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(402.44 KB 512x512 thumbnail.png)
(74.74 KB 268x268 KR.jpg)
HOI4 general: "Who even plays unmoded?" edition Anonymous Gamer 04/02/2020 (Thu) 13:16:37 No. 258
Since /v/ is now open, I guess it is time to relocate here from /hobby/.
>Playing HOI4 Can we just make this a grand strategy general?
>>259 This. I play HOI4 like the casualfag I am, but even I know people like the prequels a lot more.
>>260 Hoi4 is like Skyrim. The only good thing about it is the mods.
>>262 I think it was delayed again. They are releasing a teaser on mayday with all the South African War factions though.
(1.06 MB 1600x900 sovietrepublicmay1944.png)
>>259 this
>>264 >Soviet Republic Finally True Communism
(261.08 KB 542x497 dugin hoi4.png)
>>266 I think I've heard of this mod before. What's the name?
>>259 Ok, I'll bite, as someone whose first HOI was IV, what is the problem with it compared to the previous entries?
>>268 HOI4 is rather dumbed-down compared to DH and HOI3
>>269 Well, from what I've seen that's true, but is that really a bad thing? Those games seem absolutely impenetrable.
>>270 Yes it is indeed bad. I liked the crunchiness of HoI3. HoI4 basically plays itself.
(363.66 KB 1024x640 stalin hoi logistics.jpg)
>>271 Is this really good gameplay though? You're not fighting the enemy, you're fighting your own logistics assignment. The game should not force you to do things the head of state would not really be deciding and IMO that's basically what HOI4 does. The exact granular details are left to the computer to simulate you having subordinates.
>>270 >seem absolutely impenetrable. they're actually pretty straight forward try a proper wargame like Gary's War in the East for a "fug I have to have an open manual next to me when I play" experience
>>272 It's called strategy for a reason, surprisingly enough logistics is 90% keeping your armies supplied(read: Hannibal losing 28 of his 30 Elephants and 26 000 troops crossing the Alps). I remember some Soviet general on logistics and he basically said: "Think of all the ammo an army would need for a month in the worst possible scenario. Now times that by 10. That might last a division a week if you're lucky.". That's one of the things I find lacking in HOI4, you're able to build the individual equipment instead of filling a quota but somehow it feels a lot worse, maybe cause it's been dumbed down to the point where rifles, uniforms, engineering equipment etc is just now "guns" and you just throw factories at it and boom problem solved. Or well actually that's an overarching problem actually since the stuff that's supposed make deciding which factories do what has gone out the window: resources, aka a fucking tank needs ball bearings, don't have that can't make them, but tungsten and chromium and shit is now a constant, you don't have an influx or anything, no stockpile. I remember submarines were a lot more deadly not because of their BS stats in naval battles, but because they could run a country's stockpile dry and cripple them, that's called fucking strategy, HOI4 feels like just oversized tactics and painting simulator, shit like Total War and BI help alleviate it a bit, hell BI is even trying to add stockpiles back but HOI4 is such a barren base game that it almost cannot physically support it. It feels like just EU4 battles but slightly more developed in a sense and then that in WW2 on a grandscale and boom: HOI4.
>>274 HoI also has a huge problem with the axis never really having resource issues, which has gotten worse and worse with each new game in the series
>>275 I mean in HOI3 I would without a doubt always run out of rare resources as Germany, but somehow the biggest historical issue that the Germans faced irl they never seem to have a shortage of in both HOI3 and HOI4 and that's fuel and oil. HOI4 is definitely worse than HOI3 though since again, resources are just static and constant, you always have +4 oil somehow, it never fluxuates through demand or convoys of oil being sunk, it only might be used in a production line or go red for a few seconds cause the trade supply goes down for a few seconds but then goes right back up again. Also the convoy system in HOI4 is just retarded, somehow something like the UK which has rubber in say Malaysia doesn't have to ship it to a factory in the UK because it's in its own territory....somehow... but trade from Estonia to France requires convoys. How the fuck does the stuff get from Malaysia or Africa to the UK? Who knows.
>>274 I guess I see what you mean, I suppose I agree with you that you should be able to stockpile resources and that there should be more limitations on what resources you can get and what you can build and so on. But there's a reason why they copied the EU4 formula, because of the ease of use and the fact that players could actually sink their teeth into it.
>>266 >>267 I think It's called "Long and Happy Life," if I'm not mistaken.
(8.88 MB 3780x3780 gospeedmap.png)
/leftypol/ themed mod when?
>>618 Well what are your ideas for one?
(211.11 KB 624x210 coldwar_compliation.png)
Anyone have any thoughts on who would succeed Stalin in a timeline where the Allies launch Operation Unthinkable and the Soviets push them out of mainland Europe? I personally do not like the alt-history thing of extending peoples' lives when they died from semi-natural causes (e.g. Zhdanov still dies in '48 and Stalin in '53) though Stalin living slightly longer and going through with his removal of Beria, Molotov and Mikoyan was something I considered. Additionally, can suppose that the Soviets performed better in the war overall, so certain people like Voroshilov might not have fallen from favour over the course of the war.
>>600 >Mussolini is a Muslim >Lovecraft and friends set up a King in Yellow cult in New England >France being even more retarded than normal >The Incans being Monbols This mod is cursed.
>>600 >Byzantium I fucking hate byzboos
>>621 Beria takes over. Enters a power struggle similar to OTL and rallies the governments of the far more numerous in this timeline fraternal republics to his side under the promise of more autonomy. Basically RSFSR vs the rest of the soviet block, eventually resulting in a small armed confrontation, similar to August coup, where the forces loyal to Beria take out the old party opposition. Liberalization of how the WPO works (perhaps WPO and USSR merge into a watered down version of the former, basically a unified EU of sorts, just with more centralized power). In an attempt to prevent another bureaucrat coup the system is democratized along Stalin's wanted lines. With a lesser influence from the bureaucrats OGAS gets more consideration, basic structures to establish a rudimentary internet are slowly being established. With far more political power in the hands of other fraternal republics, their representatives and leaders rise to more power. Beria dies of old age or some health issues after a decade or so. Now you in theory can make any important left-wing political figure of that time the new general secretary. For the memes I suggest Bordiga.
Anyone know where I could find pirated updates for the 1.9 baseline HoI4? For some reason my pirate site doesn't post them anymore, and the newer mods don't seem to work now (TNO demo is scuffed, with the ideology wheel blending all the colours together, while >>877 crashes half way through booting).
>>878 I am specifically referring to 1.9.1 and 1.9.2
>>877 Nice that they’re trying to emulate the look of TNO in this as well.
>>861 Will Molotov survive this? I was thinking at the end of the war the allies might be desperate enough to nuke some cities in retaliation and now a new denuclearization treaty is the reason the stockpile of both sides are much less than today. How would the revolutions in LatAm, Asia and Africa be handled? The US could be much more supportive of Condor and the Batista regime leading to a prolonged and Vietnamization of the revolution there.
Are there any mods that allow me to play as Lyndon LaRouche
>>888 Cheka'd IIRC, you can do that in Red World as one of the American remnant countries if you go NatBol, I forget which one though
>>258 how do anons here feel about the alt-history of kaiserreich?
>>1617 Overall but a lot of the lore comes across as forced "heckin' wholesome 100" bullshit, like SuccDem Austria-Hungary, or the Longist faction which makes no sense. Like yeah, I'm sure some anti-racist SuccDem with a large catholic following would be super popular in the segregated KKK dominated deep south. Also the subreddit is braindamaged.
>>1742 >Overall *Overall fine
>lets try HoI4 again >oh hey Germany has hundreds of industry and is outproducing everyone else with no effort >Germany loses 10 million men but has no problem replacing them the Germoid wank has gotten worse and worse with each new installment of HoI I understand the need to give them a boost given the game limitation but this is just ridiculous soviet overhaul when
>>1749 >soviet overhaul when You're just asking to be hurt. I can already predict it: >Focus tree starts with split choice >Start the purge / Generals prepare coup >Purge path is basically not even reworked, perhaps even gets Solzhememetsin le cursed meme path added to create 1984 >Coup path gives you shitty alt history focus paths: >Trotsky meme >Return of Czar (bonus points if female) so the monarchist story dev could masturbate some more >Le perfect blessed Kerensky democratic path >Even more cursed funi Fascist Rodzevsky path
>>1750 >an industrial tree? no why would we include that?
>>1749 >>1754 >playing vanilla
Can I install Kaiserreich on a cracked HOI4 game?
>>1775 If the versions line up. Currently I am cucked from playing any mod it seems as my version is wrong, but when it was the fresh one, all would go great. You can always try by going to http://steamworkshop.download/ and then pasting the link of the workshop mod you want. It will then let you download the raw mod files. Then you create a mod through the new start menu tools, paste the files in the new folder and start the game. Foster is the best CSA choice
Could anyone maybe offer help resolving my game version issue screwing up mods I mentioned in >>1779 ? I just got a cracked Allied Armor patch and downloaded the freshest mod versions, however they all crash half way through with a message saying something about map definition errors. The game default works. Is the Allied Armor version simply incomparable with mods? Or were the mods not updated yet and I should try reinstalling them? I really want to try >>877
>>651 Shoo shoo turkroach
I've never played any of these games before and my PC is kinda shit. Which one should I pirate?
(63.98 KB 770x568 1592496220791.jpg)
>>1749 >EU4's latest update makes the HRE so ludicrously overpowered that the entire balance of the game is in ruins >HOI4 wanks off Germany so hard that it overshadowed East Asia in the update designed to fix East Asia >Every other Grand Strategy game is infected by "look at my le epik großes deutsches reich haha" fags Wheraboos should be executed
>>1875 This is why I think Kaiserreich is pretty cool, "What if Germany won WW1?" is a clever twist on HOI4's "What if Germany won WW2?"
>>1858 >my PC is kinda shit Darkest Hour, paradox games become increasingly unstable the longer you play them and the more shit ends up on the map
TNO's got a release date at long last, 21st July
>>2022 it's gonna get delayed lol.
(67.71 KB 640x645 TNO_Red_Star_RIsing.jpg)
TNO is right around the corner boys! Who are you all going to play first? I'm kind of split between WRRF and Bukharia Komi.
where can I find a torrent for la resistance?
>>2964 IGG games has the latest release I believe https://igg-games.com/hearts-of-iron-iv-all-dlc-free-download.html And it's hosted as a torrent over on the pirate bay as well, if you don't want to use their normie download methods.
>>2919 >TNO is right around the corner lol no
>>2978 What will happen first, controlled nuclear fusion or TNO release?
>>2979 Unless the CEO of energetics buys premium bucks to autocomplete ITER in next four days, then TNO is coming out first, though it will be lacking quite a bit of content at first.
>>2919 Omsk
>>2978 Bruh, it's literally coming out in 2 days
>>2919 Kagonovich remaking the USSR and piss on Bukharin’s grave with his fanfic The Red Order: New Dawn of Eurasia. It’s still fucking bullshit that the ANC and the other African communist militias won’t get content at launch.
>>3034 As far as I get it, the ANC is never going to win, as they will simply get crushed between the RK's and SA. As I understand, the actual socialist paths for the region will only come about after the war when either the Huttig's Empire, RK leftovers or OFN mandate collapse in revolt from national liberation movements. Personally I'm sadder that there won't be any content for reunified USSR until second release.
(63.23 KB 209x172 Liquidate.png)
>>3023 loled at the new focus in the Tukhachevsky tree. sometimes I forget that the porkster is from actual Soviet propaganda and not just a meme
So recently the devs discord leaked that the following Russian states and paths won't be featured in the release: Novosibirsk Krasnoyarsk People's Revolutionary Council Gayny The unrevealed path for Magadan (but not the whole country) All non-unifiers, besides Onega and Zlatoust The rest of unifers and public's darlings, from WRRF and Sablin, to Rurik and Tomsk, to Omsk and Tsar Mikhail, to the Father and mysterious paths of Komi, will be included in release. They should have put it longer in the oven. The thing needs heavy sub modding to even irons out the libtardation like “muh Stalin worse than Bukharin you guyse”, “African communists are actually nazbols that will never win”.
>>3037 We did play a major part in popularizing it though. >>3038 >“muh Stalin worse than Bukharin you guyse” Bukharin fucked up so hard most of the planet is fascist.
>>3037 no, you're getting it all wrong, the sovjets themselves predicted the internet and memes, they specifically created a this meme so we leftist of the future could keep shitposting.
(445.67 KB 4974x2519 TNOContent.png)
>>3035 Found a map of which countries have release content on their R*ddit. It's not fully accurate; I know RK Madagaskar should be colored.
>>3059 Ostland and the JapSphere seem to have some interesting factions nobody seems as hyped as they should be about. Ostland has Meyer and that despot spy guy, as well as le revenge Jew. And the Sphere has to deal with colonial issues, zaibatsu, mafia, rebels etc. It's out at 00:00 board time (UST) btw. Five and a half hours.
>>3060 >Ostland and the JapSphere seem to have some interesting factions nobody seems as hyped as they should be about Well, those actually were going to be my second and third playthroughs: one as Vituska who hopefully gets overthrown, and one as Okinori Kaya, who is pretty based in my view.
(898.25 KB 1200x1200 mfw5.png)
(87.23 KB 620x435 jmacaque.jpg)
>>3064 >>3063 they're late late LATE LATE late LATE
>>258 just started on kaiserreich, whats the most based country to turn communist?
>TNO just released but steam going under maintenance fucked up the uploading Kek
>>3067 I did the US with the CSA but it's easy and China with the left KMT which was a little more complicated but both play troughs were fun and had a lot of flavor.
(39.89 KB 810x103 Capture.PNG)
>>3068 Is this why I can't download it? Stupid fucking downloader isn't showing me an obvious way to get it onto my computer.
>>3071 I checked the mod files, the steam download failed massively and the commons folder (where all the nations and shit are) was not included with the upload cause of a fuckup on the steam workshop's end
>>3072 Right but I literally can't download it, is everyone else having that problem or is this new retarded "upgraded" launcher going to make me spend hours cunting around ripping out the whole fucking game just to play a mod?
>>3073 I figured it out. For some reason workshop spazzes out if you subscribe to something new after doing a download earlier. I just unsubscribed, restarted steam, then subscribed again. As usual the "tech support" for this simple fix was faggots suggesting you do anything from delete all your mods to install a new operating system.
>When your computer acts up so you have to forcefully shut it down, which means that HoI iv needs to be re-installed... For fucks sake....
>>3075 Verify integrity of games cache/file
I'm going to ask for a favor guys. Any of you know where to get an easily accessible cracked version of HoI4 that for a fact can run mods (specifically TNO)? The one that I downloaded has this issue >>1781 and I believe it is the files fault.
>>3079 To expand on the error I'm having, it always crashes when loading and states that there was a "map definition error". I checked online for solutions, which recommend to reinstall. That didn't help. Some guy had posted his gamefiles which I replaced mine with, but that didn't do it either. Also it's not a problem with launching a mod, it seems, even though vanilla works, when I tried pasting the TNO files on top, it would have the same issue.
>>3079 >>3080 Little update. Tried getting the IGG version. Turns out its the same codex crack as the one I used before. Also fails to load the map and crashes.
(1.10 MB 1032x584 image (1).PNG)
(1.07 MB 1030x582 image (2).PNG)
ngl that was a total let down >civil war as Vituska >manage to secure my borders for the most part and just have to stop the SS recovering >finally stomp SS >secure all the south >only me, the legitimate ruler, and the pretender left >in a forced ceasefire with mr legitimate >no border with pretender >can't break ceasefire >only 2 years in >have had no focuses left for months >he finishes the pretender >gets half my land >cant do anything >not even any events >just rack up debt and garrison demands that massively outpace supply because game has a fetish for 0 manpower >that's it, that's the game Don't bother playing minors, there's fuck all content.
(2.23 MB 1920x1080 unknown.png)
victory comrades!
(207.94 KB 1509x884 tfwnoTNO.jpg)
>>3083 Good for you...
>>3084 Which version do you have? Check fitgirl or IGGgames (IGGames?) for 1.9.3
>>3085 I have a CODEX crack of 1.9.3 allied armor. Got it from a regional site. Today tried the IGG one, but its just the same CODEX iso file. Just checked fitgirl, but unless I don't know how to look for it, they only have 1.9.0. It seems this problem was prevalent, as there are some reddit threads about it, but none of their fixes help. Guess I'll have to wait till the PDX release another patch.
>>3084 you need to update your version comrade >>3080 >I tried pasting the TNO files on top that would do the opposite of help, the way the code is set up has TNO override base game files which it has dependencies for. You will need to get HOI 1.93, install it via codex. https://igg-games.com/hearts-of-iron-iv-all-dlc-free-download.html for me the basegame launcher doesn't work, so I set the mods I want in the launcher, go into where I installed the game, and just launch the executable with admin permissions and it launches fine.
>>3088 Did you try clearing out Documents\Paradox Interactive\Hearts of Iron IV\mod ?
>>3089 aah, as long as I have some way to make the install run I don't want to go poking it, lest it crumble to dust by my tech-ludditeness.
>>3090 I (>>3089) meant to reply to >>3087 Didn't realize someone else had replied while I was looking for solutions lol
Make sure you play with this soundtrack mod for TNO btw lads https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2173536659&searchtext= HOI OST kills the mood
>>3092 I muted ingame sound and had the ace combat osts going on in the background
>>3088 I used that exact version, so that is not a problem. >basegame launcher doesn't work, so I set the mods I want in the launcher, go into where I installed the game, and just launch the executable Exactly like my experience, except it crashes half way through the loading bar. >>3089 I did, and it didn't seem to help. All I would leave in there were the mod folder and some dlc enabler that appears when clicking the mod "on" in the dowser menu. >>3092 >>3093 Personally was planning on running "The Battle is Going Again" and "Stand up Great Country" in the background for my first playthroughs.
>>3095 >Exactly like my experience, except it crashes half way through the loading bar. hm, does it do this if you don't use any mods?
>>3097 Nope, works perfectly without any. Hence I was interested in what would happen if I merged the TNO and baseline files. Since it didn't work, I am asooming that the problem is not with the mod, but some data inconsistency or something between the two.
>>3095 Have you tried removing all the mods, loading into the vanilla menu, quitting, then adding the mods again? Sometimes the game likes being loaded up in vanilla once after an update before running mods.
>>3099 No. So you'd recommend to delete the mod folder, or just reinstall, then launch Vanilla, and then add the mods?
>>3098 Then it sounds either like an issue of the mods themselves being downloaded or an issue with the game parsing mods. I'd try deleting the mods, running it vanilla, quitting, reinstalling the mods from scratch, and seeing if it will run the mods then. It can be an issue with steam workshop not downloading properly or an issue of the outdated engine being finicky.
>>3101 Ok, I'll try that right now, see how it goes. Btw, where did you get the mod? I downloaded using https://steamworkshopdownloader.io/ since the direct download on the subreddit didn't seem to work in the morning.
>>3102 I bought the base game on sale for ultra cheap and I use the steam workshop to download mods, since the CODEX is functionally the same as the steam version it reads the mods downloaded by the workshop just fine without needing me to do anything else.
>>3102 >>3103 oh, and if I remember right the game didn't work earlier today because of some technical issue, redownloading the mod's most recent version is prolly a good idea.
>>3100 Well for me removing the mods is just unticking them in the launcher. You should get your cracked vanilla version of 1.9.3 and attempt to install the mod manually on it, I don't know how you've done it so this is how I would do it: Try and source a proper TNO installation, here's one I found that sources it from workshop: http://steamworkshop.download/download/view/2173766180 Follow this to install: https://hoi4.paradoxwikis.com/Mods#Installation
>>3102 and one last thing, if you still have the version of the game where you overwrote the base game's files with TNO, just delete that install and get a fresh one lmao, cause that definitely would have destroyed the install
>>3106 Yeah this if you've actually full on copied over the files instead of putting them in the mod folder you've goofed. On the bright side if you've done this our suggestions will actually help, if you've installed the mod files in the correct location I have no idea how to help you.
Ok, so, I tried reinstalling and all, but it still doesn't work. Here is the entire process I did: >Uninstall HoI4, purge anything pdx related on PC. >Restart >Delete TNO files and get new ones. >Install using CODEX iso file. >Start the game, get one save done as well. >Install the pdx launcher. >Using mod tools, create a TNO folder in the mod folder of pdx files. >Copy everything but the .mod file (the launcher created one inside and outside of the TNO folder already) to the mod folder from the zip of TNO files. >Enable mod >Manually start HoI4 as launcher doesn't work >Starts loading, all the tips, pictures and UI elements are TNO >Crashes on 4/10 of the progress bar with the map loading error All of this is the same as before.
>>3109 I honestly don't know then, its probably something on paradick's end, some kind of optimization thing.
>>3110 I was thinking, could it be some problem on my end? It has been like 2+ years since I reinstalled windows, and perhaps some sort remnants of older HoI4 dlc's are screwing things up?
>>3109 Oh btw they reuploaded the mod an hour after the initial upload because steam corrupted the files due to server maintenance. Meaning the original upload will crash no matter what, and if you're working with the files that got uploaded at 7PMEST yesterday, you're gonna have to redownload for the fixed version.
>>3112 I have done that. Also this happened to other mods, I just didn't give much thought about it before.
>>3113 At this point it might be quicker for you to either A) Run it in a virtual OS if your PC is good B) Partition and play it on that
(1.17 MB 1035x582 Capture.PNG)
sad moment
>>3059 >India, Vietnam and even fucking Cuba haven’t had any content Fucking bullshit. I want to see the Cuban revolutionary army helping the ANC and Idi Amin wrecking Nazis allying to the new 4th Internationale!
>>3164 Don't play any orange nations either, only the green ones have reliable amounts of content. Most of the 19602-1972 content (writing, art, design docs) is done apparently, they just have to implement it into the game and they're doing that before they add any later content.
>>3163 How is Adolf Hitler still even alive in the 60s? That nigga would've been fucked by then.
>>3171 He'd be in his early 70's, not that unbelievable.
>>3163 Frustrated painter didn't had Alzheimer, he had Parkinson, I can't believe they missed that. (Maybe in that mod he has senile dementia, i haven't touch HOI4 in a long time)
>>3182 Also he died in 1945, not 1962. What a bunch of amateurs.
>>3182 >>3171 Think they talked once about how they knew Hitler wouldn't live that long, but needed it for the story. Their explanation was that Goering's personal doctor had a grudge against Hitler's doctor and crashed into him with a car, killing him. Then he himself was arrested. Thus Hitler and Goering both became healthier as both of their shitty doctors were gone.
>>3190 What was wrong with Goering's doctor?
>>3190 Only because of a leg injury, the doctor gave Goering so much painkillers and morphine that the fad bastard got addicted.
>>3190 Only because of a leg injury, the doctor gave Goering so much painkillers and morphine that the fad bastard got addicted.
>>3198 >>3199 Cracks me up how the TNO community refer to him as "Voring Göring"
>>3171 in '62 he would be 73 not to old
>>3163 >nazi Germany >state atheist wtf
>>3216 I think he's talking about how his doctor had him speedballing meth and diazepam and shit, which is why the doctors discussion came up.
>>3218 tbf it is alt history some maybe in that time line Hitler never became a methhead, also by 62 he has really serious dementia, which is rare for people in their early seventies.
Is it true that in TNO you can get Gus Hall into power?
>>3381 I guess? The L-NPP leader was never revealed, so perhaps its him. However, since my mod don't work, I can't say for sure.
>>3217 It is a strange mod, on the one hand the gameplay is reduced to a visual novel, but because the althis scenario and plot is retarded, you also have to shut down your brain off.
>>3381 Yes, in the 1972 election. He will try and probably fail to reform the USA into socialism
>>3403 You definitely can get Gus Hall to be president but you have to royally fuck up both the African and Indonesian wars while ruining the US economy to do so. And even if he wins, he would have to declare a civil war to get anything done since congress will never pass anything with a “radical” in power.
>>3537 I really don't get why the mod team decided that US will never have an unconstitutional takeover. Most obviously, something akin to business plot is quite possible to happen, arguably even now IRL, and especially so if TNO NPP-Y/L wins. Aside from that, both of these NPP factions should in theory be able to start a civil war, because the country is just so fucked, so the decisions to say "no civil war never ever can't happen no no" seems a bit silly.
>>3539 Tbh I think a Civil War in America is gonna be a possibility in the 70s or 80s. The mod takes place iver the time span to basically only get two presidential terms in.
>>3539 Another annoying part is that the dev team still consistently pain Kaganovich’s ML fanboyism of Stalin under a bad light. It’s like they willfully ignore that Stalin was instrumental in mobilizing the USSR into beating the Nazis in OTL. Also they somehow forgot about Tukhachevsky’s pagan obsession which was one of the big reason he got purged in real life.
>>3570 I never got the impression that anyone in the post-soviet hellscape was ever put in a good light - they were either ruthlessly pragmatic from their situation or idealistic and unlikely to succeed (and the game mechanics try to make it so you don't speaking as someone who played Sablin). Especially mind because this is an era where Stalin got sidelined out of power and assassinated, so his fanboyism for like a low-level bureaucrat can easily be seen as questionable.
>>3583 He probably wrote just as much about the economics of the USSR as in our world. I can see that he would have fans. Still wondering whatever happened to Trotsky though.
>>3587 I think it was said he was assassinated with a sledgehammer by the Bukharinites
(830.76 KB 561x935 Yeltsin.png)
>>3583 >I never got the impression that anyone in the post-soviet hellscape was ever put in a good light ackshually Yeltsin is kinda gigabased in this timeline. Or at least he does all the same stuff as real, but given the circumstances it works out well instead


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