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Roadmap Comrade Board volunteer 01/16/2020 (Thu) 23:35:45 No. 3941 [Reply] [Last]
Please post features and bug fixes for the short and long term roadmap here. Off topic and completed features will be deleted. Duplicate posts will be removed. Volunteer demands get priority and order of excecution depends on the usefulness the time cost and my personal motivation. Please be as complete as possibly in a feature request. Even shitty ms Paint illustrations of how you imagine it are greatly appreciated and usefull. Work will start next week when I have finished my thesis. Please feel free to contribute on the githubs. Dev philosophy: if it can be done in the frontend alone, do it in the frontend. For the backend, only use plugins. Keep plugin code to a minimum and document any changes to copies methods clearly, to keep it compatible with future updates to lynxchan. I only respond to reject or ask for clarifications on posts. If I do not respond consider your report accepted and on the to do list. This keeps the thread short and consise. .t codemonkey admin
Edited last time by comraderat on 01/17/2020 (Fri) 22:14:15.
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Transform youtube domains into invidio.us: - cleaner, leaner and faster interface - no data exploitation/surveillance/etc. - no IP blocks
Anon sez: "Could you make it so the right barupdates every 10 seconds of something? Also make it so it doesn't follow a singular thread, it's kinda annoying."
Is it possible to use a URL that you want to upload, instead of downloading and uploading the file? I recall doing this once successfully but I can't remember what I did. Dragging the URL or image to the upload button ("Drag files to upload or click here to select them") doesn't work.
>>4399 Thats a feature that depends on your browser as far as i know.
Anon sez: "mods please add the ability to see how long ago a post was made i don't think the post time is in my timezone so i can't tell if these anons are saying it happened hours ago or seconds ago" Seems like a decent idea though I'm sure it will lead to people screaming 'omg reddit' and so on

Official Thread For Discussion Of Moderator Votes Comrade 08/26/2019 (Mon) 02:58:59 No. 1928 [Reply] [Last]
Hello, this is a topic that is intended for feedback on matters currently up for vote among the mod staff for all users. I will also include this info on /leftypol/ in case it is missed but for all you gulag-watchers, here it is. Here are the matters currently up for vote;

FAST TRACK VOTE: It is proposed that the pinned reading list topic and the /NEW/ topic on leftypol should be merged into one FAQ pinned thread as was present on the old leftypol, since we are now out of the transitionary period, and to reduce the number of pinned threads. This new thread would give advice for new members and board conduct as well as the reading list. VOTING WILL CLOSE 4AM UTC 27/08

LONG VOTE: It is proposed that Bunkerchan should, ONCE TECHNICALLY POSSIBLE, create a ban list that is publicly viewable that includes the name of the moderator who issued the ban as well as the details of the post itself, so that users can hold their staff to account more effectively. Obviously, no identifying info or IPs should be publicly visible besides vol name. VOTING WILL CLOSE 4AM UTC 29/08

LONG VOTE: It is proposed that voting in this channel on issues which only affect one board (or not all boards) should be limited to only the staff members who administrate those board/s. If you think that all moderators of the site should vote on all proposals, please vote thumbs down to this proposal. VOTING WILL CLOSE IN 72 HOURS AT 3AM UTC 29/08
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>>4500 You just got the taste of true Communism. When Stalin is unsure whom to execute, he executes everyone.
>>4504 done.
(54.96 KB 586x651 1563242898988.jpg)
>>4509 u lied
>>4403 UPDATE?
>>4510 nah bro cmon bro wtf bro believe me bro just check the spam folder bro and click the link bro comrade bro

(74.34 KB 1600x1600 Amigawave.png)
Support the Site, Buy my Album. Space_ Board owner 09/09/2019 (Mon) 23:08:11 No. 2057 [Reply] [Last]
Hey Guys, I've not a big fan of begging so I've made an EP If you would like to fiscally support Bunkerchan please purchase my album. Its only £5. You get 5 different songs + one bonus track.

>The Debut EP from DJ Uchuu. Featuring a mix of different sounds. From the dark disco sounding 'Darkness at the Disco' to the Boards of Canada-esque 'Unconscious Transmissions', Or the vaporwave mallsoft sounding '「 A r n d a l e 98 」'. Each song is a different flavour


Another way to support the site is via gifting us BTC.

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Bump for space
>>2280 >>Bumping a pinned post
>>4102 That post was from before this thread got pinned.
sry, can't afford it
>>4270 >Apple Mac >Gmail >Creating an account on Stormfront >Screaming about Russian agents Oh boy looks like we got an msnbc guzzling libtard. Someone ban this idiot before he shits up more threads. Btw, in case your sole 2 brain cells have not figured it out - this is BUNKERCHAN not STORMFRONT. Take your moderation complaints to the idiot neonazis on stormfront. This is a socialist board and most people on here are Marxist.

(65.96 KB 561x562 Small_b1073d_6144616.jpg)
bear's solution to serve space bear 03/30/2020 (Mon) 02:54:57 No. 4519 [Reply] [Last]
Bunkerchan was down for a while on 3/29/20, and while it was down, I was talking to a fellow fa/GET/ on how to fix the situation. I came up with this solution. Much like Margret Thatcher, we're going to need to do some austerity. Move any threads like people like, but are kinda slow burner (EX: /dprk/ , /prc/) and put them into a less active board, /ref/ being a perfect example, so that they don't die as easily. Then cut leftypol's page count by half to have more space in the servers. While you're at it, also move all country specific thread to /ref/ as it seems more appropriate the it would be there, as /ref/ is kinda like Bunkerchan's /int/ anyway **and would boost activity in that board, which may lead to more activity, see this thread >>321740** This is what i believe y'all should consider for this to not happen again, cause I don't want to see anything about topology anymore
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(175.61 KB 253x523 140422603447.png)
Has it been verified that this is actually an issue with limited disk space? Looking around, it looks like the error is caused by a lost connection, not necessarily limited space, although it could be limited space indirectly causing the failed connections.
moving region threads to /ref/ bad without the generals, it will cause /leftypol/ to be filled with a bunch of threads specifically from the USA. that's why the country threads were made in the first place. We will have too many threads about DSA and bernie on /leftypol/. Will be a disaster. >>4524 this is a much better idea. That and reducing page numbers down from 35 to something like 20. There would be much moaning from people complaining about the lack of archive, but we should tell them to use archive.org or take a screenshot themselves instead of relying on the servers to keep threads that aren't being engaged anymore. And this is all If the issue is even disk space as >>4525 brings up.
>>4526 Also share the burden. There's no reason for hobby to have 20 pages when page 5 threads have last been replied to over a week ago. Shrink hobby to 5 pages like /tech/ is. /gulag/ is an administrative board only half used, it can stand to only be 5 pages as well.
>>4526 Isn't most talk about Bernie and US politics inside of /USAPol/. From what I can remember, there was at most 2 other threads just talking about Bernie (Bernie cult and something else). Also your way over simplifying leftypol, to these radlibs idea. Not only that I wouldn't want all Non US events to not be on leftypol. Threads talking about the effects of AMLO, the Bolivian Coup, all that can stay on leftypol. But why have country specific threads in leftypol? Why not have them in /ref/, where its basically /int/ already. Hell they have their own country specific boards as well. Instead of having a deutschpol on both leftypol and ref, why not move them all in one central area.
>>4519 >bear's solution fuck off this is a human only board.

Collecting data on site features Anonymous Board volunteer 03/22/2020 (Sun) 00:08:30 No. 4426 [Reply] [Last]
Hello friends. I am collecting some data on what of the more obscure features on the site you use. Please vote in the strawpoll below. Thank you. https://www.strawpoll.me/19588069 Also feel free to suggest/comment on features.
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>>4476 you can make it go away by clicking on the X Button in the top right also you are wrong the Side bar is convenient
>>4476 >>4477 not sure why this happens to some people and not others. I just clicked out of it once and it never came back. Are you using cookies?
>>4481 It doesn't even work half the time, only the OP post appears and the rest of the posts do not.
>>4482 Of course not.
>>4517 you should, would fix all your problems.

css Comrade 03/24/2020 (Tue) 19:06:03 No. 4495 [Reply] [Last]
Anyone know where I might get some nice css themes to use here? I have quite a few for 8chen but they don't work on Lynxchan unfortunately.
COLGATE; body { background: #e8e8ff; color: #000000; font-family:sans-serif; } hr{ border-top: 2px solid gray; } a, .hideButton, .unhideButton, .embedButton, .navClickable, #closeWatcherMenuButton, .watchButton, .watchedCellCloseButton, .hideFileButton, .coloredIcon { color: #000080 !important; } a:hover,.extraMenuButton:hover, .hideButton:hover, .unhideButton:hover, .embedButton:hover, .navClickable:hover, #closeWatcherMenuButton:hover, .watchButton:hover, .watchedCellCloseButton:hover, .hideFileButton:hover, .coloredIcon:hover {

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Comrade 03/25/2020 (Wed) 06:14:56 No. 4498 [Reply] [Last]
How much would it cost to get someone to add a overboard catalog? i.e. /overcatalog/
(73.74 KB 750x746 1584928425123.jpg)
I dunno, like...15 bucks?
>>4498 >>4508 nah minimum 45 zoinkazillions

bear 03/24/2020 (Tue) 23:51:49 No. 4496 [Reply] [Last]
For some reason, whenever I post sometimes, the post doesn't appear on the outside of the thread, and can only be viewed within the thread. Do y'all know why?
the server is shitting itself and it should update eventually

Why are there so many idpolers on leftypol now Comrade 03/23/2020 (Mon) 07:01:37 No. 4422 [Reply] [Last]
The old 8/leftypol didn't have this many tranny defenders, BLM hoteps, and liberals who hate white people. What gives? Why are they all congregating here?
>>4422 Links?
>>4423 This. You are the only one bringing idpol on the table here, as far as I can see.
We realized that hating trans people was reactionary and idpol.

IDs Comrade 03/22/2020 (Sun) 19:39:56 No. 4411 [Reply] [Last]
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>>4411 what is this? is this a sigh of the end times?
To keep track of people with *cough* coronavirus *cough*.
can any mods please explain why they are retarded
Please remove the IDs they are making me uncomfortable. If I wanted an identity I would go to leddit or fedbook.


no cookies?