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(159.88 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
HYLICS 2 Comrade 06/24/2020 (Wed) 09:45:45 No. 1921 [Reply] [Last]
It's finally here.
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>>2029 Oh you haven't seen the 2d platforming yet.
>>2004 >>2006 Interesting, so it's in a 3D environment this time around? That sounds like it'd go together perfectly with all the characters and environments being 3D clay models.
>>2041 Environments are 3d, but the characters and vfx are 2d sprites. It's greenscreened claymation.
Finished it. Before even unlocking the ultimate spell. The story really is as straightforward as they come. It was neat.
https://youtu.be/AaZnBFJAdNQ The music absolutely slaps.

(24.64 KB 590x336 sdv.jpeg)
Stardew Valley Anonymous Gamer 05/02/2020 (Sat) 15:23:47 No. 123 [Reply] [Last]
So I got addicted to this damn game, and I think it has a lot of leftist potential. Your character is rooted in anti-capitalism, and there's even a corporation destroying the environnement and community life. Two NPCs bear scars from imperialism (Kent, a soldier) and capitalism (Shane, a depressive alcoholic working a 9-5). Besides from that there aren't many references to ideologies (except for the religion of Yoba and a book against the war). What would you think of a mod adding more political substance to Pelican Town? (for example an active faction against Joja, or NPC helping you rebuilding the CC). I don't like this idea that everyone in this town with so much free time gave up that quickly their community center, and you are the only one able to save it with your bare hands.
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(92.76 KB 1080x412 Screenshot_20200507_130400.jpg)
>>905 Reading about the dev I knew I put too much hope in it. The game is still enjoyable and mods can bend it to any ideology.
>>1539 I wouldn't want to play Stardew Valley on my car screen, sounds like a great way to use up your battery. I played a lot of Stardew Valley a few years ago, but there isn't enough new content for me to ever go back to it. He needs to hire a lot more new people to increase the content.
(1.28 KB 176x176 bee-range.png)
Anyone have any thoughts on optimal beehive layouts? You can't fill up a flower in its entire range or you won't be able to access the inner hives.
>>1614 >He needs to hire a lot more new people to increase the content. No, you need to understand that the point of a game isn't about endless content. That's the exact mistake the later Harvest Moon games made. Endless, pointless, superfluous choice doesn't make the game better.
Got really bored after the first year. I think Rune Factory 4 is better

(410.69 KB 1200x1359 arrrr.png)
Piracy Comrade 05/12/2020 (Tue) 05:54:50 No. 581 [Reply] [Last]
Piracy general thread. Share your sources and techniques. Here's a website I found recently which seems ok but as always, use are your own risk and use protection (adblock/script blockers). https://igg-games.com/ Not sure how clean it is but I detected no malware in my downloads (brows with adblock on of course). The website links to repackages of stuff produced by the major cracking scene groups (CODEX etc.) The files are hosted on free file upload sites like mega.nz and rapidgator. I have not used those sites in years so I can't say how safe and reliable they are. One shitty thing about their donwload links is they obscure the link behind some shitty ad infested link protector but I noticed the real URLs to the file are embedded in the URL of the link protector URL allowing you to bypass the ads. Large games are split into multiple parts and are not convenient to DL through these free file upload services due to wait times and download limits. But if you're pirating a small older game or indie game it's pretty easy. Example You want to DL this file, igg-games website has this link using bluemediafiles link protector (do not click link) http://bluemediafiles.com/creatinglinkspVVJ52BobqWRSUq8QydNlxYtPL1syhnl2VLm2FE0h4JMfQa8LP5RIPio92gInvzG57ExsOZK0tvq7oaMk36alzo7dBLnUdmoM3D?xurl=s://mega.nz/%23!1epgEYCK!gv04zz4LZNilKBUKwfG_XlLKOrYgWjg5VjS2djE1rlQ notice the URL for the real download link on mega.nz is inside the url simply use that portion of the url:

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>1988 Because it has no games.
>>581 Piracy is antisemetic.
>>1994 LBP, Infamous, uncharted, ratchet and clank, and every multiplat ever. your opinion is false
rutor.info & cs.rin.ru are good file n info aggregators. have served me pretty goodly.
>>2038 >antiseme

(773.82 KB 920x518 Persona 5.png)
Anonymous Gamer 05/07/2020 (Thu) 16:30:23 No. 257 [Reply] [Last]
What do you think about the Persona series? Is it based or is it cringepilled?
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(656.08 KB 1200x756 1557239419914.jpg)
Persona 4 just got released for Steam and it's miles better than P5. Play it of you haven't better yet if you wait till it's cracked so you don't have to pay for it, piratechads rise up
persona 5 is peak "depoliticized politics", lots of messaging about needing to fight but never any about who to fight against. it's decent enough, though, and probably easier to read leftism into it than rightism, for what it's worth. >>558 >Hashino saga is adolescence incarnated. The angst, the yearning for belonging, the rebelliousness. It'll always remain a mystery how these games are popular with adults outside of waifufaggotry and maybe MAYBE a tinge of nostalgia for high school. same appeal as any high school anime (which is what those games are); getting to live the high school adventure that you as a nerdy loser never had. p4 is the worst about this, protagonist is a total chad who has an idol singer fall in love with him basically as soon as they meet. oddly enough it probably had the best gameplay in the whole series, 1 through 5. i'll always have a soft spot for p3 though, played is a teenager and it introduced me to megaten, cried a lot then because i was and still am a little bitch. megaten in general tends to be kinda based (but not always). jrpgs used to be oddly left-leaning as a whole until they reached the inevitable point where they just became a self-feeding nostalgia cycle that can only satisfy the commercial urge for more of the same instead of actually trying anything new, leading to a conservative fanbase that resists anything that threatens the purity of their trash. though fwiw the genre didn't fall prey to this effect to nearly the same extent as anime in general did.
>>2019 >>2019 > oddly enough it probably had the best gameplay in the whole series, 1 through 5. Even better 5? Doubt.jpg
>>2028 yea. what was interesting about the gameplay in 3 and 4 was that nearly every battle is either a risky drain on your resources or a potential game over. healing and exploration were always choices to be made very carefully, because you need enough sp to get to the next checkpoint. this made dungeon crawling a tense survival affair. the minimalist levels worked because they focused on what was important. 5's best decision was to replace faceless shadows with actual megaten demons; most of the other additions were distractions. usually in jrpgs, you expect puzzles to serve as breaks in the action for the sake of variety. but 3/4 didn't demand breaks in the action, quite the opposite. they're meant to constantly keep you on your toes. add to that choices that made the game easier -- more frequent checkpoints, ability to use your party members as sp reserves because you don't lose your entire progress by swapping them out, a whole bunch of confidant rewards -- and the game sure feels tedious at times in comparison. but i understand that the repetitive and aesthetically uninteresting dungeons of 3 and 4 can provoke the same reaction in others.
>>2040 I can understand preferring actual dungeon crawling to boring gimmicky go-here-trigger-switch-then-go-there level design, but P3 and 4 lose automatically by having atrociously long and unskippable battle animations happen on every single encounter. It's especially infuriating when you consider Nocturne was released 3 years before P3, was probably made by the same team, and for the most part had quick, snappy battles without making everything look too jank.

Comrade 06/20/2020 (Sat) 01:52:14 No. 1822 [Reply] [Last]
I'm getting fucking filtered in the first areas and restarting with new character builds. Are you supposed to be a shitty wimp who cant land a hit 8/10 times while enemies deal about double your damage more consistently than you
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>>258 >>1822 first fallouts (1-2) are fun as fuck but relatively hard to play tbh,story lore characters are well written tho
>>1958 Played through them for the first time a few years ago and honestly found them very intuitive. Pretty much any rpg before them completely filters me too.
Loved the first game but am I wrong in getting the impression that the second one basically forces you into a melee build unless you want the first few hours to be a slog? I think my experience has been basically the same as OP's.
>>2018 It is easier if you have decent strength and start with a tag on either melee or unarmed, but it isn't necessary. Just run like Hell whenever there is a violent confrontation until you get a decent gun and or companions depending on build.
>>2018 idk man, I didn't go for a melee build and I got through it fine.

(402.44 KB 512x512 thumbnail.png)
(74.74 KB 268x268 KR.jpg)
HOI4 general: "Who even plays unmoded?" edition Anonymous Gamer 04/02/2020 (Thu) 13:16:37 No. 258 [Reply] [Last]
Since /v/ is now open, I guess it is time to relocate here from /hobby/.
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(63.98 KB 770x568 1592496220791.jpg)
>>1749 >EU4's latest update makes the HRE so ludicrously overpowered that the entire balance of the game is in ruins >HOI4 wanks off Germany so hard that it overshadowed East Asia in the update designed to fix East Asia >Every other Grand Strategy game is infected by "look at my le epik gro├čes deutsches reich haha" fags Wheraboos should be executed
>>1875 This is why I think Kaiserreich is pretty cool, "What if Germany won WW1?" is a clever twist on HOI4's "What if Germany won WW2?"
>>1858 >my PC is kinda shit Darkest Hour, paradox games become increasingly unstable the longer you play them and the more shit ends up on the map
TNO's got a release date at long last, 21st July
>>2022 it's gonna get delayed lol.

Gamer Gate Anonymous Gamer 04/04/2020 (Sat) 18:26:14 No. 204 [Reply] [Last]
What the hell was gamer gate? Did any of y'all participate in it? Was it a good thing or bad thing?
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>>1857 The only sources that you provided was one from some sort of hongkong coffee shop and the only other one did not actually show up. I actually tried to go out of my way to look up "Japanese special opinion Poll on Harmfull Materials" and it seems as if that specific poll was done in 2008 and not only that but I couldn't actually see the results of that poll, just a few books on google that actually references it. "School-Girl Milky Crisis" and "Red-Light Nights, Bangkok Daze" to be exact. It seems to me that only 72% of Japanese people actually even know if that material has any actual effect whatsover ever, so they might just be saying that they support a ban whenever they actually do not.
>>1917 correction the poll was supposedly done before 2007 while the results was that 72% of Japanese people said that they didn't even know if such material was such a deciding factor in the increase of child abuse or not.
>>204 Fuck do I know. When I left school in 2009, the internet was a fun place of cat videos, and for dunking on creationists and neocons. Then I focus on uni for a few years and by 2015 it is the reactionary shitshow we have today. Interesting thread. Definitely a lot of astroturf and social engineering going on the background.
this thread is proof nobody should take leftypol seriously. you have honest-to-god pedophiles literally defending their right for capitalists to produce commodities no matter how fucking degenerate and reprobable the content is and also defending the rights for consumers to acquire this kind of shit. might as well argue that the government banning pedophile pornography violates the NAP. you're fucking deluded if you think this is going to fly on under any kind of socialism, which pressuposes that all commodities produced therein "serve society" not indulge in blatant bourgeoise degenerate fantasies. no democratic society would approve the production of this shit because for a majority, the immediate gut reaction is outright disgust. As a matter of fact, nobody did approve this shit, the only reason it exists is because there's a market for it (pedos or would-be pedos who get off on the fantasy of touching girls) and wealth can be extracted, not because there's an implicit societal approval. under socialism, videogames depicting fantasy depictions of sexual abuse would simply not be produced. under higher stage communism, of course, you'd simply be in a gulag.
>>2105 >you're fucking deluded if you think this is going to fly on under any kind of socialism, which pressuposes that all commodities produced therein "serve society" not indulge in blatant bourgeoise degenerate fantasies. how do you do fellow leftists

(41.49 KB 417x271 solidsnake.jpg)
Metal Gear Thread Anonymous Gamer 04/11/2020 (Sat) 22:04:17 No. 8 [Reply] [Last]
Sup comrades. Who here is a fan of the Metal Gear games? It's got strong anti-imperialist and anti-war themes and one of the games (Peace Walker) pretty much has you playing as Che Guevara. Which game do you like best? My favourite would be MGS3.
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>>10 >it not being as 2DEEP as people make it seem. It may not have the depth some people ascribe to it but it is surely a pinnacle of post-modern media. How it relates itself to the first game is completely unique and could not be done in any other medium.
1 = 2 = 3 >>> 4 = 5 = PW the first three MGS game are DIMES, just perfect video games. I'm currently trying to play the old MSX games, MG1 was shit honestly but I hear MG2 is better. Both old came have an awesome super late cold war vibe though as they were made RIGHT before the fall of USSR. The cover art for MG2 is so awesome I even got a poster of it.
Redpill me on MGS4. I sat through that awful shit and I cannot believe it has zero subtext or preachy Kojimmy shit, because it feels like a mush of fanservice and pandering that attempts to wrap up every single plot point in the most contrived and absurd way possible (and then shits up that in the ending too).
>>1602 MGS4 is an odd beast. It has both the highest highs and lowest lows of the series. Piloting Rex, the final fight, most of the other boss fights, and chapter 1 and 2 are amazing. But I never understood why people say it is fanservice. It is fandiservice if anything. Snake being an old man for no good reason instead of in his prime, Meryl marrying mr poopy pants, dumb shit like Mount Snakemoore. MGS4 is weird.
Solid Snake basically implies you are more than your genes

(112.14 KB 791x1024 EaTCBmpUYAEEVjs.jpeg)
(85.06 KB 1280x720 EaVHHFrX0AUqxz_.jpeg)
(1.08 MB 1089x849 xmTznuz.png)
Demon's Souls Remake Comrade 06/20/2020 (Sat) 09:42:25 No. 1830 [Reply] [Last]
>new flamelurker But why? Unless it's actually a phase thing where the new rocky bits including the skull face/mask go away after enough damage and exposes the old fleshy design, it's a total downgrade. The horns seem to be the same general shape and the new face has a hollow top, making it look like a mask. That's the only way I see how the redesign can work.
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>>1870 kys reactionary /v/ shitposter these remakes are cancer and an insult to the original artists.
Be honest, anons. You didn't cheese flamefucker, did you?
>>1897 Honestly don't remember. I think I used magic once. Last playthrough was a 40/40 quality one, as usual. I remember it being my most thorough yet. Learned to pin down every crystal lizard in that stonefang pit. Dressed a couple of times as Biorr but with an actually useful bow. Killing the blue dragon with 10 or 20 shots was cathartic. Biorr's ultra greatsword was fun as hell. It's probably one of those things that people would consider as "jank" after Dark Souls. The attacks are unlike anything that came after. One handed, it's faster to use R2->R1 and reversed when two handing. I'd say it's only "janky" because its eccentricities were never refined by its successors. Since DaS, ultra greatswords are just beefier greatswords moveset-wise. Still fun but not as unique. The last thing I remember doing was messing around with character and world tendency to get colourless demon's souls for my penetrating sword. That's another fun one. It's surprising how fun unique/boss weapons are. They usually have an interesting mechanic and sometimes stat scaling. Ironically, having the basic weapon moveset makes them more intuitive than the "press R2 for flashy attack" you'd usually get in later Souls. I think I started manipulating world tendency at the endgame when everything was pure white. Sudoku until (pure?) black, find the bug, get the soul, kill black phantoms for loot and to go back to white. Didn't get back to pure white if I remember correctly. Just one more boss kill which required the next NG+. I remember now reminding myself to do this before killing the last boss of each area so I can get back to PW. I also tried farming pure bladestone for some reason. Don't remember if I got one.
>>1897 First time on emulator just rolled and slashed normally like I usually did in these games. First try. I thought if that was the hardest this game had then it's easy coasting from then on. I realised I was wrong when I went into beta blight town and I kinda got stuck there up until now with the red phantoms bc i died too much. I think blupoint already fucked up the og atmosphere like they did with SotC, tbh. Pretty much what >>1861 said, no real understanding of the original vision. Replacy medieval with gothic architecture because they must've thought it looked cooler bc it's more intricate. Idk.
>>1924 I've also aggroed and had to put down the merchant there so I don't know if just have to start over. There's just too many of these fucking things. So annoying.

I don't understand the joke in this article Comrade 06/12/2020 (Fri) 15:52:38 No. 1679 [Reply] [Last]
me neither
>>1679 Either the gamification of work or some people do treat gaming like it is work.
Thanks for the link, was amusing. The gamer/author of the article has a certain personality structure that is lampooned: thinks he's hyper-intelligent and capable (not necessarily true) and talks down to others, also thinks gamers are an oppressed group. In this case the author has correctly identified that a multiplayer product without players is not desirable. The joke is his sense of unwarranted self-importance. He is correct in demanding a share of the profits (or that the whole environment should be a cooperative), but the sum of his contributions are simply by nature minuscule compared to the labour needed to provide electricity/hardware/et cetera. Unless he's a major influencer he's entirely unimportant to the whole enterprise. The framing of "oppression of the working class" is just a way to make fun of a certain kind of person, who'd apply a concept in a non-intended way (which IMO is neither nice nor educational).
Gamers rise up!


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