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Official Thread For Discussion Of Moderator Votes Comrade 08/26/2019 (Mon) 02:58:59 No. 1928 [Reply] [Last]
Hello, this is a topic that is intended for feedback on matters currently up for vote among the mod staff for all users. I will also include this info on /leftypol/ in case it is missed but for all you gulag-watchers, here it is. Here are the matters currently up for vote;

FAST TRACK VOTE: It is proposed that the pinned reading list topic and the /NEW/ topic on leftypol should be merged into one FAQ pinned thread as was present on the old leftypol, since we are now out of the transitionary period, and to reduce the number of pinned threads. This new thread would give advice for new members and board conduct as well as the reading list. VOTING WILL CLOSE 4AM UTC 27/08

LONG VOTE: It is proposed that Bunkerchan should, ONCE TECHNICALLY POSSIBLE, create a ban list that is publicly viewable that includes the name of the moderator who issued the ban as well as the details of the post itself, so that users can hold their staff to account more effectively. Obviously, no identifying info or IPs should be publicly visible besides vol name. VOTING WILL CLOSE 4AM UTC 29/08

LONG VOTE: It is proposed that voting in this channel on issues which only affect one board (or not all boards) should be limited to only the staff members who administrate those board/s. If you think that all moderators of the site should vote on all proposals, please vote thumbs down to this proposal. VOTING WILL CLOSE IN 72 HOURS AT 3AM UTC 29/08
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(495.59 KB 948x1066 (you).png)
>>7016 Lmao this nigga really 'boutta kill all the language threads by moving them onto a board deader than /dead/
(2.29 MB 2100x2100 Tania_Gun.png)
>>7042 yes
“seething” needs to be filtered to something else like “cool & awesome” to stay grammatically correct. so many posts go like >you’re I agreeing right now and it’s annoying to read
I want Tania to end my suffering.

(133.52 KB 640x880 jMdSAVS_d.jpg)
Roadmap Comrade Board volunteer 01/16/2020 (Thu) 23:35:45 No. 3941 [Reply] [Last]
Please post features for the roadmap here. Off topic and completed features will be deleted. Duplicate posts will be removed. Volunteer demands get priority and order of execution depends on the usefulness the time cost and my personal motivation. Please be as complete as possibly in a feature request. Even shitty ms Paint illustrations of how you imagine it are greatly appreciated and usefull. Currently the dev team is focussing on gochan development. Your feature request will be implemented there if they are chosen. I only respond to reject or ask for clarifications on posts. If I do not respond consider your report accepted and on the to do list. This keeps the thread short and concise. Please note: New wordfilters/flags are not site features. Whining about your ban is not a site feature. If you ask about this your post will be remove. If you spam you will get a short ban from the gulag board. .t codemonkey admin
Edited last time by comraderat on 07/05/2020 (Sun) 13:33:01.
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(60.52 KB 760x650 1.png)
>>3955 >>3957 >Change the booru font to white so that it'll be more readable I have changed the booru css to one based on the Yotsuba theme.
>>6835 Why did you think it was a good idea for mods to have to fill out a captcha?
>>6997 So they couldn't spam the logs. But there's a recent setting that disables that, in case the site trusts all mods.
>>7000 They can still spam them by deleting posts
>>7019 They can't because they can only delete a post once. So you need to make more posts and stumble into anti-flood measures.

(441.96 KB 983x983 alunya salute.png)
/hobby/ Mod feedback thread. Comrade Board volunteer 10/23/2019 (Wed) 16:57:58 No. 5534 [Reply] [Last]
/hobby/ Mod feedback thread Hello everyone, and welcome to /hobby/! This topic will serve as an introduction as well as the mod feedback area. I know that some people were not on board with our decision to merge the boards, but please give it a chance and hopefully you will find it to be as comfy as where you used to hang out, but with more population. In addition, Comrade King has kindly volunteered to migrate over all the topics that have had activity in the last few weeks so you can continue your conversations. However, I want to stress that this board should be treated as a clean slate and you should make use of the freedom that it allows. In this space feel free to make topics about any kind of hobby, entertainment, passtime, interest or vocation. These topics don't have to be related to leftism, though of course you should feel free to do so if you would like. Overall, this board is intended to give refugees of 8chan somewhere to post about their favourite interests without having to go into whatever new skinhead-infested DoD honeypot is created to replace it. An example of the kind of topic that might be encouraged is to start a topic discussing your favourite workout routines or recipes, or discussing an interesting movie that has recently been released. We would encourage people to put effort into their OPs however, as one line shitposts might be more comfortable on /GET/. As we have merged other boards in order to create /hobby/, we would like to remind all users that it is possible for more boards to be created in future out of /hobby/ if they demonstrate a good user count/post volume such that they would be able to support a board on their own. Overall, the moderation standards here are similar to the ones on /leftypol/, and I have included their manifesto for reference, with the exception that posts do not have to have a political slant or basis. I hope you will all enjoy this board together and that we can have some good conversations.
Edited last time by krates on 07/24/2020 (Fri) 23:39:06.
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>>6270 /GET/ exists for longer than /leftypol/, retard
>>6394 You're the retard because you can't fucking read. No-one said or cares if its "older" what matters is what /GET/ is. Currently /GET/ is NOTHING BUT shitposts. There are a dozen porn threads, constant lewds and rule34, blogposts, ERP, chatting etc. It is a literal trashfire. You want to post random shit? Post it there and stopping being a contrarian child.
>>6825 Thanks.
>>6397 It's for gets eg. 6827 get
>>>/hobby/8252 should be moved to >>>/anime/ There's a lot of bumplocked duplicate threads that should just be deleted because they serve no purpose and have most of their content reposted after at least a month has passed. >>>/hobby/12415 is a dead duplicate thread with a bumplock that should be deleted by now >>>/hobby/14722 Duplicate thread that should be deleted by now because it has no content >>>/hobby/14775 Duplicate thread with no real content, should be deleted by now >>>/hobby/11067 Content reposted on the TV thread, thread is locked and bumplocked, should be deleted >>>/hobby/13220 duplicate thread that should be deleted by now >>>/hobby/12458 Zero effort, Zero content duplicate thread with no posts and that needs to be deleted by now >>>/hobby/339 Incel shit, locked and old as fuck >>>/hobby/15403 Locked duplicate thread with no content and a month old >>>/hobby/16258 There is already an occult thread on hobby (as well as a creepypasta and a SCP thread) and there is an active Nazi occult thread on leftypol that also covers the topic. Also I feel that since the board is slow anyway we ought to extend the bumplimit over 500, since we lack a dedicated thread archive.

(74.34 KB 1600x1600 Amigawave.png)
Support the Site, Buy my Album. Space_ Board owner 09/09/2019 (Mon) 23:08:11 No. 2057 [Reply] [Last]
Hey Guys, I've not a big fan of begging so I've made an EP If you would like to fiscally support Bunkerchan please purchase my album. Its only £5. You get 5 different songs + one bonus track.

>The Debut EP from DJ Uchuu. Featuring a mix of different sounds. From the dark disco sounding 'Darkness at the Disco' to the Boards of Canada-esque 'Unconscious Transmissions', Or the vaporwave mallsoft sounding '「 A r n d a l e 98 」'. Each song is a different flavour


Another way to support the site is via gifting us BTC.

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(266.76 KB 1120x965 (you).png)
>>2057 I bought it just then, we got to help our comrades out. Anybody who doesn't donate is not a true supporter of communism.
>>6308 wojak posters worthless as always
test test' test

(53.21 KB 720x960 EcsGpUaXsAAt03p.jpeg)
/leftypol/ Mod feedback thread Mod feeback thread 07/13/2020 (Mon) 17:33:32 No. 5320 [Reply] [Last]
If you want to appeal a ban, don't forget to post your Ban ID here along with your appeal. Without it, it's really difficult for us to find your ban. Thanks. You can reach the leftypol team through the matrix chat (find it in the FAQ thread in leftypol), or through here. /leftypol/ Mod feedback thread 🚧🚧Please bookmark http://leftypol.org in case this current domain gets v&ed or anything else.🚧🚧 Mod logs: https://bunkerchan.xyz/logs.js?boardUri=leftypol Substitute leftypol with whatever board you want to check. Questions about why you were banned. Appeals. General inquiries. Complaints.
Edited last time by krates on 09/02/2020 (Wed) 03:01:19.
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there are suspicious people in the leftybritpol threads that have suddenly started spamming western propaganda
I got IP banned for being a "known spammer" without being able to repeal. I assume this is some error. What to do?
>>7107 Only space can deal with that because it seems to be a cloudflare issue, you can try to contact him through riot (@spacedustteapot) or through his twitter (https://twitter.com/ericmusicfan). Sorry for the inconvenience.
https://bunkerchan.xyz/leftypol/res/885583.html >locked Lmao no fun allowed? Thread was actually decent once the "Eugenics will turn everybody into Chads/Stacies" spam-poster was banned

(172.09 KB 1727x1080 PregnantWoman.jpg)
(78.45 KB 600x450 FetusTimeline.jpg)
(56.26 KB 375x500 FetalSkeleton.jpg)
Abortion thread. Comrade 09/22/2020 (Tue) 23:07:36 No. 7120 [Reply] [Last]
Because of Jannies.
2 posts omitted.
I think sentience ought to be the measure of whether something deserves rights. "Pain" is too subjective and inconsistent.
(130.88 KB 1024x768 Fetus Jello.jpg)
>>7121 Yeah all the fetuses and the woman in the first picture were real living organisms.
>>7124 >>7120 This exhibit came to a museum near me once and I still remember how they strung out a body's leg muscles to make it look like they were skiing on skis of leg tissue.
>>7120 Here, OP, I wrote this before the jannies nuked the previous thread: >>892316 >the likely criminalization of abortion I won't get into it here, but that's probably not gonna happen (at least not anytime soon). >Is a fetus a human life that deserves rights? There really isn't any satisfactory answer to the abortion debate. We have no metric for determining the relative sapience of a fetus, and even if we did, what exactly is the cut-off point for determining whether an abortion is morally justifiable? Should we stop if the fetus is capable of feeling pain? Even the most basic cell is reactive to painful stimuli, yet our bodies murder them by the trillions and we never give it a thought, and who's to say the fetus is capable of retaining any lasting memory or formulating an emotional response to being aborted? Consciousness is a gradient, not a binary, and there isn't any way to tell (for now) where an organism falls within that spectrum. However, since we don't have any way to tell whether a fetus could hold any conscious objection to being terminated, I'd say that we should allow for the individual to decide for themselves. There's a possibility that we are hurting sapient human beings by allowing abortion to continue, but there's a definite possibility that you'll hurt many others by banning it. >>7123 >I think sentience ought to be the measure of whether something deserves rights. "Deserves rights" is a slippery concept as well, though. Cows are sentient and are protected under animal abuse rights, but we willfully slaughter them by the billions for the sake of our own convenience and consumption.
(389.98 KB 2048x1365 Split Brain.jpg)
>>7126 >the human organism is revolting Say that to my face.

(71.15 KB 964x812 tibet1.png)
(53.73 KB 834x881 tibet2.png)
(23.09 KB 519x446 tibet3.png)
What's the deal with these 'Tibetan' threads? Comrade 09/21/2020 (Mon) 19:48:57 No. 7116 [Reply] [Last]
There's no machine translator for Tibetan, so I've no clue what's being said. Is it just a schizoposter? Is it some group raiding? Some sort of ARG? Have they been nuked because you know it's just a dedicated schizo?
you already know too much
>>7118 man can you just explain the joke or whatever? The language of the Bhutanese shadow dwellers isn't oft posted afte rall.

(63.97 KB 686x526 pepe hazmat suit.jpg)
covid general Comrade 07/09/2020 (Thu) 00:33:41 No. 5222 [Reply] [Last]
Why the Fuck is COVID-19 General un-cycled on /leftypol/ now? Covid's not even close to being over.
4 posts omitted.
>>5276 It reached maximum posts idiota, we didn't do anything to it. Just make a new topic if you want a new topic.
its over OP nothing burger confirmed
>>5277 cycled threads cant hit maximum posts retarded fag. you have no business running this site because of how stupid you are. just hang yourself, nobody loves you or cares about you subhuman
>>7081 i don't endorse this level of hate i want the covid threads uncycled but don't bully the people who provide you this website for free
>>7113 *cycled

(64.56 KB 364x485 maupin.jpg)
Give us a /ck/ board. Comrade 09/16/2020 (Wed) 07:14:21 No. 7055 [Reply] [Last]
Give us a /ck/ board. There are several anons who cook. See for example the crisis thread on leftypol where tomatoes and eggplants are regularly discussed. Give us a /ck/ board. protip: you can
6 posts and 1 image omitted.
>>7055 isn't cuisine painfully bourgeoise?
>>7064 >eating is bourgeois
>>7055 This is actually a good idea for a change, it'd help anons save money on their food bill, improve the quality of their nutrition and even get some ideas for very quick meals. Good cooking skills are essential for any revolutionary movement as revolutionaries need quality fuel regardless if they're burning that fuel thinking of complex theories to sway the masses or marching and fighting to release the land from the grip of reactionaries. Which is precisely why it won't be created on this site.
It'd do better as a thread on the main board

(41.27 KB 570x496 gadsden.jpg)
Comrade 09/14/2020 (Mon) 12:26:01 No. 7020 [Reply] [Last]
Why was my thread >>>/leftypol/867059 deleted? Do you commie jannie losers really have no counter argument? LMAO.
6 posts and 1 image omitted.
>>7025 >>7026 he did you retard, "duplicate thread" + spam, now GTFO or start making an argument anytime now
>>7028 >>7029 Rich coming from a commie that deleted my argument to begin with. READ ROTHBARD MORON.
>>7030 im pretty sure the mods can see your ip when they ban you, i think they can tell when the same person makes the same thread over and over again. that being said why are you a liberal?
>>7030 >READ ROTHBARD MORON. Read Marx and Lenin you double niggеr
>>7020 >>7023 >>7025 >>7026 >>7030 Stay mad, anarcho-child groomer.


no cookies?