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Comrade 12/24/2019 (Tue) 00:29:15 No. 3831
>>>/GET/45269 Not only I get perma-banned for using the word 'neurotypical' the fucking mod mocks me because I am Spanish, the fuck is this shit?
/gulag/ is not for /GET/ issues, only /leftypol/ and coding ones.
>>3832 Are you sure? Space owns all the site
>>3833 Not sure what you’re expecting Space to do about your /GET/ ban.
>>3834 You are such a dense neurotypical, I never asked Space to do shit,
(214.59 KB 341x462 tomoko.png)
>>3831 don't go there
I think the climax of this shit is that he calls me a reactionary for not liking the neolib catalonian propaganda and then proceeds to ban me for having autism, oh i get how the bigotry works aroudn here now
>>>/GET/45271 >people with autism are racist >if you hate the neolib catalonian propaganda about Spain then you are a racist I hate you guys so fucking much.
>>3838 >Calling indigenous Latin Americans “sudacas” isn’t racist Okay idiot.
>>3839 >literally first thread: 'I am going to post my anti-idpol autism here' Kill yourself >>3840 If your whole takeaway from my posts are that word I am afraid this conversation ends here because you are hopeless.
>>3841 ok troon
So, let me get things straight, I was permabanned because I called a neolib a 'catalufo'. Oh, I am sorry, I thought this was one of those imageboards of the 'dirtbag left' when you see words like 'retard, trannie, sperg, nigger, mayo, spic...' getting thrown around constantly, just like your pals do. I am goinna guess that you are not going to ban them as they are your BFF like the hypocritical normalfag you fucking are. If i understand correctly your imageboard is 9 years old. Why dont you judt create a discord with your fellow twitter goons at this point?
>>3842 I don't know what's that but i am not going to pretend that i care enough about your shithole to search it, if this the way you treat someone who posts like twice a month there. lET ME GUESS: slur for autist or asperger. You overuse your insults against autistic people so frecuently that you constantly have to come up with new ones (sperg, calculator, assburger, lolcow, sped). Again, commit suicide.
some absolutely disgusting behaviour from the mods on this site tbqh
>>3845 what do you expect? take the profitpill
>>3845 you must be so funny at your normalfag parties
(15.61 KB 240x240 00zcjz09_400x400.jpg)
Hey "Comrade King" may I ask you why saying 'neurotypical' and 'catalufo' triggers your flight or fight response to the point you perma-banned for saying it? did some castilian autist raped you when you were a teenager and you now have a post-traumatic inprint about it?
>>3847 what sort of parties do you have?
>>3848 comrade king you banned me thinking I was the castillian ban evading wtf you didn't even cared to watch the post history.
>>3845 /leftypol/ mods have no power over /GET/ mods and vice versa so it's not realistic to group them together
>>>/GET/45271 >>>/GET/45269 Imagine calling me an autistic sperg, using the 'muh tendies' meme against me, defending a neolib, perma-banning me for saying neurotypical + catalufo and still thinking that I am the one who is a reactionary. Listen up I don't give a shit if your community is 9 years old, do you see that sidebar up there? Now, it's not your community, is our community, fuck off, if you want intimacy and your own rules create a fucking Discord server like all the Twitter trannie mongs. You neurotypicals sure love to mock autistic children for safe spaces free from sensory overload, the special signs to avoid being shot by police and our 'sperging out', but you are acting like a bunch of hypersensitive snowflakes. I'd bet you were the motherfuckers spamming reports two months ago to get me banned in /dead/ and /leftypol/
>>3831 Based mods, tbh


no cookies?