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(101.14 KB 360x188 bunker.png)
Much better than 8kun Comrade 10/02/2020 (Fri) 04:18:37 No. 7302 [Reply] [Last]
No random raids. No risk of using a domain that hosted loli. No risk of using a domain that orchestrated rightwing murder. I'm at a point in my life where the Internet is an opportunity to escape the most vile elements of real life, not interface with them. In short, nothing should fundamentally change.
>saving the thumbnail

(52.53 KB 620x400 stalin-composite-16x9.jpg)
This board would unironically be better without moderation Anonymous 09/28/2020 (Mon) 20:40:02 No. 7165 [Reply] [Last]
I fucking hate the jannies here.
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>>7165 >>7169 You are welcome to go start your own board and not moderate it, see how long it takes for it to become totally unusable through spam and trolling. There's a reason why every experiment in such things has been a failure (or just devolves into a dumping ground where no reasonable person would ever put more effort into a post than copypastas). t. mod
>>7179 >You are free to make your own board That's literally a liberal talking point. You don't get to eat for three days bitch. Also since we've established you're a liberal, when are you gonna grow hair on your balls and say any website holder is liable for content? Should have more raids and cp than
>>7165 Imagine 10 000 nerds like pic related raiding our board.
It unironically would be Like this shit https://bunkerchan.xyz/leftypol/res/923561.html Why is the board catered specifically to the polfags that can’t handle a discussion of women or blacks without shitting their pants? Like holy shit maybe this is why everyone on this site has a penis, literally no women browse here
>>7194 they made a new thread about it which hit the bump limit, so i dont see the problem now

(290.05 KB 491x491 cockshott.png)
bunkerchan moderation Anonymous 07/30/2020 (Thu) 00:05:55 No. 5863 [Reply] [Last]
>inb4 move this to /gulag/ this has been a long time coming Mods, please unban the wojak script. I know it can be annoying but with the addition of the porky images to the wojak script its a great way to reply to pol/yps etc. I don't understand what the rationale is for banning the wojak script on bunkerchan, users should be free to post what they want unless its fashspam. TBH i've been very unsatisfied with the way bunkerchan is run. The users are what make it what it is, but every decision on moderation is made in some smoke filled room on irc/riot where the userbase is not consulted or even polled using strawpoll or whatever. The recent banning of the wojakscript, in addition to some of the overzealous anchoring of threads which discourages shitposting and memery. While Old BO is long gone, the impetus behind her moderation style is still there which is to ban anything that smells like fun and/or shitposting, every thread has to be some revleft-style serious theory thread or at least a prompt on current events. The decline of leftypol and leftypol's influence on the broader online left since 2018 is a direct result of this culture, as it disincentivizes shitposting, since 2018 leftypol has hardly created any memes at all, with the possible exception of a few cybercom memes. The meme culture is even more derivative of nu/pol/ than before. You can say this is partly the result of the userbase getting older but still. Leftypol is a very unique space on the online left since every other place is a reddit/twitter idpozzed hugbox where no fun is allowed. I like imageboards and the memes they produce and I also like having a place to discuss left wing politics which is not filled with radlibs and doesn't require me to make an account. It's unfortunate that bunkerchan doesn't really have an alternative that users can go, since leftypol.org is now merged in and GETchan is not widely used. Additionally there are the longstanding technical problems with scaling and the lynxchan board software which prevents the site's userbase from growing much faster and the incredibly slow progress on gochan. I'm sure every From a technical perspective the gochan codebase is frankly a mess, and it's pretty difficult to even get running if you download the source code. IMO the thing is a flaming shitpile and aside from certain things (like the ERD/database schema) that should be kept, it should probably be rewritten, possibly even in another framework or even other language. It's unclear that golang is the best language to write an imageboard in, but i digress.

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>>5893 see this is it, you fags squirm around, and then at the end of it we find you are just making excuses from some petty bullshit about your personal tastes (which are shit tastes, BECAUSE YOU ARE A FUCKING IMAGE BOARD JANNY, YOU CLEAN UP AUTISTIC MESS ALL DAY, AND YOU DON'T EVEN GET PAID. YOU DO IT JUST FOR THE MEAGRE POWER. MY GOD.
>>5937 Do it my man
>>6506 >>6542 >>6547 >>6724 the answer is because the mods are stupid bunch of cucks
>>/leftypol/531727 USApol getting spammed by redditards.

(35.50 KB 657x527 1466509706534.jpg)
y delet? Comrade 09/27/2020 (Sun) 09:34:46 No. 7152 [Reply] [Last]
take your pills

(71.15 KB 964x812 tibet1.png)
(53.73 KB 834x881 tibet2.png)
(23.09 KB 519x446 tibet3.png)
What's the deal with these 'Tibetan' threads? Comrade 09/21/2020 (Mon) 19:48:57 No. 7116 [Reply] [Last]
There's no machine translator for Tibetan, so I've no clue what's being said. Is it just a schizoposter? Is it some group raiding? Some sort of ARG? Have they been nuked because you know it's just a dedicated schizo?
you already know too much
>>7118 man can you just explain the joke or whatever? The language of the Bhutanese shadow dwellers isn't oft posted afte rall.

(63.97 KB 686x526 pepe hazmat suit.jpg)
covid general Comrade 07/09/2020 (Thu) 00:33:41 No. 5222 [Reply] [Last]
Why the Fuck is COVID-19 General un-cycled on /leftypol/ now? Covid's not even close to being over.
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>>5276 It reached maximum posts idiota, we didn't do anything to it. Just make a new topic if you want a new topic.
its over OP nothing burger confirmed
>>5277 cycled threads cant hit maximum posts retarded fag. you have no business running this site because of how stupid you are. just hang yourself, nobody loves you or cares about you subhuman
>>7081 i don't endorse this level of hate i want the covid threads uncycled but don't bully the people who provide you this website for free
>>7113 *cycled

(64.56 KB 364x485 maupin.jpg)
Give us a /ck/ board. Comrade 09/16/2020 (Wed) 07:14:21 No. 7055 [Reply] [Last]
Give us a /ck/ board. There are several anons who cook. See for example the crisis thread on leftypol where tomatoes and eggplants are regularly discussed. Give us a /ck/ board. protip: you can
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>>7055 isn't cuisine painfully bourgeoise?
>>7064 >eating is bourgeois
>>7055 This is actually a good idea for a change, it'd help anons save money on their food bill, improve the quality of their nutrition and even get some ideas for very quick meals. Good cooking skills are essential for any revolutionary movement as revolutionaries need quality fuel regardless if they're burning that fuel thinking of complex theories to sway the masses or marching and fighting to release the land from the grip of reactionaries. Which is precisely why it won't be created on this site.
It'd do better as a thread on the main board

(38.24 KB 410x598 based_dept_chad.jpg)
I laugh at the wojak script Anonymous 09/13/2020 (Sun) 10:56:39 No. 7004 [Reply] [Last]
I'll admit it, i bust out laughing IRL whenever I see someone use the wojak script. It's fucking hilarious to me. Seriously, it is just the perfect response sometimes, especially for crossposting /pol/tards and libertarians. Seriously, my roommates probably think im either a retarded stoner or a maniac because I bust out laughing at like 3 am when im scrolling through /leftypol/ and see a wojak script response why the fuck was it banned again? >inb4 jannies move this to /gulag/
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>>7004 You might be retarded no memeing. >>7005 In what world is that banter? Repeating someone's words back to them in a mocking tone is a behavior you are generally expected to leave behind when graduating from kindergarten (I am not an expert in developmental psychology but I am confident it is very early).
>>7012 poo poo pee pee
(123.91 KB 559x1688 (you).png)
Is this a new copypasta?

(414.92 KB 1350x900 hoxha668a77-imagepng.png)
Idea: /leftyb/ Anonymous 09/18/2020 (Fri) 17:12:05 No. 7082 [Reply] [Last]
We need another board where people are allowed to shitpost. The mod rules on /leftypol/ are pretty strict and prioritize revleft-style effortposting over shitposts. https://www.strawpoll.me/20963354
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>>7088 What kind of a response is that. You can’t even back up your shit decisions it’s so annoying. And here we are relegated where nobody can see because you are afraid what the response is. I ask again, have any of you on the mod team organised anything on the irl left in your lives?
>>7090 It’s a disgusting fetish they have isn’t it, janitor cock. They like getting pegged by the janny broom with a gag in their mouth so they can’t complain it’s all a weird fetishise for them
>>7093 My answer to we need to put everything into one big board!!! stays the same: that is incredibly retarded. /leftypol/ is a politics board. Yes, I do organize. >>7094 bruh...
Why would we want /leftyb/ when we have /GET/? Just post there.
Just use /GET/, end of discussion.

(761.88 KB 800x450 slllhc5mskquegk5sidi.png)
Comrade 07/09/2020 (Thu) 03:05:39 No. 5242 [Reply] [Last]
>>>/leftypol/676366 Request to move this thread to /edu/ has been made You may want to discuss this with the thread's regulars to coordinate a move
(5.59 MB 3180x2305 samurai before battle.jpg)
Requesting >>>/leftypol/479407 be moved to hobby or edu due to its content.
>>5242 >>>/anime/1423/ Please Pin this thread
>>>/games/2399 Belongs on >>>/anime/ since it's an anime game, the same would apply to a Kancolle thread.
>>>/leftypol/46642 move this thread to edu too ?
>>6996 Done. It was slow enough to warrant the move if only to protect it from getting autodeleted after reaching the last page. Of course if there are strong objections we can always transfer it back to /leftypol/.


no cookies?