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New /tv/ and /lit/ boards? Comrade 10/15/2019 (Tue) 04:46:40 No. 2256
I'm making this thread to formally petition new boards and show popular support for the idea from users. To that end, participate in this strawpoll
also feel free to voice dissent/support or suggestions for more boards.

Note that this isn't official polling, users have no say in anything, but at the suggestion of >>>/leftypol/93759 i'm creating this thread nonetheless
Why not use /e/
Or if possible, make /tv/ and /lit/ but have them as aliases of /e/, 3 links 1 destination.
While I welcome the creation of this thread and the discussion it will bring about, I think we should have in parallel to that (not in the same thread of course), a conversation about how to make this site grow without compromising the spirit (spooky I know) of /leftypol/ and getting overrun with radlib or /pol/tards (and FEDs). Because if we are stuck at 200/300 unique users, I don't think creating new boards will get us anywhere...

I think that the most natural first choice for a new (hobby) board would be /lit/, because sharing theory and resources is crucial disseminate Marxist and revolutionary thought and because I would attract many users potentially that are disgusted with the current state of 4chan's /lit/ where people would unironically make posts about the last book pewdiepie read or Jordan Peterson's video.
/e/ is gay and pointless. It's too vauge.

There's to much redundancy on the site; Which is why /lit/. is needed so badly.
We need to Axe /dead/ and /e/ (this includes removing them from the front page and utility bar up at the top) and replace them with /lit/ and whatever else is necessary.
But the problem is that we are short on web devs, at the moment, to implement that because ours is too busy getting exploited by porky unfortunately (for him because he really wants to work on the site and for us obviously).
sadly i think 4chan's /g/ is maybe the most reactionary board on the entire site, so i doubt reaching out for help from them would be fruitful. maybe its worth trying anyway
I don't think we need a new logo for the site anyway.
is there some way throwing money at this problem can fix it? we could have a drive
shouldn't there also be a /v/ board?
Not /tv/, /mu/ and /lit/. There is a lot of leftist music out there, being made now too. Lots to discuss. There aren't that many leftist movies and shows. It'd just be us shitting on Hollywood movies for being propaganda. You can do that in /e/.

/mu/ could bring people to this site, too, if the posts and discussion are good enough and good music gets shared. Lots of leftist underground punk being released. I think we have an opportunity here.
Maybe it doesn't work like this but. Shouldn't adding/removing boards be inbuilt? Did something go wrong along the way to make it a hassle?
The trick is to read an anticommunist film in such a way that you show how its really procommunist. Also I think there are users here from 4chan /tv/ already here that would use it
>The trick is to read an anticommunist film in such a way that you show how its really procommunist.
That's just a silly exercise, imho. And it would basically amount to being dishonest because most movies are actually capitalist propaganda. A music board can actually bring in leftists.

>Also I think there are users here from 4chan /tv/ already here that would use it
Have you been to /tv/? It's a reactionary board.
When a board doesn't have much traffic to begin with, splitting it into three will likely result in basically dead places.
the board in general has enough traffic to warrant these boards
and the creation of these boards would lead to more traffic
those are the two points put forward. if you build it they will come or in chinese wisdom
>if you want to get rich, build roads first
personally, I believe that if we are expanding the boards we should do this:

>ask the community in which boards they are interested
>make a strawpoll with "Allow multiple poll answers" like this https://www.strawpoll.me/18813638
>if a particular board has more than 20 / 30 votes we add it
/leftypol/ vol here, we are seriously thinking about adding new hobby boards to fill the vacuum left by 8chan's demise, we will make in the coming weeks an official discussion thread about what boards should be added, their rules (e.g. sfw or nsfw) etc...
We might recruit too one or two new vols to help with the news boards.
But right now a good chunk of the bunkerchan team is busy at the moment with work/school so please be patient. It'll give you time to think about that.
Thank you.


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