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Piracy Comrade 05/12/2020 (Tue) 05:54:50 No. 581
Piracy general thread. Share your sources and techniques. Here's a website I found recently which seems ok but as always, use are your own risk and use protection (adblock/script blockers). https://igg-games.com/ Not sure how clean it is but I detected no malware in my downloads (brows with adblock on of course). The website links to repackages of stuff produced by the major cracking scene groups (CODEX etc.) The files are hosted on free file upload sites like mega.nz and rapidgator. I have not used those sites in years so I can't say how safe and reliable they are. One shitty thing about their donwload links is they obscure the link behind some shitty ad infested link protector but I noticed the real URLs to the file are embedded in the URL of the link protector URL allowing you to bypass the ads. Large games are split into multiple parts and are not convenient to DL through these free file upload services due to wait times and download limits. But if you're pirating a small older game or indie game it's pretty easy. Example You want to DL this file, igg-games website has this link using bluemediafiles link protector (do not click link) http://bluemediafiles.com/creatinglinkspVVJ52BobqWRSUq8QydNlxYtPL1syhnl2VLm2FE0h4JMfQa8LP5RIPio92gInvzG57ExsOZK0tvq7oaMk36alzo7dBLnUdmoM3D?xurl=s://mega.nz/%23!1epgEYCK!gv04zz4LZNilKBUKwfG_XlLKOrYgWjg5VjS2djE1rlQ notice the URL for the real download link on mega.nz is inside the url simply use that portion of the url: https://mega.nz/%23!1epgEYCK!gv04zz4LZNilKBUKwfG_XlLKOrYgWjg5VjS2djE1rlQ
For you oldfags who use IRC there is ixirc.com I recommend visiting it using tor browser. It is an IRC packlist search engine for popular warez channels on rizon and abjects networks. Primary focus is on movies but you can find more popular games on there as well. The downloads are repackages of cracks made by warez groups like CODEX. I'm not knowledgeable enough to write a how to use IRC tutorial but someone who knows their shit please do.
For pirating Steam mods: http://steamworkshop.download/ Paste the link and click download.
A good website for game repacks with lower filesize: https://fitgirl-repacks.site/
>>589 Holy shit, Fitgirl recommends to a data compression forum hosted on a .su (USSR TLD) domain. BASED. https://encode.su/forums/2-Data-Compression
>>589 >>590 my cousin says he actually hooked up with "fitgirl" IRL. She's hot
>>591 [X] Doubt
(96.16 KB 549x413 apuonjungelfone.png)
>>591 yeah that can't be right, my brother-in-law at sega is actively dating her
>>588 This has stopped working
(36.20 KB 134x200 schizo.png)
>Watching Jim Sterling's PS5 showcase >Demon Souls remaster >Holy shit that's actually good, never played it, but as a Souls fan it would be cool to experience >PS5 exclusive >Play has no limits :^) English language fails to describe my reaction, so here it is in my native tongue: SUKA PYDARAS NAXUI SUPISTAS KURVA NAXUI JOBANAS BLET PIZDIETS AAAAHH With that out of the way, 2 questions: 1) Is there any chance DS will be possible to acquire on PC? 2) Since this reminded me of previous salt, is Bloodborne somehow possible to acquire on PC? From what I understand they only stream it to PS4, so does it mean it was is literally unobtainable for piracy?
>>1685 There are PS3 emulators and a Demon Souls ISO floating around. I don't know how good the performance will be. As for Bloodborne, it is unlikely that we'll see a working PS4 emulator in the next decade.
>>1686 >As for Bloodborne, it is unlikely that we'll see a working PS4 emulator in the next decade. I seriously doubt that. Back when the first Wii and Xbox 360 was coming out we already had Dreamcast and GBA emulators, so they're usually only about one generation behind.
How do our console brothers and sisters pirate exactly? I've always wondered. Is it as easy to do as on PC. I remember back on the ps2 you had to do something to your console. Homebrew I've heard on nintendo straight up gives you the entire library to play with
>>1700 I sometimes see, or at least at some point seen torrents for consoles on the site I use, however since I've never had a console I don't know how it works. Btw, unrelated question, what are torrent programs like Vuze are actually supposed to do? Because I've only used them for piracy, but obviously they were made for some sort of legal activity, so what?
>>1685 there;s been leaks indicating bb will be ported to pc, demon souls is very much playable on pc but the remaster is gonna take 25 years to be emulated (it took 7 years for a ps3 emulator to be in a decent state)
https://archive.org/details/no-intro-rom-sets With all the drama around archive.org, it should be a good idea to grab this. It weights less that the average modern game, and it's literal decades of gaming history. If you want the NDS no-intro set, check out nyaa.si.
>>1701 they come from a time when FTP was a thing, upload bandwidth wasn't cheap and Steam/Youtube/.. just weren't. Want people to download your game demo or your video? Better pay. So some CompSci people sat down and looked at how to copy/distribute data better and described distributed networks and someone implemented these thoughts into "torrent" (there are others). IIRC at the same time we were at the height of the music piracy discussion (before Itunes, I think?) and torrent slotted into the role of "a faster Napster, also movies!". Since the advent of cheaper bandwidth the need isn't quite there anymore and I have only used it for DVDs of Linux distributions (which ironically has always been unnecessary as universities provide mirrors and they just have bandwidth).
>>581 >Not sure how clean it is IIRC they (igg-games.com) change game files in small releases and add their logo in backgrounds, menus, etc. from time to time. Or at least they did a few times.
>>1685 Current gen and next gen Microsoft and Sony systems are almost PCs. If you don't see a PC port from them, it's due to typical capitalist industry nonsense as usual.
>>1700 I have a Xbox 360 pirate, i think you also have to make plenty of changes to the console for that. My Xbox stopped reading discs so i started utilizing another programs like Horizon that installs the games into the USBs
>>1700 You either solder in a modchip that skips the copy protection when loading burned disks or hack the OS to run unsigned code from memory card/hard disk/network share. Sometimes I buy a console just to mod it and never play any games. Happened with switch (still waiting for that SMTV)
>>1686 >I don't know how good the performance will be. You can hack it to run at 60 FPS if your PC is beefy enough, I found it pretty playable. No online, though, but the servers for original are closed anyway.
>>1766 >>1777 thanks anon. do you think the next gen consoles will still be able to do these things
>>1764 i just want that spiderman game on pc so badly. i fucking hate exclusives.
>using igg-games >fitgurl
>>1797 If you have better sources then post them.
>>1794 Depends on how lazy the devs get, switch has serious security on software side but left a gaping hole in hardware so you can hack one with a paperclip and a USB cable, and ps4 and xbone on the other hand still not broken.
Why the fuck are PS3 rips so hard to find?
>>1988 Because it has no games.
>>581 Piracy is antisemetic.
>>1994 LBP, Infamous, uncharted, ratchet and clank, and every multiplat ever. your opinion is false
rutor.info & cs.rin.ru are good file n info aggregators. have served me pretty goodly.
>>2038 >antiseme
>>2038 Hello /pol/
>>1685 Whats the obsession with Soulsborne games, can someone please explain me the appeal and what you like? I played DS1 and got bored really fast. Maybe I just don't enjoy single player games anymore.
>>1798 https://nblog.org/ Has a lot of games without site ads
Got into city management sims with frostpunk, remembered that there's anno series I wanted to check and was flabbergasted to not find 1800 on torrents. Turns out it still has no crack. What the fuck man. >>3222 They are part collectathon, part zelda-like explorathon with a thick and distinctive grimdark atmosphere with simple but enjoyable combat. In the age of ubishit there are few games like this.
nyaa.si and sukebei.nyaa.si are good for some Japanese shit. Sukebei in particular is by far the best place to find eroge.
Is there anywhere that hosts GOG downloads nowadays?
>>3973 wait holy shit i just found out gog-games.com is back
>>1703 Whoops, too late it's gone now, whatever that link was.
>>3222 I'm not a "Soulsborne" fan per se, but I played Dark Souls for the first time just over a year ago and it enthralled me. There are just so many exciting moments in that game - the hellkite dragon, getting chased by a Black Knight, walking into the Undead Parish and getting hit by a beam of light from out of nowhere, fighting gaping Gaping Dragon, crossing Blight Town and then finding out you can just waltz on over to Firelink Shrine, chilling in Dukes Archives etc. The environment designs are really inspired. Playing DS1 brought back those feelings that I used to get playing Ocarina of Time all those years ago. All other 'Souls-like' games seem uninspired in comparison. I unfortunately never got to play BB, but I did play Sekiro for a little bit and that just seems like a shit game to me.
>>3222 I like the gameplay loop. >>4598 >I did play Sekiro for a little bit The game really gets better once you get a handle on the combat.


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