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Most accurate sum-up of real life in terms of alignment system comparison? Comrade 10/18/2020 (Sun) 07:36:02 No. 5352
Since the industrial revolution 'Lawful Evil' has become far more common than 'Neutral Evil'. Although today it exists more in the form of crime gangs, just like how bandits were often that way back then. 'Lawful Good' and 'Chaotic Evil' are equally rare alignments to each other. The 'good guys vs villains' stuff is often more in the form of 'chaotic good', chaotic neutral (sometimes) and 'neutral good' going up against 'lawful evil'. If you designed a fantasy game that mirrors real life in 'alignment distribution' this is how it would look. If a character like Mehrunes Dagon or Zamorak were to show up in the real world through some sort of 'inter-reality travel' he would be seen as a hero. Planet Earth from now to the 1990s would certainly be the most ideal setting.
Correction to last sentence, or a fictional setting inspired by real life in that time period*


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