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(173.65 KB 800x388 kek.jpg)
Bunkerchan is falling dowm Space_##m0Wyzz 07/05/2016 (Tue) 21:27:50 No. 436
falling down, falling down, bunkerchan is falling down, my fair lady.


Current problems
1) Deep_comrade Brought something up with the CSS
2)SSL has expired Hoxha, jny needs to update it.


Please add more to the thread.
Bunkerchan hidden service when?
when I have time
please set a default theme for all boards.
noscript users can not set one, which makes everything incredibly confusing, and people who don't use noscript shouldn't exist.

also consider using cacert instead of letsencrypt, LE is evil and mozilla is evil (not because of the brendan eich thing /pol/ keeps whining about, that was fine).

furthermore, let tor users post pics.
it worked on lainchan. the only people who spam CP are FBI agents and they're busy with the larger chans.
bump, and also please mention on the frontpage or in the header that the server supports ssl and that the cert just ran out and you're too lazy to get a new one.

usually i just rely on HTTPS Finder and then HTTPS Everywhere to check sites for ssl capabilities, but HTTPS Finder ignores expired certs.

PS: first of all, fix the fucking default theme problem, this is awful.
>complaing about javascript on a javascript based imageboard
But yeah going to fix it, post-migration to the new host.

>Cacert over Lesencrypt

>let tor users post pics
and get bunkerchan taken down in the process? No.

We renewed the cert, we just haven't replaced it yet due to the fact i've been quite busy these past weeks.
>let tor users post pics
>>and get bunkerchan taken down in the process? No.
lainchan allowed tor users to post pics and it worked fine.
you could spoiler them by default if your board software supports that.
FBI sometimes spams CP over tor so that tor gets blocked but if their goal was to take down your chan they could also post illegal text.

>javascript based imageboard
you should learn more about security and privacy and make js entirely optional for everything important unless you want to ignore a large percentage of oldfag anons.

what is this, honeypotchan?

>>Cacert over Lesencrypt
mozilla refused for years to recognize cacert as a root CA and now they run their own that does exactly the same.
they reinvented the wheel for personal profit while being a dick to everyone who didn't want to pay for an SSL certificate, which greatly hampered SSL adoption amongst non-commercial users.
i wouldn't be surprised if mozilla starts to run their own DNS server soon and use it by default, so they can mitm anyone they like, just like google can with chrome.
furthermore, mozilla gradually removed support for elliptic curves from their software until only the three curves that were created by the NSA remained.
and then they removed the strongest of those three NSA curves, so only two remained.
do not trust mozilla unless you absolutely have to (which in this case, you don't).
base64 -d <text> > pic.png
eh, post got truncated but you get the idea, i guess.
also correct way to decode is
echo "<text>" | base64 -d > pic.png

sorry for the spam, but it's kinda decisive for the future of the chan.
all in all: lurk moar, this is all public knowledge.
ED has an example of a tool that can be used to share images through the edit comments on wikipedia.
btw the pic i was trying to share was entirely legal and not even porn. don't want you to ban tor nodes altogether.
my geoiplookup says bunkerchan is currently hosted in canada. i hope you'll move outside the 14 eyes.
fucking autists - I had to risk the need to incinerate my drives after checking your image
it's called terrorism, and i did not engage in it.
see >>462 and >>463
picture was too big and got truncated so you can't decode it anyway.
but now the moron argument for why tor users can't upload images is off the table and the admin can flip the switch when he comes back online.

unless bunkerchan is just another Fed-controlled honeypot.
please switch away from MongoDB, the name already explains why.

they were aware of the problem but apparently mongodb devs work for the feds.
when this news was published, shills started flooding the chans and social networks, claiming it was all a lie and there were no open databases anywhere.
do not trust them.

also Node.js is hipster bs and when their server gets hacked they can deanonymize and infect users who forgot to install noscript, occasionally even get root through webgl and graphics driver vulnerabilities.
or when they get an NSL.
or maybe i confuse node.js with some other framework that you don't install locally.
if it is hosted on the bunkerchan server then this problem doesn't apply.
but it's still hipster shit.
>hosted in USA
don't be ridiculous, i'm sure you can find cheaper solutions in better countries.

also in the US more numbers are illegal than in other countries so even if it weren't possible to post images as tor user via web proxies you could still be pwned by illegal text.

allow tor users to post pics and move to a less retarded country you fucking asshole.
snowden did not sacrifice his life so you could be a fucking asshole dickhead about it and call people autists when they care about security and privacy.
i hope you not only feel properly ashamed, but also change your life.
Alright, yes, I agree. It was a bit heavy-handed. I didn't mean to come off as a dickhead by tossing the autism meme around.

It is a pretty high risk no matter what steps we take. Perhaps one day the VPS will give us bullshit, maybe the next day it's the registrar, or the anonymization on the domain, or the ISP. It's better to have the users vigilant and treat this like an email host. Encrypt the "illegal" material. I also understand that it is impossible to have GPG on an anonymous forum.

Ultimately, I am open to anything that helps with privacy. Don't get me wrong, I would prefer to Torpost myself, but I also keep in mind the risk with media.

Of course, it's always possible to try it out. See how well it does and keep it if we're wrong about the risks.

I would also like to try the concept of Tor hidden boards. Those only accessible from the Tor network. That way gives a little more room to respond to an issue.
okay, well, solve the problems mentioned above or try to find people who can solve them.

i just showed you that anyone who wants to post CP to take down this chan can do this, both in ASCII and in image form (check /tech/ and /dprk/), so let tor users post images like lainchan did without problems.
nobody wants to post illegal material here, there are much better places.
the only people who post illegal shit on chans are FBI and other agents.

btw you can still use pgp on anonymous boards via web of trust or by gambling on the chance that NSA doesn't yet use a bot to intercept PGP on imageboards, or by solving the Socialist Millionaire Problem by hand.
That's perfectly reasonable. I believe we have the resources to safeguard the servers from most skiddie attacks and such. I won't go into detail.

>i just showed you that anyone who wants to post CP to take down this chan can do this, both in ASCII and in image form (check /tech/ and /dprk/)
Not to be a dick, but it is entirely possible to detect that sort of circumvention.

>so let tor users post images like lainchan did without problems
>nobody wants to post illegal material here, there are much better places.
>the only people who post illegal shit on chans are FBI and other agents.

Likewise, I am open to it, but it is up to space to agree.

>btw you can still use pgp on anonymous boards via web of trust or by gambling on the chance that NSA doesn't yet use a bot to intercept PGP on imageboards

There's already plans to add in a system for helping out that WOT. GPG information decorating signed/encrypted posts and the ability to show the number of signatures on a particular key.
>Not to be a dick, but it is entirely possible to detect that sort of circumvention.
heh, i'd like to see that.
what you gonna do, run an AI over each post to see if it makes sense?
that's gonna be hard as it's possible to encode data in sentences copied from ebooks.
>February 10 2015
>The default configuration for MongoDB is to accept requests only from services on the local network, so any connection from outside is rejected automatically.

We're fine. Quit spreading FUD or I'll turn off TOR posting.
nobody cares if you turn off tor posting because you made it clear that this chan is run by FBI or similar.
i'm out of here, enjoy your empty chan.
Bon Voyage, Paint.
the links on the tippy tip top for the different boards go to
but the SSL cert is only valid for

add some W's, matey
On 1.7 it will be possible for TOR users to post files even if they have to use the block bypass to post.

Up to 1.6, if TOR users have to use the block bypass to post, they are unable to post any file at all because of the way permissions are handled by a single setting.
Weird post migration the banners aren't working and the overboard banner has been the stirner banner.
Adding banners locally works. .-.
The quick reply box a) takes a shitton of space even at the minimum which makes the posts that reach the right side of the screen nigh unreadable and b) it pushes the reply button beyond the screen much more often than eg. yotsuba or vichan(like when you attach an image and write more than one sentence).
Is there a way to unfuck it or is lynxchan doomed to be that shit?
These are frontend problem. lynxchan isn't doomed to that shit.
(65.31 KB 385x451 Bez tytułu.png)
(50.85 KB 383x332 Bez tytułu(1).png)
Then it would be nice if Space or whoever did some magic and made reply box take up less space like on pics related because I couldn't fucking respond to you through quick reply after attaching them.
I keep getting a 500 need an image or file when I post, but the posts are all replies and they seem to go through anyway.
(274.96 KB 1000x1500 yotsu_b.png)
I'd like to contribute a CSS file that makes the board resemble the 'Yotsuba B' theme seen on most imageboards. It has some flaws, like the buttons still having a double outline and the 'reply hover box' being green, but it's as thorough as I could make it and should work with the front page, quick reply, and the catalog unlike the other stylesheets.

Feel free to redistribute, edit, modify, and use the file to your liking.
Thanks lad, will use this as a base. I was planning on trying to replicate this theme today sometime so this saves me some work.
I fucking love you man.
As soon as I get home from work I'm going to copy it over.
Get on irc, cunt
Working lad.
One feature missing is a button to expand/collapse threads in the board view. I like how it is implemented in dollchan where you can choose too repeatedly expand the thread just for the few last unshowed posts.
Oh and opened images max-width should be set to or just below the window with.
fucking this, so many boards get clogged up with this cancer
Its contained to the lewd thread on /dprk/

Leftypol BO will have to decide on if she wants to allow lewd stuff on /leftypol/
forgot trip :v
Please enable [code] on /tech/

>>>/tech/176 didn't work.
Repost it.
tags should work now.
My browsers complain about bunkerchans SSL Cert:

bunkerchan.xyz uses an invalid security certificate. The certificate expired on 11.11.2017 23:22. The current time is 20.12.2017 20:58. Error code: SEC_ERROR_EXPIRED_CERTIFICATE

Maybe it can be updated?
Yeah I just need to update the Cert
Come on, a
certbot certonly -w /var/www/servers/bunkerchan.xyz -d bunkerchan.xyz
isn't that hard
Piss off!
Certs been renewed!


no cookies?