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(876.33 KB 1280x646 L197L_sDsoo.png)
/games/ meme thread Comrade 07/26/2020 (Sun) 18:01:56 No. 3244 [Reply] [Last]
Edited last time by krates on 08/11/2020 (Tue) 14:43:46.
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(505.23 KB 1400x1400 Snake Feet Suess.png)
>>3643 The other Seuss pic by ZP92 (that I'm aware of)
(179.84 KB 483x787 level200MAD.jpg)
>>3254 I've remembered I made a similar meme about Drakengard, how about that?
(210.95 KB 800x757 bethesduh wasteland.png)
A bit of a stretch on the "class disparity" point, but a classic nonetheless
>>3244 Post some classic /v/ memes

(339.40 KB 1280x720 296632.jpg)
Metro thread Comrade 07/30/2020 (Thu) 17:40:53 No. 3378 [Reply] [Last]
So I'm playing exodus and it's just another boring shooter - you run, you shüt, you grab loot. But this part, when I've arrived at Yamantau, I've shit my pants at. They literally portray soviet (or russian, idk about the lore) government as a group of blood crazed cannibals feasting on their braindead subhuman people. Holy shit. Ukres just can't keep their bullshit off. Is this kind of subtle sociopolitical commentary gonna continue?
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>>4176 STALKER doesn't care a whole lot about politics external to the game
>>4176 Stalker doesn't give anything like a shit about politics, Duty and Freedom seem to be some weird Communist/Anarchist thing on steroids but it has almost nothing to do with real world politics and more to do with their views on the zone and how it should be dealt with World outside the zone is supposed to be our world but a little nicer due to the progress and random bits of super high nigh inexplicable technology and medicines derived from stuff pulled out of the zone but slightly worried about the slowly expanding circle of unreality, but you never hear about it other than odd bits of flavour text and the books Any Stalker born after 1986 cant't into politics. All they know is The Bar, case they Gravi, squat, be prison homosexual, eat tushonka and die.
>>3447 >The invisible watchers. It's de joos guys, mon diu, metro it's secretly ukranian fashu desu.
>>4179 I assume STALKERs external politics to be almost identical to those of Roadside Picnic which it is based on.
Do you think a movie for Metro or STALKER will get made?

(522.20 KB 800x500 Sunless_Skies_2.png)
Sunless Skies Anonymous Comrade 10/23/2019 (Wed) 18:50:46 No. 1510 [Reply] [Last]
>Shows the deep running corruption, inefficiencies and the shear oppression of Anglo-imperialism
>Working classes oppressed by the rich who have the luxury of time made material on their side
>Queen Victoria is a tyrannical monster, literally cannibalizing her servants and consuming highly illegal and body altering drugs Bonus Lyndon LaRouche points just for that
>Warhammer 40k type work-worlds staffed by wageslaves living in worse than slave-like conditions, exploited by their Dickensian overseers
>Communist, Anarchist and Esoteric-Anarchist revolutionaries portrayed mostly favorably, or at least more empathetically than other sides
>Reform is not enough and thus fails, only way away from the current situation is through drastic change to the current material conditions of the setting
>Trains. In space

Is this literally the most based game apart from really specialist kind ones like Kremlin Games in the last few years?
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(81.40 KB 256x256 tfw_you_skip_paintday.png)
>>3054 Oh man, thanks a lot for posting that, saw it about a week ago and it reminded me to go back and play through Cultist Simulator now that it is updated. In all honesty I am pretty torn on the game. On the one hand I really love it, but on the other - it can be really freaking annoying at times. Since I can't get the cracked version with DLC's to work, I completed only the definitive one by doing Power victory into Apostle Aestuant victory, but even that took way too long, and this is coming from a player that already cracked the bullshit that the game throws at you. Even then, it was still stressful at times, knowing I could loose many hours of progress because I skipped paint day. The Apostle Aestuant victory at time feels like it is taking the piss in all honesty. Having really unclear instructions is kind of cool I guess, but the decision to put one of the conditions for victory on a timed card that you can only get 2-3 times max while also needing another timed card with a lifetime so small that you can only get it after the one which is limited in quantity is pretty fucking sadistic game design. Also I'd argue they screwed up with the rival Long. At best he was annoying and quite literally works like a gnat bite - it gets worse the more you scratch it. I decided to ignore them, which is sad, as I was interested in what would happen if I got to kill them, but I didn't dare risk the run. Not to mention how grindy it is, especially if you die and have to restart your entire follower, book and spell collection. At least I am a WoW player AND I played CitK where I had to flip all of the Third World red on many occasions, so at least I have some resilience built up for this type of shit, but I can really see how it would be a massive turn-off. It made me rage quit a few times back when the game was fresh, as deaths were more common for a newbie. However, positives outweigh the annoyances. The story is phenomenal in my opinion. Best part is that it makes you feel like you yourself become an expert on all of this esoteric knowledge - you realize what Names, Longs and Hours actually are, you start to understand the rivalries between them, synonymous names and so on. The only other time I felt something similar was in Sunless Skies when you slowly start to understand how the setting works, and when I was really into Star Wars bootlegs, slowly starting to perfectly understand not only what the garbled gibberish words mean, but also how they came to be translated that way. Anyway, its not only the presentation of the story, but the setting it self that is fascinating, with an interesting take on the Pantheon trope and a good use of the 1930's historic moment as a backdrop to the games events, which seems to only be stronger in the Exile DLC, that I sadly can't play. The writing is, well, good, solid, no complaints. Actually, this might be somewhat of a non sequitur, but the romance writing is great, even though the innuendos and descriptions never even cross softcore, and has, let's just say, proven to be great material for me. Also, while I ragged on the gameplay before, it is really great in certain aspects. It is cool to discover things for the first time, and even though I would consider myself a "veteran", it is still managing to surprise me at times with things I can do. Also, the reward loop of gathering lore and being rewarded by getting to read occult scraps from it to expand your own knowledge of the setting is really good, though doesn't quite work in repeated playthroughs. I guess one shame is that there are quite a few wasted things. For instance certain principles, as I just couldn't find a use for them, I don't think I have ever used Edge or Winter ever, and Knock I only used for one or two spells and nothing more. Same goes for Heart and Moth, but I know these are needed for the Dancer DLC. Perhaps this criticism is misplaced and the Priest and Medium use the other three, but as it stands baseline, it is sad that there are no real uses for these lore aspects. Also some rites for spells are downright useless as they sacrifice things you'd never want to give away. Would be interesting if certain spells required certain rites as well. In conclusion, a very good game with some nagging flaws. Would recommend to all who liked Sunless series, like esoteric fiction or like challenging puzzle games.
How does this compare to something like Disco Elysium or SubNautica?
>>3412 Its an Alexis Kennedy game so the bafflingly frustrating gameplay is intentional and you can find blogposts about how he deliberately made the gameplay irritating on purpose for narrative reasons which I feel missed the mark in this one (although I maintain the very slow pace of Sunless Sea was a major asset to the game that Skies lost). I get that he wanted to make it feel like you're a cultist in Lovecraftian fiction trying to piece together forbidden lore to figure out how to commune with your chosen god but for the most part it makes you start playing large chunks of the game on autopilot and losing the atmosphere while driving many people to just looking up how to achieve things. I have enjoyed the large amount of time I have spent with it but the signature AK frustration doesn't help this one. >I guess one shame is that there are quite a few wasted things. For instance certain principles, as I just couldn't find a use for them, I don't think I have ever used Edge or Winter ever All of the principles are really useful, edge, winter and knock are probably the 3 most useful because they are all key components in late game summons including the incredibly useful Maid In the Mirror which can solo most of the expeditions in the game and is required for one of the apostle ascensions.
>>4166 Similar to Disco Elysium in that they are effectively books with RPG mechanics. Different to it in that its also a weirdly punishing roguelike with grind.
>>1510 >Sunless Skies heh, more like Punless Pies!

(1.73 MB 1200x675 outer worlds.png)
Outer Worlds Anonymous Comrade 10/26/2019 (Sat) 01:00:58 No. 2426 [Reply] [Last]
Okay, come on, I know I'm not the only one that's started playing it, what do we all think?

No spoilers please, or put them in tags, cause it only just came out.
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>>2492 It is anti-capitalist in a lazy mainstream way but hardly class conscious.
Can someone post some vidya clips of this game? The trailers remind me of Subnautica and it looks exciting.
>>4168 Its just Fallout New Vegas in space. The similarly named Outer Wilds is closer to subnautica.
>>2426 >TL;DR: No Man's Sky done better But unironically how good is No Man's Sky right now given the numerous repairs Hello Games has done? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5BJVO3PDeQ

(290.76 KB 900x1200 lmh4uvs7ciw31.jpg)
Metal Gear series Anonymous Comrade 11/05/2019 (Tue) 23:35:29 No. 2922 [Reply] [Last]
Are the MGS games based and REDpilled and Kojima /ourguy/?
I know Peace Walker placed Che and the Sandinistas in a positive light but 3 and 5 had some very red scare opinions on the USSR
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(315.79 KB 303x280 1488684887608.gif)
>>4123 Also whoops that post is from eight months ago >>2962 Interesting stuff, I'll check some of this out. Coin Locker Babies sounds like my kind of book.
(184.51 KB 1365x2048 WORDS THAT KILL.jpeg)
>>4627 >that article And the idiocy continues
>>4627 This actually has been tested by a recent study that looked at particle aerosolization in coughing vs various speech volumes. They used multiple common languages including English and found no significant difference between them. https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-019-38808-z
>>4629 >>4627 This is like that joke from the USSR about capitalism, wherein first they'll make you buy water, then buy the right to talk and then buy the right to breath clean air. It's the Lorax movie all over again, except with serious social consequences.

(178.50 KB 1920x1080 undertale.jpg)
(14.25 KB 1280x720 deltarune.jpg)
/utdr/ Anonymous Gamer 03/31/2020 (Tue) 22:20:55 No. 128 [Reply] [Last]
Thread for Undertale and Deltarune discussion! Post theories, art and bad AU's! Official Websites: https://www.undertale.com/ https://www.deltarune.com/ Official Twitter (news may get posted here): https://twitter.com/undertale Toby's Twitlonger on Deltarune: http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1sqn3p9
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oof, been a fucking while since anyone posted here innut? well, the 5th anniversity of undertale came and went, and there was a cool orchestra of most of the undertale OST that played. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=srZdDAJbHfc My personal favorites were... ASGORE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=srZdDAJbHfc&t=7493s Death by Glamour https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=srZdDAJbHfc&t=6745s And Heartache for my third https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=srZdDAJbHfc&t=3516s
>>136 Isn't disco elysium hated on 4chan now though?
>>4624 Yes but only after the undertones were forcefully spoonfed down their throats
(362.05 KB 900x1424 EiATGPjX0AAs7ML.jpg)
Does this look like Toriel to you guys?
>>4637 I don't know how people can get off to this. At some point you should just go "Man I'm really going down a very silly path here"

(171.82 KB 660x952 1570425413172.jpg)
Comrade 07/21/2020 (Tue) 06:13:15 No. 3056 [Reply] [Last]
https://play.aidungeon.io/ >You are a proletarian living under late stage capitalism. >You hope to live under communism, but you know that it will never be possible for the foreseeable future. The only thing you can do is work hard and survive in this world of scarcity. >You wonder why it's not possible to just go back to your old life, but then again maybe it would have been better if you had died during the war. It was a very dangerous time when people were dying left and right. >You wonder if lower stage capitalism is possible in some form or if it's always the case that the only way to go is directly from a war-torn feudal society. You imagine that it would be much easier to go back to when slavery was still legal. >You don't accept this conclusion as you want to achieve full comminism as soon as possible. You don't know how long you have left to live, but you're going to use it to fight the powers that be. >You fight the powers that be by doing your job. You're just a cog in the machine, but you feel a great sense of satisfaction knowing that you're part of the problem, the system that exploits and subjugates you. You start a communist party because you believe that it's the only way to go, but then you find out that there's already a communist party. You were so engrossed in your studies that you failed to notice this tiny little sect. >You join the communist party, but never get a chance to use it. The member of the other party kill you in a surprise attack when you least expect it. >You come back to life and find that the system still hasn't changed. The working class still doesn't have enough to survive while the rich continue to get richer. This isn't what you fought for, but what can you do? >You start the revolution all over again and when you're done with that you go back to fighting the rich. It's never ending, but then revolutions always are. >You gulag the rich until you're old and then die in your sleep. >You come back to life as Stalin, but you don't want to be Stalin, you want to be free. You find it ironic that the only way to be truly free is to destroy the system that enslaves you in the first place. >You destroy the system that enslaves you and the working class. You bring down the capitalist state and create a workers' state. <The revolution has succeeded!
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>>3056 i like the AI dungeon game, i played on the cyberpunk genre
>>3115 LOL same it freaks me out sometimes
>>3406 I think about this one almost daily
>>3406 >>3407 >>4607 bros... how do we stop this from being our end
>>4626 hit the refresh or edit

(99.30 KB 1000x639 FFXVI+logo.jpg)
Well that was fucking terrible Comrade 09/16/2020 (Wed) 22:50:11 No. 4610 [Reply] [Last]
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>>4610 You can count all the good FFs in one hand and half of them are spinoffs
So long as Tetsuya Nomura and his chuunibyou shit stays far away from this game, we should have a solid entry OP. Especially since the Heavensword people are allegedly behind this.
>>4610 Eh looks like a bit of a throwback to ff 1-5 Also I think I heard something about 'rejecting the crystals' or somesuch in the trailer, so maybe it's a self-aware throwback to the crystally ff games. Didn't pay too much attention to all that garble though lol.
>>4610 Is Amano on it?
(4.13 MB 3678x1365 d001 - Dawn Scroll Part 1.jpg)
(2.64 MB 2764x1367 d002 - Dawn Scroll Part 2.jpg)
(3.36 MB 3926x1368 d003 - Dawn Scroll Part 3.jpg)
It looks so miserable and dull, and not in a fun way like Drakengard. But at least it's not j-pop boyband again so I might check it out even.

Rampant Creative Bankruptcy Comrade 08/18/2020 (Tue) 01:51:54 No. 3783 [Reply] [Last]
>https://newzoo.com/insights/rankings/top-20-core-pc-games/ So according to the surveillance programs of the company "Overwolf", these are the 20 most popular games as of July 2020 (I will be also listing their approximate genre/subgenre): >1. League of Legends >moba <2. Tomy Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege <team-based tactical shooter >3. Valorant >team based tactical shooter with moba characteristics <4. Minecraft <basically Minecraft >5. Counter Strike: Global Offensive >tactical shooter <6. Grand Theft Auto V <open world shooter, also pretty much the only singleplayer game here >7. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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What the fuck happened to vidya bros?! WHAT THE FUCK?! recommend me something FUN
>>4517 Nowhere Patrol
>>3783 >when you check the aaa scene after a few years and saw that all games has devolved into the same thirdperson/action/rpg/stealth/fetch quest in open world game What the actual fuck? Tsushima, god of war, spidermeme or the 9 billion Ubishit game is the exact same thing copied and pasted?
>>4517 Ostalgie

(410.69 KB 1200x1359 arrrr.png)
Piracy Comrade 05/12/2020 (Tue) 05:54:50 No. 581 [Reply] [Last]
Piracy general thread. Share your sources and techniques. Here's a website I found recently which seems ok but as always, use are your own risk and use protection (adblock/script blockers). https://igg-games.com/ Not sure how clean it is but I detected no malware in my downloads (brows with adblock on of course). The website links to repackages of stuff produced by the major cracking scene groups (CODEX etc.) The files are hosted on free file upload sites like mega.nz and rapidgator. I have not used those sites in years so I can't say how safe and reliable they are. One shitty thing about their donwload links is they obscure the link behind some shitty ad infested link protector but I noticed the real URLs to the file are embedded in the URL of the link protector URL allowing you to bypass the ads. Large games are split into multiple parts and are not convenient to DL through these free file upload services due to wait times and download limits. But if you're pirating a small older game or indie game it's pretty easy. Example You want to DL this file, igg-games website has this link using bluemediafiles link protector (do not click link) http://bluemediafiles.com/creatinglinkspVVJ52BobqWRSUq8QydNlxYtPL1syhnl2VLm2FE0h4JMfQa8LP5RIPio92gInvzG57ExsOZK0tvq7oaMk36alzo7dBLnUdmoM3D?xurl=s://mega.nz/%23!1epgEYCK!gv04zz4LZNilKBUKwfG_XlLKOrYgWjg5VjS2djE1rlQ notice the URL for the real download link on mega.nz is inside the url simply use that portion of the url:

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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Is there anywhere that hosts GOG downloads nowadays?
>>3973 wait holy shit i just found out gog-games.com is back
>>1703 Whoops, too late it's gone now, whatever that link was.
>>3222 I'm not a "Soulsborne" fan per se, but I played Dark Souls for the first time just over a year ago and it enthralled me. There are just so many exciting moments in that game - the hellkite dragon, getting chased by a Black Knight, walking into the Undead Parish and getting hit by a beam of light from out of nowhere, fighting gaping Gaping Dragon, crossing Blight Town and then finding out you can just waltz on over to Firelink Shrine, chilling in Dukes Archives etc. The environment designs are really inspired. Playing DS1 brought back those feelings that I used to get playing Ocarina of Time all those years ago. All other 'Souls-like' games seem uninspired in comparison. I unfortunately never got to play BB, but I did play Sekiro for a little bit and that just seems like a shit game to me.
>>3222 I like the gameplay loop. >>4598 >I did play Sekiro for a little bit The game really gets better once you get a handle on the combat.


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