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(862.40 KB 1050x763 Reddit Incorporated.png)
leftypol > Reddit Comrade 07/11/2020 (Sat) 03:17:14 No. 5269 [Reply] [Last]
leftypol: - few rules - not really editorialised - minarchist mod style - dissent allowed, but sectarianism discouraged Reddit: - more rules than stars in our galaxy - de facto publisher since it is so editoralised - massive mod government that controls speech and thought - dissent banned, but sectarianism encouraged Reddit is a cancer on the anglophone left and that the world will be a better place when they go bankrupt like MySpace. I'm starting to wonder how /leftypol/ is paid for, but it's obviously from some form of user donation. State funding (WeChat) or user funding (Mastodon, Lynx Project, Matrix) is pro-leftist. Pink/greenwashed corporate social media is the supreme evil. It's a meme cave where succdems watch the shadows of real leftism and waste time and money on the politics of reformism. Fuck Reddit! Our Mods > Your False Gods
>>5269 Oh no. Where did you post this, anon.

(133.26 KB 1058x1466 IMG-20200629-WA0009-1.jpg)
User count hasn't increased in over 6 months Comrade 07/10/2020 (Fri) 05:56:17 No. 5249 [Reply] [Last]
Mods, you deleted my previous thread complaining about user count, fuck you for that. You also deleted my thread on leftypol instead of anchoring it. Fuck you mods, you pathetic pieces of shit. This place hasn't grown. Even during a fucking pandemic, when people are locked down in their homes, they still don't come visit this place. Mods don't acknowledge this, they either say that user count has increased (which isn't true) or they'll blame something else other than their failed moderation and leadership. As soon as someone creates a leftist imageboard, I'm out of this place. And I'm sure I'm not the only one. Mods, you faggots refuse to listen. You delete posts by communists such as myself, but leave /pol/ bait threads up, now you're catering to redditors, after you failed to attract weebs and gamers by creating /a/ and /v/. Fuck this shitty website. You better not delete this you turbofaggots
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it has though, it barely had 250 users when we first moved here and now during peak times we can reach 500 easily.
on average it was usually 500 or so unique recent ips, now it's about 600-650.
>>5265 i'm talking about bunkerchan as a whole
>>5249 Seeya tomorrow, anon

Bring back the idpol thread Comrade 01/22/2020 (Wed) 16:09:59 No. 3985 [Reply] [Last]
I want to bitch about trans idpol and every time a make a thread about it it gets deleted. Has Trans idpol become accepted here? I want normie liberals to leave. As for the incelposting problem that the other idpol general had. Maybe the mods and jannies should just take a more active approach to moderating the thread and ban anyone who goes off on a ridiculous tangent and starts spamming the thread.
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>>>/leftypol/677997 I thought this thread was quite thoughtful and likely to provoke useful discussion, can we unbumplock it? http://archive.is/PazxT Archive in case vols only get around to looking at it after it falls off the bottom of the board
>>5256 (me) Also there was a rather good effort post that got lost >>>/leftypol/679047 Due to a bumplock
This fucking thread is up to the brim of reactionaries. It's a real shame to have them as """""""comrades""""""".
>>5256 it's nothing special but fine that other thread, not a fucking chance in hell
>>5258 >it's nothing special but fine Thankyou >that other thread, not a fucking chance in hell Fair enough, I've salvaged one of the good posts into the effort post thread now for the other one

(1.95 MB 237x240 9a2.gif)
A rant about the moderation Sputnik##SgNipD 11/11/2019 (Mon) 16:42:42 No. 2657 [Reply] [Last]
I've already said this before on here but I may as well make a thread dedicated to it.

The mods on /leftypol/ are trash, extremely trash and I think the moderation team on this part of the site needs to be completely changed I know I'm probably pissing in the wind but in all honesty but one of the benefits and points to an imageboard is anonminity and the lack of a circlejerk, the mods don't respect either of these aspects and because of that this site has been seeing less and less users coming into this site the few users that do show up now are mostly redditors, remember that this place isn't Reddit nor is this the moderator's personal circlejerk and that was the main problem with the original /leftypol/ when it went to hell, not the fact that it was run by a tankie or something like that.

tl;dr the mods suck
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You guys are fine. It's not easy. Eat pizza rolls, not hot pockets.
never in my life have I seen "good moderation"
>>2718 mods are really shit at banning sectarian shitflingers >>2719 this, I never got a post deleted or banned, but I didnt see quite as much sectarian wrecking, lib US state dept propaganda, and obvious bad faith polyp trolling staying up during old bo days
Can moderation ban bump-fags? Like nigga I've been reporting people reviving dead (and absolutely useless) threads out of spite and mods aren't doing shit.
>>5216 They only delete posts that trigger them personally.

(932.40 KB 1888x832 NumberOneThreadThisMorning.png)
(101.97 KB 1552x759 SuddenPPHSpike.png)
/hobby/ needs some help I think Comrade 07/08/2020 (Wed) 23:10:31 No. 5219 [Reply] [Last]
So there's this guy on /hobby/ who was complaining about duplicate threads like a month ago, rather reasonable thing to do, but this evolved into a shitpost war in one particular thread he did that in ages ago, and today that guy made a load of low effort replies across the board. In rezzing lots of old threads, he's also buried a lot of the current ones. And most of these posts that were made earlier are sequential, one-after-another (typically only a minute between them give or take), and typically only one line. Could any of you look into it? because something just does not seem right about this sudden spike on an otherwise dead board.
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>>5235 Because it belongs on /tech/
>>5234 Traditionally those kind of threads belong to tech related boards, we happen to have one with such a thread >>>/tech/
>>5239 Look at the OP.
>>5240 Ah nevermind then.

(761.88 KB 800x450 slllhc5mskquegk5sidi.png)
Comrade 07/09/2020 (Thu) 03:05:39 No. 5242 [Reply] [Last]
>>>/leftypol/676366 Request to move this thread to /edu/ has been made You may want to discuss this with the thread's regulars to coordinate a move

(186.36 KB 513x488 Cheemsburbger.png)
Comrade 11/05/2019 (Tue) 08:34:34 No. 2605 [Reply] [Last]
I can't seem to find the button to watch a thread even though there's a watchlist function.
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Does this work yet?
>>4802 In a couple of months when we ditch lynxchan and switch to gochan.
Today it just randomly reappeared again and then promptly disapapeared. WTF is going on with your damn website?
(2.92 MB cyberbully.webm)
it works for threads that i haven't started myself. PLS FIX

(23.05 KB 399x399 1588454814049.jpg)
Can we just start banning accelerationists? Comrade 06/23/2020 (Tue) 04:09:52 No. 5024 [Reply] [Last]
you can literally get away with shilling ANY reactionary policy you want on /leftypol/ as long as it's not blatantly racist and you do it under the guise of "accelerationism". there's definitely been an increase in this style of posting ever since the riots so the Feds are most likely involved with it no doubt. <Vote republican! <fuck succdems, unions, and co-ops! the workers need to be in bondage and constant surveillance in order to feel oppressed! <only third world agrarians who don't even have the industry to manufacture weapons can hold a revolution! it's cointelpro shit and what's worse is that I'm pretty sure all the non-fed special snowflake MLs are completely eating this shit up. these disabled retards need to be saved from themselves, you'd be doing them a service really, by at least banning the obvious feds.
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>>5024 There is no need to ban people for retard opinions you redditfag
>>5195 >Radlibs gonna radlib. That's not accelerationist. literally the whole thread is people arguing gaddafi bad because socdem > There is no need to ban people for retard opinions you redditfag it’s not “just an opinion” it’s bad faith spam that isn’t conducive to any kind of productive conversation. saying “socdem bad” any time real politicians are brought up is as intellectually dishonest as attacking them for any other identity. and that idpol shit gets cracked down on all the time so why do reactionary neoliberals get a pass? because they masquerade it in Marxist jargon and Marxist prejoratives? it’s glow to the extreme.
>>5202 meant in part for >>5201
>>5202 >literally the whole thread is people arguing gaddafi bad because socdem That's not accelerationist. Accelerationism means accelerating trends within capitalism to push it into a catastrophe. What you are talking about is ultra-left or liberals hiding behind ultra-left posturing that they know won't amount to any real-world actions (being radlibs).
>>5204 ultraleft is just an example of accelerationism tbqhwyf

Comrade 07/07/2020 (Tue) 19:31:34 No. 5196 [Reply] [Last]
could you please delete all the comments related to spacing in the "evidence of glow posting" thread. Annoying as fuck derailment of an interesting subject by stupid autists who refuse to shut up about spacing
fine. just remember that the vols work for you
thank yee moddos
What the fuck! They deleted my posts because of you? Why? And how was my post not related to the thread? I was calling OP a paranoid fag for being worried about shit we already knew, how is this not related?

IQ to Autism Level Filter Comrade 07/06/2020 (Mon) 12:38:16 No. 5167 [Reply] [Last]
Can we bring back the Autism level filter? We've recently been having a lot of /pol/yps come on talking about IQ and shit it'd be a lot less annoying to deal with them if they were saying autism level insted muh IQ
>>5167 lynxchan doesnt allow you to have spaces in front of or at the back of a filter term, so we cannot filter IQ without fucking up any term where there is IQ, qhich is quite a ton of them. Even more impressive if you realise that you have to go out of your way to actually code it to specifically trim spaces, for no good reason.
>>5168 Ah I see that's unfortunate thanks for telling me why though
>>5168 Sad!


no cookies?