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HYLICS 2 Comrade 06/24/2020 (Wed) 09:45:45 No. 1921
It's finally here.
Hmm, the dialogues already make too much sense. Not canon.
They made a second one? Damn, I need to get around to playing the first one. It's been on my "Play this shit fam" list for a couple years now but I keep putting it off. I quite like weird RPG maker games and it seems like it'd be right down my alley, especially considering I'm struck by the early 90's MTV visual style.
>>2000 Oh yes, he, Mason Lindroth, made it. It's now in unity so now it features some janky platforming and action rolling in case you're into that, I mean, how could you not. Music is better too, more diverse in its variations.
(91.54 KB 1280x720 2020.06.28-12.38.png)
Warning: some anti-capitalist themes may or may not be present, they also may or may not be anarchist-skewed.
>>2004 The fixed camera 3D platforming is legit giving me nightmares. It is stupendously janky even if fits the claymation look gorgeously. I'm loving the crunchy, unpredictable turn-based combat though. The battle themes are giving me non-Persona Shoji Meguro vibes, but with surf rock flavor.
>>2029 Oh you haven't seen the 2d platforming yet.
>>2004 >>2006 Interesting, so it's in a 3D environment this time around? That sounds like it'd go together perfectly with all the characters and environments being 3D clay models.
>>2041 Environments are 3d, but the characters and vfx are 2d sprites. It's greenscreened claymation.
Finished it. Before even unlocking the ultimate spell. The story really is as straightforward as they come. It was neat.
https://youtu.be/AaZnBFJAdNQ The music absolutely slaps.


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