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VR is cool. QUEER_BIRD 06/29/2020 (Mon) 23:19:29 No. 2045
I don't get why it isn't mainstream yet. They are cheap AF for how awesome they are, I got a WMR headset for 230 bucks new. Literally every genre is better in VR. Even if I could only play Pavlov and Elite Dangerous I would still be obsessed.
Probably because VR has had decades to produce good games every time it becomes a temporary fad again and it has failed miserably.
>>2049 Sound like someone hasn't played the hundreds of awesome VR games.
>>2045 post ass of gtfo
I’m a filthy neckbeard incel but I’m still glad I never fell this low https://youtu.be/t28mQYUszFc
>>2053 Sorry, pic is stolen but if you want i can pretend to be a cuts thigh sock vr gf for you uwu
>>2049 you do know like every vr headset is sold out or has inflated prices right now because the demand is so high? But nevermind there are no games to play, half life alyx doesn't count
(140.93 KB 174x208 Metal Slug 2 Dragon Nosuke.png)
>>2058 >half life alyx doesn't count Correct, Half-Life 2 and everything that followed it is garbage. >Literally every genre is better in VR Now this is just Zoomer ignorance. There's an entire class comprising at least half of all the games ever made that gains nothing whatsoever from stereoscopy.
Its a literal minimum wage
I own WMR as well and it's pretty shit compared to expensive sets. You also need a beefy PC to play good stuff and the software side is a mess so it's a huge turn off for normies. Totally worth it just for Beat Saber, though.
Has anyone tried neosvr? Looks like a big stepup from vrchat. https://youtu.be/uDORSb4kxps
I'm building a new PC for VR at the end of the year and buying a headset. The plan is to get the Valve Index, but I guess that depends on what my money looks like after Christmas shopping. I really do think it is the future of games, but I still don't think the price is quite there. For it to work well we still need much better accessibility and more than the exactly one AAA title. I know weebs would blow all their dakimakura money on VR if a AAA MMORPG got released. Normies might pick it up for heavily marketed titles and free VR porn.
>>2083 This. Even though I've tried it and it was awesome, it's still too expensive. I fear if I get tired of it I will have a 600€ paperweight.
>>2161 Honestly I enjoy it a lot precisely because it's not a place for AAA shittery, feels like early computer times with janky experimental shit for enthusiasts only. If the pokers fail to make it palatable to the normies, lose a bunch of money and leave the scene for people who really care that's like two birds with one stone.
>>2057 yes pls


no cookies?