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Comrade 08/10/2019 (Sat) 14:32:16 No. 1677
I was wondering, should we reach out an olive branch to /pol/ now that 8chan is banned? Maybe on a leftist imageboard we might convert them and when they have their own board it would be a nice turnaround (since we were on their board).
It might be impossible to convert /pol/ their Nazism and Toxcicity is so prevelent that if one death would count for each toxic thing an anon on 4chan said it would have been more deaths then WW1. They are extremly insane. I'm a Stalinist. I posted a Stalinist truth bomb there and everyone just ignored it 4 minutes later. They are so brain dead that they could not even think like a human or an animal for that matter.
give /pol/ a board here and it'll be filled with death threats and "im about to do it" posting, that'll get us shut down.
Just let them wander in here and find us and then convert them
I wouln't mind a discussion of fascism or third positionism like something along the lines of a /fascist/ board or containment thread on /leftypol/ especially since you can't really find a space online to talk about these sorts of things since 8pol would usually ban you if you mentioned someone like dollfuss or Strasser
8chan was not "their" site, they just infested it, and now you want them to infest ours?
8ch was pretty much their site.
This site is managed by communists.
As long as pol can keep their retarditus to their own board or thread then they can have it; we need to be opening up and having a discussion with these types of people. If you want to beat their asses do it in the street. Doing it online is simply being a larping faggot.
Eh maybe 4/pol/ if you make good devoted threads, ignore bait and answer only semi good faith questions. But idk why people keep trying to do this. Interested /pol/acks that come on their own are one thing and they've become valuable members before and have good perspective. But actively recruiting them always means compromising with them and trying to find common ground which usually takes the form of adopting certain right wing idpol ("fags are annoying lol") as a cheap substitute for actual principled anti-idpol.
But we shouldnt absolutely not have a devoted board for them. As much as "platforming" is usually a meme this would be an actual instance of giving people who have proven themselves to be virulent and encourage horrific violence a place to discuss and organize. I am entirely against it. A devoted cyclical thread on the /leftypol/ board should be the most.
I didn't mean giving them threads, I thought about making a space for 8chan refugees where they can have their own /pol/ if you want to.

It would be a nice turn around.
What stops people from posting their serial killer manifesto on /leftypol/? I think this 8chan blame for the shootings his hypocrisy. The shooter posted on Instagram and then someone, not him, posted it on 8chan. So is Instagram going to be shut down?


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