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(1.48 MB 1920x1080 cyberpunk2077shows_3108293b.jpg)
Cyberpunk 2077 Comrade 06/26/2020 (Fri) 07:19:29 No. 1955
>>7408 >waaah you can't like or tear apart the shit review of the target of my hate boner of the month come back with actual argumentation whenever you want faggot. Also, how fucking stupid do you have to be to believe in shills on fucking leftypol.
>>7409 You're as good as one, being unpaid is even worse, how pathetic. Let's pick just one thesis of your misrepresentations of original arguments, as picking them all is too much work for such a baby like you. >i get killed when I stay stupid shit The original argument does not complain about being "killed when I say stupid shit". See. the game was advertised as an RPG. A good example of which in recent years is Fallout New Vegas, where you are presented with branching dialogue with multiple choices leading to multiple ways to finish a quest, be it main or side. We see none of this here. The game only presents a single option for advancing the story thorugh dialogue, there are no choices to be made, when you are presented with some choice, there is only one right option, how is this good? It's lazy and uncreative. None of the events leading out to the ending matter at all because you literally pick the ending of your chosing after the final boss. Background of the character doesn't matter, the things he's done don't matter, the role playing part is non-existent. Such was the complaint that many users have, especially those that came genuinely expecting an RPG. Verstehen? The rest of the greentext is just as much of a disingenuous handwaving as this. And you, apparently, didn't even play the game.
(50.05 KB 967x308 1607953435068.jpg)
>>7398 >it’s an RPG first and foremost here's your rpg bro
>>7398 >Watch other people play Well there’s your problem right there.
>>7413 >Option 1: no >Option 2: nope >Option 3: nada Holy mother of kek.
>>7406 I like how you didn't even play the game yet just assume that every criticism raised is bad faith whining. Definitely doesn't sound like you're desperate
(42.57 KB 800x474 Fallout 4 dialogue.jpg)
>>7413 Fallout 4 tier lmao
Best part of the story is when V destroys a lib samurai using facts and logic ,those overworked developers were really pissed
>>7413 Tbh I don't see the problem with the character not being able to say yes, as much as it nags me why the fuck that was even an option. Like, V apready does other stuff, like feep sad about Jackie, without our input, so why not let the character themselves say no, or is the flavour of the tone so important?
(63.06 KB 788x800 unnamed.jpg)
>>7413 total fucking cherrypicking. >>7412 We literally knew this would be the case going in to some degree, what is even wrong with having a somewhat predetermined main questline? Besides, there seems to be a hell of a lot more choice in it than any other similar rpg I’ve seen in recent years. >>7414 >NOOOOOO YOU CANT TRUST YOUR FRIENDS
>>7158 lmao what the actual fuck? this reads like an essay I’d type up from scratch knowing it’s due in 45 minutes. even someone historically illiterate couldn't find this convincing
(2.00 MB 1280x720 1607989201942.webm)
Here you can see a shining example of the average cyberpunk enjoyer
>>7429 >>NOOOOOO YOU CANT TRUST YOUR FRIENDS Because you haven't played the game lel. You should feel it for yourself.
>>7430 To be fair the rule book was written in the 90s. It’s a time when red scare propaganda was all you know of the Soviet Union and public education was just a shell for brainwashing. Back then they actually believed in the end of history narrative. >>7413 >huh duh cdpr can make real dialogue <option 1 yes <option 2 yes but with attitude <option 3 sarcastic yes <option 4 no (you get immediately killed) Very rpg! Such choices! >>7429 >imagine being a corporate consumerist shill on a communist lincolnlog forum Kill yourself.
(53.97 KB 462x204 back to the 4chan.jpg)
>>7431 >no audio What is this 4cucks?
>>7412 >A good example of which in recent years is Fallout New Vegas, where you are presented with branching dialogue with multiple choices leading to multiple ways to finish a quest, be it main or side. We see none of this here. you do see it in side missions at least. pretty sure dollhouse side story ends differently depending on what dialogue choices you pick. i'm not far enough in the main story to argue more on this point tho.
>>7427 fuck you elon
>>7432 I don't need to, I've watched 4 different friends stream it at this point and it looks completely fine, there isn't even any bullet sponginess, that's just retards who don't know how RPG's work and don't realize they need to fix their fucking stats and gear. >>7433 Stop politicizing the game so much you asshat. Yeah, the game has some issues with UI and bugginess, but so much of this whining is just total knee jerk reaction from people who played the game for an hour, got mad that they couldn't oneshot everything at level one, and ragequit to bitch and moan. Also, there's nothing wrong with an RPG having a more guided story, not every fucking RPG needs to have a million branching paths that ultimately mean very little, that's just westerner special snowflakeism.
>>7431 That guy is either diabetic, or has the bladder the size of his head. >>7363 >rebel_777 >I can't wait for the communo-eco-cyber-revolution... led by Swedenborg! 2077 neo-Berniebros and neo-AOC hyper-simps on suicide watch.
>>7445 >Stop politicizing the game so much you asshat. No. This game sucks because its politics are shallow which makes the story completely garbage.
(12.82 KB 288x450 1607657549796.jpg)
>>7445 >Stop politicizing my cyberpunk kino
>>7448 >>7447 The game not pandering to whatever your specific ideology is doesn't make it a bad gamer, stop being autistic contrarians just for the sake of being edgy.
>>7445 Everything is political you asshat. You can’t escape from ideology.
>>7450 That doesn't mean you have to shit yourself and entirely dismiss something because it doesn't pander to you dipshit
(232.86 KB 2048x1536 1608018890861.jpg)
>>7449 I mean even the developers are complaining, I guess the meta commentary makes the game a little cooler
>>7445 >stop politicizing a cyberpunk game
Media is meant to entertain first and foremost, and if yous are gonna only stick to stuff that you agree with ye aint gonna enjoy most personally, I dig the writing in the game. Is it like, some marxist theory? No it aint, but I dig it anyway.
>>7451 >pandering to whatever your specific ideology I said the politics are shallow, which they are. They could have made a believable story where characters are driven by reality, and disagree with me, and that would be fine, but instead they let an angsty 12 year old write the plot. You can even have a magic or fantasy elements that aren't real and the characters will still be good if they relate to real peoples needs and desires. Instead we got Ready Player One.
>>7177 apparently leftists disavowing it on twitter for being copaganda has them supporting it now and calling all the critics trānnies. it’s hilarious, /v/ is now the polar opposite of what it was in TORtanic.
>>7456 The game itself is empty as hell dude. Most of the world is lifeless with no attempt at an AI whatsoever, even the cars only go on the same path over and over like the Truman Show. The world failed to even keep up a facsimile of a living one, the physics is all over the place. And the gameplay is shallow compared to most RPGs with the level design made with only aesthetic in mind. Which is clear the moment you try anything other than shooting guns and melees, it just not fit for a social or stealth at all. The characters are juvenile and the writing just shows the clear weaknesses of the devs when doing anything other than the clear cut adaptation like Witcher as in multiple points the story and role playing went in completely opposite directions. The story somehow managed to be even more barebones than Deux Ex Human Revolution which is a goddam shame. You enjoying it doesn’t stop it from a shallow RPG with even more shallow political message. >>7464 >twatter Literal trash site. Their opinion is the least that ever matter.
(176.40 KB 1920x1080 20201215103203_1.jpg)
>>7453 >Guess even pneumatic arms can't lift morale in a toxic workplace fucking bodied how many references to shit workplace conditions will we find in this game?
I don't care about politics in games unless there's an explicit political message and the devs are trying to push a certain ideology at a deeper level than surface. In that case, there are two options: if the politics are based, then good; if the politics are shit, fuck that game. But most games don't try to be political, or their politics are so shallow that it doesn't affect the quality of the game or my enjoyment at all.
>>7470 which one is this game
>>7470 Not only this, but I really wish this board could talk about more varied games instead of looking for the most political things they can find in games. We have a politics board already.
>>7469 Is it a cry for help lol? Reminds me of that Vietnam prisoner dude blinking SOS.
>>7375 YOU ARE A
(88.29 KB 861x914 china_groyper.png)
>Driving a car >Radio news start >Report on Europe >20% of the continent is uninhabitable >Eastern Europe is a chemical dump >Western EU states cockblock any attempts at pollution regulation >State free market sanctity as justification >In other news, let's look at Asia >China bans non-self-driving cars >Only government aproved routes now available >Bikes are promoted, but will have GPS trackers >tfw devs wanted to make le unblessed chungus moment, but it just makes China look like the last bastion of humanity in this hell-on-earth of a setting that isn't cucked to porkies and maintains strong state control
>>7402 it takes like 3 headshots and they get staggered everytime making it pretty easy to finish them off, but I think this might be because of the skills I picked I definitely upgraded the headshot damage. besides that I'm actually enjoying the mellee combat way more, the mellee weapons do way more damage than the guns, in the early game you even do way more damage with the fists than the guns I had, when you're fast enough and dodge properly it makes it pretty fun.
>>7479 Shotguns, rifles, and revolvers should all oneshot once you start doing crafting. If you neglect your crafting skill you're going to have a hard time
>>7482 I'm really going for pistol and katana run (more katana than pistol) but I aside from upgrading some Items I didn't have to craft anything at all. do crafted weapons really do that much damage?
>>7413 So they are following the Fallout 4 school.
>>7413 >the only true rpg is the one that has a button to kill yourself and musterbait if they dont they arent rpg
It's pretty good if you play it like it's Cyberwitcher since so many of the systems feel like they're pulled straight from W3 that said, main plot is all over the place and feels like parts got cut, Johnny is flat out annoying to deal with and kills Act 2, Act 1 feels the best by far even with limited where you can go in the city, they really should have done a rags to riches to ruin focus with the backdrop being Arasaka and Miltech getting ready for the 5th Corporate War didn't run into a ton of bugs tbh
>>7207 based, best games of all time tbh
>>7498 i liked the story but johnny reminded me of the joker from the last archam game who i hated so he does lower the quality a little
>>7483 yeah, one of my friends is critting for nearly 200k with a fully ima ed sniper, and another is just utterly pasting people with a shotgun.
>>7511 *fully min maxed
>>7112 I prefer the one where he is falling from an explosion in the sky with a beer mug in hand.


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