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(20.98 KB 269x369 Half-Life_Cover_Art.jpg)
Anonymous Comrade 12/30/2019 (Mon) 06:06:05 No. 1491 [Reply] [Last]
ITT: vidya where USA soldiers are main enemies and you get to shoot them
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>>3229 It was a long time ago, I can hardly remember. I assumed there were other endings but I thought that being told specifically it's a recon mission and then going around Germany(?) shooting up the garrison and police etc in broad daylight in the middle of the city and then bombing a prison and busting everyone out and causing WW3 was hilarious. Can you do that without starting WW3? If so you've played a worse game than I have. I assumed it was the consequence of being a moron and basically launching an armed incursion, not ignoring some task.
>>3232 >but I thought that being told specifically it's a recon mission and then going around Germany(?) shooting up the garrison and police etc in broad daylight in the middle of the city and then bombing a prison and busting everyone out and causing WW3 was hilarious. Yes, but you wasn't supposed to do it Anakin! You were sent to dismantle the efforts of a mysterious enemy to frame the Soviet Union for attacks, not commit them yourself! >Can you do that without starting WW3? Not only that, the game is much longer than what you get if you enter failstate early. There is a neutral end: Usual history There is a good end (for completing all critical objectives and making a choice): America does a Right Wing purge, and ejects from NATO, NATO collapses. Also, personal ends: you get arrested/you are decorated (and later killed by the remnant of your mysterious enemy), you knock up your mysterious comrade.
>>1491 The WW-2 CoD lets you play as a Jap and raid US forces.
Wait which one? I don't remember any WW2 CoD that let you do that beyond standard multiplayer factions. The only one that actually included the Japs was WaW which had the reverse in the campaign.
>>1497 >they're not the usual enemies In VC:Stories you are a soldier who goes against his corrupt superior. Though in this case it is depicted as a "bad apple" and not as a systemic problem as it is irl.

(100.20 KB 589x427 awdasdhhhh.jpg)
Nothing has made me despise "gamers" and "gamer culture" more than MOBA's Comrade 08/27/2020 (Thu) 01:37:49 No. 4044 [Reply] [Last]
Why are these games just babysitters for the absolute scum of the earth? They're such a hyper-commodified skinner box, being addicted to one is like being caught in a perpetual downwards mental health spiral. What the fuck is wrong with these games and what the fuck is wrong with the people who play them?
At least you figured it out, though FPS and BRs are the new trends now.
(437.31 KB 2042x1278 Hots.jpg)
>>4044 It feels good to pummel my enemies into dust after a long day slaving for Porky. As to why there are so many toxic people, well, that can be said for any pvp/online game can't it? The reason why mobas are so aggravating at times is because they are team based, and people tend to blame their team for losing instead of realizing their own mistakes. T. Dead Moba player
>>4068 FPS isn't at all a new trend. It was the old trend with Doom, Quake, and eventually Counter-Strike.
Want some autism? Here's an entire book on why ASSFAGGOTS suck: https://web.archive.org/web/20170415162846/http://www.learntocounter.com/why-dota-sucks-introduction/ <Dota is the Frankenstein of terrible game design concepts, the culmination of every damaging design trend in modern videogames. And yet, dota games—particularly Dota—are being held to the same regard as the most beautifully crafted videogames ever assembled. The ongoing narrative for Defense of the Ancients is that a series of amateur content creators with limited programming experience and few financial resources created a Warcraft III map that was not only better than Warcraft III, but surpassed the collective efforts of a billion-dollar videogame industry and its world-class game creators. A story that should set off red flags in the mind of any reasonable person has become a rallying cry for transformative change in the world of videogames. >>4071 >The reason why mobas are so aggravating at times is because they are team based There are plenty of team-based games that aren't such utter cancer. The actual reason ASSFAGGOTS players are so "toxic" is because there aren't any other modes for newbies to practice basic skills in, and because the "meta" is so excessively built around precanned builds/strategies lifted from out-of-game wikis: https://web.archive.org/web/20161109031445/http://www.learntocounter.com/why-dota-sucks-11/

(87.70 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
Anonymous Gamer 04/07/2020 (Tue) 00:21:24 No. 482 [Reply] [Last]
Anyone else play TF2? What's the frikken deal with those chynese lagbots? They're ruining the game. Oh, and I say CHYNESE lagbots because they're from CHYNA
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(7.17 MB 3840x2160 openfortress.png)
I play the boomer shooter mod for it more than the base game these days.
>>4059 Is Open Fortress still crippled with Steam cancer or is it Actually, Genuinely Open?
(31.92 KB 530x355 5dp2l.jpg)
>>4061 Its a community-made mod that still relies a lot on TF2s own codebase and visual assets, not sure what you were expecting? You still require TF2 and 2013 Source Multiplayer SDK, both of which you can only get from Steam. The "open" in Open Fortress just stands for open-source, as in the code is open to contributions from the community. It has nothing to do with dependencies or distribution platforms.
(13.99 KB 91x101 cope.png)
>>482 the games is on its last games now.Its pretty sad to see this kind of a great game die .Valve probably already forgot about it so its gonna die soon .I used to play it in 2014 it was literally the gaame of my childhood and I can't help it but feel extreme sadness and nostalgia about it .I played some of the community mods but its just not the same .They are good in their own way tho
my laptop is on it's last legs after 6 years it's completely greasy and dusty but i still need it for work if i install this game will my laptop die?

(1.03 MB 216x310 3PvU.gif)
piracy websites anon 08/27/2020 (Thu) 17:34:14 No. 4052 [Reply] [Last]
Any Good Piracy Websites that have Applications and Games
Try this for size. https://vimm.net/?p=vault
(47.64 KB 550x366 time frog.jpg)
>>4058 >fourteen classic systems >wii

(62.71 KB 640x632 Bunkerdirt.jpg)
Should there be a Matrix/Element server for we, the g*mers Poll Comrade 08/29/2020 (Sat) 00:53:16 No. 4082 [Reply] [Last]
The site's good for general discussion of gaming stuff of course, but for those who play multiplayer there's no way to connect and team up with/1v1 fellow bunkerbros, and the actual /leftypol/ Matrix server seems more for direct discussion about political theory (duh) and moderation. I just wanna play tf2 with bros who don't think 'gasthejuice' is actually funny, you know. Voot and discuss. (pic semirelated) https://www.strawpoll.me/20849203
I organize all my netgaming with buddies on IRC channels. >strawpoll Let me just fire up my VPN.
>>4083 >>strawpoll is there anything like nitter or invidious for strawpoll? Do you have a breakdown of the ways in which strawpoll tracks user data? I'd not heard anything about them scooming data so I used it, but if there's an alternative I'd like to know.
>>4084 Actually it was in reference to how trivial it is to rig an anonymous online poll.
>>4084 poll.disroot.org is a good alternative. https://poll.disroot.org/ioanpKdLGTyUNob4

(1.21 MB 1395x797 9123875612385123.png)
(1.19 MB 1542x872 19872356182735128.png)
(295.43 KB 1555x878 893426141348638326.jpg)
New Chinese AAA game - Black Myth:Wu Kong Comrade 08/20/2020 (Thu) 11:34:22 No. 3832 [Reply] [Last]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2nNljv0MOw How has nobody posted this yet? It is developed by a Chinese indie studio named ‘Game Science’. From the looks of it it's a Soulsborne inspired action adventure game. I think the artstyle is great it looks absolutely gorgeous as well. What do you guys think of this? Is this finally a response to everyone that says commies kill muh vidya?
Edited last time by krates on 08/22/2020 (Sat) 05:25:25.
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>>3832 >Is this finally a response to everyone that says commies kill muh vidya? No, sorry. Soulsborne games are shit fam.
>>3871 Imagine a Panthay Rebellion game, basically a Muslim led secular regime parallel to the Taiping
>>3840 Do you remember the name of the game?
>>3841 They LOVE fantasy shit. I can't even count the number of fantasy dramas that are coming out over there. They're long as fuck too.
>>3832 >no Xuanzang or his juniors Literally what is the point of making a Wukong game if you aren't going to tie it with Journey to the West? That is like making a game about Odysseus after he reached his home. At least start the story about how he became a king, got his staff, anger the gods and found penance from the Goddess of Mercy.

(467.30 KB 1207x440 goonswarm.jpg)
Comrade 06/23/2020 (Tue) 02:38:23 No. 1890 [Reply] [Last]
Who does bunkerchan support in EVE Online? I'm partial to Goons/Imperium because Le Mittens is a pretty decent leftists. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYg7BSt5YCs
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(74.44 KB 640x480 PSO - BB.jpg)
EVEfags must go, this is a PSO website.
>>1919 just fly cheaper shit then. combat frigates for ambushing explorers aren't that expensive
I joined the Pandemic Horde for World War Bee and fought in a couple battles. I don't really get PVP in the game so I did jack shit. I usually spent my time on exploration, station trading, and other things I could do solo. >>1915 If you actually get a few other people I might start playing again. >>1920 I have had a little fun with the "new" PSO.
Well, if no one is going to play I will just join Pandemic Horde and be a null carebear.
>>1920 based

(1.43 MB 800x1080 wee.png)
Visual Novel General Comrade 06/15/2020 (Mon) 18:46:23 No. 1751 [Reply] [Last]
Has anyone read pic related? On this note, visual novel thread~ Feel free to list recommendations and what you've read
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>>3672 I've wanted to play Cross Channel for years now but I've heard only bad things about the existing translations and I sadly cannot (and do not have time to study) read Japanese.
>>3710 Translation of course isn't satisfactory, however I think it doesn't prevent you to enjoy if it really clicks, as ideas can cross the language barrier. Give it a try.
>>3741 Isn't it one of the VNs that leans more on the literary side and requires a competent translation? I've played subahibi which Cross Channel is often compared to (since they are denpa games) and I imagine a sub-par translation of that would have ruined it.
>>3765 It's because they only played visual novel for the appearance, but not for the essence. I usually played visual novel for new ideas, so subpar translation don't affect me much. I remember that I was once reading a short story of Romeo Tanaka by google translate (which was very bad back then), and was still surprised by his comment that "being successful by writing gal game, my hands are full of otaku's blood"
>>3682 Her and Eric Sparrow are the two most evil villains in all of gaming.

(195.15 KB 1440x500 leftytg.png)
/leftytg/ Anonymous Comrade 10/23/2019 (Wed) 17:49:51 No. 3991 [Reply] [Last]
Tabletop Games / Traditional Games
Wargames, Roleplaying Games, Board Games, Card Games, Drinking Games, and so on and so on.

What are you playing/running/home-brewing?
What do you have to recommend or criticize?
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(236.39 KB 560x560 1557153876776.jpg)
Watching it rn and I'm fucking dying from laughter.
>railroading GM gets screwed by mythical 12 critical rolls in a row
stuff of legends tbh
Man 5e has got to be, and will probably make the tabletop games a much shittier experience than before. There is nothing good about the design in that shitshow of a game and people will take inspiration from that game and probably infect /v/ shit with it too when Baldur's Gate 3 comes out.
>>4035 There are some good ideas like inspiration or advantage/disadvantage but they're copied from other things and not used very well.
Wierd RPG featuring Cherno Alpha if anyone is interested https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Roleplay/ChernoAlphaVsTheWorld

(31.45 KB 455x420 e2l3v5lb44j21.png)
Space Station 13 (SS13) Comrade 08/01/2020 (Sat) 03:53:04 No. 3420 [Reply] [Last]
ss13 thread what servers do you usually play on? what do you think of offshoots such as SS14 or unity station? any greentext moments you want to share?
(290.41 KB 1000x1000 1440307608201.png)
>>3420 /vg/station, because I don't have to walk on faggot ass eggshells. >what do you think of offshoots such as SS14 or unity station? NEVER E V E R


no cookies?