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Comrade 04/09/2020 (Thu) 12:02:07 No. 4630 [Reply] [Last]
Can you explain what is "willfully bad" or whatever about my reading of OTJQ? Any reasonable reading of that text will is that it is MORE antisemitic than what I argue for in /edu/511 This is the second time I have been banned for being disparaging towards Jews. The first time was for saying the hosts of Chapo had "whiny jew voices". After that time I made a /gulag/ thread in which I may have said that I am not an antisemite, and at that time I didn't consider myself one. I have been taking Marx's work on this subject more seriously lately though and I would admit that this does make me an antisemite. I still don't think I am nearly as antisemitic as Marx was though, and Marx wasn't nearly as antisemitic as Proudhon or Bakunin. What rule did I violate exactly? I didn't go so far as to claim that the Jews have a worldly "essence". Why is this such a sensitive topic for the mods here? Are people banned for using slurs against black or attacking Christianity? What is so special about the Jews that they are beyond criticism?
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>>4711 >See? This is why I respond so angrily towards you. You either make these obviously false statements on purpose and then draw conclusions from them dishonestly, or you really do genuinely think it and then you draw conclusions from it ignorantly. That's the point I'm making you idiot. It's an obviously false statement because either one is ridiculous. You wouldn't reduce Marxism to it's philosophical foundations, and you shouldn't do the same for Nazism either. Fundamentally, they both represent CLASS INTERESTS. In the case of Nazism that is the interests of displaced elements of the petite-bourgeoisie in collaboration with the big bourgeoisie, in the case of Marxism that is the industrial proletariat in alliance with the peasantry. Both political movements have philosophical roots in German idealism. Hitler was influenced by Wagner and Nietzsche, Marx was influenced by Hegel. >Yeah, fuck. Honestly, I'm gonna stop arguing with you because clearly I'm letting anger and emotions cloud my thinking, which means I'll just make mistakes and say things I may not actually mean. Clearly. > Marxists, as a (philosophical) goal, wish to find an explanation for "movement of the dialectic" that doesn't rely on Hegel's Spirit, or on History, or even on "internal contradictions of all things that after resolved result in something better". I don't think that is a fair characterization of Marxism, although that is how the word is used in academic circles. To me, Marxism is is the attempt to ground revolutionary socialism in a scientific basis. This doesn't necessitate a particular metaphysical outlook, because metaphysics is inconsequential to science. >Engels doesn't even mention Hegel's second negation in Anti-Duhring, but you can call Engels an idealist because he tried to explain science and nature and literally everything through Marx's dialectic, but Marxism doesn't end with Engels. I am doing an in depth study of Anti-Duhring at the moment. It seems to conform much more to Hegel's conception of dialectics then it does to Mao or Trotsky's or even Bordiga's (as much as it pains me to say that). I haven't read Stalin's pamphlet on dialectics yet so maybe that one is the way. As best I can tell, what all of these thinkers mean when they talk about materialism really has nothing to do with metaphysical materialism (except in the case of Trotsky but his argument is full of non-sequitors) rather they are making a case for contexualism and particularity, which is perfectly compatible with idealism. If you want to point me to any texts from Marx or Engels or whoever that you think might give me pause that would be appreciated.

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>>4720 >>4711 Sorry for calling you an idiot that was rude. I could have made that point more clearly and I can see why you misunderstood what I was saying.
>>4720 I don't want to fight with you either. Just the things you said made you seem like you're advocating (inadvertently) for a destructive ideology. I don't have the time to respond to your post right now, although I do have things to say. I just wanted to let you know that I don't have any animosity towards you as a person, although I did insult you. I insulted you only as a way to make you see that the things you're saying can be used to justify a fascist ideology. I don't actually think you're a swastika-wearing, goose-stepping Nazi. So, I will be back in this thread.
>>4706 Heidegger was an actual card-carrying Nazi, and a personal anti-semite (above and beyond the requirements of Nazi 'public' performative ideology) tho
>>4749 No shit. This is the first thing you tend to learn about Heidegger. The point is that studying Heidegger is not going to put you into a pipeline to fascism, and thinking along those lines is liberal idealism. You can say the same about Mien Kampf. It should be required reading for communists imo. Fascism represents a CLASS INTEREST, not merely a set of beliefs.

(67.26 KB 345x378 blocking-tor.png)
Blockage of Tor Comrade 04/09/2020 (Thu) 20:27:59 No. 4638 [Reply] [Last]
Can this thing be done away with? 30-40% of exits are blocked, I'd guesstimate.
I'm trying man. I'm trying to make it happen.
(46.00 KB 717x875 2_arrows.jpg)
(151.42 KB 1340x1226 humanIPO.png)

(11.92 KB 560x307 banned from leftypol kek.PNG)
Comrade 04/05/2020 (Sun) 02:01:08 No. 4590 [Reply] [Last]
what implicates me for being an fbi agent?
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>>4615 I'm going to get the dev to come into this thread this is odd.
>>4615 >>4590 This ban should be lifted now.
>>4592 your trip code just woke up a neglected part of brain. where i have seen comatoast before? 1chan? 420chan? this would have been around 2014
>>4617 Thank you.
>>4618 7chan possibly, he is a mod there also

(47.33 KB 1100x720 5d9b9acc49e03f38f4481121.jpeg.jpg)
I'm not doing "ban evasion" you twits Comrade 04/01/2020 (Wed) 11:05:50 No. 4560 [Reply] [Last]
Haven't you idiots yet realized not everyone is a 300lb gorilla glued to a chair staring at a monitor? Some people have, idk, phones and iPads? Some people have to, idk, make threads only on their phones because whatever fucking idiot designed this website made it impossible to post files on iPads (and I don't browse on my phone). Idc if you ban both IPs for a week, but till May is stupid as fuck Putting this here because the stupid ass auto appeal message only shows up once and basically without warning
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>>4604 >Murdering jews in gas trucks = okay <Whining about chicks once in a relevant discussion = not okay Fag
>>4605 Did the last 8 months since we got here not happen to you? Incels have shit up every thread where someone mentioned anything that triggered them. Which is basically everything.
>>4606 Projection
(39.44 KB 360x480 1442953326990.jpg)
>>4605 Yes. >>4608 >Projection nice projection idpolers
>>4608 I just want to talk about politics on a socialist politics board without someone dragging their pathetic personal issues all over the place. Apparently that is too much to ask. Kindly off yourself.

css Comrade 03/24/2020 (Tue) 19:06:03 No. 4495 [Reply] [Last]
Anyone know where I might get some nice css themes to use here? I have quite a few for 8chen but they don't work on Lynxchan unfortunately.
COLGATE; body { background: #e8e8ff; color: #000000; font-family:sans-serif; } hr{ border-top: 2px solid gray; } a, .hideButton, .unhideButton, .embedButton, .navClickable, #closeWatcherMenuButton, .watchButton, .watchedCellCloseButton, .hideFileButton, .coloredIcon { color: #000080 !important; } a:hover,.extraMenuButton:hover, .hideButton:hover, .unhideButton:hover, .embedButton:hover, .navClickable:hover, #closeWatcherMenuButton:hover, .watchButton:hover, .watchedCellCloseButton:hover, .hideFileButton:hover, .coloredIcon:hover {

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Comrade 03/25/2020 (Wed) 06:14:56 No. 4498 [Reply] [Last]
How much would it cost to get someone to add a overboard catalog? i.e. /overcatalog/
(73.74 KB 750x746 1584928425123.jpg)
I dunno, like...15 bucks?
>>4498 >>4508 nah minimum 45 zoinkazillions

(75.98 KB 292x253 coronnnnna.jpg)
Boomer Remover Comrade 03/13/2020 (Fri) 10:46:39 No. 4376 [Reply] [Last]
Why do my posts linking to my boomer remover video keep getting deleted in the e-celeb trash thread? I hate the whole e-celeb thing to but I'm tryna make content that other members of the community will enjoy. I wasn't aware that this kind of self-promotion was against the rules, and if you're gonna delete my posts can you at least tell me why they are being deleted?
>>4376 Welcome to r/communism, comrade.
>>4376 The mods are butthurt boomers
how do I post on /dead/?
>>4376 this is a fucking joke. How are we supposed to develop an online presence if it is actively suppressed?
>>4389 By coming up with better jokes

(111.32 KB 269x296 old Body Odor.png)
Just continuing a conversation from /leftytrash/ Comrade 03/01/2020 (Sun) 13:45:09 No. 4314 [Reply] [Last]
I know that some people don't like the metafagging in /leftytrash/ so I made this thread to have a conversation. So anon what are your general problems with the /leftypol/ moderation?
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>>4326 Also, FYI: In my experience with image-boards it is the other-way around. Posting with mods flags and admin tags, etc, is not common practice and is shunned in most instances. As for the flags, sorry, man. I don't think any one wants more flags. Most people I have seen barely want the ones we have now. People use them to construct identities. We just refuse to remove them because they are part of our culture since the dawn of leftypol.
nothing better to do so may as well >>4322 >vol here. Thanks for the feedback. It's very unfortuante that you feel no trust in the mod team. I should specify I trust the vols a bit more than the mods because they are more "connected" to the broader board politics than the mods feel to be, and seem to do most of the legwork besides. >We do take user input, it's very hard to gauge what the general user sentiment is because there are conflicting opinions. But we read them and discuss them. That would be news to literally everyone tbh, even on this pyongyang issue we were never informed of the nature or severity of it until it was thankfully leaked, with the best we got as a warning beforehand a spoopy-ass warning to have the bunker onhand. Meanwhile /GET/ had publically talked about the issue with its userbase and warned them that there was a rogue mod issuing and lifting bans without any mandate from the existing structures of power like, a week or two before /leftypol/ mods were practically forced to acknowledge it. What gain was there in suppressing this information of an actual, imminent threat to site security and the affairs of the board? What was the contingency going to be if space decided to nuke the site, or pyongyang went on a spree of deleting threads? we were basically allowed to be sheep free for the slaughter by being wholly uninformed of what was happening internally to no tangible end. >I'd encourage you to apply for volunteer TBH I think I already know in what direction that will go. There are simply a few mods who hold views that are not only contradictory, but irreconcilable with the political body of myself, but also likely a good deal of the userbase. The problems of the ideological gap between different users - and especially moderators, always ensures that any left unity is tenuous, because as always there is no real communication between moderation and the wider community. Trust is something that is earned through open and equal communication between people, and with the current state of things there isn't any communication, any mediation, or really any solidarity between moderation and the userbase. All left ideologies, from meme-tier egoists to ancoms to MLs and more, emphasize the important of organization and communication not just in the actions of a party-structure, but in all left action as a function of solidarity between proletariat. As-is, we fail at the first hurdle in being an effective left community.
>>4325 >The issue with the incels, reactionaries, really any one acting nefariously is once you start cracking down on the obvious ones then they retreat into being more nebulous and vague. Then it is better to allow for the community to counter the reactionaries than to allow them to go around freely. Right now the moderation still follows an ML-style organization as was mandated by the old BO, except without an actual party line to enforce on the underlying "party members" in the posters. So you have a lot of cases of mods deleting one post or another over an offense they take to the post which gets lifted by another mod when they check over the appeal, which just leaves the impression of nobody knowing what they are doing. you either need to adopt a cohesive line and publish it for the wider posting group to see so as to enforce an actual policy over the board or you need to rapidly democratize the moderation powers to more and more vols who can act as a check against each other, where enough of the common poster is present as moderation so as to better reflect the community values in the moderation enforcement. this wishy-washy center we have right now is just barely operable when it is needed. >I don't know if this is because everyone resides on one time zone or we still don't have enough mods or what is really going on. No offense but you need to audit yourselves and see who is doing what when and get an idea of time coverages. do you all even have a central authority figure to conduct anything? >This post is just too defeatist This is fair, I was retarded and uninformed.
>>4322 >>4325 You're not listening. That poster also touched on some things I've been saying for a while now. But those are the things you don't respond to. All you talk about is your moderation style, how you do this, how you do that, how you ban incels, no one cares about your individual perspective, you liberals. We're talking about systemic issues with the running of the site. This site would not improve even if we got the best, kindest mods ever that still didn't listen to user input. How do you not understand this? Which part of "more democratic decision-making" are you struggling with? >>4315 >we've never really created a new, community wide overarching goal >>4316 >are we supposed to be sticking to our chan-era roots, taking a reformist angle and becoming more pan-leftist, or fucking what? Exactly what I had said in the /leftypol/ mod thread, Comatoast's answer was that /leftypol/ is everything at once. >>4316 >recently there has been a bit of a perception of the moderation having a faster trigger finger when it comes to comrades than they do against reactionaries and spammers again, something I've said. It's really easy to see a person's post history, isn't it? You can literally tell if the person is a leftist or what their motivations are, but you seem to just judge in the moment. Do you not understand how to a /pol/ tourist that doesn't matter (because, among other things, they expect that response) but to someone who has been on /leftypol/ for a long time it gets annoying as fuck. >>4315 >this ends up having literally about everyone disliking the moderation as a force for their own specific reasons, which in turn erodes any perception of moderation acting with any kind of popular support, which makes the entire mod team seem more like tyrants than community managers Again, something I've written about. You don't involve the user base enough. You had an opportunity to run a poll for the roulette board, you couldn't even do that. If you want the users to trust you more then you have to trust the users and not assume that every poster is a wrecker in disguise.

You know... Comrade 03/03/2020 (Tue) 04:02:05 No. 4334 [Reply] [Last]
The overboard is actually really fucking based.
(4.23 MB MODELO TIME.mp4)
/overthread/ when? I'm tired of needing to look into every thread separately. Just show me all the new posts at once
An /overcatalog/ would make it even better. Also this >>4336
>>4336 How would something like that even work? Lol.
(106.30 KB 720x764 1489802555741.jpg)
>>4334 No, anon. You're based. Thank you for being so based.

Apparently I'm a spammer Comrade 02/16/2020 (Sun) 06:26:36 No. 4208 [Reply] [Last]
I haven't posted on leftypol in years - I pretty much just lurk most the time. Yesterday I was replying to a thread on reparations when it was deleted, so I made my own to keep the conversation going (and to put up my reply, how vain). Anyways, after replying a few more times to various anons, I got a message stating "Your IP was recognized as a know spammer." Idk what this is supposed to mean, like if I'm now banned or something, but all I was doing was talking to people about a topic that may be seen as idpol related. To be clear, I never supported reparations in any of my posts, and pretty much just talked about the conditions of black Americans and the difficulties that might arise concerning a broader revolutionary strategy. At any rate, it seemed to be a productive conversation, but now I can't post in my own thread cus Im apparently a spammer. To be clear, I wasn't supporting idpol, but asking how class solidarity could be formed. What do?
Sometimes spam filters catch IPs that people are actually using. Our hosting ssrvice is cloudflair and they are well known with their levels of suckage. I'll talk to space about your situation and see what we can do. Sorry about this.
>>4208 Using a VPN?
>>4208 The original thread about reparations was full of white-knight sectarian radlibs, thus your continuation of the thread may have been seen as spam or shilling.
>>4219 Not as far as I'm aware of. My apartment might have one in place to bypass this countries internet censorship. I can check if I still have problems once I'm back home in the next few weeks. Btw, I'm posting from my phone cus I'm now getting the message "your ip was recognized as a known spammer" on this board too >4220 Point taken


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