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Bring back the idpol thread Comrade 01/22/2020 (Wed) 16:09:59 No. 3985
I want to bitch about trans idpol and every time a make a thread about it it gets deleted. Has Trans idpol become accepted here? I want normie liberals to leave. As for the incelposting problem that the other idpol general had. Maybe the mods and jannies should just take a more active approach to moderating the thread and ban anyone who goes off on a ridiculous tangent and starts spamming the thread.
offtopicposters should be moved to their own habitat. You should make threads not about idpol, but about "things you're not allowed to say on leftypol" Those only get deleted once you start arguing in it while bumping.
>>3985 >I want to bitch about trans idpol what do you mean with this, do you just want a thread where you can Circlejerk about how trannies are mantally ill pedos?
>>3988 No I want to bitch about how trannies are mentally ill and taking over leftist orgs to revolve around trans issues
>>3989 >and taking over leftist orgs to revolve around trans issues The probleme here is not really trannies but rather that leftist orgs get subverted by idpol. If you want to discuss how we can stop that from happening, I think that should be discussed. But if you want to bitch about trans people, just go to /pol/.
>>3991 I do have an issue with the whole concept of being trans and i do want to bitch about that, but if you're asking if I hate trannies and think they should die, no. They're just cringe and annoying, primarily the online ones.
>>3993 Ok, and sorry if I may come over as hostile.
>>3985 >I want to bitch about trans idpol yikes what a reactionary chud, am I right Critizing trans people is a no no my dude
>It's not idpol when i make idpol points from a reactionary POV You're an id/pol/ack, nothing else. Just go back to /pol/, faggot.
>>4003 >>4007 You're the idpolers
>>4003 Could you see someone saying this about trannies and not get banned? >>28034 >fuck off an embarrass 4chan
>>4028 let me fix that for you >>>/leftypol/28034
>>4030 This isn't even that bad, tbh. I've seen a lot worse being said about trannies in the idpol gulag
>>3985 I don't give a fuck about ispol thread or not, but that specific incelposting shit NEEDS TO STOP He is coming in to otherwise good/mostly unrelated threads and shifting them up time and time and time again with his weird shit about how he deserves sex slaves and demands socialism with patriarchal characteristics HEY HEY, HO HO, INCELSHIT HAS GOT TO GO
how do i get hard?
>>4032 Actually let me double post just the one time. You also need to severely warn that guy who ONLY wants to continuously, repetitively, undialectically and unmaterialistically say "tranny tranny tranny tranny mental illness cut your cock off tranny tranny" in every remotely relevant thread (t might be the same guy?) I think the board is very open to a sympathetic discussion of sexual alienation (which seems to be a real thing, a sub symptom of general atomisation, emergent kyriarchy, and status competition) and serious left discussion about gender/trans stuff (like good effortposting argument to lay out TERF/SWERF stuff). The shit he is carrying on with is even fine once but it's obviously an idee fixe with no change, modification, consideration of arguments, etc. It's basically just spamming the same content in different sentences and it is ruining genuine discussion and it NEEDS TO STOP
>>3985 unban me you stupid fucking faggots
>>4034 What the fuck is kyriarchy
>>4131 Means "rule by a lord [kyrios]" in Greek. It's my preferred term in the feminist current to refer to what is more normally called "patriarchy", taking into account more than the blunt "man oppressor/woman oppressed" rubbish. I use it because I am of the view that in the west, old-style 'patriarchy' (as in 'father of the family') isn't around anymore - I mean when a woman legally couldn't take out a bank account without her father or husband's permission, when marital beating was legal or totally condoned, when divorce didn't have no-fault procedures, when men got custody of children afterwards, etc. - and yet there's still a structural bias towards certain forms of male power, but especially at the top of the class pyramid rather, so I also want to avoid saying dumb shit like "there's no need for feminism anymore b/c the 70s happened". In respect of that post, I use 'kyriarchy' because I don't blame sexual alienation on "The feminists" like a /pol/ reject, OR on 'male entitlement', 'fucking loser incels OMG LOL', etc. like liberal feminists. I blame it on the way developing late capitalist forms of power, prestige, resource allocation and scarcity have damaged not just 'sexual' opportunities as such but the broader frame of social opportunities that generate the possibility of a healthy sexual relationship forming and progressing. To rephrase that in non-theory terms, I mean incels are created because people are lonely, work hours too long to meet eachother, don't have anywhere to go or any common projects to interact on, are too tired to do anything but sit on netflix after work, how men AND women both have warped sexual ideals informed by all this advertising messing with your idea of 'normal' (when all you see is porn/actor-tier faces, big tits, bubble butts, rock hard six-packs, Arnie pecs, rough anal, facials, etc. etc. etc. ). So everything is messed up and people don't have a chance to properly get together with potential sexual and relationship partners in a healthy way like socialist sexuality.
Written is response to the neoliberal tranny in the USA pol thread This is why I'm becoming less pro trans nowadays. They only care about making sure everyone acknowledges their special status. If we really abolished gender, they'd be at the same level as everyone else and wouldn't be special anymore. Look at how trannies act online. They know that they're seen as more interesting to other people than men or women, and they use it to their advantage. Look at how the porn stars are acting today. They know that their bodies have sex appeal and they can exploit it for cash. If you're an an 18 year old girl with a dick, why not sell your pics and videos online? You'll always be autistic and a social outcast, but at least you can use your unique body to make money and fame online. Online areas infected by capitalism, Twitter, discord, manyvids, patreon, are the only places in the world where trannies are popular. Because they can leverage their body and have coomers fawn all over them. In real life though, they're basically under class, just like the rest of us neets. That's why they're pro capitalism, and pro gender bullshit. If we abolished genders tomorrow, they wouldn't be special anymore because men and women and everyone in between would just blend together. There wouldn't be much of a difference between a feminine guy and a girl with a dick. But they want to keep and exploit that difference. Because a guy who isn't able to be masculine is an outcast, but a girl with a dick is lusted over. She's higher up in the capitalist hierarchy. They don't want places like Twitter where how much your arguments holds water depends on how many followers you have abolished because if all of the Internet was anonymous forums like it used to be, they'd be nobodies just like the rest of us. They're against things like nofap and no nut November because they want coomers and neets like us to keep giving them money and attention and to become sexually addicted to their bodies. It's a purely capitalist interest that they hold.
>>4167 >Written is response to the neoliberal tranny >This is why I'm becoming less pro trans nowadays Do you really believe that guy is trans? The way he's been acting it's more likely he's just a troll.
end transposting
>>4168 >has never heard of r/detrans
>>4188 sorry, I don't use reddit
trans politics bring down the left and should be banned everywhere tbh
>>4200 You don't have to go on reddit to know what detransitioning is. >>4207 based
There are idpollers on the leftypol mod team who get triggered and delete things for troonsphobia if you say anything bad about that pack of rapey narcissists. It also doesn't help that the retarded "council" idea they're using has replicated one of the worst features of anarchist groups: people exercising power without any real accountability for their actions.


no cookies?