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white people are mixed race 10/07/2020 (Wed) 04:57:58 No. 4912
date: 9-4kya blue = european orange = levant MENA green = iran MENA 9kya, levants colonize europe and mix with european foragers. The mixing ultimately ends up being on somewhat even terms. 5kya, a mixed race group (half euro half iran) colonizes europe very hard, killing off both euro/levant males and essentially raping their women. These "aryans" introduce the indoeuropean languages into europe. Every european today has these three ancestries in their genome. Some europeans, like italians and greeks, are more Middle Eastern than European. The average Brit is 60% european, 40% MENA (30% levant and 10% iran) In addition, Finns and Russians have about 10% Asian ancestry from Uralics.
damn that's epic
>>4914 It really is, white people should celebrate their diverse heritage. And should think twice about judging others for their "mixedness"
(1.48 MB 3830x3232 5900291.png)
I mean, this is obvious, since the burger race "science" is pretty fucking retarded and constantly watered down to avoid obscurity through intermixing (hence the Irish and Welsh became accepted as white, and I wouldn't be surprised if mulattos and Latin Americans become so as well in the future). However the more Nazi-esque race "science" would consider the true Europeans of this study as untermench as well, since the "pure Aryans" for them are the descendants of the Iranian barbarian tribes that migrated west. Personally, I am just kinda disgusted by the entire European ancestry and just how much it was based on genocide. Though at this point it was so long ago that it is pretty stupid to even have debates over race purity.
>>4912 >white people are mixed race ya so is everyone else retard keep fighting straw men >genome you know that ethnicity has existed for thousands of years before anyone knew anything about this bullshit? imagine telling other people how they should treat their "heritage" because hating who the media hates is easy lol
>>4937 >lol they have shit science >lol see, look at these different nations >huh huh nations means race cus reasons >Personally, I am just kinda disgusted by the entire European ancestry >im a good guy huh huh >by the way white isnt real after all of my reasons wew i love you guys, its like metoker is back already hahahaha
>>4939 >ya so is everyone else retard Not really, at least not in the same scale. In a strict sense, yes everyone (and everything) is mixed race. In a more liberal sense, only Eurasians were mixed race until recently. Africans, Americans, and Oceanians were all genetically pretty pure. And even within Eurasia, Europeans are more mixed than Indians (maybe excepting Pakistanis) or any of the Asian races. >you know that ethnicity has existed for thousands of years before anyone knew anything about this bullshit? cope, these genes have existed for millions of years before humans even learned how to walk upright. We only started knowing about them 50 years ago, doesn't make them only 50 years old.
>>4940 He's right though, italians are considered white now. Irish/Polish is a spook because they are nordeuro. But italians look different, esp the southern ones that came to the US. Next step is Mestizo Latinos start getting the white treatment >nation means race yeah, it's arbitrary and retarded just like your system. I see no problem here. scientifically, Europe is a Middle Eastern rapebaby reservoir. "White" is not a race, it's an appearance. White people are mixed race.
(547.19 KB 1560x1720 yamnaya.jpg)
Fun fact, the purest Europeans were quite dark skinned (think Native North American, if not darker) Light skin was introduced via Middle Eastern farmer/pastoralist migrants. These MENAs mixed with the local population, and as they adapted to a more lactovegetarian diet, they developed even lighter skin than the original MENAs, due to the dark climate. The original pure Europeans were also exclusively light-eyed, and actually all genetically European groups were 100% light eyed 10kya. Brown eyes are a Middle Eastern feature.
>>4954 explains why my Iranian friends are pastier than most americans


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