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(14.65 KB 250x396 Althusser[1].jpg)
Comrade 07/22/2020 (Wed) 01:18:54 No. 2647
why do leftists generally dislike Althusser?
IDK if they dislike him. He's a negative point of reference for a lot of left theorists because of the level of impact his ideas had.
>>2647 The only Althusserian I know was an adjunct studio art professor who tried getting me to analyze art through esoteric means. I hated him.
Because someone tried to pull that lame-ass kafkatrap joke of "have you stopped beating your wife yet?" on him. His answer was just a chad NO.
>>2647 Because he ignores the human subject and actor in favour of History with a capital H as the only conscious actor. Reification of History is silly and so is the subsequent anti-humanist Marxist movement.
(63.43 KB 600x600 rejected_his_message.jpg)
>>2647 because he was right
>>2697 On the contrary, it turns out he was practically universally wrong.
>>2698 how
>>2702 Also, this: >Althusser and Ideology [by Cockshott] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0Mbjv7q9F8
>>2705 >using C*ckshott to form your opinions on philosophy Oh nonono https://paulcockshott.wordpress.com/2020/04/28/please-waste-no-time-on-hegel/
>>2787 wtf
>>2787 He's right
>>2787 >Not refuting any of the points raised against Althusser >"Here's a supposedly damning[?] article! He's right, you know. Fuck "Hegelian more like idealist Marxism".
>>2789 Yes but he's only allowed to say that because he's one of the elite few who has actually read Hegel
>>2789 >>2790 you mean his point that capitalism doesn’t rely on ideology? that’s retarded. if the proles tomorrow we’re 100% unanimous in trying to stop communism there would be nothing stopping them. alternatively if none of them ever concerned themselves with class consciousness the idea of communism would never have existed in the first place. Cockshott’s positivist thinking is w*sternoid analytical retardation that treats people like Kantian robots. the absolute state of /edu/
>>2792 *trying to stop capitalism
the fact that this bird relies on a computer scientist to understand continental philosophy is pathetic.
>>2794 Read Hegel
>>2790 you couldn't define hegelianism or idealism if your life depended on it faggot, lenin was right (as always) >it is impossible completely to understand Marx's Capital, and especially its first chapter, without having thoroughly studied and understood the whole of Hegel's Logic
>>2796 Maybe Lenin forgot to read the afterword to the second German edition where Marx admits that the first Chapter was written in a Hegelian style as a joke?
This thread is just going in circles.
>>2787 Lol wow. Why anyone would give this guy the time of day on theory after getting filtered so hard I don't know.
>>2801 The fuck are you even saying
>>2787 Academic Marxism B T F O
>>2803 Reaction to Cockshot. He's doomed himself to mostly bourgeois epistemology and pretends he's still reading hard hitting stuff and trying to get at the "pure Marx." He struggled with Hegel at 18 and said that was enough. Plus he has this weird scientism. None of what he said was enough to ignore Hegel and push aside all those that have tried to expand on Hegel and Marx.
>>2803 Plus Zizek said Hegel was a better materialist than Marx. There's a lot Cockshot misses in his half-arsed reading of Hegel.
>>2801 he's unironically a great mathematician and programmer. I just find it annoying when people shill him on anything philosophy related.
>>2788 Can a mod or someone reach out to him and have him do an AMA here on a pinned thread? That would be cool
>>2811 Zizek is a fucking joke and the fact that you cite him favorably in a thread like this speaks volumes.
>>2820 Oh really? Compared to a non-theorist blogger? Zizek has serious work other than cultural takes.
>>2827 You're a silly person and I'm ending this here.


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