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A rant about the moderation Sputnik##SgNipD 11/11/2019 (Mon) 16:42:42 No. 2657
I've already said this before on here but I may as well make a thread dedicated to it.

The mods on /leftypol/ are trash, extremely trash and I think the moderation team on this part of the site needs to be completely changed I know I'm probably pissing in the wind but in all honesty but one of the benefits and points to an imageboard is anonminity and the lack of a circlejerk, the mods don't respect either of these aspects and because of that this site has been seeing less and less users coming into this site the few users that do show up now are mostly redditors, remember that this place isn't Reddit nor is this the moderator's personal circlejerk and that was the main problem with the original /leftypol/ when it went to hell, not the fact that it was run by a tankie or something like that.

tl;dr the mods suck
>>3877 It was the same post.
>>3878 No, it's not these post >>3869 all include the same wall of text. But they also include different elements.
>>3879 >Adding a bit of window dressing to a spam post makes it not spam My spam filters say no.
>>3880 can you define spam
>>3881 A set of highly repetitive messages sharing a common theme.
>>3879 >all include the same wall of text. Then it's spam. If you want to use a wall of text again then he should just use a post link. It's been obvious that there a clique of radlib mods that hate the gender/incel cyclical and are letting the tranny anon break the rules in a passive aggressive form or retribution on discussion that they don't like.
>>3877 >It's not the same post, It is the same exact wall of text. Nesting in other responses doesn't make it not spam. Also when he posts that wall of text none of it directly applies to the post he's responding to. This is just /pol/ tier Black Crime stats brigading.
>>3881 >can you define spam When you post the same set of messages to respond to mostly non-related posts. Putting it in the middle of novel posts doesn't make it now spam. If you wanna see what spamming leads to head on over to 4chan's /pol/ where every thread is "DA JOOZ" and "Even though they are only 15% of the population...". People want a discussion, it's interesting to see other people's point of view. You're not changing anyone's mind on a Mongolian Finger Puppet Enthusiast Board.
>>3885 *Putting it in the middle of novel posts doesn't make it not spam.
>>3875 It's not humour, you're just being a dumb asshole and spreading alt right memes
>>3885 >You're not changing anyone's mind on a Mongolian Finger Puppet Enthusiast Board. Also I object to the idea that we shouldn't attempt to actually prove any points on here, if someone posts a reliable metanalysis of scientific studies, you should be able to explain why that's wrong if you're actually right. If you're just going to deny actual evidence and argue what feels right you may as well just be a climate change denier.
>>3888 >if someone posts a reliable metanalysis of scientific studies, Meta analysis aren't scientific and aren't reliable. Something that's been explained to you over and over again. Meta science is feel>reals and is being used to push what ever social agenda is en vogue.
A tranny mod perma-banned me for posting idpol... in the fucking idpol thread.
reddit is a bigger threat to this site than /pol/ change my mind
>>3889 How is a consensus of peer reviewed studies not reliable?
>>3903 It’s not a consensus, especially with softer psychological studies.
Can we get a mod to ban this user for threatening to dox anons. >>>/leftypol/210852
>>3899 you clearly don't have one to begin with
>>3963 t. reddit
mods have a faster ban reflex against comrades than reactionaries, literally got banned for "unspoilered porn" because I misclicked the spoiler button, all while the incels managed to stick around for 3 months before anything was done. I fucking hate the moderation, if it weren't for the comrades I swear there would be no reason to come here.
>>3973 t. /pol/
I am starting to agree with OP. This is getting excessive. >>4630
>>4631 >I am starting to agree with OP. This is getting excessive. Not surprising because the OP of that thread is yourself.
>>4634 What? Yes exactly. I mean THIS OP! >>2657
You’re right OP, these faggot mods deserve the fucking wall Goddamn faggots welcome Nazis but ban shitposters, there are trees meant just for them
>>4665 t. newfag
>>4673 Eat rat poison and bleed out you fucking fag, I’ve been browsing this place since April of 2019, honestly just tired of jannies pretending that they aren’t pathetically simping for fucking /pol/fag worms when they put a bullet in every liberal idpol thread but let every faggot Nazi thread ride high as fuck accumulating answers and spreading their dirty /pol/ faggotry as tho talking to these people changes a fucking thing How the fuck do you call yourself a communist, then try looking cool so fascist pigs like you, then not shoot yourself in fucking shame (especially when said fascist pigs are pathetic fucking losers, baby boomers, or literal fucking feds)?
>>4681 >I’ve been browsing this place since April of 2019 newfag confirmed The "nazi" you're arguing with has been here literally 5 times as long as you. I've change my positions on a lot of issues on things and stuff I from pdfs that I found here where part of that. I came in as a black flag anarchist who flirted with mutualism and other crypto-ancappery and am now a full blown armchair. I gotta ask. Are you like a former /pol/ack or something? Or where your parents killed by attomaffen? This vitriolic attitude kinda makes it seem like you've blown the fascist threat way out of proportion in your head and are on some kind of crusade to rid /leftypol/ of ebil nazis
>>4682 No, I’m on a mission to find out why the FUCK I’m banned for a FUCKING MONTH for incel posting one comment in one thread when actual faggot Nazis have full free range to post whatever despicable shit they want You think I wanna be in this stupid fucking gulag talking to you rn?
>>4683 Which post?
>>4684 It was a comment on /IG/ from 10 days ago, it’s def gone by now
>>4685 What's your ban ID?
>>4686 5e846bee904132bb81875
>>4687 You should be able to post now.
>>4688 Thank you based vol I take back my harsh language
This is the most rulecucked imageboard by a huge margin
>>4691 This, even 4chan's /pol/ allows for more dissension.
>>4683 LMAOOOOOO... the antifascist cuck is an incel. Color me suprised.
>>4695 So what's your problem with antifascism, avatarfag, I noticed you didn't answer that? Don't tell me you're yet another third position retard after all those words words words in /edu/. Also you are obviously talking to different people, stop dragging your personal feud everywhere.
(546.86 KB 2008x3071 antifascism.jpg)
>>4696 Read bordiga
>>4697 so you can't keep two thoughts in your head simultaneously? Wow, your sect of leftcom is even more imbecilic than I thought possible, if that is actually their position.
>>4695 That isn't me you stupid fucking nazi. No wonder you're angry I exposed you, because you yourself can't tell one poster from another.
>>4703 my bad, sorry >>4696 >>4698 >so you can't keep two thoughts in your head simultaneously See, here's the thing. If it was just about what opinions you can have then you would be right. Unfortunately we don't live in some ideal plane. We inhabit bags of flesh and in meatspace there are finite resources for us to use. Idk if you've ever been a part of an IRL org or not but resources tend to be very limited. There is absolutely a choice to be made between focusing on building independent working class politics, and engaging in antifascism. In 2015 and 2016 there was a groundswell or grassroots working class organizing. This centered around the Bernie campaign (which has huge problems, I know) but there where a lot more people turning out to political events, coming to socialist meetings, etc What did the liberal media do to respond to this? They gave little to no media attention to this, and instead opted to air what was apparently a looming, imminent fascist threat personified by Richard Spencer, the alt-right, and the Donald Trump campaign. I don't know about you, but I fell for it, and so did most of my comrades. The organizing I was doing shifted towards countering this rising tide of fascism, because it seemed like a very real and very scary prospect at the time. We started putting almost all of our resources towards organizing counter demos to shut down these nazi rallies. However, time after time, when these rallies came around the turnout on our side was huge, and the turnout on the "fascist" side was almost nonexistent. The hobgoblin in that comic? That is me--and maybe you and the communist movement in general--but the point is that I fell for it time and time again. Turn out, this rising alt-right was a media concoction. NPI and TRS and the Daily Stormer have been around for quite a while. They did see quite a surge in numbers and interest, but the reason for this was that they where being given an absurd amount of media coverage. Richard Spencer got interviewed fucking everywhere. There where some new groups that where formed like Identity Europa and Patriot Front but these pretty quickly degenerated into pyramid schemes. The point is that fascism in not distinct from liberalism. It comes from internal conflict within the petite-bourgeoisie. If the ruling class fears that the working class movement is about to seize power then they will pass over the reigns of the state to their more militant elements (the fascists). Use the bone to slay the hobgoblin you could say. If they can get away with it though, they will instead prop up fascist movements with funding and media coverage to freak people out and get us to stop putting time and resources into whatever it is they don't like (in 2016 it was the Bernie campaign) and instead go bash the fash. Get it????
What’s with this fucking arbitrary retarded moderation that happens here? Why tf would this thread be bumplocked vols?? >>436378
>>4737 So turns out the Jannie that killed my thread did so because they agree with the neo-malthusian belief that the human population has to be lowred or curbed So I must ask Why are /pol/ users, or those that believe in their general ideology, modding leftypol
>>4738 Reminder that the forces of Idpol will claim the base of leftypol is either reactionary or liberal deppending on the situation to push their agenda of identity politics
>>4738 >muh malthusianism Fuck off pseud
Hey I got permanently banned from literally all of Bunkerchan because I had a single mental breakdown on /GET/ and just think that’s extremely excessive, I use the website all the time and think a vol racistly conflated me with the Sakai troll because I’m black, in reality I have severe BPD and put out decent threads in /leftypol/ and don’t see how it’s fair to be banned from every board because of how I acted in a single board once
>>4787 >sadist black male Based, welcome to the banned Nazbol gang now. Looks like you had bad beef with your exes and they've permanently mentally scarred you. Your looking for a lover that won't treat like shit while trying to force her to unrequitally love you so you don't have to go through another one of those breakups yet again and if you do it will be on your terms. The fact that it's a white girl most likely means that you like white women and not any of this "misogyny" bullshit those FA/GET/S are trying to claim. Most likely you can't carry out your revenge on your exes through legal or extralegal means safely so this is your mind telling you a alternative way. Apart from that you might need some type of counselor because I don't think anyone could be in such a abusive relationship for so long before leaving you and you'll be on a tightrope of the women claiming domestic abuse. I believe your goal is to make certain that the object of your love won't leave you and abuse you and it is important to take advice from other like minded people on who to go forward to acquire that goal. Maybe look up some sadist forums on how they get full control of their M's and not in the bed but in all aspects of social life.
What was the point of the software update to be able to move threads when the mods don't even use it? Move >>197398 to >>>/hobby/ or /a/ Move the country/region-specific cyclicals to >>>/ref/ Move tech threads to >>>/tech/ Move lit threads to >>>/edu/ There's no reason for /leftypol/ to be so clogged. Every time shitpost threads gets anchored it drags quality threads with them by inertia and anons not usually keeping track of ~5-7 pages of /leftypol/ at once (for good reason). This means effort threads continuously die prematurely for a problem that has apparently been solvable for some time now (mods able to move threads yet not doing it). Please attend to it.


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