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Roadmap Comrade Board volunteer 01/16/2020 (Thu) 23:35:45 No. 3941
Please post features for the roadmap here. Off topic and completed features will be deleted. Duplicate posts will be removed. Volunteer demands get priority and order of execution depends on the usefulness the time cost and my personal motivation. Please be as complete as possibly in a feature request. Even shitty ms Paint illustrations of how you imagine it are greatly appreciated and usefull. Currently the dev team is focussing on gochan development. Your feature request will be implemented there if they are chosen. I only respond to reject or ask for clarifications on posts. If I do not respond consider your report accepted and on the to do list. This keeps the thread short and concise. Please note: New wordfilters/flags are not site features. Whining about your ban is not a site feature. If you ask about this your post will be remove. If you spam you will get a short ban from the gulag board. .t codemonkey admin
Edited last time by comraderat on 07/05/2020 (Sun) 13:33:01.
>>4368 You have to do that for each thread instead of only once globally. If you clear cookies on browser exit then it gets annoying pretty quickly. It's annoying even without that.
>>4364 Honestly I don't think there's really anyone that uses it, maybe just get rid of it. Though I guess having it as an option is okay too. Anyway, I would like some way for us mods to edit the images/files attached to posts without deleting the posts.
>>4061 This actually looks like a great idea. I mean, it could lead to what you said, but aside from that, and knowing we live at the mercy of /pol/ raids (8ch.pl/leftypol doesn't protect us anymore) it would be really useful. For every thread ban there is a notification pops up for the board volunteers to take a look at the ban. Then there would be 3 possibilities: >The ban was because the poster was just fucking up the thread because he was making it difficult to actually have a conversation in the thread because he was being a fucking faggot. With it, that thread ban would be implemented only in that thread specifically. Every thread ban would be implemented temporarily, it would be a time out, from 30 minutes to 1 hour? If it reaches some bizarre proportions, like that poster being autistically dedicated to fuck up that topic, a more severe ban could be implemented. >The poster was just a /pol/ raider with no actual intention for discussion. In which case, the ban would be implemented into a permanent thread ban until a volunteer reviewed it, and then he would decide. If the ban was unjustified, then the OP would be given a time out of like 6 hours or something like that. >The OP is a fucking faggot that continues to ban people who actually wants to discuss with him. this can be the case with idpol thread or threads with a /pol/ack OP. With this, the board volunteer would look at it and then would give the respective ban to the retarded OP. This would be easy to see, as these posters would usually just dakka out the reports. You could notice this to the OP with a grey text at the bottom of his post that says: By being the OP, you're able to ban people temporarily from your thread if any of these conditions happen. -The poster is being obnoxious and making discussing a topic difficult -The poster is a /pol/ack with the objective to make discussion impossible and is chimping out in the thread. Use your OP powers with responsability, or else... At the same time, we could gamefy this mechanic of the board. If you're responsible with your thread, and keep it clean of shit lifting, you could get some benefits, be it, I don't know, special flags, special text, maybe a mark that you're a thread moderator (also remarking that you're an oldfag( and stuff like this. Also, you would be put into a list of waiting for being a board volunteer, so, with it, we would get a pool of people who actively look to keep discussion clean, aren't people which abuse their power, and stuff like that.
Transform youtube domains into invidio.us: - cleaner, leaner and faster interface - no data exploitation/surveillance/etc. - no IP blocks
Anon sez: "Could you make it so the right barupdates every 10 seconds of something? Also make it so it doesn't follow a singular thread, it's kinda annoying."
Is it possible to use a URL that you want to upload, instead of downloading and uploading the file? I recall doing this once successfully but I can't remember what I did. Dragging the URL or image to the upload button ("Drag files to upload or click here to select them") doesn't work.
Anon sez: "mods please add the ability to see how long ago a post was made i don't think the post time is in my timezone so i can't tell if these anons are saying it happened hours ago or seconds ago" Seems like a decent idea though I'm sure it will lead to people screaming 'omg reddit' and so on
I made a script to show the watch button without having to use the sidebar: >>>/tech/805
If I am on the catalog and click the top bar link to another board, it should ideally take me to that board's catalog rather than its first page. 8chan did this IIRC.
Pls keep top of thread/bottom of thread arrows
After movable threads are implemented this >>>/leftypol/8537 classic reading list thread should probably go to the new /edu/ now, right?
Whenever you get around to making the new software, please rename email field to options like on 4chan and put it bellow message or something. New people take the email field literally and also think its required. Maybe even move every field except image and message under the 'more options'. communicate better how the culture expectations are
>>4663 Please do this. I want to rid myself of the malignant braintumor that has become of /leftypol/, brimming with ironic detatchment, zoom-zoom half-baked takes, doomerism, reddit liberal cross-pollution. And don't even get me started on /GET/.
>>4670 we should have a customizable overboard, pick and choose which boards to see. Although if its possible a better RSS feed would also do this
>>4715 t. newfag reddit rapefugee buttmad that he fell for the email field
>>3954 >>3999 These, and urgently. Don't forget to attach the handle of the staff member who banned or deleted the post to the table. Faggot m*ds and trannie jannies should be held accountable at all times.
Why have an .xyz domain when .su is available?
>>4723 >>4743 No. go eat shit faggots
What is the point of overboard SFW if /GET/ is still listen on it? We already enforce spoilering NSFW images on every board? ???
Technical ways to facilitate --> >>>/leftypol/474770 ?
can the boards get shorter folder names when we move to gochan
>>4811 What do you mean?
Show ban length and staff name under ban message
(46.56 KB 800x484 tor.png)
I am a torposter who is a consistent effort-poster as well and bunkerchan's half-formulated position on moderating tor abuse is making it very hard to contribute meaningfully in this anonymous community with the appropriate anonymizing tech. Here's a present example that got me to make this post: I'm in >>>/leftypol/574642 trying to contribute with uploading #Floyd footage that I've archived, so naturally I've saved quite a collection and am attempting to upload 3 at a time. Now, what happens is that it first takes ~30sec to for the 'Reply' to reach '100%', then I get a variety of error messages, ~8/10 times attempting to post, telling me I can't upload because 'my IP is banned', either because "TOR posters are banned" (they're not, according to staff) or "IP has been permabanned for [x]". I'm asking you to change policy on handling this, as I've used chans that haven't had this problem before without them becoming unusable or anything. Guidance for recognizing tor exists and moderating them alternatively should be outlined, preferably by Space_, as I've come to understand by some of the mods responses to the voicing of this grievance previously. Right now there doesn't seem to be a system for this at all and I really wish there were. Right now it has taken me over an hour to make 4-6 posts back-to-back in that thread. Space_ please respond directly.
Request: thread specific rss feed or /news/ board The thread specific rss feed can just be on threads that are cycled or are important threads (i.e. the welcome thread on /leftypol/). The /news/ board can also be just like towards the end of the /fash/ april fools board, where it's was locked and only mods were able to post on there. Since news threads don't have much discussion other than: "Thank you based news anon". I doubt any users will get annoyed that they aren't able to conversation over a news topic. As a bonus you can trade the /roulette/ board for it
Request: Catalog Button on the bottom of threads as well as the top
>>4967 There is a catalog button in the right of the navbar that is always visible.
>>4926 Can staff answer me here?
>>4971 One one hand, there is is some cloudflare fuckery going on. On the other it is not like we can see if someone is using Tor, we can only guess. We have reduced banning people with no history. If we wipe all the bans, the spam will get worse and it is already pretty bad.
>>4978 But at times message literally reads something like "TOR is blocked", and that's bunkerchan.xyz saying that, not some cloudflare portal. That's mainly what I'm referring to as that seems the most at odds with the statements I get from staff about the issue. That a vol occasionally permab& some tor exit for "reason: spam" from time to time is to be expected. I'm saying it seems like some server has x variations of tor exits blacklisted or something simply for being "TOR" (not a vol/mod ban of a user).
Btw I'm not this tor-newbie anon: >>4972
this is a feature that should take only a few seconds to implement >>92611
Any response to this? >>4979
btw, how many crashes did you guys had after the cloudflare issue was fixed?
small priority feature request: allow posts to be "pinned" inside a thread, for use in cyclical threads
Hello. I'm a catalogue user most of the time and well done, I have only few issues with it as it is currently implemented. First: so much this! >>4623 Second: it is nice that the threads scroll rather than crop, but there's inconvenient priority dispute between thread scroll and page scroll, ideally the default should be page scroll. On desktop it's tolerable but it swiping to scroll on mobile pain. A general observation: (otherwise) the site is usable on mobile browser, the buttons are a bit small but I can live with it. Consider if archiving some boards would be justifiable, like /edu/ and /hobby/.
When you hover over reply links the hovering posts should also include their own reply links. This is how it works on 4chan and how it worked on 8ch. It's much easier to read discussions that way since you instantly see if the discussion continues further or not, or how many replies a post got.
Add y(ou)
>>5069 this also, allow to open a reply/replied post inline
>>4224 THIS
>>4981 >>4982 Please copy things like this into this thread, the post you linked to has been deleted. I have no idea what you could have linked now
Re-make boards like this: /leftypol/ (unbrella for): /lenin/, /libcom/, /syndie/ and /demsoc/, as well as splitting /edu/ up into /his/, /econ/ and /phi/ boards. Add a /news/ board. /ref/, /GET/, /tech/, /games/ and /a/ would still be outside, arguably with renaming /hobby/ to /mu/ and making a /fit/ board. This would be efficient, organized and easy to find what one's looking for (right now there's always duplicates of practically the same thread across several boards arbitrarily).
>>5166 All of those ideas only seem to server that specific user more than the userbase as a whole. If you want to make a general about your own autistospecific subsection of leftism as a whole, the thread creation option will always remain open. Leftism is more than just those four, and even then it's splitting up groups that aren't even opposed to eachother or else giving ground for uncritical foolishness that would no-doubt devolve into the worst of circlejerks. /edu/ is more than just history, economy and philosophy. Just take one look at the catalog and see how disastrous that board composition would be for it. Only /news/ as a separate board could be seen as interesting, since newsanon's posts would look great as a continuous catalog. But since we should see how the average optimal mode of browsing would start at the frontpage and generally ends up at /leftypol/'s catalog, it would also reduce practical visibility which would be VERY bad for the people that still try to look at real life. Similarly, /hobby/ is also much more than /mu/ and /fit/. All that you've basically done in your entire post is just list off your own personal interests and that which you want to keep away from it.
>>5166 > Add a /news/ board. no
>>5177 >All of those ideas only seem to server that specific user more than the userbase as a whole. Are you dumb? >If you want to make a general about your own autistospecific subsection of leftism as a whole >The biggest umbrellas of the left of which 99.5% of leftists position themselves within are "autistospecific" OKAY. >Leftism is more than just those four Oh yeah sorry for leaving out mutualism and Ricardian socialism. I forgot about those very relevant tendencies of the day. >it's splitting up groups that aren't even opposed to eachother Outed for being ignorant but loud. If you'd organized a month of your life or read 15 minutes of socialist text you'd know how fucking stupid that statement is. 1. Syndicalism (both ansynd and De Leonism) is anti-reformist and libertarian socialist, most of the movement today is anti-electoralist and exist within the social anarchist milleu. 2. Libertarian communism critiques Marxist communism and syndicalism from the left and advocates organizing the risen people of the community to revolt against all forms of capital and communize immediately. 3. Demsoc came out of revisionist Marxism and advocates reform over revolution within the confines of bourgeois electoralism, later virulently critiqued by Lenin and by the time of Stalin they are referred to as 'social fascists'. 4. Leninism is characterized by centralized authority via a vanguard party set to destroy the bourgeois state and its appendages and establish a dictatorship of the proletariat to eliminate all bourgeois forces in society and transition to socialism and then communism. >would no-doubt devolve into the worst of circlejerks AKA educating people properly and minimizing mutual sabotage of threads over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. OH NO, COULD YOU IMAGINE HAVING THREE HOSTILE SHITPOSTS IN A 150+ POST THREAD INSTEAD OF 112!? WHAT WOULD COME OF US NOOOO >/edu/ is more than just history, economy and philosophy. You're right, it covers science too. So pretend I said "and /sci/". >But since we should see how the average optimal mode of browsing would start at the frontpage and generally ends up at /leftypol/'s catalog, You seem to have forgotten my opening: </leftypol/ (umbrella* for): /leftypol/ would in this case also catalog what its umbrella covers (thought this was obvious). 'Overboard' should be catalog-able too honestly. >Similarly, /hobby/ is also much more than /mu/ and /fit/. I strongly disagree, half of the board is threads that could be on boards made later now (/games/, /a/, /edu/) and the rest that don't could be organized into additional actual boards. Nobody fucking likes /hobby/ because of how unfocused it is. There's an active drawing thread on there, cool. Then also make an /arts/ board and include /music/ in there too. /k/ could either have its own board or combined with /fit/ into a /defense/ board. The difficult ones are Rails Appreciation Thread and Furry General, but after giving it some thought obviously the first goes under /econ/ and the second gets deleted. All your "arguments" have been destroyed, now step aside, pal.
>>5178 yes
Incredibly annoying if this is going to be the only way on the site to communicate with mods if they never fucking respond.
Consider this: >>>/leftypol/675654
HELLO MODS Since apparently you moved to /gulag/ I wish to call to your attention several posts directed to you as well as a request to check report logs and if they are functioning since people are reporting, spam, /pol/shit and other rubbish and the lack of reaction indicates an error of somekind... or laziness. >>>/leftypol/675654 >>>/leftypol/671743 >>>/leftypol/675661 >>>/leftypol/675658


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