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Complain here about bunkerchan Comrade Board volunteer 08/05/2019 (Mon) 18:31:18 No. 757 [Reply]
Suggestions, complains, put them here
Technical questions about the site only, for questions about leftypol moderation please go to the moderation feedback thread on leftypol. This includes asking for more flags.

Post things you want to see changed on bunkerchan here.
>Missing features
>Suggestions in general
Edited last time by comraderat on 08/09/2019 (Fri) 18:13:34.
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2 things:
<Can we get redtext
And can we have more threads shown per page? Iirc it was 10 on 8chan.
you guys didn't make my Warsaw pact thread cyclical and now my fetish for the infrastructure/looks at the life then,are in the archives. Why care so much for a DPRK cyclical that I love and should be there 100% but cant get behind an active Warsaw pact cyclical?
It must have gotten swallowed in the update. There was some data loss. I have been monitoring the catalog and afaik no threads have 404'd since the update.
Tbh can we have it so pinned threads only show the OP and newest post? It saves so much space.
>ancap colors
are you retarded

/Leftypol/ Moderation Thread Comrade 08/09/2019 (Fri) 18:10:56 No. 1649 [Reply]
Talk/ask/complain here about anything /Leftypol/ related.
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Did you guys not put in that Budenovka Flag that was made? I see you used the CNT Hat that I requested but not the Budenovka. A sprite was made and everything.
Can we get redtexting?
what does this imposition feel like? I don't know, it sounds too similar to what (certain)feminists say about how patriarchy is everywhere. Meanwhile I can't say that I personally have felt coerced into behavior. Maybe im just shameless.

I chalk up the hypersexualism of the right to their philosophical outlook. the right wing mind thinks all of life is one tribe dominating the other, everyone is either a master or a servant. so to them, engaging in "taboo" acts is a form of brotherhood bonding in resisting against the formal rules.
I think that person actually meant
which 8chan had.

(321.46 KB 1971x1971 Davis.jpeg)
Frontend Contribution Comrade 03/29/2016 (Tue) 20:23:44 No. 77 [Reply]
Our fork of penumbra is finally up after popular demand!


If you have complaints about the frontend, you can now fix them yourself

>inb4 about fucking time
Edited last time by space on 04/15/2017 (Sat) 17:51:40.
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RIP in peace ;_;
But at the same time fuck him and his schitzo ass, sex dungeon style.
The captcha is implemented on the engine itself. The only alternative is writing a new captcha addon.
Is bunkerchan Vichan based? I need to know.
no its based on lynxchan

Space_##KRLn94 08/19/2017 (Sat) 12:52:39 No. 648 [Reply]

Leftypol video archive. Main point of the project is to archive leftypol videos incase of a pol falseflagging attack on youtube, like we've seen happen to Batko.

Mastodon is a GNU Social compatible twitter clone. Designed to be a leftypol node and point of contact if my Twitter account gets taken down.
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Edgy LARPer detected.
Oh hey neat, I love Mastodon. Glad to see it getting used here.
how can I see your posts on mastodon on juche.town?

blow your head off and have your homies burn the corpse as a pathetic way to avoid getting mussolini'd now and save time
Mastodon got binned. No-one was using it and the community was largely radlib dickheads. I wasn't willing to pay to speak to people I had no time for, so the server went into the trash.

Space_##m0Wyzz 04/15/2017 (Sat) 01:34:08 No. 622 [Reply]
Alright lads.
I've enabled SFW Overboard. Seems I need to add a link to the menu bars on everything except boards.js .



NSFW Boards
Is it right that this thread is the only one I can see on the sfwoverboard?
Yes. Threads on SFW that now get bumped will appear on the SFW overboard.
what is overboard for

Comrade 08/10/2019 (Sat) 14:32:16 No. 1677 [Reply]
I was wondering, should we reach out an olive branch to /pol/ now that 8chan is banned? Maybe on a leftist imageboard we might convert them and when they have their own board it would be a nice turnaround (since we were on their board).
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give /pol/ a board here and it'll be filled with death threats and "im about to do it" posting, that'll get us shut down.
Just let them wander in here and find us and then convert them
I wouln't mind a discussion of fascism or third positionism like something along the lines of a /fascist/ board or containment thread on /leftypol/ especially since you can't really find a space online to talk about these sorts of things since 8pol would usually ban you if you mentioned someone like dollfuss or Strasser
8chan was not "their" site, they just infested it, and now you want them to infest ours?
8ch was pretty much their site.
This site is managed by communists.
As long as pol can keep their retarditus to their own board or thread then they can have it; we need to be opening up and having a discussion with these types of people. If you want to beat their asses do it in the street. Doing it online is simply being a larping faggot.

(6.57 KB 714x72 favicon.png)
ADD A FAVICON Comrade 08/07/2019 (Wed) 22:44:06 No. 1467 [Reply]
ADD A FAVICON! You know those little images that websites have, the ones that appear next to the site's name on your list of tabs? Why doesn't this website have one? It really should!
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based, iconic
cringe anarkiddie
too small and detailed, hard to tell what it represents
please consider this one, it has shading
Here's some JS to add this favicon in the meantime
let favicon = document.createElement('link');
favicon.rel = 'shortcut icon';
favicon.href = 'https://bunkerchan.xyz/.media/ae7355768e9a253500cc45ccc687dcf8-imagepng.png';
(537.00 B 48x48 mcbunkerchan icon.gif)

(112.89 KB 387x967 Screenshot_20190816_161728.png)
Sidebar slowing site down Comrade 08/16/2019 (Fri) 20:21:17 No. 1820 [Reply]
This sidebar is probably contributing 50% of your network usage, as well as your I/O of course. It is really annoying and basically useless. Please disable it by default.
Dudeee, legit, this is the most pointless thing ever. I hate it and it just gets in the way, and, on top of that it isn't even pleasing to look at.
I don't like it either, but can you not see an "X" in the top right?
that doesn't solve the bandwidth usage, it will load before you can click X on all of them (esp if you open multiple tabs).
>What is clientside caching
>What is 304: Not modified status code
for $400 alex.

(74.35 KB 2000x1334 rsirtkswrsk.png)
Is National Bolshevism Fascism? Comrade 08/17/2019 (Sat) 19:04:51 No. 1835 [Reply]
I have always wondered if National Bolshevism is Fascist. Nazbols never make their position clear. They seem both right wing and left wing. Sometimes they are more right wing and sometimes more left wing. Is National Bolshevism actually Leftist? or is it Right Wing Reactionism in Denial.
Yes, it's just fascism dressed in red.
National Bolshevism has a Neo Stalinist aspect in it though. National Bolshevism has many parts of the left wing in it. For example equality (in their case equality between everyone in the nation), workers rights (Workers of the Nation), ETC. After all there is such thing as Left Wing Nationalism.
Guess it depends on your definition of fascism, because they don't really care about any kind of racial or national chavinism outside of unity of the state and opposition to liberal capitalists.

I don't think any modern day fascist would be down for a synthesis of Islam and Christianity, but that's one of Dugin's geopolitical proposals. It's like Stalin and Evola came up with an ideology. I wouldn't call them enemies though because it's not as if they aren't leftists, it's just that most of us conflate some of their views and their school of thought with fascism although its something entirely different that I think needs some degree of respect.

Thing is a lot of nazbol types on the internet today are basically strasserists who are JEWS = CAPITALISTS LOL who are just nazis that believe in more economic centralization and the erasure of classes. Imo anybody who is economically left should have a place here and we shouldn't have an extremely specific party line for what is tolerable and what is not.
>They seem both right wing and left wing.

fascism historically has viewed itself as "neither right nor left, but forward". so yes nazbols are still fascists and fascists are not "far right" despite what smooth brained normies believe

WEBMS MP4s Comrade 08/18/2019 (Sun) 04:10:22 No. 1843 [Reply]
I can't neither play nor download webms on bunkerchan. It says something about bunkerchan certificate not being trusted and not having a know issuer.
Fix this shit fam.
phone/OS/browser/etc? you're the second person in 100000 to complain about certs
Firefox 68.0.2 on Arch Linux.
GNU/Wget 1.20.30-2 also on Arch.
Also my system is up to date with the latest ca-certificates package.
And I also have tried replacing https by http at the link beginning but it doesn't work either.


no cookies?