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the pedophile problem Comrade 04/29/2020 (Wed) 21:29:35 No. 4766
that pedo keeps spamming his shit, how do we get rid of him?
>>4766 I reported all of them. Just get the jannies to do their fucking job. Also, I found a /pol/ thread on /leftypol/ two days ago. I think we're getting raided
>>4767 */leftypol/ thread on /pol/
>>4767 i also keep reporting them, but to report i first need to see it, i dont want to see those images anymore, OP pic is what i want to do to myself every time i see those pictures and i bet the jannies are tired of it too >/leftypol/ thread on /pol/ link? this is not the first time i saw those pedo posts here, also i once saw them on a even more obscure imageboard,i think he just spams everywhere
IT'S simple. We start posting 3DPD Big tiddies. Fight garbage with fire
(164.53 KB 378x287 disgruntledsquidward.png)
>>4766 >>4767 >Just get the jannies to do their fucking job. Yup, it's really that easy. This last week has seen so much cancer tolerated. The pedoposting is only the most egregious example. Now this tumor needs excising. There is nothing at all to gain by allowing bad faith actors to shit up the board. It is much safer and conducive to the health of the board to take action.
>>4785 Based and Squidpilled
it happened again, please someone make it stop
>>4767 Getting hunted by federal authorities to own the commies.


no cookies?