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Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic Comrade 11/20/2020 (Fri) 16:23:05 No. 6493
Don't see a thread for this game, let's have one.
>>6493 I'm also going to ask a question: does anyone know why a nation with 1500 people might suddenly die in less than a month? Just had this happen to me, luckily there's a save just before but I need to know why. Can't be food, I have more than enough. It's in the middle of winter, but I have adequate heating last time I checked.
>>6500 well its difficult to tell. But i think aou can only check if they had necessities like clothes could they go to a hospital etc
>>6493 are there any good guides (maybe in video format) for this game i have some troubles getting started
>>6551 The problem was heating. I don't remember the specifics but it was either a lack of coal, a lack of workers, or both. Basically everyone froze to death. >>6552 There are some YouTube channels linked form the main site at least: https://www.sovietrepublic.net/ In my most recent game I went immediately for setting up a petroleum industry. Exporting fuel and bitumen by train is very profitable, at least in the 60's. I invested all of the initial 1M₽ and $1M in setting it up, had 1.5M₽ in profit one year later. Set up a chemical and a plastic plant, then electronic components. I think I'll build an electronics assembly factory next, and start exporting electronics. I just need to figure out how to load a train car with the things. Rail warehouse doesn't seem to work for electronic components at least.
I tried it a bit back and it felt too unfinished. I’ve been watching it but it still seems a bit too crusty for me to seriously get into it yet.
>>6796 It needs something to do. Like you get production goals from Komintern or something. Global events are in the pipeline, so maybe we'll see a geopolitics mechanism.
I like what I've played, but I'm waiting for a campaign or some kind of challenges.


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