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(290.05 KB 491x491 cockshott.png)
bunkerchan moderation Anonymous 07/30/2020 (Thu) 00:05:55 No. 5863 [Reply] [Last]
>inb4 move this to /gulag/ this has been a long time coming Mods, please unban the wojak script. I know it can be annoying but with the addition of the porky images to the wojak script its a great way to reply to pol/yps etc. I don't understand what the rationale is for banning the wojak script on bunkerchan, users should be free to post what they want unless its fashspam. TBH i've been very unsatisfied with the way bunkerchan is run. The users are what make it what it is, but every decision on moderation is made in some smoke filled room on irc/riot where the userbase is not consulted or even polled using strawpoll or whatever. The recent banning of the wojakscript, in addition to some of the overzealous anchoring of threads which discourages shitposting and memery. While Old BO is long gone, the impetus behind her moderation style is still there which is to ban anything that smells like fun and/or shitposting, every thread has to be some revleft-style serious theory thread or at least a prompt on current events. The decline of leftypol and leftypol's influence on the broader online left since 2018 is a direct result of this culture, as it disincentivizes shitposting, since 2018 leftypol has hardly created any memes at all, with the possible exception of a few cybercom memes. The meme culture is even more derivative of nu/pol/ than before. You can say this is partly the result of the userbase getting older but still. Leftypol is a very unique space on the online left since every other place is a reddit/twitter idpozzed hugbox where no fun is allowed. I like imageboards and the memes they produce and I also like having a place to discuss left wing politics which is not filled with radlibs and doesn't require me to make an account. It's unfortunate that bunkerchan doesn't really have an alternative that users can go, since leftypol.org is now merged in and GETchan is not widely used. Additionally there are the longstanding technical problems with scaling and the lynxchan board software which prevents the site's userbase from growing much faster and the incredibly slow progress on gochan. I'm sure every From a technical perspective the gochan codebase is frankly a mess, and it's pretty difficult to even get running if you download the source code. IMO the thing is a flaming shitpile and aside from certain things (like the ERD/database schema) that should be kept, it should probably be rewritten, possibly even in another framework or even other language. It's unclear that golang is the best language to write an imageboard in, but i digress.

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Unban the wojak script please
whats the fucking point of banning the wojak script when people post wojaks without it anyway?
>>6542 answer this, why can people post wojaks without the script when it makes no difference at all?
>>6542 A mod is gonna give you a smug answer and call you a retard. Whatever you thought is complete retarded bullshit, and after they explain it to you, you will see that their decision was perfect and infallible. You will feel like a right fool after that happens. Don't say I didn't warn you.
>>5863 >great way to reply to pol/yps etc. >unless its fashspam. do fascist make it here often? how do they come across it?

(47.77 KB 1500x1000 1597792893108.png)
(101.88 KB 1080x413 Screenshot_20200818-203612~2.png)
(46.16 KB 378x340 4.jpeg)
/GET/chan shitshow thread Sputnik##SgNipD 08/19/2020 (Wed) 00:41:42 No. 6423 [Reply] [Last]
Who here is part of space_'s super secret fascist clique ?
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Um, what happened to the bbs-style forum at leftypol.org? Scrapped when it didn't attract traffic? I thought GETchan.net was mostly dead ugly board. Now it's tolerably looking board with like 10 posts. What happen? What happen? What's the relation if bunkerchan /GET/ community to this all? Back to that forum thing a bit. I liked the idea, if wasn't yet ready to participate myself. I'm all about unifying chan and bbs style cultures somehow, to combat the unavoidable ephemeralness of the chans, have some sort of repository for the serious stuff.
(22.99 KB 800x600 realmsofpower.png)
>>6787 >What's the relation if bunkerchan /GET/ community to this all? maybe this diagram will help
>>6787 bunkerchan /GET/ and /ref/ is where GETchan moved after they merged with Bunkerchan in late 2018. After that point the main GETchan website had the role of a backup site. This was several months before 8chan shutdown and /leftypol/ moved to Bunkerchan.
>>6423 >super secret space_ being a fascist is a very open "secret"
>>6794 wtf i thought get was our brother we're not related???

(88.10 KB 400x400 hp1TnmEP_400x400.png)
What do we as a board think of Space? Anonymous 08/22/2020 (Sat) 17:50:12 No. 6566 [Reply] [Last]
I've talked to him on Twitter once or twice and I think he's a nice guy as well as an okay BO, but I wonder what your experiences with him have been like and what you think of him.
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I have no opinion as I have never interacted. However he owns the site so I guess hes somewhat of a based guy. Probably exactly what you want from a BO really. Far better than the old one. The mods on the other hand, well. Some appear to know whats going on. The others... lets not get into that.
>>6775 >However he owns the site so I guess hes somewhat of a based guy. shut up, bootlicker. Circumstances of ownership are not proof of "basedness". This place used to be a meme chan with a communist aesthetic as a joke. Only after 8/leftypol/ had been destroyed, space and his clique saw an opportunity to populate one of their deserted chans (space owned spacechan, another dead site) so they advertised bunkerchan as a backup board, then 8/leftypol/ continued going to shit, 8chan died and people had to come here. I was one of the people warning against moving here. I probably still have the post screenshots. Long story short, pretty much everything happened as I predicted. These internet no-life types aren't hard to figure out.
>>6786 t.old bo
>>6806 OldBO wanted us to move here earlier long before 8chan went down
barely interacts and let redditors flood the janny team 0/10

(136.76 KB 840x551 Chad Incel United.jpg)
(145.83 KB 640x434 United Meme.jpg)
(210.24 KB 840x472 Pride Meme.jpg)
Mod Please! Anonymous 09/02/2020 (Wed) 03:15:27 No. 6808 [Reply] [Last]
Open the thread! I don't mean it. Fuck Incel Culture=Fuck Rightoids Culture/Rhetorics. Discource should be allowed, no? Don't become a dictator! Release this thread. https://bunkerchan.xyz/leftypol/res/831253.html
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(247.45 KB 719x695 IMG_20200902_104447.jpg)
(90.88 KB 640x792 le \pol\ face.jpg)
>>6812 Look I don't simp for the libs. But incels no different with them. Here's the prove: https://bunkerchan.xyz/leftypol/res/801173.html#q830470 https://bunkerchan.xyz/leftypol/res/801173.html#q830482
>>6815 >source: dude trust me
>>6816 eat shit & die, trolls! where's the mod? please mod, please!
>>6817 Threads around identity politics, including sex identity(incels), are banned. However, they're usually anchored and not locked, so I unlocked it. Best I can do.
>>6819 Thanks a lot, mod. 🙏🏼

what the fuck happen to leftypol Anonymous 08/08/2020 (Sat) 15:39:14 No. 6195 [Reply] [Last]
Well it was a very free enviroment just few weeks ago and how the fuck it started banning all treads and users assuming them as idpol WHAT THE HECK YOU MEAN BY IDPOL NOW? And what happen to leftypol nazbol gang meme cult why did it became like leftcel? Did leftypol started to become liberal tier or something?
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>>6216 I actually started with "opposite of pol" conviction when I came here. But after more lurking I arrived at opposite conclusion actually.
>>6221 >everyone making statements I don't like is a glowfag wew sounds like damage control or defending radlibs can't tell which
>>6223 unfortunately there are liberals here who haven't came to that conclusion
>>6221 >glowuighur HUh, looks like the tr4nny jannies have brought their shitty word filters over to this board now.
>>6207 But Brit/pol/ are far less hostile to so-called "idpol" (basic faminism and anti-racism) than a lot of lefty/pol/ is.

(23.02 KB 310x760 happening hasn't begun.gif)
(349.44 KB 921x1055 lain happening.png)
Comrade 08/12/2020 (Wed) 23:17:07 No. 6324 [Reply] [Last]
>uncycling /BÜRGERKRIEG/ general For what purpose? The inevitable "not guilty" verdict for George Floyd's killers and the mass evictions haven't even happened yet. It literally hasn't even begun.
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>>6356 You do now you have the ability to create a new thread about those issues, right?
>>6358 You do know we already have a perfectly set up thread for the Riot Happenings right? It's called /BURGERKRIEG/, one of the longest continuously running, legendary breads in the /leftypol/ catalog We can't let it die
>>6359 I suppose we can always just do what the non-cyclic generals do and just make a new bread.
Re-cycle and un-anchor right fucking now!! Kenosha Riot HAPPENING https://bunkerchan.xyz/leftypol/res/541168.html
Don't really want to make a new thread for this but can we do something to reduce the cancer in the burgerkrieg thread?

(43.13 KB 392x457 iso_8601.png)
Switch the time format to ISO Comrade 08/22/2020 (Sat) 05:04:08 No. 6559 [Reply] [Last]
gringo MM/DD/YYYY idiocy is breaking my brain thank you
1 post omitted.
Remove year completely. We don't need it. Threads don't stay up for years
>>6587 >he doesn't know about the other boards >>6562 this
>>6562 DD/MM/YYYY confuse gringos in its turn and they are probably still the majority here, have some compassion for your burger comrades YYYY-MM-DD is readable worldwide
>>6562 DD/MM/YYYY is more convenient but the YYYY/MM/DD is the ISO standard because it removes all potential confusion. On an international site its better to just go with ISO format.
>>6587 Screenshots do.

(8.67 KB 255x253 1923561280560128.jpg)
Comrade 08/20/2020 (Thu) 16:04:24 No. 6531 [Reply] [Last]
Unban pls, I was just trying to make the /pol/acks go away.
What's the ban ID?
(35.61 KB 300x220 129385162518369.png)
>>6532 It's gone and now my IP is logged forever, I'll never forgive you for this.
>>6533 I don't get it
>>6531 What was your ban?
>>6531 What did you do?

An Influx of Liberals Comrade 04/01/2020 (Wed) 00:07:36 No. 4555 [Reply] [Last]
When did /leftypol/ get so many liberal posters? There's been ton of liberal posting lately with not much push back. We have people posting cop apologia now. See this thread: >>>/leftypol/406505 Where are these people coming from and how do we deal with this?
12 posts omitted.
Especially in the Internet containment thread, shit is cancerous
Reddit just purged everything where do you they went?
>>4555 There have always been liberal posters on leftypol. Former BO and jannies sought to expand the image board by appealing to reddit. Some still do, as they are "nicer" than apolitical edgelords and lumpems.
>>4730 Actual retard

(628.23 KB 1500x595 AnimalTownStoten.jpg)
(139.40 KB 749x1082 meisuruga.jpeg)
Idpol ban Comrade 07/30/2020 (Thu) 21:53:01 No. 6006 [Reply] [Last]
This is unworkable. Who defines idpol? Sorry but I've spent so much time trying to educate radlibs that idpol without class is fascist-adjacent shit, but we don't need to go to the other direction where we simply talk about class without anything else. The world doesn't work like that. Yes idpol is a social construction, but so are the """commonsense"" explanations as to why capitalism spread (this is literally in marx btw). What was wrong with having a thread about it? Are we seriously going to have a leftypol where talking about racism is banned on site, but we can have a e-celeb general? Come on, I thought this place was supposed to be better than that? Are we not allowed to discuss the New Afrikan Black Panthers anymore? Theodore Allen? Stuart Hall? B.R.Ambedkar? Fred Hampton? Something I've realised (and there was a thread by someone else about this recently) is that all the things we despise "idpol" for, the hysteria, the categorisation of victim/oppressor dynamics..these are already being talked about by the people in that mileu. If you want to ban bait threads from tourists fine, but that should already be covered in the rules, but all that's going to happen is that people having meaningful conversations about the intersection of race, gender and class in a capitalist society are going to be disciplined into second guessing themselves because they will wonder if their post will be banned. Say goodbye to any effort posting on that front. Not to mention that this will also encourage bad faith posters to try and shut down threads or posters they don't like by screaming "IDPOL" and mashing the report button. The current sticky in leftypol doesn't say anything clear. it just says "the mods will crackdown". That's not good enough. Be clear about what will and what won't be tolerated.
14 posts omitted.
Anything type of humanities that janny don't like is idpol.
>>6088 >Fortunately they tend to be relatively unimportant Tbh some of them have pretty clear-cut (pun intended) answers and given how divisive they are and how easily they can be deployed (see this thread), it may be worth it to just work through the argument so we arrive at general consensus and anybody trying to use these topics to divide people just gets "yeah, we've been over this already so fuck off."
>>6145 We have been over these topics a hundred times or more. There is no consensus to be had.
>>6146 whereas there is a clear consensus on everything else is there?
>>6527 Those arguments are at least less circular and obviously trolling


no cookies?