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(75.10 KB 616x353 ttdot.jpg)
Through the darkest of times Comrade 07/03/2020 (Fri) 17:53:35 No. 2142 [Reply] [Last]
Has anybody else here played this? What do you think about it?
>>2144 you should try it is a cool game where you get to play as a communist against the nazis
>>2145 But what kind of game is it? Is it a shitty game that you shill just because you like the story?
>>2147 It's a strategy game where you try to organize a resistance cell against the Nazi, you get to recruit followers send them on missions and make tough decisions on what to do and how to react. I wouldn't say that the gameplay is something never seen before the most interesting part is the setting for sure. You basically get to live the rise of the Nazis to power I actually learned a few historical events I didn't know about. I'm worning you tho that the game can get pretty heavy if you are a particularly sensitive individual.

(50.89 KB 620x289 werwgfg4.jpeg)
Bullet Hell Comrade 07/01/2020 (Wed) 04:01:33 No. 2084 [Reply] [Last]
Been trying to play this game and I can't even get beyond the second level. What's the deal with bullet hells. Why can't I play them? I want to be a bad ass at them, but, they seem impossible! Give me advice, /games/.
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>>2097 Bullet hells are slower-paced and give a lot more warning (bullet travel time, mob wind-up time) before a particular threat can kill you. It's rarely the end of the world if you forget that an enemy spawns somewhere, but it can force you to dodge an ugly or awkward wall. Contrast a shooter like R-Type that relies on speed, tight spaces and enemies going into blind spots. There's a lot of "That's bullshit!" moments and I've generally preferred bullet hells for that reason.
>>2084 Focus! You need to focus!
>>2100 What game is that?
It takes practice, just play a bunch of games regularly. No shame in starting on easy mode to learn.
>>2084 what >>2116 said. It just takes tiem and getting used to the mechanic.

(137.94 KB 1024x768 Retaking_Red_Square.jpeg)
Call of Duty Anonymous Gamer 03/31/2020 (Tue) 17:04:21 No. 419 [Reply] [Last]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YsjCoh6rFd0 I know about its factual inaccuracies. That it's just a copy of enemy at the gates. However let me explain how this was many kids first exposure to the ussr and what a great job it did communicating through gameplay what the war was. The soviet campaign takes place last in the game, after the british and american ones. Throughout the game you visit many locations and the mood is an adventurous one. Soldiers remark on celebrating with bottles of wines from french cellars, the beauty of the architecture besides the one or two artillery shelled buildings. And there's never any shortage in supplies. This quickly changes with the soviet campaign. From the start the design is something that looks like hell. There's no green grass, the sky isn't even blue. Every single building is destroyed by shelling. And what really let you know shit just got real, you don't even get a gun. They didn't teach ww2 history besides d-day and the atomic bomb, so to a child, this was formative. The creators did an unmatched job communicating the disparity between east and west fronts in the war. It was very clear all of a sudden that the soviets were fighting for their survival in a way the british and americans weren't. So bravo to call of duty, regardless of how shit it might have become later on, this game will always be one of the greatest achievements of the medium.
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>>2125 Define horribly dated. Red Orchestra 2 is my favourite shooter.
>>2126 >Define horribly dated. before 2005 I'd say? >Red Orchestra 2 is my favourite shooter is it still active?
>>2128 yeah you'll always be able to find a near-full server, all the good players are always axis though
>>2128 There is always a full server in western europe. >>2129 In the server I frequent most of the regulars play allies except for the occassional mg42 autist.
(444.35 KB 2322x1600 pn9cpqf1auh31.jpg)
>>419 Farah Karim and the Urzikstan Liberation Force are based off of the YPG and YPJ in the new Modern Warfare. https://www.kurdistan24.net/en/news/7e74c047-82a5-4692-93b1-a186f36a0a8c

(837.99 KB 1920x1080 external-content.duckduckgo.com.jpeg)
Brigador Comrade 06/27/2020 (Sat) 16:16:49 No. 1981 [Reply] [Last]
Wow epic super cool le warcrimes simulator xxxxD GREAT LEADER IS DEAD. SOLO NOBRE MUST FALL. (hehe SO COOL ;P)
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>>2071 I'm talking about the white phosphorus
>>2070 Because you are not the character. The character wouldn't stop. The game is a personality exploration of someone who would indeed fire white phosphorus on civilians.
>>2073 Is this thread the discussions about games you haven't played general or something? The character doesn't know they're civilians.
>>2072 I really like the montage at the end HE TURNED US INTO FUCKING KILLERS!!! >>2074 No but he is a Yanqui imperialist so he should know his actions in general are baby-killing
>>2092 A huge part of being a yanqui imperialist is not understanding that you're just a professional terrorist

(20.98 KB 269x369 Half-Life_Cover_Art.jpg)
Anonymous Comrade 12/30/2019 (Mon) 06:06:05 No. 1491 [Reply] [Last]
ITT: vidya where USA soldiers are main enemies and you get to shoot them
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/v/ is now the roulette board, please go there for your video game related discussions. >>>/roulette/
(64.82 KB 1140x641 641.jpg)
This prequel MGSV ground zeroes for my frens who haven't played yet
Really is something else hearing the entire NVA team using global voice chat to spam "GO HOME GI"
Haze campaign stars an US attack dog who defects to totally not chavez' venezuela to shoot americans for the rest of the campaign. It's a fucking trash game though, do not play it
>>1495 incredibly based game

(28.58 KB 650x446 Steam-Linux.jpeg)
Linux gaming general thread - /lxgm/ Comrade 05/24/2020 (Sun) 15:11:53 No. 655 [Reply] [Last]
Thread for gaming in linux Recommendations, software, critiques anything like this
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(1.14 MB 1366x768 Screenshot_20190815_163442.png)
(385.25 KB 1366x768 Screenshot_20190818_030535.png)
rate my big brain Kubuntu setup
>>666 >What's the best graphics card for gpu passthrough? You need two graphics cards, unless you get an uber-expensive professional card. I would recommend AMD.
>>753 Marathon is a (really old) FPS that runs on linux. Google alephone
>>1641 Is that a tiling plugin for Kwin? Personally I don't have a huge need for such a thing now that Konsole has tiling terminal windows.
Hello frens, I have this old laptop with 3 GB of RAM, I installed Linux MX 18.3 on it and I was meaning to play CSGO on it, but it doesn't even start. Does CSGO support Linux 32bit? Left 4 Dead 2 works flawlessly. Thanks frens.

What faction would a principled Marxist side with in Fallout: New Vegas? Anonymous 05/23/2020 (Sat) 15:57:16 No. 776 [Reply] [Last]
I though about starting this thread in /hobby/, but considering I'm not interested in talking about the merits of the game-itself, and rather to discuss the specific dilemma of factions, I thought I'd get a more focused discussion here. The Wildcard ending notwithstanding, there are principally three different factions in the game you can side with: Caesar's Legion, New California Republic, and Mr. House. To begin, Caesar's Legion is a fascist power lead by a historical materialist (even though the writers somewhat misrepresent Hegel in their dialogue about the dialectic, the general theme is maintained) most players misunderstand Caesar as just a LARPer rather than someone who is genuinely trying to restart history. His Legion, is admittedly a hegemonic autocracy that Caesar intends to use to subjugate humanity under one banner, so that their collective progress would be accelerated. It's entirely possible to interpret Caesar as just history's janitor trying to send humanity back through the motions and antiquity to try and reach a better result than rushing back to the "good ol' days" like the NCR, rather than someone who takes pleasure in creating a slave society that is an objectively malignant entity. The NCR is presented as the return of the old Bourgeois Dictatorship of the US, their government is a corrupt expansionist bureaucracy that can only adequately administrate war, meanwhile the actual body of the legislation itself has a lineage of benevolent autocrats (tandy) and is ruled by the interest of the "brahmin barons" (kulaks), this is a critique that Caesar presents in his analysis of the NCR (which happens to sound out-of-context Marxian). Caesar correctly identifies the NCR as a reincarnation of the failed Bourgeois state that brought about the very predicament of the wasteland, and seeks to use them as his component in creating a society apt enough to the material conditions of the wasteland. The strangest character in this dynamic is Mr. House, if the NCR is a light veil for a Bourg dictatorship, then Mr. House is an open window, making no illusions to the player about his proposed autocratic status and ex-Bourg origin. Since the wasteland cannot be considered Capitalist (as a true economic analysis of the Fallout universe would lack too many necessary factors to be accurate) we have to assume that the wastes can be best surmised as a scavenger-economy wherein the most valuable resource is electricity and armaments, the wasteland does still have capitalistic elements (the barons of the NCR being a good example, as well as Crimson Caravan and Gunrunners) but lacks the infrastructure to maintain a conventionally capitalist society (and thereby is also incapable of creating a socialist society unless material conditions change). I'd propose that due to this, the best choice for a Marxist in the wasteland is to side with whichever faction has the best capacity to create industry in the wasteland. All the factions in the maingame (and characters in the DLC hint at this theme, but would take to long to discuss) are representations of differing ideological states: the NCR being a bourgeois dictatorship under the farce of democracy, the Legion being a fascist army with the goals (at least the goals of Caesar) of restarting humanity's cultural progress, and Mr. House who breaks the mold as an autocratic Technocrat. You might refer to House as the supreme corporatist, but he's likely the only one possessing of the ability to either industrialize the wasteland or to simply leave Earth behind for Mars, despite being the most comically capitalist entity in Fallout (a series that from inception was an inherent critique of Nationalist Capitalism), House is likely the best choice for a principled Marxist, the NCR would lead humanity into a similar state of global capitalism, it too perhaps has the capacity to industrialize the wastes like Mr. House (and in face House intends to use them largely for a similar purpose) but Mr. House presents perhaps and easier path, because House is a planned economist, regardless of all the old-world business aesthetic, House is someone who would be a literal computer-god who plans the economy. House claims to be an objective ruler with a more important grand vision than say the short-term emulators of the NCR, who despite their uses to him, House rejects as the planners of the economy (potentially because he recognizes like Caesar, their inherent contradictions). In any event of House winning, the inevitable desire of the Marxist Courier would be to have him killed or deposed, I left out Yesman in this little essay because I thought that would be to filled with assumptions to really consider, because of course the obvious answer would be "courier and yes man takes over and the Comrade Courier uses Yesman to create an epic planned economy, Communism 100." A ending which to me seems really silly to rationalize in the context of the setting, to be clear, I don't think F:NV has any Marxist faction or even a Marxian theme, it's themes are focused around nostalgic ideology and the Gnostic need to either destroy the past or worship it. To the end of advancing the Fallout Universe to the next stage of history, I think Mr. House is the only one who even has the capacity to achieve it, even if he's a terrifying computer God who could only be removed by his "employees" in the most idealized scenario. As Benny puts it: "Mr House hides Vegas under his skirt when the bombs drop so it's his? forever?" not that Benny is a proletarian revolutionary or anything, but a Mr. House ending would require that House be willing to take on proteges or somehow put himself in a position to be removed, but since that's a question more of game mechanics than narrative, I'll ignore it. Am I wrong? Who do you think a Marxist should choose? MOD NOTICE THREAD WILL BE MOVED TO >>>/games/ TOMORROW AS THE GODS space_ HAVE GRANTED US A LINK TO SAID BOARD IN THE NAVBAR
Edited last time by comraderat on 05/23/2020 (Sat) 23:00:01.
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Do the old fallouts go into detail on how China was organized politically? were they actual commies or dengists? there was no mention of them in new vegas and 3 and 4 they're just the ebil red gommies
>>2089 I don't remember there being any significant times China was mentioned in the first two, and the wiki itself says that it's unknown if it was still Maoist at the time the bombs fell or not.
>>1816 >>1927 On the other hand, House has been in control for close to a decade, and even the so-called luxury of the strip consists mostly of jury-rigged scrap and scavenge. If he has a "plan" to get "high tech" running withing 20 more years, you'd expect he'd already have some kind of workshops or light industry prepared. Among the Soviet five-year plans, the hardest one was the first: The process of building the industry and infrastructure which'll build industry and infrastructure. You must have something to get something, and that takes time. If Vegas is currently relying on scavenging and repurposed scrap, it most definitely doesn't have the basics of maintaining itself, not to even mention the tools that House's robot army requires for its upkeep. Once the NCR and the Legion have been driven out of the Mojave, a clock is ticking and resources bleeding. Without the right tools, manufacturing, know-how, and equipment, his small empire will face attrition. And considering how lackluster his preparations have been in the past seven years on that front, "twenty years" may be both an overly optimistic goal and far too late. Not to even mention he basically sat on his ass for 126 years after regaining consciousness, doing practically speaking nothing.

(119.27 KB 600x338 atom-rpg-screenshot-6_6057054.jpg)
ATOM RPG Comrade 06/30/2020 (Tue) 17:49:17 No. 2069 [Reply] [Last]
Thoughts on this game?
Not played it but I was thinking about playing it some day, what are your thoughts on it?
>>2098 It's pretty much Fallout 1/2 set in the USSR, the gameplay and the roleplaying system are almost exactly the same except with some QoL additions. So whether you will enjoy the game depends entirely on whether you liked the isometric Fallouts. Personally I enjoyed it a bunch and beat it in 40 hours over the span of a few days. The way it manages to capture the zeitgeist of the late USSR is great and the characters are very colourful, literally every NPC in the game has a portrait, a personality and something to offer. There are many ways to solve quests using different skills and approaches, too. I felt like the main questline was kind of short and barebones with an ending that creates more questions than it answers, but the sheer amount of sidequests makes up for it imo. Also you can join a 40k esque cult of Leninists who dedicate their lives to protecting Lenin statues from being scrapped by bandits and mutants
>>2099 Being in a cult and caring much about statues doesn't sound Leninist to me

(24.12 KB 405x479 1449178140156.jpg)
Vidya Cliches You Hate Comrade 06/26/2020 (Fri) 01:45:40 No. 1949 [Reply] [Last]
>Game features some type of Kalashnikov assault rifle and an SVD as available weapons >They're inexplicably the weakest, shittiest weapons in their categories whereas some type of NATO or Amerifat weapon is the strongest The only series I can think of that doesn't do that is STALKER, where the SVD actually owns. On a similar note: >Fire a shotgun >It has an effective range of like 10 feet STALKER also thankfully averts this, as does Far Cry 3 from what I recall.
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>>1951 i quite like tank control and the resident evil camera
>>2050 Pat?
>”open world” game <everything is a fetch quest >rts game <devs constantly try to shill to game for consoles and e-sports
>>2034 Actually it's more like turbo monarchy/despotism.
(39.35 KB 381x266 s-l600.jpg)
>>2111 What are you talking about, Starcraft was made for the Nintendo 64

(1.74 MB 1844x1070 deus ex kino.png)
Deus Ex Anonymous Gamer 04/05/2020 (Sun) 14:03:39 No. 476 [Reply] [Last]
It's almost been 4 years since Square Enix stopped production of the series, leaving it on the biggest cliffhanger imaginable. Will the series ever get picked up again? And if so, do you think the original plans will have been abandoned?
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>>476 The new deus ex games have amazing art direction. Coolest looking cybernetics in fiction.
>>476 >After forcing them to make the Thief reboot which sucked, Square Enix forced Edios to split Mankind Divided into two games. That's why the game ends the way it does. >In the second games place, they demanded micro-transactions in the form of that augument your preorder shit, Breach mode, and pre-order DLC you can only use once (the latter two are actually absent in the GoG version of the game and cuts down the download by almost 20gb) >people complained that the game abruptly ends because they didn't know Square cut the game in half against EM's wishes, leading to hurt critical reception and sales >because Square has unreasonable sales expectations for all their games because FF and KH print money - they announced that Tomb Raider '13 "fell below expectations" because it ONLY sold 3.6m instead of 4m - they shelved Deus Ex indefinitely and relegated Edios Montreal to being a support studio for the dogshit tomb raider reboots and microtransaction-ridden Avengers kusoge SE had the last remaining old guard of the immersive sim and brutally murdered two of them whilst iO barely got away with their life. I have nothing but contempt for them for that and I hope that them funneling a quadrillion dollars into live service Marvel tie-ins and Nomura fanfiction implodes spectacularly.
(1.28 MB 2560x1920 deus ex.jpg)
Why do I suck at this game so badly?
>>2090 I find it's pretty much necessary to savescum in this due to the janky rng stealth mechanics.
>>1954 SE are known for fucking over anything that isn't the latest passion project from the same clique, shit just got even worse for gaijins. Nier Automata only got made because the Dragon Quest producer threatened to leave, Kawazu spent almost a decade (or a decade if you don't count The Last Remmant) in gacha hell until he was able to make a new game, and Yoshida's team keeps getting money and manpower siphoned away even after saving the Final Fantasy brand.


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