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(213.01 KB 1892x638 ban.png)
Comrade 12/30/2019 (Mon) 22:13:37 No. 3892
How about you guys take care of the tranny janitors abusing their power?
>>>/leftypol/192143 >graceposter is not ip-banned but I am Excuse me, but what in the actual fuckity fuck?
>>3895 i like graceposter in all honesty, nobody should be banned
>>3892 Do you think your attitude might be related to why you got banned?
>>3902 god I wish that were me
>>3902 >Having a problem with different attitudes on an anonymous imageboard Yo that's retarded
>>3906 The manifesto says mods have the right to ban people for acting hysterical/trolling/bad faith posting etc.
>>3911 And what the fuck has that to do with my thread?
>>3912 If the mods decide that is what your thread is that is what it is. Sorry girl
>>3914 I think it should be based on a little more than a mod’s feels bootlicker.
>>3929 Yeah you think it should be based on your feels suck my dick, choke on it
>>3931 >Yeah you think it should be based on your feels Aww poor baby, you don’t like people criticizing your jannie daddy. >suck my dick, choke on it I’ll bite it off faggot.
>>3931 >Yeah you think it should be based on your feels How about some rules that the community can agree on ya emotionally stunted dummy.
>>3933 Like the manifesto?
>>3934 Reading the manifesto should be considered a requirement.
https://bunkerchan.xyz/.global/logs/leftypol/2020-01-22.html I have just experienced several threads I was in being deleted. Being surrounded by so much purging gives an uncomfy imageboard experience. I would like to see a rundown what kind of posts were exactly deleted, because the logs are unspecific (no reasons are given for deleted posts, leaving user insight into moderation process wanting) Comatoast, frankly, scares me.
>>3984 I have put forward a proposal that all bans must have a reason attached.
>>4041 Seconded.
>>3904 but Anon, it's not easy being green.


no cookies?