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(5.63 MB 2560x1440 2019-08-14_17.50.13.png)
/leftycraft/ RELOADED Comrade 05/31/2020 (Sun) 18:39:32 No. 880 [Reply] [Last]
Now on the right board! IP: Bunkerchan.aternos.me (1.15.2) TO TURN ON: -goto https://aternos.org/go/ -login with -UN: Leftycraft -PASS: Bunker -navigate to friend access > Bunkerchan & turn on Recommended to build a personal bunker somewhere cozy. Post screenshots of projects etc in this thread for confused /leftycraft/ oldfags, the old map got too big so had to reset...

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garbage version
I'm not paying for M$. What launcher should I use?
Did you at least save the tower or something?
Too lazy to make a thread so I post it here. How do u like new 1.16 update bunkerchan?
>>1977 Reminds of this critique, Minecraft is a dead game. https://youtu.be/ha1rO0btVLU

(14.80 KB 314x161 streetfighter.jpg)
Fighting Games bear 04/20/2020 (Mon) 07:31:49 No. 360 [Reply] [Last]
General for all fighting games and fighting game competitive scenes 2D, 3D, Anime, Tag-Teams, Platform, Shrek Super Slam
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>>1767 Welp, its official now. Melee has better code than Ultimate
>>1946 it already did, it's just now it has netcode to compete with other games that had rollback
(17.75 KB 600x335 Eb9r7xDUcAAUMDJ.png)
Welp, looks like EVO online is cancelled because of sexual abuse allegations against Mr. Wizard
>>2143 Lol, maybe now DoA can actually get on the main stage assuming the pedo is the one that hated it.
>>2160 He is. His "core values" are obviously underage penises and fat juicy tits probably made him squirm. The irony is beyond exquisite.

(535.88 KB 718x692 Jerm.png)
Vibeo Game Streamers Comrade 06/25/2020 (Thu) 03:38:05 No. 1931 [Reply] [Last]
Anyone here like any game streamers? I don't mean people like Ninja who are interactive advertisements, but more the people who play strange and obscure games and are entertaining in their own right. I like Jerma, Vinesauce Vinny, and Vinesauce Swedish Vinny.
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>>2122 I never really watched him but RIP. F
>>2122 >multi millionaire >play video games all day >famous Woe is me. S.
>>2122 he looked better with hairs
I only watch professional CSGO and now Valorant players. Generally if I'm watching a streamer it's because I'm too tired to play after work and want to learn a little from them.
>>2013 I hope it fucks twitch to death.

(1.48 MB 1920x1080 cyberpunk2077shows_3108293b.jpg)
Cyberpunk 2077 Comrade 06/26/2020 (Fri) 07:19:29 No. 1955 [Reply] [Last]
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>>2025 Well, in theory a story with a preset character isn't that bad, and can turn out really strong (like Disco Elysium, or the guy from new Deus Ex games for a more AAA example). However I doubt they will bother to make the character in Cyberpunk to be an integral part, and thus it might end up being just a bland empty spot that might get a unique dialogue option once in a while with differing background. Also, if you want a recent game that allows picking a backstory I'd recommend Tyranny, probably one of the best games last decade imo.
>>1959 >Support a corporation. >A pooland corporation famous for fucking over their employees. Fuck off mate.
>>2031 >famous for fucking over their employees Evidently not, since I have no idea what you're talking about.
I probably won't get it if the scene for modding is garbage.
>>2035 CDPR is famous for crunching the shit out of their coders. They’re basically Ubishit before it got big.

(467.30 KB 1207x440 goonswarm.jpg)
Comrade 06/23/2020 (Tue) 02:38:23 No. 1890 [Reply] [Last]
Who does bunkerchan support in EVE Online? I'm partial to Goons/Imperium because Le Mittens is a pretty decent leftists. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYg7BSt5YCs
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Woah I didn't realize there were so many EVE players here. Anyone wanna make a leftist corp? Maybe do NPSI roams?
>>1915 I don't play it anymore, I only did briefly, life is already stressful enough without playing a game where you can lose 100 hours of work through a split second bad decision or whatever
(74.44 KB 640x480 PSO - BB.jpg)
EVEfags must go, this is a PSO website.
>>1919 just fly cheaper shit then. combat frigates for ambushing explorers aren't that expensive
I joined the Pandemic Horde for World War Bee and fought in a couple battles. I don't really get PVP in the game so I did jack shit. I usually spent my time on exploration, station trading, and other things I could do solo. >>1915 If you actually get a few other people I might start playing again. >>1920 I have had a little fun with the "new" PSO.

(90.42 KB 960x720 dbzmshsl2tc41.jpg)
VR is cool. QUEER_BIRD 06/29/2020 (Mon) 23:19:29 No. 2045 [Reply] [Last]
I don't get why it isn't mainstream yet. They are cheap AF for how awesome they are, I got a WMR headset for 230 bucks new. Literally every genre is better in VR. Even if I could only play Pavlov and Elite Dangerous I would still be obsessed.
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(140.93 KB 174x208 Metal Slug 2 Dragon Nosuke.png)
>>2058 >half life alyx doesn't count Correct, Half-Life 2 and everything that followed it is garbage. >Literally every genre is better in VR Now this is just Zoomer ignorance. There's an entire class comprising at least half of all the games ever made that gains nothing whatsoever from stereoscopy.
Its a literal minimum wage
I own WMR as well and it's pretty shit compared to expensive sets. You also need a beefy PC to play good stuff and the software side is a mess so it's a huge turn off for normies. Totally worth it just for Beat Saber, though.
Has anyone tried neosvr? Looks like a big stepup from vrchat. https://youtu.be/uDORSb4kxps
I'm building a new PC for VR at the end of the year and buying a headset. The plan is to get the Valve Index, but I guess that depends on what my money looks like after Christmas shopping. I really do think it is the future of games, but I still don't think the price is quite there. For it to work well we still need much better accessibility and more than the exactly one AAA title. I know weebs would blow all their dakimakura money on VR if a AAA MMORPG got released. Normies might pick it up for heavily marketed titles and free VR porn.

(55.36 KB 528x704 download 1.jpg)
(25.12 KB 256x324 download 2.jpg)
(9.23 KB 183x227 download 3.jpg)
4X Games - Civ, Alpha Centauri, Shadow Empire Comrade 07/01/2020 (Wed) 11:57:55 No. 2093 [Reply] [Last]
General for 4X games, but also an opportunity to introduce you all to a new game called Shadow Empire. The game has an incredibly deep planet generation system that affects gameplay massively, including rotation of the planet (lol), makeup of the atmosphere, terrain, mineral deposits and alien life. It also has a logistics system to make you supply your units with food and ammunition, if they run out of supply they'll be very weak so you need to keep expanding the supply lines to the front and also making sure the enemy cannot cut you off. Obviously being encircled is very bad news for your troops. You start as a minor "Regime" and your goal is to conquer the planet after the previous galaxy wide regime collapsed sending most of it into civil war and apocalypse. Each regime can be run differently and has different perks based on decisions you make throughout the game. For example if people start striking you can send in the army to deal with them (autocracy) or just pay them off (democracy), alternatively you can avoid the situation entirely by administrating the zones well, but that may lead to other troubles like a lack of credits for purchasing resources. You can run a mix of different systems so your decisions aren't set in stone for you but there are bonuses to always picking a certain method like unique units and stratagems, which are like ideological playing cards. TRAILER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p8XAh8Wii4k PURCHASE: https://www.matrixgames.com/game/shadow-empire (more screenshots here showing off features) CRACK: https://www.skidrowreloaded.com/shadow-empire-v01-03-00/
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>>2140 >wanting to hold on to your petty matter like a reactionary instead of ascending to a higher plane of existence w e w
Domai is too easy of a choice and all other DLC factions are stupid. So let's look at baseline ones only: >Morgan A porky. >Yang A sociopathic barrack communist. >Lal A centrist who just wants to keep it all together while operating on the old bourgeois Earth UN laws. >Godwinson A religious schizo. >Santiago Unironically based comrade mustering militaristic Espirit de Corps to build a socialist society. Literally was a member of an armed socialist community org back on Earth. >Zakharov A technocrat with no humane morals. >Skye A libtard who would sacrifice humanity for nature, probably fine with the blooming and abandoning human bodies as well. Yea I'm going to say the Spartans are the best faction here.
(29.80 KB 321x383 commissioner pravin lal 3d.jpg)
>>2146 >peaceful mission established to create a new home for mankind as Earth dies >captain of the ship is murdered >everyone else decides to go bunker on head retarded and immediately declare succession from the mission we all agreed to so they can run retarded hellstates according to their own autistic ideas about what humans should be and kill each other over it >mfw
>>2093 Wait, why is this thread simping for shadow empire?
>>2150 Staple moment. >>2151 I wanted to talk about it but it's such an obscure game in a relatively obscure genre I put it into the main body of a 4X general instead so it wouldn't fall into irrelevance. Do you not like it/surprised to see it/think I'm being paid to shill it?

(1.43 MB 800x1080 wee.png)
Visual Novel General Comrade 06/15/2020 (Mon) 18:46:23 No. 1751 [Reply] [Last]
Has anyone read pic related? On this note, visual novel thread~ Feel free to list recommendations and what you've read
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(82.10 KB 639x349 game.png)
You realize this is a board for games, right?
I recommend Subarashiki Hibi for Wittgenstein fellatio and black humor. It turned out a lot dumber than I was expecting given the hype, but still quite a trip.
>>1751 is world end economica REDpilled?
(213.88 KB 640x834 (you).png)
Ever 17 was my first VN and is still on of my favorites. I imagine most older VN fags read it given not many were translated back then.

(571.27 KB 267x150 get.gif)
GETchan VN collaboration project Comrade 06/08/2020 (Mon) 23:57:18 No. 1546 [Reply] [Last]
So our idea was as follows (as I understand what we discussed) We want to make a VN in Ren'py because the software/coding is pretty easy. moo_moo knows how to code python for the backend hardkoba does nice sexy art for the characters spurdo does 3d and 2d works and can possibly do the backgrounds and/or other design elements caballo is a writer and can write the novel bit pepe_pp does writing and some art and can assist with those moo_moo also does music (electronic) so can handle that Other people may want to contribute with their skills of course. Plot concept: Main character lives in present day Earth sadly because capitalism and the ongoing social collapse sucks. He possibly idly signs some form agreeing to be part of some preservation experiment if he dies. He then dies shortly afterward, either through suicide or through random accident/calamity

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Edited last time by caballo on 06/08/2020 (Mon) 23:58:07.
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So is this like an aventure game or what
>>2079 Yes. YES. =YES!=
What are some good books to take ideas from for world building? (I have already read TANS and Looking Backward.)

(87.70 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
Anonymous Gamer 04/07/2020 (Tue) 00:21:24 No. 482 [Reply] [Last]
Anyone else play TF2? What's the frikken deal with those chynese lagbots? They're ruining the game. Oh, and I say CHYNESE lagbots because they're from CHYNA
>>482 I play it. Honestly, I find the lagbots funny as shit. Specially the [VALVe]NiggerKiller ones. Hope they get fixed soon, but knowing Valve, it's not gonna get fixed soon. Maybe in about 2 or 3 weeks? Also, /leftypol/ TF2 server when?
>>482 Rezzing this so we have a TF2 general


no cookies?