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recommendations Anonymous Gamer 04/01/2020 (Wed) 19:04:51 No. 318
are there any good games for anarchists i can get for free?
>>318 Probably free-civ and larp as your OC DONUT STEEL commune
>>319 >free-civ never heard before, what is it about?
(243.55 KB 488x306 Art_of_freeciv_1.png)
Second biggest larping fantasy game after HoI
>>321 how easy would it be to larp in it as a ancom commune? also is it good in general?
>>321 >HoI any easy way to download it?
>>324 >But it costs money any free way to? >just pirate it i am very bad with computers, can you tell me where?
>>325 I dunno If you have any online friends I am rather sure at least 1 has it, so you should try ask em
>>326 >If you have any online friends >having friends i dont
>>318 Team Fortress 2 Absolute anarchy and the most fun you can have online.
>>328 i didn't mean that kind of anarchy
>>325 if you want to pirate stuff and have no idea where to go,you just go to cs.rin.ru for steam games. I could send you to more bullshit websites(read:works but still fishy) that always works for me like igggames and skidrowreloaded,but they're bloated with ads,they don't need an account like cs.rin tho. I'm not at the level where I just go find the trackers somewhere,and piratebay just doesn't work where I live.
>>330 >pi ratebay just doesn't work where I live. Greetings from /tech/ /v/irgin nerds Have you tried changing your DNS server?
>>330 If pirate bay doesn't work, try one of the proxy here: https://pirateproxy.wtf/ Beware: Some of them are ridden with ads that will try to make you dl malwares.
>>318 Play Aurora 4X. It's free and you can make your dream of full cybernetic anarchism in spess. http://aurora2.pentarch.org/ Or make a anarchist server of SS13.
>>331 maybe at some point,I don't remember,it doesn't really matter anymore. >>332 cool,I'm keeping that in case I need it at some point,I'm gonna stick to russian trackers for now. >>333 >Aurora If OP actually manages to play that and have fun when he doesn't even know how to pirate stuff,I don't get it. But yes,you can indeed do that.
>>333 Not OP, but lowkey interested in Aurora. I manage to do sort of alright in Dwarf Fortress, so how does this compare with it, way harder more insufferably difficult to use or sort of the same?
>>335 you can actually use your mouse for one,but there is little feedback on most of the changes you make in it (direct feedback I mean,like there is no confirmation box,when you change something in a scrollbar,it changed,instantly) and everything is wrapped up in "windows 95" windowswhere you can change things through scrollbars,and the game is in pseudo real time,since you actually need yourself to move time forward to see the result of what you did. Maybe I'm making it sounds more difficult than it is,because even after watching somebody who knew what to do I'm still confused. Comparing it to DF is weird,since yes it's way easier to navigate,but you still have a shitton of menus to go through,going all the way to where you can just change the design of one type of missile of one of your ships (but that's not obligatory so it's fine). if you're not scared,go for it.
>>335 4X games are awful unless you are a complete nerd with all the time to waste in the world. stick to Dwarf Fortress.
>is anarchist >wants free games <doesn't torrent
>>338 i am bad with computers, i dont know how
>>645 you install bit torrent and get things from piratebay, if not piratebay google some other websites torrents bittorrent web even has it's own browser that basically just inserts torrent in google search, also use vpn so internet service provider won't bug you, try what this anon >>>/tech/1140 does to get vpn for free
(523.90 KB 1920x1080 Citystate-free-download.jpg)
Has there ever been a accurate political simulation/city builder game with communism? Besides Citystate.
>>3414 The most accurate ones are space 4X games that sidestep the entire planning debate (even among Marxists) by simply making telepathic hivemind races.
>>646 don't use bittorrent use deluge
>>3419 Lazy Deluge devs are doing fuck all on their windows version so unless you use a linux distro you're better off with qBittorrent.
>>3414 Banished. It need a lot of mod to be playable, and it's only a village in a cold mountain, but it's pure primitive communism. Or Anarchism. Or whatever.
>>3414 How could I have forgotten stellaris. Make an egalitarian civilization and get utopian abundance, or the cheap alternative shared burdens.


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