/.static/pages/globalRules.html 1) Do not post anything that violating local or United States law such as, but not limited to, Child Pornography. 2) Do not post or request personal information ("dox") of users of the site 3) Regular pornography, Anthropomorphic ("furry") pornography, Grotesque ("guro") images and drawn pornography must be spoilered outside of >>>/b/ 4) No spamming or flooding of any kind. No intentionally evading spam or post filters. 5) Threads should be created with substantial OPs containing a meaningful topic of discussion outside of >>>/b/ 6) Do not create duplicate threads unless the previous thread is Bumplocked. If you plan on making a thread, make sure to check catalog to see if the topic already exists 7) Post topics in their appropriate board: - Political Discussion and News threads belong in >>>/leftypol/ - History, Education and Book reading belong on >>>/edu/ - Discussions of technology relating to computer hardware and software go on >>>/tech/ - Anime, manga and other Asian-related media belong on >>>/anime/ - Videogames, Boardgames, Roleplaying, Console, Arcade and Mobile/Computer games belong on >>>/games/ - Media - /tv/, /lit/, Art/Architecture, Cartoons/Comics, Character discussions, Outdoor activities (Gardening, Hiking, Hunting, DIY/Survivalism, Martial Arts/Fitness), Weapons/Military, Fandoms (SCP, MLP, Furry), and other HOBBIES excluding those involving anime, games and tech belong on >>>/hobby/ - Moderation feedback and discussion of the site goes on >>>/gulag/ 8) Use archive.is to save images and threads, Guidelines: >>>/gulag/5621 This is just a basic set I reccommend.
Don't kmow if this is the right place to post this, but may I suggest adding a feature that distinguishes epub and pdf files? At least when I am on mobile, I can't check the file name, and the last thing I want is to accidentally download the anarchist cookbook.
>>7997 Thought this was added server side already Go here https://paste.gg/p/comrade/43edd0e233364a5cb7e638eab6169a16#0836852e91854c69b5ff29093aeb2e17-title > Differentiate pdf/epub thumbnails from webm/mp4 you'll have to switch to desktop mode on your phone browser to access the settings menu but it works nonetheless
>>7986 Can we get this made please?
Can you guys do a fly-by over /b/? Don't be so hands-off that you let /pol/ make a colony out of one of our boards.
>>8091 this
/tech/ seems to be mistakenly excluded from https://bunkerchan.xyz/sfwoverboard ? The board's not really a hotbed of porn or anything, also people need to heighten their tech literacy.
Bunkerchan forward!: >>>/leftypol/1062781
suggestion for bunkerchan mascot
>>8237 fag
Why is /b/ on sfwoverboard?
>>8248 they shouldn't be but sometimes threads get moved to /b/ from /leftypol/ and due to a bug in lynxchan will continue to appear on the safe for work overboard
(145.27 KB 998x672 cucked.jpg)
add images for the 404 page >>8237 >>>/GET/
(21.70 KB 674x489 replysystem.png)
>>3941 A system to keep track of your posts like on the other chan(pic related) would be super neat imo. I tried to brute force it with a script on my end but I have no idea what I'm doing coding is hard
Since the creation of /b/ (which I support) /edu/ has taken a noticable dive in activity - I think this is due to /leftypol/ regaining some of the 'lost' quality of before; namely becoming more focused on good, informative, engaging threads again. But since I do see a benefit of /edu/, especially for more theory-heavy, complicated topics which by their nature take longer to develop, I think you should create some formal moderator model for when you should and shouldn't also move threads to /edu/ (of which you right now don't often seem to do, if at all, instead mostly from /leftypol/ -> /b/). I have seen a lot of threads lately on /leftypol/ that could be reasonably assessed to be moved to /edu/, but since they're not - now we're effectively having two /leftypoledu/ boards, one's that's overwhelmingly active and one that's drying up.
What happened to the phone app tutorial?
I can't be the only one that finds the Grace-poster revolting and sus as fuck?
>>8366 I think they're revolting, but they're a harmless shitposter. Let's not turn into reddit and just hide/ignore their shit yeah?
>This thread >When 25 comrades try to communicate with the mods on the designated board and thread over the course of a month but are ignored
>>8400 To be fair, this is not the right topic for moderation feedback. This is for technical features and so on. But I agree we haven't been working hard enough to respond to posts on this board. I apologise and we will try to do better.
>>8400 It is a feature not a bug. But any real advise received gets discussed within the mods. I don't want to start feedback loops anyway.
>>8429 Read Mao
>>8431 Mao had experience with managing an anonymous Korean beatboxing imageboard?
(327.82 KB 1061x956 yes-chad-marx-engels-lenin.png)
"Have you admins considered making the home only show posts from side boards and/or making a separate overboard for only the side boards so the main place stops hogging up almost all activity?" copied from a 0 post topic
Mods, it's time (make it Official): >>>/tech/5958
When will the thread watcher work?
Mods, can you please clean up this thread >>>/hobby/5906/? Some retarded rightoid redditor started derailing it by posting about gun control.
(1.57 MB 473x360 gates.gif)
would it be possible to fix .gif transparency without breaking video thumbnails? prior to the update, .gifs had the same transparency as normal images, but now they seem to automatically have a white background in the thumbnail (which breaks any gif intended to blend with the board theme, like pic related.)
(597.60 KB 473x360 gates.png)
>>8865 Level up your format.
>>8866 noted, but now the thumbnail is static.
>>8867 Blame that ass Stephen Lynx for discrimination against a superior format.
if I drew a Hegel flag could we get it installed here? I'm sure I'm not the only /edu/fag who would like to be able to use one.
>>8944 I don't see why not, go for it
>>8944 based
>>7986 Bump, we STILL haven't had Global Rules established on the Global Rules page. Is it that hard to copy-paste?! I'm not a mod or admin but surely someone can do it?! we could probably avoid a lot of hassle with babd faither posters by posting the link to the rules every time someone is an idiot as a warning
Is there any way to disable "flood detected" for post deletion, or at least reduce the timer (or however it's calculated)? for some reason every time i try to delete a post shortly after making it (such as if it includes an incredibly confusing typo) it'll give "flood detected" several times before just getting rid of it. if there's a mandatory waiting period like on 4chan it would be preferable to show the amount of seconds you're expected to wait instead of saying "flood detected" when there isn't actually a flood.
>>9117 >Is there any way to disable "flood detected" for post deletion, or at least reduce the timer (or however it's calculated)? Not that I can see in the board settings, sorry.
>>8860 You should report the derailing posts, especially when they are persistent and fails to go back on track.
>>9075 Hello, we are discussing this but having some disagreements internally. We will get to it, sorry.


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