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Comrade 01/23/2020 (Thu) 03:26:21 No. 4009
How do I leave this place for good?
Stop paying your internet bill.
Let's get this shit together You morons don't like me and I don't like you. I don't want to be actively involved in politics ever again but I cannot leave because I have an emotional attachment to it. You think I am annoying and I think you are being assholes towards me for shits and jiggles. There is no time I browse this site that doesn't make me mad, your blatant hypocresy and your evilness is terrible, and I regret being an oldfag and wasting so much time of my life in such a place. This shit is like an abusive relationship. >>4010 Very funny.
(85.28 KB 800x680 sad spurdo.jpg)
I keep getting banned and I keep coming back trying to improve shit. If you think that I am such a fucking annoyance give me advice on how to withdrawal. I am 100% serious. Every time I make OC, every time I reply to a post I receive a dopamine hit. This is a fucking addiction and it's killing me. I am a smoker and used to snort coke, I know how it fucking feels. The reason why I was ausent for 2 months is because I was way too busy to post regularly. I know this isn't a request board but please help me out and I will never ever annoy you and your fellow chapofags ever again Stop being a bunch of sadistic brats like comradeking or spergzy and help a man in a bad time.
>>4013 >This is a fucking addiction and it's killing me. Good. Once you get there you'll stop automatically.
Based Miku
>>4013 What have you done to try and improve anything? Honestly, man, you just kinda act like a cunt half the time. Your attitude and actions are actively driving down the quality of the board. Assuming you are who I think you are, anyways.
>>4009 find another community to be attached to I would suggest https://kohlchan.net/int/ >not a political board >fast >not 4chan
>>4014 This. It would solve not only your problem but everyone's problem. >>4016 >kinda That's a fucking understatement.
>>4014 You must be so cool and edgy, how is middle school going tranny? Do your fellow schoolmates have problems accepting your transition.
>>4022 I'm not the poster you're replying to but what do you think of this idea >>4017
(77.85 KB 960x960 joy.jpg)
>>4023 It's actually a good idea, thank you. Been doing "fine" these two days. This is offtopic and you probably don't care but I am going to publicly state anyway (long): I actually want to thank the admins and space for providing this platform for free and keeping it free from posters from pol, I know that sometimes I acted like an asshole and people that recognised my posts thought I was a provocateur. I know that after my "sperg out" it sounds like I hate them but I don't I understand their paranoia because this place is filled with polfag shitposts and co-opts. I am fucking insane beyond salvation and I the first one to recognise it, I lack may lack certain amount of self awareness but not enough self awareness to understand that crying myself to sleep at 8 AM and being addicted to receive hate from internet dwellers (my only social interaction) is not normal nor good for me. Before killing myself I may try moving to the woods and accept that my autism has sentenced me to permanent social isolation, at this point I couldn't care less about self-preservation, everyone but me has a sixth sense and I feel like I am blind and I am constantly tripping over, and somehow it's custom to point and laugh as I trip But again thank you Space and hot pockets, please don't hate me too much. TLDR: Goodbye lol. Unironically wish you the best.
(131.06 KB 1095x1400 smokigaminegril.jpg)
>>4009 Well if you don't want to be involved in politics the problem is you at least to a degree. I personally don't dislike you though if you're who I think you are. I wish you where more political and a bit less emotional, but you are way less annoying then some anons take /leftypol/ itself super seriously. My investment in /leftypol/ is also emotional. The difference I guess is that I genuinely enjoy my time on this board and look back pretty fondly at old threads. Something about seeing OC come together in real time I find gratifying. Before /leftypol/ my board was /lit/ so I got to watch the Max Stiner meme develop from it's infancy. Nowadays I'll get sent memes by real world friends that I saw posted as OC when I was a teenager. Something about that feels kinda beautiful. Like I got to play a behind the scenes part in bringing something funny (and occasionally profound) into the public conciousness. The dopamine hit is real; I am also a smoker, and I still snort cocaine but what really keeps me coming back is the good memories.
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