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/leftypol/ Mod feedback thread Mod feeback thread 07/13/2020 (Mon) 17:33:32 No. 5320
/leftypol/ Mod feedback thread /leftypol/ Mod feedback thread Mod logs: https://bunkerchan.xyz/logs.js?boardUri=leftypol Substitute leftypol with whatever board you want to check. Questions about why you were banned. Appeals. General inquiries. Complaints.
Edited last time by pask on 08/09/2020 (Sun) 10:33:06.
>>6258 This. I did a few global reports.
(9.65 KB 225x224 pipo.jpg)
>>6265 anti-idpol is usually fine. "fuck [trannies/white pipo/black pipo/homos/etc]" is not anti-idpol, it directly is idpol.
>>6266 Saying you hate trannies is idpol, but acknowledging that a lot of trannies are radlibs who try to make leftism all about the plight of the trans is not idpol. Also when users on this site talk about trans rights or "this persons transphobic yada yada" thats also idpol.
Fuck you guys. Get a consistent policy on idpol or kill yourself. Legalize Sakai posting. I'm going to keep doing it anyway no matter what, so fuck you.
Requesting that mods follow the request in >>>/games/3642 since its a minor OP edit and the original poster agreed. A designated meme thread would be useful
>>6268 >>6268 >acknowledging that a lot of trannies are radlibs who try to make leftism all about the plight of the trans is not idpol You talking about "trannies" like they're some group is idpol. Idpol is you placing their trans identity over their class identity like you just did. They're not "trannies", they are working class people who also happen to be transgender. If you have a transgender shoe salesman in Portland and a transgender factory worker in West Virginia, their commonality is not that they are both transgender (that is idpol), their commonality is that they are workers. The fact that they are both transgender is merely a coincidence, and living in largely different places, embedded in different kinds of societies, their transgender experience would be different. tl;dr Writing (generalised) descriptions of identity groups is idpol.
A Wojack spammer on /leftypol/ again
>>6276 >Muh trannies Stop knee-jerk reacting to this shit. its just a bastardized pluralization of trans. Also dude, you're technically agreeing, since that was their point that "talking shit about "le trannies" is idpol, but admitting that trans identarianism is usually liberal idpol bullshit is not in and of itself idpol.
(474.15 KB 1500x1500 Gamer Seuss.png)
>>6274 Please do this mods
Stop being hypocrites and delete the low-effort leftcom-bashing bait thread.
>>6278 Mods are misguided.
The mods of this site are viscous white supremacists. Fuck them. You don't even have to be a Sakaist anymore. Just say that anti-racism is necessary for class struggle and they'll ban your for le idpoo. They deleted the whole Hinterland thread just because I was arguing that white workers need to fight racism for a true class struggle. Fuck you guys. GET A DEFINITION OF IDPOL AND STICK BY IT. MY POSTS WERE FINE UNDER THE CURRENT RULES. I bet 95% of you guys are white amerikkkan crackers. Lynch yourselves.
>>6289 You were repeating sakaist idpol about white workers exploiting blacks. The definition of idpol is dividing workers against each other on a basis of identity.
>>6289 The whole thing was locked because it was a derailed thread, also you are definetly sakaist (by internet terms) and no that slav fag you keep shilling for doesn't help you. I mean sure that pro cop retard was a massive mindnigger and probably an incel but your spergouts about white priviledge were and are worse, a white bias doesn't change anything in regards to the structural base of capitalism.
>>6289 Leftypol is majority white and that has been the case, it has been a joke around this circle that we are whiter then them
Hey mods can we have the hinterlands thread back with the sakaiposting and copcocksucking removed?
why do certain threads like the cockshott thread get bumplocked? why not just make it a cyclical thread?
>>6294 And anti-ML threads removed within minutes and anti-leftcom and -anarchism thread stays for days?
>>6294 Because they belong on >>>/edu/ >>6289 >I was arguing that white workers need to fight racism for a true class struggle This has been discussed before and the unanimous agreement was that yes, racism is bad and should be avoided from all sides this is an unspoken rule on /leftypol/ and does not need to be discussed more when it is painfully obvious as it is. White workers should be conscious of the realities of the race myth and avoid following racial prejudices HOWEVER, modern identarian struggles shouldn't be mindless supported without knowing where the head is. BLM for example is a Soros lap-dog, a controlled opposition who pretend to be radical, but are just liberals on a payroll, just like Gloria Steinhem was for feminists in the 60s and 70s. Its the same reason we don't justify Pol-Pot or Western Feminism, they're just shills. The Original Black Rights movement, led by Hampton, MLK and others was legitimate, they regardless of their personal indignance at racism, kept in mind socialist ideas and did not let their feelings get in the way of allying with white workers who supported them and did not attack random petit-bourgs and focused on the big-bugs of the establishment. There is no point in burning down some small ass pizza-place owned by some family-business when the real issue is companies and bastards like Tesla, Musk, Gates, Bezos and other scum-bags. >white amerikkkan crackers <Muh white identity is important here This does not help your case >>6295 Anti-ML threads are 90% liberal bitching while anti-anarchist and anti-leftcom threads are focused almost entirely on objective issues with modern leftcoms and anarchists memeing aside. There are SOME good anarchist and leftcom posters, and the provide valuable criticisms and effort posts, however the over-all tendencies of these posters are red n' black radlibs who LARP as socialists and spam "muh theory" as arguments and refuse to be objective. This reflects the immigration of chapoposters and their ilk to these boards, which is why the Mods are so harsh with them.
>>6296 Maybe reddit is more your speed, r/communism has tens of thousands of members and mods there maintain a ML safespace, deleting any criticism of ML and MLs and banning anarchists on sight. For you, that's heaven on Earth. Now fuck off.
>>6294 TBH, cyclicals should only be used for shitposting threads, since it makes it harder to keep track of archival for meatier threads. >>6295 Because Leninists are salty, thin-skinned little bitches that act like they own the board. Other tendencies still have some amount of humility.
(25.35 KB 202x234 quality.png)
I cannot fucking believe this is a mod. >>6296 So what belongs on /leftypol/ then? Kamala Harris threads? >anti-leftcom threads are focused almost entirely on objective issues >This dipshit just argued that pic related is objective, fair, balanced "criticism" and not just an example of blatant ML board corruption By all means, go ahead, hang yourself. Do you want some of my rope or did you already bring your own?
>>6296 Post under your username, coward.
(61.94 KB 720x718 chuckles sovietly.jpg)
>>6297 >muh r/communism >muh safespace Cope >>6300 >pic related Nice outlier there faggot The report button is right there. And use the Cheka thread as well. Not everyone gunning for leftcoms is "muh MLs" you idiot. >>>6298 >Leninists are salty, thin-skinned little bitches Says the person whining on gulag TL;DR: Keep bitching everyone I'm sure that's a lot more valuable than doing the simple thing of reporting and hiding threads... y'know like any old-fag would do.
(1.19 MB gets.webm)
>>6303 >>6304 >the simple thing of reporting and hiding threads... y'know like any old-fag would do. Sadly, the hotpocketarchy has come out against the third leg of that system, the time honored democratic tradition of sagebombing shit threads into oblivion.
>Your ip was recognized as a known spammer What is this shit and why doesn't it go away after I reset my router?
>>6306 you likely got caught up in a rangeban
>>6301 >>6300 Thread has been moderated for rule-breaking sectarianism. Sorry it took so long to respond
(26.49 KB 345x198 1556143928649.png)
>>6310 I still don't understand, what is the significance of that cartoon animal?
>>6311 Platypus Society is a leftcom book reading club. The cartoon animal is a platypus.
>>6312 So the thread isn't offensive at all.
>>6296 >BLM for example is a Soros lap-dog, LMAO, literally Nazi tier argument, never change lefty/pol/
>>6314 >Muh nazi boogieman <How dare you point out the identarian liberal sell-outs, are sell-outs! Rent Free BTW this is something said by ex Black Panther members m8. >6315 >a extremist Nazi forum called 8chan Ok glownigger >producing two real life massacres Both of which were reposted there after first being streamed and posted on facebook and instragram and twitter. >Most of the anons on leftypol are closet Nazi sympathizers Ok liberal
(132.67 KB 929x1175 fuck you janny.png)
>User CL_anon banned the posters of the following posts: 768166 from board /leftypol/ until Thu Aug 13 2020 00:43:02 GMT+0200 (Central European Summer Time) with reason "wojak spam". <posting any wojaks is now wojak spam I am evading the ban and there is nothing you can do about it
>>6315 wait really? source?
>>6315 >Most of the anons on leftypol are closet Nazi sympathizers. No they aren't. A lot of the people here are converts from /pol/ though and believe that nazis can be converted which is in fact actually easier than converting liberals. >>6325 It wasn't just that, It was also shut down because theres been like eight spotlights on 8chan and how they allow pro-pedophilia boards which often contain links to sites that host illegal content. Thats another reason why it got shut down.
>>6325 The 'source' is fucking liberal media. /leftypol/ split from /pol/ after 8ch arose, yes, BUT we already existed on bunkerchan before this and other leftist chans and boards existed, we're just the only one's that are really relevant anymore. >>6326 >No they aren't Anon, it's a glownig, ignore them
>>6312 >Platypus Society is a leftcom book reading club Platypus aren't leftcom, because that would require them to be communists, which they aren't. It's a right-wing Marxist club that analyses Marxist texts and events to figure out why the left has failed. Their leader, Chris Cutrone is a Trump supporter. There have been many left-wing critiques of Platypus, none of them have characterised them as "leftcom".
Good this is back. Noobs were never gonna find >>>/gulag/ . Why is >>769345 locked? It has way more effort put into it than the dozen one liner threads we get a day and it actually parodies an existing tendency.
>>6326 >how they allow pro-pedophilia boards By which the MSM meant "how they ban even 100% legal child modeling pics in an effort to stamp out pedos, and get spammed with falseflags from SJWs so often they actually caught several fucking up on Twatter with kompromat". Which ultimately alongside a desire to pivot to /r/T_D QBoomers that hate weebs fed into obliterating 8kun over pigfarmer's hyper-paranoid ban on anything even vaguely resembling lolicon >>6328 Also, (while I came in from nuatheist/gaymur webforums via #burgersandfries myself) I had the general impression more of the original /leftypol/acks were native to 4/lit/ than 4/pol/.
>>6345 >Muh CGI children fap-material!!!! Go back to /dead/ blackfag poster, we know its you.
Has the e-simp janny who cucks himself for onlyfans e-thots been active again?
>>6348 >muh face depicted to be under 18 It's okay paedoanon, I'm sure you care more about protecting 2D spooks than actual kids.
>>6350 >muh face Yeah, no you pedo-fag >care more about 2D Nice projection there faggot
(106.15 KB 680x680 pepe cry rage.jpg)
MODS, the U.S. national-security state/MIC is dismantling the postal system as we speak to rig the elections The US navy has seized Iranian tankers The upcoming Happenings are too fucking Big to contain in just one thread (/USApol/) Re-cycle and un-anchor the fucking /BURGERKRIEG/ general right fucking NOWW! ! !
>>6357 You believe that conspiracy shit? Jason Unruhe said that And anything he says is a lie
>>6357 Conversations get stale and hard to follow. It's nice to get new OP every once in a while with fresh info. If you want a particular thread back (burgerkrieg) make another one. >>6354 >>6350 plz don't discuss this here, it makes it hard to identify messages to mods.
>>6361 Fed


no cookies?