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Rampant Creative Bankruptcy Comrade 08/18/2020 (Tue) 01:51:54 No. 3783
>https://newzoo.com/insights/rankings/top-20-core-pc-games/ So according to the surveillance programs of the company "Overwolf", these are the 20 most popular games as of July 2020 (I will be also listing their approximate genre/subgenre): >1. League of Legends >moba <2. Tomy Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege <team-based tactical shooter >3. Valorant >team based tactical shooter with moba characteristics <4. Minecraft <basically Minecraft >5. Counter Strike: Global Offensive >tactical shooter <6. Grand Theft Auto V <open world shooter, also pretty much the only singleplayer game here >7. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare >basically CoD <8. Overwatch <team based shooter with moba characteristics >9. Apex Legends >battle royale <10. PLAYERUNKOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS <battle royale >11. Hearthstone >cardgame <12. Dota 2 <moba >13. Fortnite >battle royale <14. Roblox <uhhhm... roblox >15. Hyper Scape >battle royale <16. World of Warcraft <mmorpg >17. osu! >rhythm game <18. The Escapists 2. <coop strategy rpg >19. Monster Hunter: World >open world coop action rpg <20. Legends of Runeterra <card game Now let's see how many of these genres were started by games which were produced in a communist manner, ie. free of charge. >MOBA >its first title is DotA, originally a Warcraft 3 mod >tactical shooter >its first title is Counter Strike, originally a Half-Life mod >team-based shooter >its first title is the Quake mod Team Fortress >Minecraft >basically a copy of the open-source game Infiniminer which never got made or updated for commercial reasons >battle royale >it's first title is DayZ, an Arma 3 mod >honorable mention: osu! >while the game itself is open source, it's also commercially used and the concept comes from japanese arcade games This covers the 5 most popular and 11 out of the 20 most popular games. I am honestly starting to pity porky. He has an enormous headstart not just in terms of general motivating power (money), but also in terms of manpower, and he still can't dominate the market. Feel free to correct me on any of the points made, also anyone making an infograph out of this would appriciated, I have to go to sleep. Discuss.
>>3783 >basically a copy of the open-source game Infiniminer which never got made or updated for commercial reasons More specifically, the author gave up on infiniminer because his source code got leaked.
> according to the surveillance programs of the company "Overwolf" Some rather strong assumptions packed into this. There's tons of smaller games not logged by many spyware programs, and the people who place niche games often don't use spyware programs in the first place.
>>3785 >There's tons of smaller games not logged by many spyware programs That is true, but I think we can also agree that if they are small, they are most likely not among the 20 most popular games right now.
>>3783 Open source games are always the gateway for creativity. Just compare the level of depth things like Aurora, SS13 or Dwarf Fortress offer compare to most other aaa trash.
Online games being popular is pretty much a given considering that people will play them more often than a single player game. Surprised to see Osu on that list though. Had no idea it was that popular. Also surprised there's no gachashit there but that could probably be the datamining software isn't on as many phones or whatever. >>3787 Dwarf Fortress isn't open source but the game is extremely moddable.
>>3787 I dunno about that. I think a lot of open source game projects are massively conservative because they have so many contributors and don't want to offend anyone. OpenTTD and SuperTuxKart come to mind.
>>3789 >OpenTTD and SuperTuxKart come to mind. then there's srb2 and srb2kart
>>3830 SRB2Kart is innovative?
>>3784 Kind of pathetic honestly, if he had any creative motivation or attachment to the idea behind his game, he would have stuck with it, or even embraced the leak and gone open source.
What the fuck happened to vidya bros?! WHAT THE FUCK?! recommend me something FUN
>>4517 Nowhere Patrol
>>3783 >when you check the aaa scene after a few years and saw that all games has devolved into the same thirdperson/action/rpg/stealth/fetch quest in open world game What the actual fuck? Tsushima, god of war, spidermeme or the 9 billion Ubishit game is the exact same thing copied and pasted?
>>4517 Ostalgie


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