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(289.72 KB 1444x954 r leftypol.png)
Comrade 01/30/2020 (Thu) 11:35:49 No. 4094 [Reply] [Last]
Would the community improve if we all moved to a reddit style website? we could downvote those anarkiddies into oblivion heh
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Is that a real board?
>>4094 >upvote system >everyone is namefag Gas yourself.
kill yourself spergzy
>>4094 Lol no. One of the major problems with is karma farming. It's why redditors are so irrating. They post LE RANDUM EPIC NARWAL BACON posts and puns everywhere for karma and reddit gold.

Comrade 01/29/2020 (Wed) 07:10:24 No. 4086 [Reply] [Last]
Remove this ban: >>>/leftypol/236886 You shouldn't ban people just because you disagree with them. Better yet, give us back >>>/dead/ where buttblasted tankie mods won't ban us for calling them out.
>>4086 you can literally always go created /dead/ on leftypol.org if you want a bespoke board for you niche community.
I lifted the ban
>>4089 Thanks

(405.55 KB 484x689 1574569729616.png)
Fuck you mods Comrade 01/27/2020 (Mon) 02:28:01 No. 4057 [Reply] [Last]
Banned for idpol because I was fucking with the incel "go gay because you have no choice" anon? Imagine being this much of a sensitive little faggot on an imageboard. FUCK YOU FAGGOT MOD
>>4057 lol they ban you for using a swastika flag. You can say “I love Stalin” but if you’re using the flag, they’ll still get triggered
>>4057 Play janny games, win janny prizes.

(81.10 KB 897x451 ho-posting.png)
Thread Deletions and Acceptable Topics Comrade 01/27/2020 (Mon) 23:21:32 No. 4068 [Reply] [Last]
Fellas, can we get some word on what topics are kosher for the board? This thread was containing a discussion that's derailed other threads, and there were quite a few effortposts and serious discussion. I can't help but think someone deleted the thread because either the topic is considered off-limits or worse they didn't like the course the thread was taking. This particular topic (prostitution) can of course derail easily into idpol, but that wasn't happening here, and if idpol folds into class should it not be open to discussion anyway? Part of our job is to have a way to push idpolistas toward classpolistas.
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The hot takes thread was deleted too and even though there were good posts in it.
>>4073 The hottakes thread was out of control and most of the content was trash. It, itself, being an idpol thread. It was allowed to exist far longer than it should havfe, imo. >>4072 To me, bumplocking is justifiable if the thread in question is semi-related to the board or semi-deserves to be on it. Take a thread that belongs on a different board but is still elftist related, or, a thread that might belong in a general; Such as a duplicate USApol thread. That would be a good use of the bump lock feature. But having a thread that is totally irrelevant to the board or just random spam or some shit needs to be deleted, obviously. Or if there are many duplicates of a thread. You don't want the board to look static and unchanging. You want us to look alive, cause, well, we are.
>>4070 The point would be to make material conditions for workers so that they don't need to sell their bodies for money. How is that even an issue?
>>4068 Where did this notion that we need to delete idpol threads.come from? On 8chan /leftypol/ we had tons of idpol threads. I remember a decent number of posters who would use the anfem flag, and then there was hoochie of course. The point of being anti-idpol when I joined was to AVOID censorship like what goes down on /r/socialism (like the catgril drawfag ordeal). If a thread is annoying and shitty we can just sage it into oblivion. The only reason I can see to delete an idpol thread is if it keeps getting bumped by the same person. If a thread is being bumped by enough people (with the exception of a coordinated raid) then I think that I know the mods on /leftypol/ where unpolular, and I wasn't really around for the last year or two of it's existence so idk what went down. I know the community has matured around certain issues especially regarding actual existing socialism and I think that is great, I won't miss the users we lost in the /leftpol/ split. However, I don't think just because a lot of the anarkiddies are gone or have grown up that means we should start engaging in censorship. This isn't a party. Maybe this is a hard truth for some of you but we aren't going to lead the lead our class to revolution by posting on /leftypol/. That's why it is important that you engage in real world organizing. For me at least /leftypol/ is a way to chill out and escape the tedious social mores that exist in a lot of real world lefty organizations. >>4069 The W stands for WORKER you absolute imbecile. The whole debate is whether or not SWIRFdom constitutes class politics. Obviously SWIRFs are gonna disagree with your point, so by saying "SWERF vs SWIRF shit flinging is not class politics" ... YOU ARE LITERALLY ENGAGING IN SWERF VS SWIRF SHITFLINGING
>>4081 Fuck. First paragraph is supposed to end with >then I think that is reason enough to keep it around.

Comrade 01/23/2020 (Thu) 20:04:02 No. 4024 [Reply] [Last]
What does a gamer gotta do around here to volunteer as a Janitor?
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>>4026 Just don't use the VPN and it should be fine hopefully, we're almost ready to recruit so we'll make a topic (on leftypol prolly) when we get round to it
>>4027 >Just dox yourself to this aNoNyMoUs political extremist website, us rag-tag team of young-adults got you, JUST TRUST US Step it the fuck up, bunkerchan.
>>4035 I mean sure, you can switch IP every post if you want to, but then how are we supposed to look at your history and see if you're a good poster or not? It's up to you.
transition gender
You know, i am just throwing this out there; Nominally, people have become intrigrated into the staff through using the IRC network to build trust between the already existing staff via their handle.

(13.39 KB 192x192 logo.png)
phone app support Comrade 12/31/2019 (Tue) 18:14:49 No. 3900 [Reply] [Last]
How do I get Clover dev to work on this shitty website
Just use firefox. The shit is formatted for mobile usage in a browser.

(319.58 KB 220x259 kmarx.gif)
New boards Comrade 01/15/2020 (Wed) 11:24:50 No. 3937 [Reply] [Last]
Follow up on this topic over at /leftypol/ >>211795 While the topic didn't really take off, the poll results are encouraging. /his/ got nearly as much votes as the active IPs on /hobby/, so did /tech/ and /lit/. https://www.strawpoll.me/19222677 I'm not saying that those are the boards that should be created, but this shows that there is an interest in "off-topic" discussion and if a mod/admin started a vote I'm sure more people would answer. There is no large non-idpol/radlib online space where one can discuss topics other than politics and socio-economics. If we want to talk about history, movies, music, literature, our options are liberal reddit, where you have to create a new account if you have ever posted in any of the leftist subreddits, making it a nightmare ti use, or the conservative/pol/fascist 4chan; or some slow, niche board like lainchan. The claim that creating a board or two will somehow "kill" the site is unfounded and baseless. Worst case scenario they end up as dead boards and can be removed, just like /dead/ and /tech/ were removed. One thing is for certain, before you create a board, ask the community what it or they should be, to avoid the /hobby/ mistake where you created a board no one wanted and now it's stagnating. Just like some anon wrote elsewhere that /hobby/ is not doing well because it doesn't have an identity. Boards made for a topic or a theme, like history, will result in its own culture, "memes", etc. tl;dr: right-wingers dominate non-political discussion on all the major platforms. This is a chance for us to expand, attract users and provide a leftist alternative.
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>>3940 How do we know when the time to create a newboard actually is, though? It's pretty obvious people want something new. Just make a newboard already, jesus, lol.
>>3937 Biased poll, forces you to select at least one board. There should be an option for no new boards; our population means it'll be creating a selection of empty posting graveyards.
>>3947 >There should be an option for no new boards That's a good point. But you and only one person in the /leftypol/ thread were against creating new boards. >our population means it'll be creating a selection of empty posting graveyards. Why do you think people are unable to post on more than one board?
>>3949 I'm also against new boards and I haven't posted in the /leftypol/ thread.
>>3952 Why do you oppose them?

Comrade 12/30/2019 (Mon) 22:02:27 No. 3890 [Reply] [Last]
Why do in the actual fuck do I have a ip-range ban in leftypol? Please remove it
Was this ever resolved?

Word filters 01/07/2020 (Tue) 12:02:08 No. 3915 [Reply] [Last]
Please change the /autists/ wordfilter to /zion/ Polyps aren't autists, they're zionists
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If you filter /pol/ it fucks up hyperlinks and makes it inconvenient to do embassy thread shit. >>3916 Dollar signs are better. The Hibernian conspiracy is kind of obscure, and not useful for agitprop. Ironic racism <<<<< unironic class analysis. Both can make memes.
>>3919 Isn't filtering brackets to dollar signs just anti semitic in a different way though lol?
>>3920 How? Jewish or not elites do plot and fuck people because of money.
>>3919 >Dollar signs are better. The Hibernian conspiracy is kind of obscure. It might be obscure but it is part of the board culture. Also I don't think the /pol/yps would mind dollar signs, for in their minds rich = jewish.
>>3922 Exactly what I meant about it being anti-semitic

Comrade 12/31/2019 (Tue) 07:00:22 No. 3896 [Reply] [Last]
Fix VPNs pls
Bump VPNs keep getting blocked. Pls fix
Please 0rovide pics and explaination of what is broken since I don't have a VPN to test it. Thanks in advance. T codemonkey kun
>>3907 well, they are blocked from posting. If you try to make a post you get the message: >Your IP was recognized as a known spammer. instead
>>3909 Testing from a VPN.


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