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Brigador Comrade 06/27/2020 (Sat) 16:16:49 No. 1981
Wow epic super cool le warcrimes simulator xxxxD GREAT LEADER IS DEAD. SOLO NOBRE MUST FALL. (hehe SO COOL ;P)
Didn't one of the devs of this get outed as a fash recently?
>>1982 Wouldn't surprise me since you're supposed to massacre indiscriminately to take back Space Cuba for the corporations at any cost. But, you know, completely at face value without any nuance or critique of the situation.
>>1983 Are you kidding me? It's blatantly obvious that you're the bad guy in this game, did you even play it?
(44.58 KB 504x618 satirefag.jpg)
>get paid $50 for blowing a random civ to bits <wow this is shamelessly promoting war crimes! You are all so incredibly fucking stupid lmao I bet you retards post this unironically
>>1986 MandaloreGaming released a video where he advertised it that way. On that note, do you think sseth is one of *them*?
>>1986 How do you think the average G*mer perceives it, hmm? They thought disco elysium was 'baste and redpilld' until the devs expressly thanked Marx and Engels at the G*me Awards™.
>>1989 I know he made a video, that's why OP made the thread without playing the game and instead got triggered over the depoliticized take on it. There is really no way to play the game and come to the conclusion the SNC and Brigadors are the good guys. This is the equivalent of getting mad at Syndicate because it didn't explain to you that you were the baddies. https://www.skidrowreloaded.com/brigador-up-armored-edition-v1-5-razor191/ Here is a cracked copy so you can play it yourself.
>>1990 >people are stupid >so im gonna be stupid too ok
(301.94 KB 2000x2000 1590379840265.jpg)
>>1989 >do you think sseth is one of *them*? He sure loves /pol/lite memes. I just hope he never makes that Lobotomy Corporation video, the LC/LoR threads are the only reason I still visit 4chan.
>>1991 a better example is people thinking starship troopers promotes fascism
>>1995 The book kind of does. The movie (which was never intended to have anything to do with the book) is an epic satire of fascism.
>>1989 Not them, but Sseth is definitely one of "them" if what I've heard he says in his discord is true.
>>1993 He absolutely will make one on LobCorp. 4channalers fucking LOVE that game.
>>2001 I tried it but didn't get hooked. The idea is cool, but I didn't find the different contained objects unique enough. At the end of the day they just fell into categories of: 1. Buff item thats not worth it 2. Too little energy gain for the hastle 3. On repeat farming object 4. Slight anoyance that I have to dogpile with my crew periodically. Also the objects never captured my imagination, all are basically at best C tier SCP's. And any mysterious ones like butterfly man loose their charm once you realize all you need to do is beat them up with your pawns and thats it. Also the waifu bot assistant is not only extra cringe and felt like something designed to draw in horny neckbeards, but also made me feel uncomfortable in the "I want to hide my head in a basket as to how akward this is".
>>2007 >>2001 I found the abnormalities to be okay but the final days was just too needlessly hard.
>>1985 Fascists want to be the bad guys.
Fuck this game
>>1981 I dont think the loyalists are supposed to be ML. I think its just supposed to be vague dictatorship.
>>2012 From the descriptions in the lore it's a benevolent dictatorship established after a national liberation struggle.
>>2012 >vague dictatorship Loyalists clearly depicted as the only faction not trying to fuck over everyone. The Spacers being asshole pirates and brigands. While the Corporate Rebels look like a futuristic version of the failures that tried to invade Venezuela using a speed boat a few months ago. Most of the story bad mouthing the great leader are from corporate news in universe. >reeee how dare he stop us from turning this planet into a banana republic! what a dictator! >>2010 >you can’t play as a bad guy in a story ever! >not being a good guy all the time IN A GAME is bourgeois fascism. Play the game man. Pirate it.
>>2030 Hey the Corvids are also presented pretty sympathetically
>>2030 As a faction of fighters the Loyalists are portrayed well, but the government itself is definitely portrayed closer to a nationalist dictatorship than Cuba from the perspective of average people. As an example, look at the lore entries for panic walls, southern reach, yellow jackets, Texas 7. There's a lot of large scale private enterprise as well as extreme poverty in Solo Nobre, less than there was before but clearly more could be done for them. Plus the existence of the Corvids and the faction entries for them and Loyalists implies that there's a lot of discontent.
>>2059 A good comparison I thought of after posting this would be the Loyalists are like the SAA in Syria, the people in the army itself aren't necessarily fighting for Assad but for stability and to prevent the Spacers/megacorps (Jihadists and Americans/Turks) from taking over
>>2030 I grew up being a sith in videogames all the time, it doesn't appeal to me anymore
>>2064 Pretty gay thanks for sharing
>>2064 >You have to be a child to be a villain Autistic take my guy.
>>2066 Sorry but I can only clusterbomb apartment buildings with a long preamble about how I'm actually doing the right thing. Games that don't do this are inherently reactionary.
>>2067 How about games that make you do that to punish you, same way as forcing a child who just picked up smoking to oversmoke on ultra-strong pipe tobacco?
>>2068 You mean like how they did it in Spec Ops and everyone could tell it was innocent people but had to do it to progress the game?
>>2070 >Didn't even try shooting in the air Bruh
>>2071 I'm talking about the white phosphorus
>>2070 Because you are not the character. The character wouldn't stop. The game is a personality exploration of someone who would indeed fire white phosphorus on civilians.
>>2073 Is this thread the discussions about games you haven't played general or something? The character doesn't know they're civilians.
>>2072 I really like the montage at the end HE TURNED US INTO FUCKING KILLERS!!! >>2074 No but he is a Yanqui imperialist so he should know his actions in general are baby-killing
>>2092 A huge part of being a yanqui imperialist is not understanding that you're just a professional terrorist


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