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Honest question. Comrade 11/21/2020 (Sat) 12:46:13 No. 8761
So basically gender dysphoria (a conversation on transexuals) is idpol, so hence I can never have a conversation on it at this site? Mods this is a sincere question, I in good faith want to know. If the answer is yes I will simply never mention it again. If the answer is no and I can have a conversation, how? I legitimately was struggling with the culture war aspect and how I think it negatively hurts the left. I really did want to be informed on its nature more. So please mods or a oldfag who knows what's up on the policy of all this, inform me. Sorry if I'm making a repeat of another thread on /b/. If mods want they of course can remove that similar thread. I forgot about this board for a moment.
You can make it on /b/ and I won't ban you. Scout's honour. But these threads usually go to shit so you'll see why they're banned.
>>8762 I made this thread here https://bunkerchan.xyz/b/res/13576.html I was ignorant and was tried of the culture war. I wanted it to end, which is why I made the suggestion in the OP.
>>8762 I love Arai-san
>>8763 it's unlocked now.


no cookies?