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(479.74 KB 1920x1080 20200511233059_1.jpg)
/gsg/ Comrade 05/15/2020 (Fri) 22:39:24 No. 605
We have a HoI4 thread but why not just have a Grand Strategy general thread? I'm pretty sure there are plenty of people here who play the other grand stratgy games/think hoi4 is too dumbed down shit. Plus /gsg/ on 4chan is infected with /pol/yps and I really want an alternative place to discuss the games. So what's everyone been playing? Here's the results of my recent Serbia to Yugoslavia campaign.
Can someone explain wtf happened with Panzer, Hall and all of that drama? Are ppl actually starting to see Hall as based? What are the devs doing to curb socialism?
>>6330 i dont remember foster kidnapping kids or being so comically evil? what the hell did they do?
where can i find all this panzer drama it sounds fucking hilarious
>>6744 >Wait, what did I miss In the new update the only Heydrich path is him turning against Himmler after the nuclear plans are revealed to him (but only because it will kill too many "Aryans"). A few weeks later Himmler realizes that Heydrich is secretly working against him and launches a failed coup in Berlin. After this Germany collapses into a dozen fiefdoms run by a bunch of different factions including SS divisions, Wehrmacht groups, Speerites, megacorporations, partisans etc. Himmler and Heydrich battle for influence over these factions and control over the German nuclear missiles (if Himmler gets more than 50% of the nukes, it is over). These factions are gradually integrated/conquered to each side until the final conflict between Himmler and Heydrich in a Second Civil War. After Heydrich wins he personally executes Himmler. Heydrich gradually has mental breakdown, loses faith in his ideology and executes himself. Germany is plunged into a Third Civil War (unplayable for now, you are switched to observer mode)
>>6754 Foster has an event about children being raised communally in special camps rather than by their parents.
(418.83 KB 1589x831 greich.jpg)
>what could've been
>>6754 It was always there. As I recall, Foster has three main flavor events: 1. Establishing the black belt national self-determination, which is based 2. Legalizing euthanasia, which is good, but the event text seems to imply that he might fake euthanasia documents to kill off dissidents or something. 3. The kid thing, which is insane any way you look at it: first interpretation that it is a radical Taylorist measure to boost productivity by making sure proles aren't distracted by family, and the second one is that it is a tool of control on party members, as their kids would technically be held hostage at all times. Good thing is that you can simply choose not to pass this event. Also there is the meme thing where if Butler coups Foster the event text mentions "Storming the Citadel", which makes it seem like over the top 1984 shit. Though same wording might be true for Browder coup event as well so idk.
(349.85 KB 738x874 pov_sleged.png)
>>6756 >All that shit Reminder that in all the dev QnA streams Panzer shilled Heydrich path as his baby, so he definitely feels proud about it and thinks its good epic writing. Man, what an amazing individual. I love watching his saga unfold. Feel bad for people actively attached to the mod and its story quality, but I kinda like the fact we have this absolutely auteur lolcow.
>>6760 I remember when TNO came out and it was recommended to play Heydrich first, and for the first few days the Heydrich route didn't even work. Bravo.
>>674 What's people's opinion of long and happy life? I'm in a discord server with one of the mods and he's pretty chill
>>6762 It’s made by a bunch of Russian chauvinists who idolize Dugin, so I’m not all that enthusiastic about it
>>6763 It seems like the only non-insane ideologies in it are left wing ones at least
>>6742 There’s pretty much no way France can realistically win against socialist Germany. Most realistic scenario is that the One State took over most of Asia, the Internationale is Europe and most of South America (with an isolationist Japan) and the US already broken apart.
>>6755 Seconding this
>>6760 thank god for submods, Göring's Wild Ride submod is the funist hoi4 playthough ever, hopefully someone will make a submod that is just as fun but also involves a leftist figure (maybe lyndon larouche coups the US gov) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2251001951
>>6769 We should really do a /leftypol/ overhaul of TNO. Just don’t name it as such.
>>6740 >Red flood had an actual schizo Nazi from Montenegro. Didn't know TheAthelasProject worked on Red Flood lmao
>>6756 What the fuck? I thought that Heydrich was never supposed to turn against Himmler? >>6770 This
>>6772 >I thought that Heydrich was never supposed to turn against Himmler? Nah, that was always a temporary state of affairs. Heydrich was always supposed to have his own primitivist path.
>>6772 Nope, that was just a big lie that they propagated, even among lower team members such as myself. I first caught wind of it nearly 2 years ago when I was on the team, but mere mention of it to Panzer caused him to rage at me about "pleblore", so I assumed Panzer had come to his senses and realized that giving one of history's biggest monster's some feelsy redemption events is a really bad idea. WELL IMAGINE MY SHAWK
>>6776 Making Hydrich good would have nothing make seance. Especially sense all the other German paths are depraved in their own ways (goering wants ww3, borman wants to continue a slave society, speer becomes insane, socialist Germany kills every grunt who worked for the old regime)
>>6776 >>6777 Is it really that Heydrich becomes good though? From what anon described it seems more like he just literally doesn't want to nuke the whole world, hardly a high standard. That doesn't make him not a Nazi or whatever. Then, when he beats Himmler it just all seems pointless so he kills himself. That doesn't make him 'a good guy'.
>>6781 See, it IS like that throughout most of the playthrough. It's only the last events, after you've beaten Himmler, that the sympathy shit begins to unfold, as we're shown from Heydrich's perspective how he's been alienated from his children and him coming to realize Nazism is actually bad. Some other events if Himmler comes out on top in the nuclear struggle make it clear that one of Heydrich's primary motivations is love for his family, which comes as kind of a shock considering who we're talking about.
(274.97 KB 573x586 vtmvu2pviwu21.png)
>>6783 Literally picrel
I’m replaying Tyumen in tno now that it’s fixed, what focuses do a take to avoid the coup?
>>6785 Isn't Khruschev supposed to be actually good in TNO, though?
>>6770 If we were going to do a mod it may as well be an original
>>6770 I could only imagine the disastrous autism
>>6783 Bruh
>>6783 An evil sociopath loving his family isn't really very remarkable though. Almost everyone is motivated by family ties in one way or another. That's a classic part of the 'little Eichmann' trope. I dunno, without playing it myself I don't want to say it's good or bad but I'm not entirely against such a concept as a super Nazi realising that for as much as he might hate Jews and degenerates and so on, what he's doing isn't making his or his family's life any better.
>>6797 The thing is that they wern't sociopathes when the nazis first seized power they were no diffrent from several other right-wing dictatorships at that time or ones that would exist in the future. Before Kristalnight jews in germany were better off then blacks in america. They became uniquely evil through a series of events, but they didn't start off that way and they wern't uniquely evil, the scary thing about the NSDAP is that anyone could do what they did, and they could justify it by their higher ideals. Evil deeds are not commited by evil men, but by good men who think of thier actions to be rigtous and justifed by their higher ideals.
>>6786 Yeah he is, but I just want to know what focuses I have to take to avoid it because I haven’t heard much about kaganovich
>>6783 >huh duh a Nazi also have kids you know Literally the plot Amazon’s the Boys. Which is also remade under them to be more sympathetic to the corporate villains. Having kids doesn’t exempt you from crimes against humanity fuckwad.
>>6775 Therein lies my problem with all HOI4 alt history mods; by taking real historical figures and events and bending them to shape your own ideological biases you create the most vain and frankly disgusting works of 'art' conceivable.
>>6760 Another funny thing is in a recent thread on the community. People actually posted numerous proofs that Gus Hall’s supposed “homophobia” was just regular anti-Idpolism and the devs made it up to make him look bad and fit their liberal mangled version of history. Their response is just more childish meltdowns and weak excuse of “autistic creativity”. Such sad brainworm infected people.
>>6822 >some guy from the twentieth century doesn't conform to modern social norms what a shocker, Regan, Eisenhower and FDR probably had similar views on gays to Hall, but no one will bring that up
>>6822 >Another funny thing is in a recent thread on the community Which thread?
(30.77 KB 720x405 what can I say except yikes.jpg)
>>6826 >he's still alive
>>6827 Well, yeah, he was MP for Bolsover for about 40 years I think before he lost his seat to the tories last year
Is it impossible for one man to mod anymore? I swear every mod I come across has like 5-6 people working on it and they're constantly begging for more help. Is it insane for me to think I could make a fairly simple mod for Darkest Hour myself?
(1.72 MB 1903x1080 cefcze57s4261.png)
>>6806 Take less than 4 of the more progressive options in the focus tree and Khrushchev will not have the power to do a coup
>>6830 how long tell a submod comes out where gus hall is super great
(137.68 KB 574x451 TNO Russian Warlord.png)
Ust'-Bumfuckinsk has three paths that are unlocked at the regional stage after an abrupt "hey, let's change the government, boiz!" moment (be it due to a sudden election, a first one in more than 20 years; or a coup). Gena Cid's wacky radical path (AuthSoc/Fascist) Features: <- A focus dedicated to training Ust'-Bumfuckinsk ragtag army into space marines + an event where a poor conscript called Petrovich Korazov is yelled at by a drill instructor straight out of an American movie; <- "Purge Blessenniy's Faction" focus and associated events with graphic descriptions (someone certainly will post one of these events in discord saying it gave them nightmares); <- Forcing people to make rifles for the state, shooting these people with the same rifles when they slack off because of starvation; <- Even though the leader is almost caricaturely antagonistic, still will have some unironic ironic unironic fans in the community.Democritus Blessenniy's wholesome path (AuthDem/LibDem/SocDem) Features: <- Event marking Blessenniy's rise to power with the title "New Dawn of Spring Hope" or some other combination of these words; <- An obligatory event where a dung farmer called Old Man Vasily sheds a manly tear of joy, because he knows that somewhere out there in the capital a congressman cares and thinks about him while voting for acts and bills in the gilded marble halls of power; <- A single "fly in the ointment" event about a poor person still being poor, that was added so that this path wouldn't be criticized as "too perfect" or "unrealistically wholesome".Unbekannt Strenggeheimov's wildcard E S O T E R I C path Features: <- Unbekannt will win only because the player made conscious effort to bring a nutjob into power; <- Either establishes sweet wholesome peace and equality for everyone, with smiling babies and rainbows; or is just as insane as Cid, but with a focus on an absurd fringe ideology/conspiracy theory that would get anyone on a 24/7 watchlist in a single Google search. Either way creates a failed state. <- Policies that are vaguely defined in focus descriptions (interpretation of these policies will lead to several major flamewars in the community); <- The path was kept secret by the devs, but immediately spread all over the community and memed to death in mere hours after release. Miscellaneous notes: 1)Every character in events awkwardly adresses other people by their surname (even their family, friends and colleauges). Because patronymics are hard. 2) Regional stage features a power struggle mechanic in the form of a two-side progress bar, a competition of whoever has the highest number or a full-on election survey. You can never guess whether you will spend 100 pp and forget about it or you will have to savescum it to death. 3) "Chasing the Sun". 4) Foreign policy tree will always include a focus with an event to a foreign nation which the player will never get to read. 5) Reunified Russia does not use the classic Russian tricolor. What it does use is fancy adjectives in the state's name to differentiate it from other unifiers.
Playing the Werbell Tree now and its pretty fun. The writing in this game is so ridiculous though. Honestly it's good for a laugh.
>>6835 Was enjoying it but game glitched into unplayable state. How hard is it to just create a mod that works in basic function?
(44.90 KB 533x483 1425024487019-1.jpg)
>>6834 heh
(328.47 KB 857x767 WellIminchargenow.png)
>Gao after he spends 10 years great leap forwarding china for the second great war of resistance against Japan but then Japan gets fucking KISHIED.COM'ed


no cookies?