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Gamer Gate Anonymous Gamer 04/04/2020 (Sat) 18:26:14 No. 204 [Reply] [Last]
What the hell was gamer gate? Did any of y'all participate in it? Was it a good thing or bad thing?
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(94.26 KB 1280x720 EdYmuTPXYAA_F2h.jpg)
Oh hey, cool, we have a /games/ board, time to check this >>204 <Oh son of a bitch. No, goobergate was never good, even from the beginning it was a reactionary chimpout that was built from the ground up by the right to obfuscate issues capitalism caused. Halfchan wasn't perfect before by any stretch, but that absolutely killed the fucking site. There wasn't anyone or anything to actually support in that movement, and it was overall a massive fucking waste of time from the very beginning with pretty much nothing good coming out of it. >>575 like what the fuck is this shit? No, they can keep their shitty mascot, there's no reason to try to co-opt their shit. It's embarrassing, goddamn dude.
>>3771 Nah.
>>2920 >if i call everything irrelevant it becomes irrelevant. Whether the author was trying to make a rape simulator, a critique of the perception of rape, a troll game, or whatever his reasoning was, it's pointless to look into since the product is a reflection of culture which makes it replicatable. The ideas being re-presented by various people in different forms of art (hence why I had a problem with the argument of the book getting a pass but the game is a problem). >yeah the child is getting raped but its only rape if someone is seeing. How it's being presented here is that it's nothing short but just a fancy tool to play with game models with a shitty visual novel attach. It fails to be a simulator that would give rapists a kick and it fails to say a single thing of the subject itself since of the actions being so disconnected. It's by definition junk food that doesn't deserved to be remembered at all, if you read my post you would understand, if anything, that I wasn't defending the game.
Gamergate was a first mass reaction to corporations using idpol as a method of censorship for their gains. It started as some people noticing the incestuous relationship between game journos and devs and ended with both sides foaming from their mouth about danger of each other views safely forgetting the initial reason. No, gg wasn't coopted or founded by "right" or whatever, if you say that, that means you take your info from shitlib mainstream sources. While there was noticeable presense of them, it was mostly because that on the other side there were liberals that americans like to call "left". In fact it was only one of the many instances of corporation censorship happening, just the most noticeable one. Right now if you wanna see it happening again, i suggest reading some IT news, specifically about open source. Like Richard Stallman being fired from his post as FSF director because of some idpol politics, or putting pressure on Linus Torvalds same way, or getting rid of many guyd from OSI that support anti corporation stance. Porkies are using sjw as a tool for getting rid of the opposition. And gamergate was just an instance of that, but with a much bigger blowback than anticipated.
>>204 I just didn't pay attention to it lmfao. I already gave up on the eternal shitposting back in 2013 to give two fucks about that place. It was so unbearable I didn't touch /v/ again until 2015. It didn't feel different to me at all since my 2013 departure. /v/'s lust for falseflagging and rampant shitposting did far more permanent damage than the elections or this shit, in my well respected opinion.

(24.12 KB 405x479 1449178140156.jpg)
Vidya Cliches You Hate Comrade 06/26/2020 (Fri) 01:45:40 No. 1949 [Reply] [Last]
>Game features some type of Kalashnikov assault rifle and an SVD as available weapons >They're inexplicably the weakest, shittiest weapons in their categories whereas some type of NATO or Amerifat weapon is the strongest The only series I can think of that doesn't do that is STALKER, where the SVD actually owns. On a similar note: >Fire a shotgun >It has an effective range of like 10 feet STALKER also thankfully averts this, as does Far Cry 3 from what I recall.
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>>3942 >>3941 The music carries the game, it makes a lot of the fights and events a lot more exciting and emotional than they would have been.
>>3943 The main appeal is a shitload of hidden triggers which change a myriad of things, your actions having direct impact and having ripples across the game world. The whole cryptic atmosphere was the main draw, before it got datamined to all hell. The only other game that did something like this was probably Silent Hill 2.
>>3409 I don't mind this trope if "cursed/evil" items, enchantments/magic, etc actually have a negative aspect to your character using them. Then it becomes a question of is the risk/benefit worth it? Also "evil" stuff that is just better is boring. What's the point of it being evil then?
>>3941 Do you think Deltarune will be any better? I like what I've seen so far, despite my opinions on Undertale being mostly mixed. Only part of it is out so hard to judge I guess.
(1.26 MB nO.mp4)
>>3952 >Do you think Deltarune will be any better? I don't really trust Toby Fox on that regard, but he'll probably make some really nice tunes and cute characters for porn artists to slave over for years to come along the way so i don't care.

(1.05 MB 1600x871 Soviet Invasion of Britain.jpg)
Civilization 6 Comrade 08/16/2020 (Sun) 10:20:34 No. 3760 [Reply] [Last]
Opinions on this game and what can be added or done better?
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>>3760 I played it when it first came out cause I like that Civilisation series. I liked that cities can occupy more than one hex, but I didn't like the district method of doing it. Roads getting built by traveling is a very nice touch, building roads and 1 gold maintenance per tile was annoying in CivV. I remember not liking the combat/unit system (something about combining them, although I liked that feature in CivIV), and a few other things. It's been a while since I played it. Have they made significant changes/improvements in the last two years?
>>3760 Gold should not be a resource, but a tool of management. An error that hasn't been solved since the day of Civ 1. Population should be the main resource for everything. Civ 5 has taken a right step, that is making science generated by population, but that isn't enough. Population should be necessary for building armies and construction. Moreover, foods shouldn't be resources that make population growing, but resources for maintaining population level. Population level will directly depended on your policy, it should cost at most twenty years to drastically increase the population to the cap, if your foods and healthcare technology allowed it.
>>3779 (cont.) So capping the population will be a dilemma. If you let your population to the max, then your empire will be strong, however, in the case of climate change or natural disasters, it will make your people starving, collapsing your empire. On the other hand, you only cap population at 50% level, your empire will be poorer, but when a disaster happen, you still have enough foods to keep your empire stable
>>3764 I like to play wide so that's cool. I still feel like no civ game has ever matched up to the eternal chad SMAC though.
>>3795 SMAC truly was the perfect 4x.

(4.39 MB 3211x2154 Far-Cry-2-Version-2.jpg)
Games Set in Africa / Games About African Politics Comrade 07/24/2020 (Fri) 17:51:39 No. 3203 [Reply] [Last]
Help me out here /games/. Do you lads know of any games that explore African politics and history? I've started playing FC2 for the first time recently and I'm finding that I quite like that it explores the lingering effects of colonialism and foreign interference in Africa. I realize this is an extremely specific niche but I'm curious if there are other properties out there that are like this.
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>>3221 I'd hardly call V a specifically "anti-soviet" game. It's true that you fight Soviet soldiers at one point, but you also fight US marines in "Ground Zero" (who are explicitly portrayed as evil torturers) as well as Afrikaaner mercenaries who are probably connected to the National Party regime in South Africa (who were supported by America for a long time and Reagan wanted to keep doing so despite mounting international outcry).
>>3204 RE5 is kind of bad unfortunately, it's more or less a retread of RE4 (all the same plot beats and encounters) but with Africans instead of Spaniards (who speak Mexican Spanish in what's implied to be rural Galicia, for some reason).
In Command & Conquer Tiberian Dawn if you choose the Nod faction all the campaign is set in Africa.
>>3261 RE5 is a miserable experience unless you have someone to play with too. Everything is balanced around having two people shooting so every zombie and boss is either a bullet sponge (several times worse than other RE bulletsponges) or requires a co-op trick to beat. The ai co-op partner is too stupid for either of those things.
I'm surprised none of you have mentioned Democracy 3 Africa, you can literally play as the ANC but do the good things they said they would in the constitution.

Red Orchestra/Darkest Hour Anonymous Gamer 04/21/2020 (Tue) 15:37:25 No. 353 [Reply] [Last]
Comrades, does any of you play this masterpiece? It's great, you can get it for a few dollars, It's quite old so it runs even on potato computers it has basically got all of the fun realistic stuff like arma but without the drawbacks. When you are in a tank your view is actually inside the tank and the game (the mod) is managed and updated by fans whom the developers gave "control". And, best of all YOU CAN BLOW NAZIS TO PIECES
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(260.96 KB 1280x1024 RedOrchestra_NympH_Ownage.jpg)
>>353 Wait, people still actually play the original RO? Cool. >>354 RO2's playerbase is filled with fucking wehraboos who end up stacking the teams every single game that I've played so badly that they're able to freely spawnrape the Soviets on maps like Druzhina that enable it (or snipe them from across the map with MGs on every map with enough open space.) The worst thing is that many servers don't even have rules against spawnrape (because they rely solely on the unreliable spawn protection system) so if some cheeky fucker gets to a good position to pin you down at your spawn area where you have no chance to retaliate, the admin just tells you to git gud.
>>359 >wehraboos lol. I haven't played the game in a while so I don't know what the community is like now. HOWEVER, I do recall fondly one night during which I was playing a match and this kid on the German side was ranting in his mic about how Stalin was to attack and enslave Europe and how Hitler dindu nuffin and just wanted peace with England and that da jooz were controlling both sides. There was also one dude who kept micspamming ISIS propaganda
>>359 >RO2's playerbase is filled with fucking wehraboos For the first year that was true but frankly, they're not so many anymore. I usually play on the RU and rarely on the Divided servers and almost always, the scrub larpers pick Axis and get blitzed till the teams get rebalanced. Druzhina spawnrapes are just a map specialty, whatever side you landed on.
(2.36 MB world of tanks.mp4)
>>354 RO2 lacks soul but Rising Storm and Rising Storm 2: Vietnam are based

I have nobody to play /games/ with. Comrade 08/13/2020 (Thu) 20:09:47 No. 3713 [Reply] [Last]
Alas, nobody else. I'm bored and it is incredibly difficult to find new friends to play video games together. It was easier back in the day when you could find players through custom games and matchmaking... Games I like: >Minecraft >Warcraft 3 custom games >Morrowind multiplayer >LOTR Battle for Middle Earth II >Stronghold series >Civilization >SCP Secret Laboratory >ss13 >COD World at War (nazi zombies) >Ages of Empire >zoo tycoon >TES Oblivion >left4dead I dislike most paradox games.

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>>3716 >>3713 should we make a bunker/games/ Matrix/Element server?
>>3713 I only play solo games fam.
You aren't missing out on much.
>>3773 Missing out on much? There must be something worthwhile to do with other people... but I have tried a few games on gameranger. OP is mostly about games that are good for socializing, like MMOs or matchmaking, but finding about what genre and games are good for it.
>>3949 Then go ahead and try it, I have based my opinion over experiences in a very large timeframe. Most of it just very shallow, you are much better off actually going outside and doing something with people.

(185.23 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
Comrade 08/11/2020 (Tue) 06:19:06 No. 3647 [Reply] [Last]
Is it true the devs of this are actually critiquing venezeulan "socialism"? They're from there so I wouldn't be surprised.
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>>3649 and it's supposed to be a worker cooperative, they might even be all socialists.
>>3647 I think one of the devs on their personal tumblr mentioned in passing that one of the reasons behind making it was to escape Venezuela or whatever. That said, nothing on their blog really even remotely approaches the usual levels of gusano dumbassery you'd see elsewhere regarding the topic, so..
>>3653 Pretty much. The blog post (from what I remember) was pretty much "We have to get out of this country it's going to shit" and that was all.
Lots of money goes into bashing the Venezuelan government and it's widely popular and encouraged.
Vuvuzela is a trotskist hellscape so it makes sense.

(5.63 MB 2560x1440 2019-08-14_17.50.13.png)
/leftycraft/ RELOADED Comrade 05/31/2020 (Sun) 18:39:32 No. 880 [Reply] [Last]
Now on the right board! IP: Bunkerchan.aternos.me (1.15.2) TO TURN ON: -goto https://aternos.org/go/ -login with -UN: Leftycraft -PASS: Bunker -navigate to friend access > Bunkerchan & turn on Recommended to build a personal bunker somewhere cozy. Post screenshots of projects etc in this thread for confused /leftycraft/ oldfags, the old map got too big so had to reset...

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>2981 I'd use shiginima launcher: https://teamshiginima.com/update/
Is the server still alive?
>>3435 unfortunately, not.
>>3435 >>3744 it still works you just have to login and turn up the server.
How many people play this?

(37.81 KB 1280x706 1598147232030.jpg)
C&C Tiberium Saga Comrade 08/23/2020 (Sun) 02:06:47 No. 3891 [Reply] [Last]
NOD OR GDI? Scrin/third way acelerationism doesn't count, neither TW4. Personally I play NOD because I feel powerful and at the same time guided by the "people's" Messiah, fighting against a standard NATO org, not matters the cruel reality of the tiberium poisoning, the decay of the planet, the mixture of totalitarian corporation-state-church of NOD or the experiments with humans. One vision, one purpose.
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>>3911 C&C series is the better game series tbh. Red Alert was just red scare: the game.
>>3909 >especially when it is obvious that Kane has plans of his own Communism. Lenin -> Yuri -> Kain, simple as
>>3916 Kane is obviously an analogue to Cain. What with the Marked of Kane/Cain and the fact that he can't die. Even the Scrin can tell he is not human.
>>3924 I love how they were building up the mystery of who he was and his final goal before they just threw in the towel for C&C 4 and he took a portal to some ayylien planet and left Earth. Like what the fuck you could have done that decades ago.
>>3932 I think the original plan was Kane returning to somewhere alien. I read about dev notes that said that the Tacitus was from an alien world that fought the Scrin, which is why Kane had so much affinity with it. Too bad the new people fucked it up. Kinda sad tbh.

(248.23 KB 1301x486 Screenshot_154.png)
New Call of Glowie game set in the cold war Comrade 08/19/2020 (Wed) 21:15:37 No. 3803 [Reply] [Last]
>this is the first frame in the trailer Discuss.
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>>3803 There is a grand total of 3 post-ww2 CoD games that aren't glowie and out of them 2 are extremely sci-fi. The games have almost always been like this but I'll probably give it a torrent and play the campaign because despite the retarded politics the actual mechanics and melodrama of the campaigns are a guilty pleasure of mine. There are barely any other studios that can actually make a decent linear campaign with high production values.
>>3866 this is allready way more realistic
(2.00 MB 360x198 4mYD13u.gif)
>>3866 You have my attention.
>>3826 Every CoD MW update is comically large but people keep playing it
>>3921 And Battle.net is so comically shit it takes a day to download each update even on a fibre connection


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